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Code of Colorado Regulations

Rules Styling Manual

Colorado Secretary of State

Administrative Rules Program

1700 Broadway, Suite 200

Denver, CO 80290

303-894-2200 x6418


Deanna Maiolo, Program Manager


Joseph Jaramillo, Technician II


Revised August, 2016

Secretary of State Rules Styling Manual


The Secretary of State publishes the official version of all state administrative rules in the Code of Colorado Regulations (CCR) as required by the State Administrative Procedure Act, 24-4-103 C.R.S. et seq. New rules and amendments to existing rules are published in the Colorado Register and then later incorporated into the CCR. The official version of both publications is the online version found on the Secretary of State’s website. An unofficial version is published in print by LexisNexis.

All aspects of rule filing are now electronic and executed online using the Secretary of State’s eFiling system. Agencies use eFiling to file notices of proposed rulemaking and adopted rules with the Secretary of State. The Attorney General’s office issues rule opinions through the eFiling system and the Office of Legislative Legal Services receives rule filings through their customized eFiling interface.

eFiling allows existing CCR sections to be downloaded as Microsoft Word 97-2003.doc files.

These files are already in the format required by the Secretary of State and can be used to create new rulemaking documents to be filed online. The CCR Template should be downloaded to use in creating new rules documents as it contains the “styles” necessary to give rules documents a uniform look when published online. Styles are a set of formatting characteristics such as font, indentation, and line spacing that can be quickly applied to text to change the appearance. When the Secretary of State’s Administrative Rules Staff updates the CCR, the Word styles allow your rules to display properly online. That’s why it is important to apply the appropriate CCR styles to all text in rules documents.

By using documents downloaded from eFiling, you will primarily be working with documents that are already formatted correctly. With little effort, you will be able to maintain the styles and style new text as you make changes to your rules. When creating a new rule, contact the Administrative Rules Program for assistance in selecting a new CCR number. Re-using a CCR number from a repealed rule is discouraged, as it could result in difficulty for users who are searching for the repealed rule’s history.

Secretary of State Rules Styling Manual Guidelines and Tips Below are some guidelines and tips to help you create documents and apply styles using the


 Call the Administrative Rules staff if you need help creating documents or with eFiling.

 Documents downloaded from the electronic CCR will already be “styled”. When you add new text to these documents, only the new text will need to be styled.

 Use only the CCR-specific styles. After installing the CCR Template, you may see additional styles in the drop-down list of styles, styles that Word has automatically generated. Those additional styles do not affect the documents you create, but remember, use only the CCR specific styles.

 The standard font to use for rules documents is Arial size 10.

 To view examples of what the text looks like when the various styles are applied, see the Examples of Styles in the CCR Template, found at the end of this manual.

 When you copy and paste text from an existing document, you can avoid introducing additional styles by selecting “Paste Special” from the “Edit” menu, and then select “Unformatted Text”, but this option will also remove bold, italics and underlining.

 No matter what “Title” level (heading level) the text of the rule falls under, whether the text is under a Title 1 or a Title 4, always start the text of the rule using either the ‘par1’ or ‘upar1’ style depending on whether it is a numbered or an unnumbered paragraph.

 You can review your Title structure by clicking “View” at the top of the document, then selecting the check box for “Navigation Pane”.

 If you want the tables in your document to be searchable, create simple tables that can appear within the rule text.

Dos and Don’ts

Please pay particular attention to the following:

 Adopted rules files must be saved in either “.rtf” or “.doc” format; however, other rulemaking documents may be saved as.rtf,.doc or.pdf files.

 Be sure to apply CCR styles to all text.

 Use track changes or strike-out and small caps to indicate amendments in proposed rules and redline documents.

 Number rules and insert bullets manually. Turn off automatic numbering and bullets.

 Tabs need to be inserted between the rule number and the text of the title or paragraph for proper alignment. You may insert an extra space for the tab to display correctly.

 Use the paragraph styles to indent your paragraphs; do not use tabs for indentation.

 Do not insert an additional hard return after a heading or a paragraph as the template automatically inserts a line space when you start a new heading or paragraph.

 Use the footnote style in the CCR Template, not Word’s footnote feature. Insert the footnote immediately after the paragraph or table that contains the footnote reference.

–  –  –

CCR Template and MS Word Settings Download the CCR Template Download the CCR Template and save it on your local drive. The CCR Template contains all the CCR styles necessary to format your document correctly. It can also be used to create new documents. Go to https://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/CCR/styling.html and select “CCR Template (blank)”. Save the CCR Template to your local drive or desktop.

Display Style Area in the Document Window

You can quickly verify what style has been applied to each heading or paragraph by displaying the “style area pane” to the left of your document.

In Word 2010 and later click File Options Advanced.

In the Display section of Advanced Word Options, change the “Style area width” to 1 inch and click OK at the bottom of the “Word Options” window. You can change views at any time by clicking the “Draft View” icon in the “View” menu at the top of the screen.

–  –  –

Display Styles Window Styles can also be applied from the “Styles” window. To display the Styles window, click on the small arrow at the bottom right corner of the “Styles” block of the ribbon that displays when you select the “Home” tab. The “Styles” window will open to the right of your document.

Example of a Document with Style Area Width set to 1” and Styles Window Displayed

–  –  –

Turn off Auto Numbers and Auto Bullets You may want to turn off auto-numbers and auto-bullets as both need to be manually keyed in rules documents. In Word 2010 and later click File Options Proofing AutoCorrect Options AutoFormat As You Type. Deselect “Automatic bulleted lists” and “Automatic numbered lists”.

Download Rules and Paste into CCR Template Download the CCR Section to be Amended

Log in to the Secretary of State’s eFiling system from the following link:


1. On the Agency Rulemaking Home Page, click on:

“Download the latest version of a rule”.

–  –  –

3. Click on the CCR Title. This will open up a Word.doc document of the latest version of the rule selected, which you can save to your local drive. In the Save as type box, choose Rich Text Format (*.rtf) or as a Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc).

Do not save as Word Document type (*.docx).

If, for any reason, you should need a version of a rule prior to the latest version, contact the Administrative Rules staff for assistance.

–  –  –

Paste Rule Text into the CCR Template

1. Open your rules document that was downloaded from eFiling. Select all the text (ctrl + A) and copy (ctrl+C). Close the document.

2. Then, navigate to the CCR Template saved on your local drive and open it. Next, paste your text (ctrl+V) into the new document and Save As an.rtf or.doc file with a new name.

3. You can now begin to type new text, or copy and paste text from an existing document, and then apply the CCR Template styles.

Working with Downloaded Documents – Optional Tab Replacement Replace Tabs in Titles and Numbered Paragraphs When a rule that has not been amended recently is downloaded, the first line of numbered paragraphs may not align properly with the rest of the paragraph. If spaces appear after the rule number instead of a tab, you may use the “Replace” feature on the “Home” tab ribbon to reinsert the tabs; this will then allow the paragraphs to be properly “blocked”. In the “Find what” field, use the space bar to enter two or more spaces (which will not show). Next, click on the “More” button and move your cursor to the “Replace with” field. Click on the “Special” button and select Tab Character. To complete, click on “Replace All”.

Creating Rules Documents and Styling TextProposed Rules Document

Track Changes Method To create a “Proposed Rules” document, you can use the Track Changes feature in Word or “strike-out” and “small caps”. Track Changes can be found on the “Review” tab ribbon.

Select it to turn it on. After completing the changes save your document as an.rtf or a.doc file. Before filing the notice of proposed rulemaking, you may want to save your proposed rules document as a.pdf as users accessing the document online may not be able to see the amendments properly due to the Track Changes setting selected on their system.

Manual Method Some agencies prefer not to use Track Changes and to manually create a redline (proposed rules) document. To manually strike out text, select it and then click on the bottom right corner of the “Font” block of the “Home” tab ribbon. When the window opens, click the “Strikethrough” check-box and close the window. Before typing new text to be inserted, open the “Font” window, click the check-box next to “Small Caps” and close the window. It may seem laborious to use small caps instead of using caps lock, but if you use this method, both the stricken text and caps can be removed in minutes when you are ready to create your final adopted rules document. To make this process simpler, keyboard shortcuts or toolbar buttons can be set up.

–  –  –

Adopted Rules Documents Track Changes Method After your hearing, you will need to create an “Adopted Rules” document, which is the clean copy of the rule text with strikeout and caps removed. If you used Track Changes, accept the changes and review the document to make sure all the changes appear correctly. Save your document as an.rtf or a.doc file. The proposed rules document may be used for your redline document, but may need to be modified after the hearing.

Manual Method If you manually created your Proposed Rules document, use the “Replace” feature found on the “Home” tab ribbon to remove stricken language. After opening the Replace window, place your cursor in the “Find what” field, select the “More” button and then select “Format” and “Font”. When the “Font” window opens, select “Strikethrough” and click “OK”. Complete the process by selecting “Replace All” and close the window. All stricken text should now be removed. To change the “Small caps” to normal font, select all text (Ctrl + A), select “Font” under the “Edit” drop-down and deselect “Small caps” and close the window. All the text should now be changed to normal font. Review and proof your document for accuracy and save the file as an.rtf or a.doc file.

Applying Styles to Text Styles can be applied by displaying the Style Area Width to the left side and the Styles Window to the right of your document. See diagram and instructions above for displaying these tools.

To apply styles use one of the following two methods:

Select a style and insert new text Choose a style you would like to use, and type your text or insert Unformatted Text or Formatted Text (RTF) from another document using “Paste Special”. The style chosen applies to all text inserted from that point and forward.

REMEMBER: Pasting as Unformatted Text” will remove all bold, italics and underlines.

Apply a style to existing text Click anywhere in a paragraph or heading, or highlight (select) the text to be styled, then click on the style you would like to apply. The style chosen applies to all text in the paragraph or heading up to the point of the first hard return, or all highlighted or selected text, which allows you to select more than one paragraph.

REMEMBER: No matter what “Title” level (heading level) the text of the rule falls under, whether the text is under a Title 1 or a Title 4, always start the text of the rule using either the ‘par1’ or ‘upar1’ style depending on whether it is a numbered or an unnumbered paragraph.

NOTE: Certain styles included in the CCR Template are Word’s default styles, such as Body Text and Headings 1-3, and should not be used.

–  –  –

Numbered or Bulleted Paragraphs For numbered paragraphs, select the ‘par’ style you would like to use, depending on what level the paragraph is. You will need to manually number paragraphs. Type the rule number, insert a tab after the rule number, and then type or insert the text of the paragraph.

For bulleted paragraphs, select the ‘par’ style you would like to use, depending on what level the paragraph is. Insert a bullet and then type or paste in the text of the bulleted paragraph.

REMEMBER: Do not use Auto-Numbering or Auto-Bullets created in Word. All numbers or bullets must be inserted manually.

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