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«The material contained in this bulletin is for information only and does not constitute a contract between the student and the University. The ...»

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The material contained in this bulletin is for information only and does not constitute a contract between the

student and the University. The University and its various units reserve the right to revise policies, amend rules,

alter or add regulations and requirements, and change financial charges at any time in accordance with the best

interests of the institution.

VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY BULLETIN, Volume 90, Number 1, September 2016. This bulletin is posted on the Law School web page at: http://www.valpo.edu/law/current-students/law-registrar/c-law-bulletins.

Correspondence Address: Valparaiso University Law School, Wesemann Hall, 656 S. Greenwich St., Valparaiso, IN 46383. Phone: 219-465-7829. Fax: 219-465-7808.

Valparaiso University provides equality of opportunity to its applicants for admission, enrolled students, graduates, and employees. The University does not discriminate with respect to hiring, continuation of employment, promotion, and tenure, other employment practices, applications for admission, or career services and placement on the basis of race, color, gender, age, disability, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, or (as qualified herein) religion. An institution committed to its Lutheran tradition, the University reserves its right to promote the teaching of the church and to exercise preferences in admissions and employment-related practices in favor of Lutherans.



Mission and History

Academic Calendar

Deans, Faculty, Librarians & Administration

Degree Programs

Juris Doctor

Master of Laws Degree (LL.M.)

Dual Degree Programs

Technical Standards for Law School Admissions

Essential Eligibility Requirements for the Practice of Law

Course of Study for J.D.

First-Year Curriculum

Legal Writing and Research


Clinical Law Program

Current Representation


Practicum Component

Credit Cap/No Classroom Component

Pro Bono Requirement

Professionalism Education Requirement

Academic Success Program

Statement of Curricular Goals

Academic Program Information

Registration Procedures

Responsibility Assumed by Registration

Change of Classes: Drop/Add/Withdrawal

Attendance Policy

Class Cancellations Due to Weather

Credit Hour Policy

Course Load

20-Hour Work Rule

20-Hour Work Rule-Summer

Course Work at Other Approved Law Schools

Summer Session on Campus

Summer Session off Campus

Summer Sessions Abroad


Undergraduate/Graduate Course Work at Valparaiso University

Independent Study

Auditing Courses

Residency Requirements

Accelerated J.D. Program

Honors Program

Part-Time Program

Honor Code System


Exam Procedure & Regulations

Exam Number System

Personal Computers and Exams

Exam Review Process

Withdrawal/Leave of Absence from the Law School

Grading System & Quality Points

Grade Point Averages

Class Rank

2 Honors in Scholarship

Retention & Probation

Cumulative GPA Requirement, Full-Time Students

Cumulative GPA Requirement, Part-Time Students

Mandatory Academic Support Participation

Cumulative GPA Requirement, LL.M. Students

Consequences of Probation

Petitions & Readmission

Grade Normalization Ranges

Graduation Information

Application for Degree


Graduation Rate

Bar Exam Standards

Student Consumer Information

Curricular Offerings

Class of 2015

Class of 2016 & 2017

Course Availability

Course Descriptions

Curriculum Guidelines and Policies

Seminar Policy

Independent Reading & Research Policy

Applied Skills

Externship Guidelines

Special and Endowed Programs

Awards and Honors

Law Library




Electronic Services

Library Team

Reference and Instruction

Circulation and Interlibrary Loan Services

Career Planning Center


Events and Programs


Pro Bono Requirement

Connecting with CPC

Student Activities & Organizations

Office of Student Relations

Student Services

Athletic Recreation Center

Bulletin Boards

Dining Services

Disabled Student Services

3 Exam Modifications for International Students



Emergency Student Loan Program


Finance Office & Student Accounts

Harre [Student] Union

Health Center


International Programs

Lost & Found

Multicultural Programs

Notary Public Services

Office of Alcohol & Drug Education

Parking Regulations

Room Reservations in Wesemann Hall

Sexual Assault Advocacy & Facilitating Education

Student Counseling & Development Center

OneCard [Student ID Card]


University Book Center

University Police Department

Campus Directory/Law Photo Directory

Financial Information

Tuition/General Student Fee


Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Applying for Financial Aid

Employment Opportunities

Loan Repayment Assistance Programs

Awards & Scholarships

Veteran’s Programs

Admission Requirements

Valparaiso University Law School Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct Process

Legend: Wesemann Hall & Heritage Hall

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Founded in 1879, the Law School embraces law as a calling to leadership and service. Our legal education blends theoretical and practical skills with humanitarian values to ready lawyers for that calling. The Law School is a community of learning, inquiry, and opportunity dedicated to excellence in legal education and invested in the academic and personal success of its students, preparing and empowering them to serve others and fulfill their potential in their chosen careers.

Valparaiso University (VU) is a private university located in Valparaiso, Indiana (55 miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois).

VU was founded in 1859 as the Valparaiso Male and Female College and rechartered in 1906 as Valparaiso University. In 1925, VU was purchased by the Lutheran University Association, an Indiana corporation comprised of persons affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and interested in actively promoting higher education in the Christian context.

VU continues to be the largest Lutheran-affiliated educational institution in the U.S. The University holds membership in the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Valparaiso University Law School (Law School) was founded in 1879 as the Northern Indiana Law School. In 1905 it became part of Valparaiso University. The Law School received its American Bar Association accreditation in 1929 and was admitted into membership in the Association of American Law Schools in 1930. The degree of Juris Doctor, which is granted by the School, is approved by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York. The Law School offers the traditional three-year full-time program, an accelerated two-and-a-half year program, and a five-year part-time program toward the Juris Doctor degree, a Master of Laws degree program, and the following dual degree programs;

J.D./M.B.A., J.D./M.A., Psychology, and J.D./M.S., Sports Administration.

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David Cleveland – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law 219/465-7853, david.cleveland@valpo.edu Emily M. Janoski-Haehlen – Associate Dean of Library and Associate Professor of Law 219/465-7830, Emily.janoski-haehlen@valpo.edu Derrick Howard – Associate Dean of Experiential Learning, Director of Clinics and Professor of Law 219/465-7864, derrick.howard@valpo.edu Steven R. Probst – Assistant Dean for Students, Educational Services Librarian, and Assoc. Professor of Law 219/465-7820, steven.probst@valpo.edu Natalie Banta–Assistant Professor of Law 219/465-7877, natalie.banta@valpo.edu Robert F. Blomquist – Professor of Law 219/465-7857, robert.blomquist@valpo.edu Geneva Brown – Professor of Law 219/465-7896, geneva.brown@valpo.edu Michael J. Bushbaum – Associate Law Librarian for Access Services, and Associate Professor of Law Librarianship 219/465-7822, mike.bushbaum@valpo.edu Derrick Augustus Carter – Associate Professor of Law 219/465-7823, derrick.carter@valpo.edu Curtis W. Cichowski – Professor of Law 219/465-7841, curt.cichowski@valpo.edu Debra Denslaw – Faculty Services Librarian & Associate Professor of Law Librarianship 219/465-7876, debra.denslaw@valpo.edu Geoffrey J. Heeren – Associate Professor of Law 219/465-7933, Geoffrey.heeren@valpo.edu David Herzig – Professor of Law 219/465-7809, david.herzig@valpo.edu Rebecca J. Huss – Professor of Law 219/465-7856, rebecca.huss@valpo.edu Kimberly Kass – Associate Director, Academic Success Program and Assistant Professor of Law 219/465-7973, kim.kass@valpo.edu Robert H. Knowles – Associate Professor of Law 219/465-7976, robert.knowles@valpo.edu Paul M. Kohlhoff – Professor of Law 219/465-7938, paul.kohlhoff@valpo.edu Faisal Kutty – Director, LL.M. Program and Associate Professor of Law 219/465-7813, faisal.kutty@valpo.edu Bethany Lesniewski – Director, Academic Success Program and Assistant Professor of Law 219/465-7974, Bethany.lesniewski@valpo.edu Michael S. Straubel – Professor of Law 219/465-7812, mike.straubel@valpo.edu

–  –  –

Mary Szto – Assistant Professor of Law 219/465-7970, mary.szto@valpo.edu D. A. Jeremy Telman – Professor of Law 219/465-7811, jeremy.telman@valpo.edu Bernard Trujillo – Professor of Law 291/465-7881, bernard.trujillo@valpo.edu Katharine Wehling – Visiting Assistant Professor of Law 219/465-7855, katharine.wehling@valpo.edu David Welter – Interim Director of Clinics, Professor of Law 219/465-7905, david.welter@valpo.edu Stephen Wilks –Assistant Professor of Law 219/465-7863, stephen.wilks@valpo.edu Del Wright – Associate Professor of Law 219/465-7927, del.wright@valpo.edu Professors of Law Emeriti Bruce G. Berner Philipp L. Brockington Charles A. Ehren, Jr.

Edward McGlynn Gaffney, Jr.

Marcia Gienapp Naomi J. Goodman Sarah Holterhoff Rosalie Berger Levinson JoEllen Lind Seymour Moskowitz David A. Myers Mary G. Persyn Barbara A. Schmidt Richard Stith Susan P. Stuart Ruth C. Vance Linda S. Whitton Geri J. Yonover

–  –  –

Phillip Brzozowski Labor Law Jeanene Calabrese Pretrial Skills Paul Cherry Trial Practice I, Advanced Discovery Jeffrey Clymer Pretrial Skills Sue Collins Trial Practice II Daniel Gioia Medical Malpractice; Medicine, Law and Ethics Alicia Hilton Evidence David L. Hollenbeck Land Use, Municipal Law, Local Government Law, Worker’s Compensation James Hough Medicine, Law and Ethics Ashley Huebner Immigration Clinic Heidi Keenan Law Practice Management Elizabeth Moore Pretrial Skills Ana Osan Juvenile Clinic Kerry Pangere Pretrial Skills Robert Parker Pretrial Skills, Trial Practice I Shelice Robinson-Tolbert Trial Practice I John Shanahan Children and the Law Morris Sunkel Federal Estate and Gift Tax, Estate Planning Michael Tolbert Trial Practice I Charles V. Vaughan Trial Practice I

–  –  –

Registrar 465-7840; Fax: 465-7808 Melissa J. Mundt, Registrar and Director of Academic Services melissa.mundt@valpo.edu Kristin Takish, Asst. Registrar and Accommodations Manager kristin.takish@valpo.edu Academic Services 465-7847; Fax: 465-7872 Karen Koelemeyer, Academic Services Administrator karen.koelemeyer@valpo.edu

–  –  –

Career Planning 465-7814; Fax: 465-7914 Gail Peshel, Executive Director of Career Planning gail.peshel@valpo.edu Victoria Ryan, Senior Director of Career Planning victoria.ryan@valpo.edu Robyn Rucker, Associate Director of Career Planning robyn.rucker@valpo.edu Vanessa Verner, Assoc. Director of Alumni Relations vanessa.verner@valpo.edu Julia Bochnowski, Associate Director of Career Planning julia.bochnowski@valpo.edu Computer and Technology Services 465-7877; Fax: 465-7808 Bill Klein, Associate Director of Technology/Faculty & Staff william.klein@valpo.edu Financial Planning 465-7867 (Financial), 465-7994 Ann Weitgenant, Associate Director of Student Financial Planning ann.weitgenant@valpo.edu Legal Clinic 465-7903 Sandy Tengblad, Associate Director of Clinical Services sandy.tengblad@valpo.edu Kate Patterson, Associate Administrator - Clinic kate.patterson@valpo.edu

–  –  –

Marketing 465-7974; 465-7911; Fax: 465-7872 Ann Brandt, Director of Marketing and Communications ann.brandt@valpo.edu Nicole Skinner, Associate Director of Marketing Communications nicole.skinner@valpo.edu Student Services Fax: 465-7872 Joseph Baruffi, Director of Student Relations joseph.baruffi@valpo.edu Bethany Lesniewski, Director of Academic Success Bethany.lesniewski@valpo.edu Kimberly Kass, Associate Director of Academic Success kimberly.kass@valpo.edu 10 Degree Programs Juris Doctor Degree (J.D.) The University offers a three-year full-time program, an accelerated program, and a five-year part-time program leading to the degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.). In no case may a student construct a schedule which permits conferral of the degree prior to five regular fulltime semesters plus qualifying summer sessions or eight part-time residency semesters plus two or more summer sessions. The degree is conferred upon recommendation of the faculty of the Law School. All work toward a degree must be completed to the satisfaction of the faculty. In all cases, the student is responsible for meeting the requirements for graduation.

A student who returns to the Law School after an absence of two or more years may no longer be a candidate for a degree on the basis of the Bulletin under which the student first entered the University but must fulfill for graduation all the requirements and provisions of the Bulletin of the year in which the student re-enters the University.

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