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«How To. Processes Time Sheet Processes You must complete a time sheet once a week that lists which personal assistant(s) worked with you and how many ...»

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How To... Processes

Time Sheet Processes

You must complete a time sheet once a week that lists which

personal assistant(s) worked with you and how many hours s/he

worked per day AND per shift (IN & OUT.) The time sheet is the

legal record that tracks hours worked, paid time off (PTO) and

training hours.

• The time sheet is the legal document that Consumer Directed

Choices (CDC) uses to pay each personal assistant (PA) and to

bill Medicaid;

• The time sheet is the legal document that the Attorney General’s Office and the Office of Medicaid Inspector General uses to base fraud investigations on;

• The time sheet is the legal document that the Department of Labor uses to determine accurate compensation was paid and calculating unemployment claims;

• The time sheet is the legal document that the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company uses to verify that a person was working when a work related injury occurs.



Authorized Hours and Usage / Printed County “Restrictions” As you know, your Department of Social Services (DSS) Caseworker authorizes maximum weekly hours that you may have personal assistants work while performing tasks for you. You may use those hours “flexibly,” which means that you can use the hours in the way that works best for your Plan of Care approved tasks unless a caseworker mandates you use hours in a certain pattern. For


• If the county assigned you flexibility and you are authorized for 84 hours per week and you generally use 12 hours a day, if something comes up such as cleaning up after an upset stomach, you may use 13 hours on that day and 11 on another since you had more needs on that day – as long as you do not exceed the 84 hours for the time sheet week.

Time Sheet Processes: UPDATED 4-4-2012 HALF HOUR ROUNDING Page 1 of 17 If the county assigned you a “restriction” (a specific schedule) • then you must only use hours on specific days / times as dictated by the caseworker. If the county has placed a restriction it will print on the lower right side of the time sheet (see below.) For example: a consumer attends a “day program” Monday through Friday therefore the caseworker has restricted using CDPAP hours to Saturday and Sunday only.

Another exa

–  –  –

This picture shows where the authorized hours and restrictions are shown at the bottom of the time sheet. In this example the consumer is authorized for a total of 84 hours per week and he must not exceed 12 hours per day.

If there are no restrictions the area below the Authorized Hours will be blank. NOTE: if you are not sure if you have restrictions call CDC or your caseworker before scheduling your personal assistant to work!

Increase/Decrease in a Consumer’s Hours Authorized: After your initial referral, if a caseworker adjusts the weekly authorized hours, CDC will call and send a memo notifying you. If your hours go down, CDC will also send a new time sheet for that period.

Time Sheet Processes: UPDATED 4-4-2012 HALF HOUR ROUNDING Page 2 of 17 Keep in mind if you have changes in your personal care needs (example, the flu) you may call your caseworker and request more hours. As always, it is the county DSS who determines a consumer’s authorized amount of hours.

Time Sheet “Reminder” Messages We thought of a way to help you fill out your time sheet by adding a typed “message” on the bottom right side that can remind you of certain errors you may be consistently making when you fill them out. These “messages” will be specific to identify any area you may need to improve on and will be removed when the errors are no longer being made. The messages you may

see are:

–  –  –

Date Range / Day of the Week At the top of the time sheet we have printed the date range for the week

always beginning on a Saturday and ending on the following Friday:

On the left side of each personal assistant’s column there is a printed abbreviation for the day of the week, again beginning Saturday, “SAT,” then four lines down, Sunday, “SUN,” then four lines down Monday, “MON,” etc.



Time Sheet Processes: UPDATED 4-4-2012 HALF HOUR ROUNDING Page 4 of 17 In order to accommodate consumers who may have personal assistants who come in multiple shifts during the day there are 28 rows in each column for each PA with the printed day of the week on the left. This was designed to allow for a personal assistant “coming in” and “going out” up to four times, “shifts” per day, seven days a week. (If you have a single personal assistant working more shifts than you have lines for call the office and we’ll send you a blank time sheet to accommodate the additional shifts.) How Do You Fill Out The Time Sheet?

For each PA:

The following four columns are under each personal assistants’ name: Date, Time In, Time Out, Hours.

Entering Hours Worked & Time In / Time Out “Rounding” Time if a PA Doesn’t Start or End a Shift Exactly On the Hour / Half Hour It’s important to be clear of your expectation of when a shift will begin and end but real life doesn’t always happen exactly at the beginning of an hour or precisely at the half hour mark when dealing with a personal assistant’s arriving to or leaving from a work “shift.” In these instances you will round back or up and only record the rounded time for each shift’s time in and time out.

–  –  –

Anne Fay arrives at 9:00AM and leaves late at 11:20AM. How to record the time worked by “rounding”?

Time In: 9.00AM Time Out: 11:30AM Total Hours Worked is 2.5 since you rounded the 11:20 Up to 11:30 It is very important to consider what will happen if you have your PA work beyond the scheduled shift end – especially if rounding Up will put you over your authorized hours! Always try to manage your work flow to end on time unless you know you have additional hour(s) you can record on the time sheet – otherwise you may be responsible for paying a personal assistant(s) for time worked above your county authorized hours!

When a “Day” Starts and Ends / Recording a Shift that Flows Between Two Days Keep in mind that a day always begins at “12:00” AM and always ends at “11:59” PM. For example, if Anna began work on Thursday night at 11:00 PM and worked to 7:00 AM Friday morning, it should be recorded as 1 hour on Thursday and 7 hours on Friday.

On the first day (Thursday) enter 11:00 PM for time IN and then 12:00 AM for time OUT THEN on the next day (Friday) you will enter 12:00 AM for time IN

and 7:00 AM for time OUT. See the arrows below:

If a PA works 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM and then comes back to work from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM you would record it as:

Time Sheet Processes: UPDATED 4-4-2012 HALF HOUR ROUNDING Page 6 of 17 AGAIN, VERY IMPORTANT: consumers must track every PA’s time IN and time OUT for every “shift” recording the time on the time sheet rows / columns. If there are separate shifts then there should be separate entries. IMPORTANT: If a PA leaves to go shopping or other task authorized by the Plan of Care – that is still worked time – not a new shift.

Keep in mind:

Most consumers are able to schedule in half hours but others must schedule PA’s for full hours worked. Call the office if you aren’t sure!

NOTE: Whatever hours are entered in the “hours” column are the hours that CDC bills Medicaid for. That’s why Paid TIME OFF (PTO) and training hours should NOT be entered in the “hours” column! These should only be entered into the PTO and Training Box at the bottom of the sheet.

Also, it is in a PA’s best interest to independently keep track of the time in and time out to make sure he / she receives an accurate paycheck and CDC must make random corporate compliance calls to verify the accuracy of time sheets. It is very difficult to remember specifics as time goes by!

Entering Paid Time Off (PTO) Time Sheet Processes: UPDATED 4-4-2012 HALF HOUR ROUNDING Page 7 of 17 Whenever YOU, a consumer, approves a PA to utilize Paid Time Off – you will simply enter the total hours used in the box at the very bottom of the columns – there is a box for PTO.

The picture below shows how the PTO should be written. This example shows that Anne Faye used 2 hours of PTO and worked 17 1/2 hours. The time IN and time OUT for the 17 1/2 worked hours will be recorded in the rows and columns above. But the PTO hours are only shown in the PTO box.

Never write anything relating to these PTO hours in the “Time IN / Time OUT” or “Hours” columns! CDC does not bill for these different types of hours, only valid hours worked!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Personal assistants must take time off in order to utilize Paid TIME OFF. Personal assistants cannot “cash in” PTO time at any time. PTO time will only be paid when a personal assistant is not working.

For example, if Betty worked her regularly scheduled hours then she is not eligible to use PTO. However, if Betty took time off on Thursday and she is regularly scheduled to work 8 hours on that day, she can submit 8 hours of PTO time on the time sheet. Keep in mind, she cannot request 25 hours if she usually only works 8 hours.

In the past, PAs could “cash in” vacation time BUT THAT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE.

PAs can request PTO in half hour or whole hour increments.

–  –  –

For the full description of Paid TIME OFF processes see the PA Summary of Benefits and Guide.

Time Sheet Processes: UPDATED 4-4-2012 HALF HOUR ROUNDING Page 8 of 17 Note: PAs can only use the PAID time off hours that they have accrued. The PA can look on his/her pay stub or call CDC to ask how many are available.

Entering Training Hours Just like PTO, you will simply enter the total Training hours used by each PA in the box at the very bottom of the columns – there is a box for Training.

The picture on the next page shows how Training should be written. This example shows that you had Bobbi Lynn train 5 hours and then she worked 9 hours. The time IN and time OUT for the 9 worked hours will be recorded in the rows and columns above. But the Training hours are only shown in the Training box.

Never write anything relating to these Training hours in the “Time IN / Time OUT” or “Hours” columns! CDC does not bill for these different types of hours, only valid hours worked!

See The Training Process Section for the description and training hours rules.

Holiday Hours

–  –  –

NOTE: CDC’s payroll system “splits up” the regular paid hours from the holiday pay hours when they are listed on a PA’s pay stub.

–  –  –

Signatures / Signing the Time Sheet Consumer / Designated Representative Signatures It is your responsibility to completely review the time sheet to make sure it is accurate – meaning each PA worked the exact number of hours at the time written on the time sheet – before you sign the time sheet. It must be a “final draft.” Don’t forget CDC cannot process any time sheet not signed by the consumer or designated representative.

If you are a designated representative, sign your name “...for [consumer’s name.]” This designates that you are acting on behalf of the consumer as his/her designated representative. (See the What Is the Difference Between a Consumer and Designated Representative section.) See example on the next page.

Time Sheet Processes: UPDATED 4-4-2012 HALF HOUR ROUNDING Page 10 of 17 Personal Assistant Signatures

–  –  –

As part of CDC’s Corporate Compliance Program we must randomly review signatures to ensure that consumers and PA’s are signing their names.

After the data for each PA is entered:

–  –  –

You can fax the time sheet at any time (518-690-7153, 518-690-0481 or 866-335-7153) or email timesheets@cdChoices.org but we must receive the original (white copy) in the mail!

CDC has a secured “drop box” available for time sheets and paperwork delivery if the office is closed. Located on the outside wall at the rear of our office building, it is a convenient way to meet paperwork deadlines. Staff checks the drop box each business day.

If we do not receive either a fax, email or the original before the payroll cut off time CDC will have no way of knowing the amount of money due the personal assistant(s) and will be unable to pay them until the next payroll. This is an important responsibility. If you, the consumer / designated representative, fail to submit timely, signed time sheets, you will violate Labor Law. CDC may need to contact your Time Sheet Processes: UPDATED 4-4-2012 HALF HOUR ROUNDING Page 12 of 17 DSS caseworker regarding legal violations and your DSS caseworker may decide to terminate your program services.

–  –  –

Who Cannot Work as a Personal Assistant URGENT REMINDER: New York State regulations do not allow payment for a consumer’s mother, father, step-mother, step-father, wife or husband.

These family members CANNOT BE PAID through the Consumer Directed Program!

Number of Hours That A Personal Assistant Should Work Number of Hours That A Personal Assistant Should Work Consumers / designated representatives are responsible for scheduling the PAs who work for you. With regards to Corporate Compliance, CDC views the following “benchmark” of the number of hours worked as a “trigger” to notify

your county caseworker for review and follow through with you:

–  –  –

The New York State Department of Health will not allow a personal assistant to work 24 hours in a row.

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