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«RING SPORT TECHNICAL AND COMPETITION RULES International Sports & Entertainment S.r.l. Sport Event Management Sole Director: Barbara Falsoni - Legal ...»

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Wako-Pro Rules




International Sports & Entertainment S.r.l.

Sport Event Management

Sole Director: Barbara Falsoni - Legal office: Via S. Alessandro n.12 - 24122 - Bergamo (Italy)

Tax code and registration number with the Companies’ Register of Bergamo 03455740161

Tel. +39 3450135521 - Fax +39 0392328901

Web: http://www.wakopro.org - E-mail: bf@wakopro.org - ise@wakopro.org 1 Wako-Pro Rules INDEX Chapter One – General Rules Art.1 Age categories Art.2 The ring Art.2.1Accessories og the ringside Art.3 Safety equipment Art.3.1 Gloves Art.3.2 Hand wraps (bandage) Art.3.3 Tooth protection (mouth-guard) Art.3.4 Groin protection Art.3.5 Breast protection Art.3.6 Foot protection Art.3.7 Shin guard Art.4 Uniforms Art.5 Fighter's uniforms and equipment Art.5.1 Competitors in Full Contact Art.5.2 Competitors in Low Kick Art.5.3 Competitors in K-1 rules Art.6 Procedure for equipment and uniform check Art.7 Rounds Art.8 Weight classes and weight in procedures Art.9 Officials Art.9.1 Technical Supervisor Art.9.2 Referee Art.9.3 Judge Art.9.4 Timekeeper Art.9.5 Announcer Art.9.6 Coach and Second Art.10 Decision Art.11 Changing decision Art.12 Awarding of points Art.13 Injuries Art.14 Fighter on the floor (“down”) Art.15 Procedures after KO, RSC, RSCH, Injury Art.16 Medical aptitude Art.17 Doctors aide Art.18 Health of fighters 2 Wako-Pro Rules Chapter Two - Full Contact Rules Art.1 Definition Art.2 Legal target areas Art.3 Illegal and prohibited techniques Art.4 Legal techniques Art.5 Points Art.6 Warnings Chapter Three - Low-Kick Rules Art.1 Definition Art.2 Legal target areas Art.3 Illegal and prohibited techniques Art.4 Legal techniques Art.5 Points Art.6 Warnings Chapter Four - K1 Rules Art.1 Definition Art.2 Legal target areas Art.3 Illegal and prohibited techniques Art.4 Legal techniques Art.5 Points Art.6 Warnings

Chapter Five - Synthesis Wako-Pro rules

3 Wako-Pro Rules

Chapter one – General Rules

Art.1 – Age categories Seniors Category: 19 to 45 years old. Meaning from the date he/she turns 19 years and up to the day before he turns 45/she turns 40.

Art.2 – The ring Canvas Size: For competitions, the minimum size of the inside of the ropes shall be 4.90m • squared (16 feet) and the maximum size – 6.10m squared (20 feet). The size of the apron shall extend at least 46cm (18 inches) outside the line of the ropes on each side for all competitions, including additional canvas necessary to tighten and secure it.

Height of Ring: The competition ring shall not be less than 91cm (3 feet) or more than 1.22m • (4 feet) above the ground or base.

Platform and Corner Pads: The platform shall be safely constructed, leveled and free from • any obstructing projections. The minimum size of the platform shall be 5.82m squared (19.1 feet) and the maximum size – 7.80m squared (25.6 feet). It shall be fitted with four corner posts which shall be well padded or otherwise constructed so as to prevent injury to the fighters. The corner pads should be arranged in the following way: In the near left-side corner facing the Chief Referee - red; in the far left side corner - white; in the far right-side corner - blue; and in the near right-side corner - white.

Surface of the Ring Floor: The floor shall be covered with felt, rubber or other suitably • approved material having the same quality of elasticity and not less than 1.3cm (half an inch) nor more than 1.9cm (three quarters of an inch) thick over which a canvas shall be stretched and secured in place. The canvas shall cover the entire platform and shall be made of nonslippery material.

Ropes: There should be 4 separate ropes on each side of the ring (3 ropes in case of • “force majeure”). They should be 4cm thick, without considering the cover. The heights of the four (4) ropes shall be 40.6cm (16 inches), 71.1cm (28 inches), 101.6cm (40 inches) and 132.1cm (52 inches) from the canvas. The four ropes shall be joined on each side of the ring, at equal intervals, by two pieces of material (close to the texture of the canvas) 3 to 4cm (1.2-1.6 inches) wide. The two pieces must not slide along the rope. The tension of each section of the rope shall be strong enough to absorb the impact of the fighte’s contact with the rope. However, in any case, the Referee reserves the right to adjust the tension if necessary.

Steps: The ring shall be provided with at least three sets of steps. Two sets of steps at the • opposite corners for the use of the fighters and seconds, and one set of steps in the neutral corner for the use of the Referees and Doctors.

Sanitary Bags: In the two neutral corners outside of the ring, a small plastic bag shall be • fixed in each corner in which the Medical Jury, Doctors or Referees shall drop the cotton or tissue pads used to nurse bleedings.

4Wako-Pro Rules

Art.2.1 Accessories of the ringside The following are defined as the accessories of the ringside which are required for all Wako-Pro


• Gong (with striker) or bell.

• Two seats for fighter’s use during intervals.

• Two plastic mugs can (one in red another in blue corner) to be used for drinking and mouth wash only, and where water is not piped directly to the ringside, two plastic spray bottles and two small plastic bottles for drinking. No other type of water bottle is permitted at ringside for use by the fighters or seconds.

• Tables and chairs for officials.

• One (preferably two) stop watches.

• One first-aid kit.

• One microphone connected to the loudspeaker system.

• Two (2) pairs of competition gloves (one in red and one in blue color).

• One stretcher.

• Wako Pro scoring papers Art.3 – Safety equipment The Wako-Pro General Director and/or the Wako-Pro Technical Supervisor must approve all safety equipments. Producers of safety equipments must get their products approved by Wako-Pro. Safeties to be used in World, Intercontinental and Continental title bouts must be approved at least 1 month before the title bout takes place and fighters involved must be duly informed.

All uniforms and safety equipment must be clean, correct and in good and safe condition.

Art.3.1 Gloves In every fighting discipline, gloves are mandatory.

Gloves for contact sports (boxing gloves) for full contact, low-kick and K1 Rules which are used in official Wako-Pro competitions must be approved by the Wako-Pro General Director and/or the Wako-Pro Technical Supervisor and checked by the referee. Gloves weigh 8 Oz (226 grams), in use from -52.700 kgs. to - 66,800 kgs., and 10 Oz (283 grams), in use from – 69,100 kgs to + 94,200 kgs., and the weight must be clearly marked. Gloves are produced from special foam rubber, synthetic, compact and soft material which is covered with genuine or artificial leather. Gloves must make it possible for the fighter to completely clench his fist and keep his thumb in contact with other fingers. Gloves completely cover the fighter's fist with separate parts for fingers and thumb. The thumb is connected by a small strong strip to the rest of the glove. This strip keeps the thumb together with the fist to avoid separation of the thumb during punching and injuries to the fighter's thumb or to the other fighter. Inner foam rubber material must cover the front and upper part of the fist, edge of palm and upper and front part of thumb.

The interior part of gloves covers the bottom part of fingers and palm only with leather and cover a minimum of 5 cm of the wrist. Gloves will be fastened by laces at the fighter’s wrist and then sealed with tape. Use of self-adhesive cotton-base tape is allowed (plastic or other types of selfadhesive tape are not allowed). Fastening gloves with strips or any kind of buckles is not allowed.

5Wako-Pro Rules

Art.3.2 Hand wraps (bandage) Hand wraps are used for wrapping the fist to avoid injuries. Using hand wraps are mandatory.

Hand wraps are minimum 300 cm long and 5 cm wide cotton strips with sharp edges. Hand wraps will be fastened on the upper part of fighter’s wrists with self-adhesive cotton-base strips; maximum length 15 cm and width 2 cm.

Art.3.3 Tooth protection (mouth-guard) Mouth-guards must be made from soft and pliable rubber-plastic material. Protection on only the upper teeth or on both upper and lower teeth is allowed. Mouth-guard must enable free breathing and must be adapted to the fighter's mouth configuration. It is not allowed to use a mouth-guard over tooth correction apparatus (braces, retainers). It's not allowed to use red mouth-guard. Using tooth protection is mandatory.

Art.3.4 Groin protection Groin protector is mandatory for all male and female fighters. Groin protector is made of hard plastic material and fully covers genital organs to protect this part of fighter’s body from any injury. The groin protector can be made as a cup for covering genitals, or for covering the entire abdomen. Fighter’s must wear the groin protection under their pants.

Art.3.5 Breast protection Breast protection is mandatory for female fighters. Brest protection is made of hard and durable plastic material covered with fabric. Can be formed from one piece to cover the entire chest or two pieces to be included in the bra.

Art.3.6 Foot protection Foot protection is made from special synthetic foam rubber, a compact and soft material which is covered with genuine or artificial leather. Foot protection covers the upper part of the foot (instep), lateral and medial malleolus and heel - all in one piece - with open sole of the foot. They must be long enough (adequate size) to completely cover the fighter's feet and toes. The front part of the foot protection is fastened by elastic strips for the big and second toes. Foot protection is fastened to feet with elastic self adhesive strips on the back of feet, above the heel. Foot protection is mandatory in Full contact bouts.

Art.3.7 Shin guard Shin guards are made from hard foam-rubber material. A shin guard must cover the shinbone from under the knee to the top of the feet. Shin guards are fastened to the leg by a minimum of two self-adhesive elastic strips. No other kind of plastic tape is allowed for fixing the guard to the shin. Shin guards with metal, wooden or hard plastic elements are not allowed. Foot protection is mandatory in Full contact bouts.

–  –  –

Kickboxing shorts are worn by male and female competitors in Low kick and K1 rules bouts.

Their length must be from the waist to mid-thigh. Shorts must have an elastic waistband, minimum 10 centimeters wide in different color from that of shorts. They can wear sponsor's names or badges.

Sponsor advertising or logos may be worn on the uniform in the following manner:

• Top: On the front or back side

• Pants: on the side between the knee and the hip area, on the central front or back side

• Shorts: on the side between the knee and the hip area, on the central front or back side If the promoters and sponsors do not wish the fighters to wear advertising other than their own, the promoter and his sponsor must provide sponsorship to the fighters or countries equal to the amount they have given up from their individual sponsor.

Art.5 – Fighter’s uniforms and equipment Art.5.1 Fighters in Full Contact

• Mouth-guard, (breast protection for female fighters), boxing gloves, hand wraps, groin protection, shin guards, and foot protection.

• Male fighters wear long pants (bare torso) and female fighters wear a bodice (upper, top) and long pants.

Art.5.2 Fighters in Low Kick

• Mouth-guard, (breast protection for female fighters), boxing gloves, hand wraps, groin protection, and an ankle protection (elastic band).

• Male fighters wear shorts (bare torso) and female fighters wear a bodice (upper, top) and shorts.

Art.5.3 Fighters in K1 rules

• Mouth-guard, (breast protection for female fighters), boxing gloves, hand wraps, groin protection, and an ankle protection (elastic band).

• Male fighters wear shorts (bare torso) and female fighters wear a bodice (upper, top) and shorts.

• Fighters in K1 Rules are not allowed to wear mongkon and paprachiat Art.6 – Procedure for equipment and uniform check Fighter’s safety equipments, uniform and other, checks will be done by the central referee. Fighters must be suitably conditioned to participate in their chosen discipline, they must have no injuries or illness which may harm themselves or other fighter. His/her face must be naturally dry and reasonable grease is allowed. It is not allowed to enter a match while bleeding. Also, it is not allowed to enter a match with any sticking plaster casts or with tampons in nostrils or with any cuts or scratches. In that case, judge will consult the doctor.

The Referee will ask the coach to wipe clean the competitor's face and body.

It is no allowed to enter a fight with any kind of jewelry, earrings, studs or other adornment. No tongue piercing and belly button piercing allowed either. Binding hair with any kind of metal, plastic or hard buckle is not allowed. Only elastic or cotton strips are allowed for this purpose.

It is mandatory to fasten boxing gloves with self-adhesive cotton-base tape over the laces. Before starting a match the Referee must be completely sure that the fighter's safety equipment and uniform are fully functional for the fighter's safety and are according the Wako-Pro rules.

–  –  –

Art.8 – Weight classes and weight in procedures Positive proof of age will be required at all Events.

In any Gala, fighters in each weight category will be weighed the day before the competition.

Promoter has to organize the official weigh-in at the time which is minimum 24 hours before the title bout.

Wako-Pro Technical Supervisor will be allowed to modify these conditions in case of inevitable delay of fighters involved in the gala. The Wako-Pro Technical Supervisor will perform the weighin. Wako-Pro representatives of any country or coaches of fighters may be present, but are not allowed to intervene on any occasion.

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