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«Employee Handbook 2012 WELCOME Dear Aspire Team Member: Welcome to Aspire Public Schools! Our goal is to create a challenging and mutually-rewarding ...»

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Employee Handbook 2012


Dear Aspire Team Member:

Welcome to Aspire Public Schools! Our goal is to create a challenging and mutually-rewarding

work environment, one with an atmosphere of personal and professional growth that serves the

needs of the children and families in our communities.

Aspire Public Schools complies with all federal, state, city and local employment laws and

regulations, and our policies are updated to stay current with them. In addition, Aspire strives to be an organization where team members are always treated with professionalism and respect.

Our policies and practices help to ensure we do this by reflecting Aspire’s core values:

• Collaboration: Working collectively to accomplish more than what is possible alone

• Purposefulness: Deliberate action, focused on the organization’s goals and priorities

• Ownership: Individual and group accountability for results, actions and decisions

• Quality: Commitment to excellence and the discipline to continually improve

• Customer Service: Responsiveness to the needs of external and internal customers While you have guidelines, rules and standards in this Handbook, none of these can substitute for good judgment, common sense, and personal integrity while meeting the challenges of your daily work. If you have questions about anything in this Handbook—or even a topic not addressed in it—please contact your Manager, Principal, or the Human Resources Department.

We are here to help!

Providing services for students and their families can be both rewarding and demanding.

Upholding strict ethical standards is critical and necessary for the benefit of our students and families, for the reputation of our schools, as well as for you as Aspire’s representatives. During our orientation process, we make time to review some of the key policies in this handbook.

However, it is your responsibility to carefully review and model the information to help us create and maintain a safe, healthy, and productive work environment that we all enjoy working in.

We’re excited that you’ve joined us to achieve our goal of the effective delivery of high-quality education to our communities Sincerely, James James Willcox Chief Executive Officer


1 Introduction

1.1 Introductory Statement

1.2 Employment At-Will

1.3 Equal Employment Opportunity

1.4 Disabilities-Reasonable Accommodation

1.5 Standards of Conduct

1.6 Religious Neutrality

1.7 Open Door Policy

1.8 Anti-Harassment Policy 2 Employment Process

2.1 Job Postings, Promotion, and Transfers

2.2 Credential Requirement

2.3 Employment Health Screening Process

2.4 Fingerprinting 3 Team Member Policies & Rules of Conduct

3.1 Conflict of Interest 08-051

3.2 Nepotism Policy 08-051

3.3 Solicitation and Distribution

3.4 Outside Employment

3.5 Whistle Blower Policy

3.6 Media Contact

3.7 Child Abuse Reporting

3.8 Professional Boundaries with Students & Social Media

3.9 Employment Verification and Reference

3.10 Property (including Proprietary and Confidential Information

3.11 Technology Use and Privacy

3.12 Professional Development & Performance Review

3.13 Attendance and Punctuality

3.14 Personal Appearance

3.15 Personal Phone Calls and Cell Phone Usage 4 Payroll Policies

–  –  –

5 Group Health and Related Benefits

5.1 Overview of Benefits

5.2 Benefit Eligibility

5.3 Additional Key Benefit Information

5.4 Health Insurance Continuation (COBRA) 6 Time off and Leaves of Absences

–  –  –

7 Safety and Security

7.1 Workplace Safety

7.2 Violence in the Workplace

7.3 Smoke-Free Workplace

7.4 Drug-Free Workplace

7.5 Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation

7.6 Alcohol Exceptions Policy

7.7 Inspections and Searches on Aspire Premises

7.8 Workers Compensation 8 Separation of Employment

–  –  –

10 Employee Acknowledgement

1.1 Introductory Statement This Team Member Handbook (“Handbook”) describes Aspire Public Schools’ (“Aspire”) basic policies and procedures. We believe that good performance depends in part on how well informed you are. This Handbook explains the terms and conditions of employment for all team members, principals, and managers, so that you will know what to expect and what is expected of you.

This Handbook also outlines the programs we have developed to benefit you as part of our team. One of our key objectives is to provide a work environment that promotes teamwork, professionalism, and respect for one another. The Handbook was developed with this in mind.

To be sure you understand how we create this kind of environment, we expect you to read, understand and comply with all provisions of this Handbook, and to ask your Manager, Principal, or the Human Resources Department about anything that is unclear to you.

No handbook can anticipate every circumstance or question about a policy. So, as we continue to grow, we might need to revise, supplement, or rescind policies or portions of the Handbook.

Aspire Public Schools, at its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to change this Handbook as we deem appropriate. To the extent possible, we will inform you about these changes. The only recognized deviations from the stated policies are those authorized and signed by the Chief Executive Officer.

Nothing in this Handbook, oral statements or representation, or any other personnel document, including benefit plan descriptions, creates, or is intended to create an employment contract between AspirePublic Schools and any team member that is inconsistent with the Employmentat-Will policy in this Handbook.

This Handbook summarizes the policies and practices in effect at the time of publication, and it replaces all previously-issued Handbooks and any policy or benefit statements or memoranda that are inconsistent with the policies described here. While this Handbook lists many policies at Aspire Public Schools, there are also policies and practices unique to specific departments or schools. Your principal, supervisor, Senior Executive, or Human Resource Representative will provide you with additional policies for your specific department or location.

Remember, if you have any questions regarding any policies; please contact your principal, supervisor or the Human Resources Department.

1.2 Employment At-Will This Handbook does not change the at-will nature of employment at Aspire Public Schools, and it is not a contract, express or implied, guaranteeing employment for any specific duration.

Nothing in this Handbook creates a contract binding the team member or Aspire Public Schools to an agreement of employment for a specific period of time. All employment at Aspire is “AtWill”. Whether you are a temporary or regular full-time or part-time team member, you or Aspire Public Schools may terminate this employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice. No one other than the Chief Executive Officer has the authority to enter into any agreement with you for employment for any specified period or to make any similar promises or commitments, and then only in writing signed by the Chief Executive Officer.

1.3 Equal Employment Opportunity

Aspire Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions on the basis of merit. We want to have the best available person in every job. Aspire Public Schools prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, color, creed, gender, pregnancy, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, military status, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, and medical condition including genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state, or local laws. This policy also includes prohibiting discrimination based upon a perception that anyone has any of the characteristics listed above, or is associated with a person who has or is perceived as having any of those characteristics. Such discrimination is a violation of Aspire’s policy and may be unlawful under federal and/or state law.

Aspire Public Schools is committed to compliance with all applicable laws providing equal employment opportunities. This commitment applies to all persons involved in the operations of Aspire Public Schools and prohibits unlawful discrimination by any team member of Aspire Public Schools.

1.4 Disabilities – Reasonable Accommodation

Applicants or team members who require an accommodation in order to perform the essential functions of the job should contact their supervisor or the Human Resources Department and specify what accommodation is needed to perform the job. Aspire Public Schools will then review and/or consider the barriers that interfere with the equal opportunity of the applicant or team member to perform the job, along with possible accommodations to help eliminate the barriers.

Applicants and team members who request accommodations must participate in an interactive process, which may require the participation of their personal physician or health care provider.

In addition, Aspire Public Schools may require that our own medical provider participate in the evaluation process.

In accordance with applicable federal and state law protecting qualified individuals with known disabilities, Aspire Public Schools will attempt to make reasonable accommodations for disabled applicants and team members if the accommodation will not impose an undue hardship to Aspire’s operations.

1.5 Standards of Conduct As a Team Member at Aspire Public Schools, you have the responsibility to conduct your work with integrity and consideration, and to treat those you encounter at work with respect and civility. The Standards of Conduct listed below reflect the basic values of Aspire, however the list is not all inclusive.

As a representative of Aspire Public Schools, you are expected to uphold the values summarized here, and to use good judgment at all times.

•To provide high-quality, cost-effective services to Aspire’s students and families.

•To follow the policies in this Handbook, as well as any other Aspire or site-specific policies.

•To treat fellow team members, students, and the families of the diverse populations we serve fairly, considerately, and respectfully, regardless of position, station, or relationship.

• To act with professionalism while representing Aspire Public Schools and conducting business for Aspire.

•To follow all laws, regulations, and the spirit of the law while at work and in relationships connected to your employment. This includes state and federal laws, as well as the California Education Code, regarding students’ rights, employment law, and business and educational practices.

•To understand and follow all regulations and laws, as well as Aspire’s policies, regarding student rights and student safety; and to respect staff-student boundaries at all times.

•To prepare and maintain all student, family, team member, and other Aspire data, records, and reports accurately, truthfully, and confidentially; and to ensure the security of the equipment that stores or conveys such information, including computers and the available programs, facsimile (fax) machines and lines, paper documents, and related equipment and accessories.

•To always act in ways that support Aspire’s core values of Quality, Customer Service, Collaboration, Ownership, and Purposefulness.

•To understand and follow all regulations and laws, as well as Aspire’s policies, regarding student rights and student safety; and to respect staff-student boundaries at all times.

•To always act in ways that support Aspire’s core values of Quality, Customer Service, Collaboration, Ownership, and Purposefulness.

1.6 Religious Neutrality Aspire receives public funding and we are subject to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Individually, and as an organization, we must be neutral when it comes to religion with our students and each other. We should respect each other and avoid conduct or obtrusive displays that appear to favor one religion over another. We must refrain from using our classrooms, office space or email to promote or proselytize. Teammates may wear nonobtrusive jewelry, such as a cross, crescent or Star of David. Personal religious displays are not permitted.

1.7 Open Door Policy

At Aspire, we value what effective collaboration can do to foster a strong team, improve public education, and enable team members to work to their full potential. We also recognize that with change and progress, conflict can arise. Open communication is a way to achieve successful, collaborative working relationships.

Aspire encourages team members to speak directly with their principal, supervisor, Area Superintendent, the Human Resources Department or any member of the management team if

they have any concerns or questions. In particular, Aspire encourages Team Members to:

•examine and discuss issues, seek information, offer ideas, and explore and resolve problems as they arise

•stay aware of changes in procedures, policies and general information

•communicate ideas, suggestions, personal goals, or problems as they affect your work

•resolve issues directly with each other whenever possible before discussing them with others

•communicate directly with your supervisor or principal, or another member of management, depending on the nature of the issue If you feel there is something we can do to make employment at Aspire Public Schools a more

rewarding experience, please let us know by:

•Responding to the Annual Team Member Surveys

•Contacting your Regional Human Resources Manager

•Contacting your Area Superintendent

•Approaching a Human Resources or Management Team member when he or she visits your school site

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