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1. DATE: April, 2014


2. Name: Nagi George Ayad

3. Home Phone: 786-376-2459

4. Office Phone: 305-243-7695 10561 SW 71st Ave, Pinecrest, FL, 33156

5. Home Address:

6. Current Academic Rank: Associate Professor

7. Primary Department: Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

8. Secondary or Joint Appointments: None

9. Citizenship: USA

10. Visa Type (if non-citizen) N/A


11. Institutional:

Rutgers University; B.A.; May 1992 Yale University; Ph.D., December, 1998

12. Non-Institutional:

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard Medical School, 1999-2005

13. Certification/Licensure:



14. Academic:

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, Florida; Associate Professor Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; 2011-Present, Associate Professor, The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, 2014-Present The Scripps Research Institute, Scripps Florida, Jupiter, Florida; Assistant Professor, Department of Cancer Biology; 2005-2011 1 – Nagi G. Ayad CV

15. Hospital Appointments:

11/2012 - Present Member, Sylvester Cancer Center, University of Miami, Miami, Fl

16. Nonacademic:

Merck & Co., Inc.; Rahway NJ; Biochemist; 1992-1993

17. Military: N/A


18. Books and Monographs published:


19. Juried or refereed journal articles and exhibitions:

1. Pastori C, Daniel M, Penas C, Volmar CH, Johnstone AL, Brothers SP, Graham RM, Allen B, Sarkaria JN, Komotar RJ, Wahlestedt C, Ayad NG. Epigenetics. 2014 Feb 4;9(4). [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 24496381 BET Bromodomain Proteins are Required for Glioblastoma Cell Proliferation.

2. Clarke, J., Penas, C., Pastori, C., Komotar, R., bregy, A., Shah, A., Wahlestedt, C., and Ayad, N.G. Epigenetic Pathways and Glioblastoma Treatment, Epigenetics.

2013 Jun 27; 8(8)

3. Simanski S, Madoux F, Rahaim RJ, Chase P, Schurer S, Cameron M, Mercer BA, Hodder P, Roush WR, Ayad NG. Probe Reports from the NIH Molecular Libraries Program [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Center for Biotechnology Information (US); 2010-2010 Sep 1 [updated 2013 Mar 22].

4. Penas, C., Ramachandran, V., and Ayad, N.G., The APC/C Ubiquitin Ligase: from Cell Biology to Tumorigenesis, Published online: 09 January 2012, Frontiers in Oncology

5. Madoux F, Mishra J, Mercer BA, Ayad N, Roush W, Hodder P, Rosen HR. Small Molecule Inhibitors of Wee1 Degradation and Mitotic Entry. Probe Reports from the NIH Molecular Libraries Program [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Center for Biotechnology Information (US); 2010-2009 Aug 14 [updated 2011 Mar 25].

6. Madoux F, Simanski S, Chase P, Mishra JK, Roush WR, Ayad NG, Hodder P. An Ultra-High Throughput Cell-Based Screen for Wee1 Degradation Inhibitors. J Biomol Screen. 2010 Aug 13.

7. Owens, L., Simanski, S., Squire, C., Smith, A., Cartzendafner, J., Cavett, V., Busby, J, Sato, T., and Ayad, N.G. Activation domain dependent degradation of somatic wee1 kinase Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285, 6761-9, 2010 2 – Nagi G. Ayad CV

8. Harmey, D., Smith, A., Simanski, S., Zaki, C., and Ayad, N.G. The Anaphase Promoting Complex induces substrate degradation during neuronal differentiation.

Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Biological Chemistry 284, 4317-4323, 2009

9. Ayad, N.G., Cdks Give Cdc6 a License to Drive into S phase. Cell, Vol. 122, 1-2, 2005

10. Smith, A, Simanski, S, Fallahi, M, and Ayad, N.G. Redundant ubiquitin ligase activities regulate wee1 degradation and mitotic entry. Cell Cycle, Volume 6, 22, 2007.

11. Rankin, S., Ayad, N.G., and Kirschner, MW. Sororin, a substrate of the Anaphase Promoting Complex is required for sister chromatid separation in vertebrates Molecular Cell, Apr 15;18(2):185-200, 2005

12. Ayad, N. G., Rankin, S., Ooi, D., Rape, M., and Kirschner, M.W., Identification of ubiquitin ligase substrates by in vitro expression cloning. Methods in Enzymology 2005;399C:404-414.

13. Wei, W*, Ayad, N.G.*, Wan, Y., Zhang, G., Kirschner, MW, and Kaelin, W.

Destruction of the SCF component Skp2 in G1 by the Anaphase Promoting Complex. Nature, 428:194-198, 2004 * denotes equal contribution

14. Ayad, N.G., Rankin, S., Murakami, M., Jebanathirajah, J., Gygi, S., and Kirschner,

MW. Tome-1, a trigger of mitotic entry, is degraded during G1 via the APC. Cell 113:

101-11, 2003

15. Song, M., Song, S., Ayad, N.G., Lee, J., Hong, H., Chang, J., Kim, J., Choi, E., Kirschner, M., Lim, D. The tumor suppressor RASSF1A regulates mitotic progression through interaction with Cdc20 and inhibition of the anaphase-promoting complex.

Nature Cell Biology, 6:129-137, 2004

16. Ayad, N., Hull, M, and Mellman, I. Mitotic phosphorylation of rab4 prevents binding to a specific receptor on endosome membranes. EMBOJ 16, 15 pp.4497-4507, 1997

17. Moyle, WR., Campbell, RK., Rao, SN, Ayad, NG, Bernard, MP, Han, Y, and Wang, Y. Model of human chorionic gonadotropin and lutropin receptor interaction that explains signal transduction of the glycoprotein hormones. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 270(34):20020-31, 1995

18. Marko, O., Cascieri, MA., Ayad, N., and Strader, CD., Candelore, MR. Isolation of a preadipocyte cell line from rat bone marrow and differentiation to adipocytes.

Endocrinology. 136(10):4582-8, 1995

20. Other works, publications, and abstracts 1. “Novel Cell Cycle Genes Required for Mitotic Entry" - Harvard case 21881 2. “Modulation of Protein Stability and Uses Thereof”- PCT/US08/86447

–  –  –

1R01NS067289-01A1 Ayad (PI) 6/1/2010-5/30/2015 The Anaphase Promoting Complex and Cell Cycle Exit. $563,676/year The goal of this grant is to determine the contribution of the ubiquitin ligase the Anaphase Promoting Complex to cell cycle exit in the cerebellum. The Anaphase Promoting Complex has recently been shown to be required for different aspects of neuronal survival but its in vivo role in neurons has not been addressed. We are conditionally deleting Anaphase Promoting Complex subunits to determine its role in medulloblastoma and other neurological diseases. We are also identifying novel ubiquitin ligases and kinases required for cell cycle exit and neuronal survival.

Completed Research IRDI University of Miami, 103328 Ayad (PI) 12/15/2012-12/14/2013, Identifying Cancer Targets Based on Non-coding RNA Expression, $75,000/year Small Molecule Inhibitors of Epigenetic Enzymes (PI) 3/08/13-3/07/14, Epigenetix, Inc.

$167,000 per year 1 R21 NS056991-01 Ayad (PI) 06/15/2006 - 06/14/2009 NIH-NINDS $175,000 Small Molecule Inhibitors of Wee1 Degradation and Proliferation The goal of this grant is to discover proof of concept molecules that will inhibit wee1 degradation. Wee1 is an inhibitor of mitosis in several eukaryotic cells. Several studies have demonstrated that it is degraded in order to initiate mitotic entry Landenberger Foundation Grant Ayad (PI) 11/1/07-7/30/10 $350,000; Developing cell based screens to identify essential proteolysis sites. The goal of this grant is to develop cell-based screens to identify regions of tumor suppressor proteins required for protein turnover.

23. Editorial responsibilities:

Editorial Board Member, Frontiers in Genetics, 4/2013-Present Ad hoc reviewer: 2005-present, Cell, Molecular Cell, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology of the Cell Reviewer or MRC grant applications, 11/2012 Reviewer for NIH grant applications, K99/R00 awards. 2/2013

24. Professional and Honorary Organizations (member; office; date):

–  –  –

25. Honors and Awards:

Leukemia and Lymphoma fellowship award, 2000-2003 Highest Honors, Rutgers Biology Department, 1992 Henry Rutgers Scholar, 1992 UMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School Distinguished Summer Scholar, 1991

26. Post-Doctoral Fellowships:

Postdoctoral Research Associate with Dr. Marc W. Kirschner, Harvard Medical School, 1999-2004

27. Other Professional Activities:

Speaker, Neuroscience Retreat, University of Miami, Spring 2013 Invited Moderator and Presenter, 4th Cancer Targets and Therapeutics Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 2013 Invited Open Ceremony Presenter and Moderator, Protein Kinases and Drug Design GTC conference, Boston, MA, November 2012 Invited Opening Ceremony Presenter and Moderator, Translational Medicine OMICS conference, September 2012 Chemical Genetics and The Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway, Cornell University, NY, April 2011 Mitotic Entry, Exit, and Neuronal Precursors, University of Miami, Miami, Fl, April, 2008 Cell Based Screening Identifies Novel Regulators of the Anaphase Promoting Complex, The Ubiquitin Family, Cold Spring Harbor Meeting, New York, April, 2007 High Throughput Screening, Ubiquitin ligases, and Differentiation, Columbia University, New York, NY, 2006 Proteolytic Control of Differentiation: Surprising Insights from the Cell Cycle, University of Florida, Gainesville, 2006 Proteolytic Control of Differentiation: Surprising Insights from the Cell Cycle, MGH, Cancer Center, Boston, MA, 2004 Proteolytic Control of Differentiation: Surprising Insights from the Cell Cycle, Columbia, University, New York, NY, 2004

–  –  –

The Anaphase Promoting Complex: A Master Regulator of the Cell Cycle, Curie Institute, Paris, France, 2003 A Novel APC Substrate Regulates Mitotic Entry, American Society of Cell Biology Meeting, Washington D.C., USA, 2001 Identification of a Novel Substrate of the Anaphase Promoting Complex, Brooklyn College, USA, 2001 In Vitro Expression Cloning Identifies a Novel Substrate of the APC, ELSO -European life science organization meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 2000 FASEB Summer Research Conference, Ras GTPase Super Family, Snow Mass, USA, 1997 Yale University, Graduate Student Research Symposium, 1997 Reviewer: Cell, Molecular Cell, Frontiers in Genetics, Molecular Oncology, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Reviewer: mail reviewer, NIH Study section K01 awards V. TEACHING

28. Teaching Awards Received: N/A

29. Teaching Specialization:

NEU600 Neuroscience Journal Club Module Moderator, Fall 2014, University of Miami PIBS 602 Module Moderator, Fall 2013, University of Miami NEU600 Neuroscience Journal Club Module Moderator, Fall 2013, University of Miami NEU600 Neuroscience Journal Club Module Moderator, Spring 2013, University of Miami Taught Module in Cancer Biology Course, Spring 2012, University of Miami.

Teaching Fellow, Cell Biology, Harvard University (responsible for teaching Harvard undergraduates cell biology), 2001-2002 Teaching assistant, Histology, Yale Medical School (responsible for teaching Yale Medical School students both histology and cell biology), 1994-1996 Teaching assistant, Cell Biology, Yale Medical School, 1995-1996 Cell Biology /Histology Tutor, Yale Medical School, 1994-1995

30. Thesis and Dissertation Advising/Post-doctoral student supervision:

–  –  –

LeinWeih Andrew Tseng, Department of Pharmacology, University of Miami, June, 2010 Qualifying Exam and Thesis Committee: Lei Cao, University of Miami, Wen Ding, University of Miami, Ann Greene, University of Miami, Emmanuel Perez, University of Miami, Amy Plotkin, University of Miami, Amber Hackett, University of Miami Chair: Qualifying and thesis: Veronica Peschansky, University of Miami Post-doctoral advisor: Past: Drug Discovery; Dr. Anthony Smith, currently Senior Scientist, Scripps Florida;

Post-doctoral advisor: Past: Drug Discovery Dr. Dympna Harmey, currently Senior Scientist, Scripps Florida Post-doctoral advisor: Present: Brain Cancer Research; Dr. Vimal Ramachandran, Post-doctoral advisor: Present: Brain Cancer Research, Dr. Clara Penas Dissertation Advisor: PIBS student Vasileios Stathias, Brain Cancer Research; April 2013- Present; Michelle Trojanowsky, Brain Cancer Research, December 2013-Present, Bryce Allen, Brain Cancer Research, December 2013-Present, Marie Maloof, December 2013-Present, Neuronal Development VII. SERVICE

31. University Committee and Administrative Responsibilities:

–  –  –

Member, MD-Ph.D. Committee, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (September 2013-Present) Founding Member, Center for Therapeutic Innovation, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (March 2011-Present) Founding co-Director, University of Miami Brain Tumor Initiative, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (March 2012-Present) Member Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, November 2012-Present Member Braman Family Breast Cancer Program, November 2012-Present Member, Pharmacology Program, Neuroscience Program, Human Genomics Program, University of Miami Human Genomics Steering Committee, University of Miami, August 2012-Present

–  –  –

Scripps Florida Graduate School Admissions Committee, 2006-2008

32. Community Activities:

High School Science Outreach: JJ Vance Summer Internship host laboratory 2011Present Scripps Outreach High School Internship Program, 2005-2011

8 – Nagi G. Ayad CV

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