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«LIM College Summer 2016 High School Program Housing Contract LIM College is proud to work with 1760 REALTY to offer LIM College Summer Fashion Lab ...»

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LIM College

Summer 2016 High School Program Housing Contract

LIM College is proud to work with 1760 REALTY to offer LIM College Summer Fashion Lab students

accommodations at 1760 Third Ave.

You and LIM College share a mutual responsibility to assure a dignified, respectable and constructive experience in

group urban living. We do our best to provide a congenial, comfortable and cultural atmosphere, and we expect you

to abide by our rules and regulations so that together we can maintain this environment.

To help you become fully aware of the procedures and the regulations in this contract, please read the following sections carefully. After you have read them, you are asked to sign the last page ensuring that you will comply. This document is a contract and summarizes the respective legal obligations between you and LIM College and an agreement to the rules established by 1760 REALTY and/or LIM College.

I. Room Occupancy

1. Priority for student housing is given to students who maintain full time matriculation status. Vacancies may be filled with other students participating in LIM College programs and other eligible persons within the sole discretion of LIM College. This housing contract is for the summer housing session(s) designated below. Signing this contract obligates you for the costs of housing for the designated summer sessions regardless of whether you continue to live at 1760 for the designated summer session.

2. No other person may use your room or any other bed in your room without the prior written consent of LIM College.

You may not sublet or assign the rights to your room.

3. You must not occupy or intrude upon the other areas of the room in a way that deters your roommate from occupying that space or interferes with your roommate’s use of the room; otherwise you will be charged for use of the additional spaces.

4. You must reside in your assigned room. You may not switch rooms or roommates, or permit any part of the room to be shared by persons not assigned by LIM College. No changes in room assignments may be made without the written approval of LIM College.

5. LIM College reserves the right to assign a new occupant to fill a vacancy, to make changes to room assignments, and to reassign or remove any student from the residence hall.

6. Room transfers may only be made after receiving written approval from LIM College’s Housing & Residence Life Office, Associate Director of Pre-College Programs or designee. LIM College reserves the right to reassign a resident within its discretion. Consolidation may be necessary and cause the moving together of residents who are paying for a double or triple occupancy room but are in a room by themselves. If a student refuses to move when requested s/he will be charged for the use of multiple spaces.

7. Guests: Regardless of the length of stay, no guests will be permitted.

8. Room keys must not be duplicated or replaced by residents, nor may they be loaned to anyone else, including friends, family or other residents.

9. Individuals locked out of their room should go to the LIM College Office of Housing & Residence Life from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. and to the security desk at all other times. Students will be charged a $5.00 fee by LIM College after the first lockout, this fee will be charged to your LIM College account as a damage fee.

–  –  –

11. Window guards are to be kept in their original positions. Nothing is to be kept on the outside ledges of windows, or hung from them.

12. Nothing may be painted on the walls. Cellophane or double-sided tape may not be used. Any damage to the walls, floors or furnishings caused by the residents or his/her guest, will be charged to the residents as a damage fee.

13. LIM College makes every effort to give room assignments in accordance with lifestyle preferences listed on the housing form. Assignments are made without regard to ancestry, race, national origin, age, religion, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.

II. Conditions of the Residence

1. All students must abide by the policies, procedures and expectations in the Student Code of Conduct and Residence Life Handbook, which are incorporated into this document by reference. Current versions of these documents are available on LIM College’s website at www.limcollege.edu. Violations of any LIM College policies or procedures will result in disciplinary action up to and including a referral to the disciplinary hearing board and may result in dismissal from housing and/or the College. If a student is removed from housing for disciplinary reasons there will be


2. All maintenance concerns should be reported to www.studenthousing.org/repairs or the LIM College Office of Housing & Residence Life. The security desk should be contacted for emergency maintenance requests.

3. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building including your room. To smoke you must go outside the building and be at least 20 feet away from the entrance. You may not smoke directly in front the buildings or block the entrances.

4. The possession or use of drugs not prescribed by your own physician as well as illegal drugs and substances is strictly prohibited. Students found to be in possession of controlled substances or paraphernalia are subject to disciplinary action by LIM College and by law enforcement authorities.

5. Alcohol and beer are not permitted on the premises regardless of your age. Students found to be in possession of alcohol or in an intoxicated state are subject to disciplinary action by LIM College and law enforcement authorities.

6. Noxious substances, incendiary materials, explosives and/or firearms are strictly prohibited.

7. The use of specified electrical equipment in your room or common kitchens, other than those provided by 1760 REALTY (or for which special permission has been granted), is not permitted. This includes electric cooking, heating and toasting appliances. Such equipment will be removed without notice.

8. Nothing may be thrown from the windows.

9. 1760 REALTY and LIM College are not responsible for any items that disappear or are stolen from a resident’s room.

10. 1760 REALTY and LIM College do not vouch for the behavior of any of the residents or their guests.

11. Complaints relating to the residence hall and/or its residents should be reported in writing to the LIM College Office of Housing & Residence Life. Urgent matters should be reported by calling the Office of Housing & Residence Life during regular business hours or by contacting the Resident Advisor emergency duty phone or front desk security guards when the office is closed. These numbers will be supplied upon check-in to the residence hall.

–  –  –

13. Quiet is to prevail on residence hall floors between 11:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m., so as not to disturb other residents who may be sleeping or studying. No phone calls in the hallway are permitted between these hours. Courteous behavior regarding noise levels is expected in the halls at all times.

14. The residence hall is not designed for playing amplified musical instruments or high watt stereo equipment.

Students who wish to play or practice should wear headphones or muffle their instruments. Playing instruments is not permitted during quiet hours.

15. Residents may not use the name of 1760 REALTY or LIM College in any way for business purposes or in any form of advertising.

16. No written materials, such as printed handbills, solicitations, or posters may be placed on the door of the resident’s room. Bulletin Boards are available for appropriate postings, which must have prior approval of the LIM College Office of Housing & Residence Life.

17. Residents must swipe their identification cards at the designated turnstiles every time they enter the building. No resident may use their identification card to allow another individual into the building. Residents must show their identification card if requested by LIM College or 1760 REALTY building staff.

18. No locks other than those provided by 1760 REALTY may be installed by or for a resident on any room or closet door.

19. Residents may not use any room or space other than their own for meetings or gatherings without prior permission of the LIM College Office Housing & Residence Life and 1760 REALTY.

20. The roof and balconies of the building are off limits.

21. Residents are not permitted to leave any items (including doormats) in the hallway. Items left in the hallway area are a safety hazard and may be removed by building personnel.

22. No pets are permitted in the 1760 Residence Hall at any time.

23. Authorized employees of 1760 REALTY and LIM College have the right to enter rooms without notice for cleaning, repairs and for inspection whether residents are present or not.

24. Residents are responsible for keeping their room clean. This includes keeping food in appropriate storage containers, regularly cleaning the bedroom and bathroom, cleaning eating utensils, promptly disposing of trash in the designated chutes on each floor, and keeping laundry clean to help keep the room clean and free of pests. The staff conducts health and safety inspections of the residence hall rooms at least once a month. During the inspection, the staff will check for compliance with health codes, fire safety regulations, maintenance problems, and potential physical hazards. If a policy violation is observed during the health and safety inspections the occupants of the room will be subject to disciplinary action. Efforts will be made to notify of these inspections at least 24 hours in advance; but residents may not be notified of the exact time of inspection. If it is found that a resident’s room is not up to health and safety standards (i.e. cleanliness, hazardous wiring, etc.) the resident will be given 24 hours to correct the situation.

If upon re-inspection the room still does not pass, the resident will be charged and will face disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the residence.

25. Residents are required to participate in all required emergency evacuation and response training programs sponsored by LIM College and 1760 REALTY.

26. Any infractions of the terms and conditions contained in this contract: or of any federal, state, or city law, or of any 1760 REALTY or LIM College’s rules or regulations may lead to expulsion from the residence hall without refund of the remaining housing fee.

27. Students are required to cooperate with LIM College officials when those officials have identified themselves and are acting expressly within their authority to enforce a written College policy. LIM College officials include faculty and staff. Also included are student employees who are carrying out assigned work responsibilities. Student’s rights to privacy and security in person and possessions shall be respected in all cases.


28. Parental Notification: In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1998, LIM reserves the right to contact the parent(s) or guardians(s) of students involved in dangerous and/or inappropriate behaviors it deems threatening to the student or others including behavior involving alcohol or drugs. 1760 REALTY and LIM College will make a decision on whether to contact parents depending on the severity of the situation.

29. There is a mandatory curfew for all students in the High School Program (under the age of 18 years old). Students must be physically present inside the “1760 Residence Hall” at all times between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.

Sunday - Thursday and 11 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings. Any student violating the curfew will be subject to immediate disciplinary action and/or dismissal. Students whose parent/guardian have submitted a signed Absence from Campus Form are exempt from the curfew for the day/night(s) specified in the form.

Students who will be away from campus overnight must have the Absence from Campus Form signed by the student’s parent or guardian granting permission for the absence. This document must be submitted to the Office of Housing & Residence Life on the day the student moves into the “1760 Residence Hall”. This document must include the name of the student, the time/date of the departure from campus, the time/date return to campus, and the name, contact information and age of the adult who will be accompanying the student during the absence.

30. Residents are required to have a U.S. health insurance policy that covers the costs and expenses of medical treatment and hospitalization in the event of illness and injury.

III. Financial Responsibilities Priority for student housing is given to students who maintain full time matriculation status. Vacancies may be filled with other students participating in LIM College programs and other eligible persons within the sole discretion of LIM College. This housing contract is for the summer housing session(s) designated. You are financially obligated for the housing session unless you give written notice to the Associate Director of Pre-College Programs prior to June 15, 2016 that you will not require housing for the designated summer 2016 housing session. A $50 processing charge will be deducted from your refund. There will be no refunds after June 15, 2016

Please contact the LIM Office of Student Financial Services should you have questions regarding your financial bill:

(212) 752-1530, ext. 389.

Room Rates: The cost per space is as follows:

Summer 2016 Rates for 1760 per bed per week………………………………………. $550 (based upon availability) The full cost of housing for the High School program is to be paid on eventville upon sign up IV. Dates of Residence

Residence is limited to the following dates:

July 10, 2016 - July 16, 2016

Week 1:

July 17, 2016 - July 23, 2016

Week 2:

July 24, 2016 – July 30, 2016

Week 3:

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