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«This Test Preparation Kit has been distributed by the NYPD to assist you in preparing for the upcoming New York City Police Officer’s Entrance ...»

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This Test Preparation Kit has been distributed by the NYPD to assist you in

preparing for the upcoming New York City Police Officer’s Entrance Exam.

This booklet is provided as a review of standard test-taking techniques and

questions commonly used in law enforcement civil service examinations. The

written examination is multiple choice test and may include questions that require

the use of several “ability areas”. This booklet contains definitions and sample questions of these “ability areas”.

Included in the instructions are certain time restraints. Be sure and take this practice exam in a test-like setting using only the allotted amount of time.

To get ready for the exam, it is suggested that you

Take Initiative and Prepare for Success (T.I.P.S.):

Mental preparedness is an important quality for any successful police officer, so the next step toward doing well on the exam is to be mentally prepared while you’re taking it. Here are a few tips to help defend yourself against test anxiety and raise your confidence level.

• Take the exam one question at a time.

• Focus all of your attention on the one question you’ve already read or concerns about what is coming next.

• Develop a positive attitude.

• Keep reminding yourself that you are prepared.

• If you lose concentration, take a few deep breaths and listen to the sound of your breathing. Take 10 seconds or so and picture yourself doing something you enjoy. This is all you should need to relax your brain and be ready to focus again. Practice this technique several times before the day of the exam.

• If you freeze and a question stumps you, don’t worry. Mark it and go on to the next question. You can always go back to it.

• If you freeze before the exam begins, take some time to look the test over.

Read a few questions. Decide which are the easiest and start there.

For further information please call (212) RECRUIT or visit our website at http://www.nyc.gov/nypd.


Social Security No. _________________________

Room No. _________________________

Seat No. _________________________

Location _________________________



Write your Social Security Number, Room Number, Seat Number, and Location in the appropriate spaces at the top of this page. You MUST follow the instructions below.





–  –  –


NEW YORK CITY POLICE DEPT., RECRUITMENT SECTION.© No portion of this material may be reproduced without the written permission of the Commanding Officer, NYPD RECRUITMENT SECTION.




–  –  –

MEMORIZATION - This ability involves remembering information, such as words, numbers pictures and procedures. Pieces of information can be remembered by themselves or with other pieces of information. Candidates are given a picture to study for a given amount of time, and when then are asked questions concerning the content.

The picture might be a photograph or a drawing.

1. What kind of a sale are they having at Down Town Uniforms?

–  –  –

Spatial Orientation - This ability involves determining where you are in relation to the location of some object or to tell where the object is in relation to you. Another Spatial Orientation format provides the candidates with a map (e.g., of a patrol sector). This map may include one-way streets or streets that are obstructed or unusable for some reason.

The candidates are asked to identify the most efficient route to drive from one location to another, given the constraints of the situation.

In questioning a crime victim, you are told the suspect pulled out a gun and told “me to hand over my wallet”. Then he ran out the door of my office and down the stairs. I ran over to the window and observed the suspect with his back to me heading northbound. He then made a right turn and ran two more blocks and then made a left turn.

11. According to this information, you would be most correct to radio that the

perpetrator was last seen traveling:

–  –  –

Written Comprehension - This ability involves understanding written sentences and

paragraphs. Some examples of questions testing this ability are:

Answer questions 12 through 14 solely on the basis of the following information:

Police Officer Dennis Hui and John Kitsakos were patrolling in their police car in the 65th Precinct at 10:15 A.M. on October 3, 2004. They came upon the scene of a traffic accident at Avenue C and 30th Street, which had occurred five minutes earlier. Officer Kitsakos called the Police Radio Dispatcher at 10:20 A.M. and reported that he and his partner in police car #65B were handling a traffic accident involving a van and an auto at that location. Officer Kitsakos further reported to the dispatcher that there were no personal injuries to the van driver, or to the driver of the auto, or her two children. However, the two vehicles were damaged.

The officers checked each driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate and vehicle insurance identification card. The van driver was John Hudson, age 36, residing at 1102 South Elliot Blvd., Cranford, N.J. He was driving a white 2001 GMC van, N.Y. license plate 9723GH, owned by his employer, Zenith Trucking Corp. of 257 West 63rd St., New York, N.Y. Mr. Hudson’s N.J.

driver’s license identification number is H1385 69774 58612 and the expiration date is December 31, 2004.

The driver of the auto was Mrs. Anne Cloris, age 38, residing at 49 Christopher Avenue, Queens, New York. She had two children with her, Charles Cloris Jr., age 10, and Anita Cloris, age 8.

Mrs. Cloris’ auto was a red 2003 Chevrolet 4-door station wagon, NY license plate #319GAZ.

Mrs. Cloris’ NY driver’s license identification number is 121 921 661 and the expiration date is May 31, 2005.

The officers examined both vehicles for damage from the accident and found that the van had a dented rear panel on its left side and that the auto had a dented right front fender. The officers completed a Vehicle Accident Report at 10:45 A.M. The report number was 06598004359.

–  –  –

WRITTEN EXPRESSION - This ability involves using English words or sentences in writing

so that others will understand. Some samples of questions using this ability are:

15. While on patrol, Officer Rivas responds to a traffic accident. The following details were

obtained at the scene:

–  –  –

Officer Rivas is completing a report of the incident. Which one of the following expresses the above information most clearly, accurately and completely?

A) At 6:30 P.M. Elizabeth Pollock was at the intersection of 13th Ave. and 83rd Street. A 2003 Buick was involved in an accident when it struck a guardrail causing a dented front fender.

B) A car was involved in an accident at the intersection of 13th Ave. and 83rd St. at 6:30 P.M. It struck a guardrail causing a dented front fender. Elizabeth Pollock has a 2003 Buick.

C) A 2003 Buick driven by Elizabeth Pollock struck a guardrail at the intersection of 13th Ave. and 83rd St. at 6:30 P.M., causing a dented front fender.

D) A 2003 Buick struck Elizabeth Pollock causing a dented front fender at the intersection of 13th Ave. and 83rd St. at 6:30 P.M.

–  –  –

A recruit officer is preparing a report on the specialized Bureaus within the NYPD as a homework assignment. She reviews the rough draft of her report, which contains the

following two sentences:

1. The Operations Unit the Department’s information gathering, storing, and disseminating unit for a wide variety of incidents including spontaneous and ongoing situations.

2. To carry out its mission, it is necessary that the Operations Unit receive status reports concerning ongoing incidents from all Department commands.

16. Which of the following best describes the above sentences?

A) Only sentence #1 is grammatically correct.

B) Only sentence #2 is grammatically correct.

C) Neither sentence #1 nor sentence #2 is grammatically correct.

D) Both sentence #1 and sentence #2 are grammatically correct.

–  –  –

Information Ordering - This ability involves following correctly a rule or set of rules or actions in a certain order. The rule or set of rules used must be given. The things or actions to be put in order can include numbers, letters, words, pictures, procedures, sentences, and mathematical or

logical operations. Some samples of questions using this ability are:

Recruit officers in the Academy are told that if they are in a situation in which persons are being held hostage or barricaded persons will not voluntarily surrender, they should do the

following in the order given:

1. Notify the Communications Division of the situation, so they can notify the Patrol supervisor, Emergency Service Unit, and Operations Unit.

2. Verify that the patrol supervisor and Emergency Service Unit are responding.

3. Attempt to confine and isolate the subjects involved, pending arrival of the patrol supervisor and Emergency Service Unit.

4. Maintain firearms control and establish police lines.

5. Maintain continuous surveillance of the location, if possible. Detain witnesses for later debriefing.

17. In a role-play exercise in class, the recruit officers are given a situation in which officers respond to a barricaded person situation. They have notified the Communications Division, and have verified that the patrol supervisor and the Emergency Service Unit are

responding. The next step they should take is to:

–  –  –

The instructor tells the Police Science class that when officers stop a vehicle and discover that the operator is driving with a revoked or suspended license, the following steps should be taken

in the order given:

–  –  –

4. Make sure the vehicle is parked legally until the registered owner of the vehicle can arrange to have the vehicle removed by a licensed operator.

5. If the driver has two or more unrelated suspensions or his license has been revoked for any reason, arrest and transport the driver to the precinct.

18. The instructor gives the class the following example: Officers who observed a motorist driving erratically stopped him and asked to see his license and registration. The license has been revoked, although the car's registration appeared valid. What should the officers do next?

–  –  –

Inductive Reasoning - This ability involves combining separate pieces of information, or specific answers to problems, to form general rules or conclusions. It involves the ability to think of possible reasons for why things go together. Some samples of questions using this ability


During a simulation exercise, recruits at the Academy learn that as officers, they may have cause to investigate suspected drug laboratories. In this instance, an immediate notification must be made to the desk officer of the precinct of occurrence, so that the Police Laboratory can send a chemist to the scene. Certain substances in a laboratory are highly volatile; therefore, ALL

members of the service will follow these safety guidelines:

–  –  –

19. Based on this information, it would be most correct for the recruits to conclude that the

primary concern behind these guidelines is:

A) Proper control of evidence at a possible crime scene until a search warrant can be obtained.

B) Safety of the officers concerning possible explosions or exposure to fumes.

C) Keeping officers from accidental or intentional exposure to controlled substances (e.g. narcotics).

D) Preservation of confidentiality concerning the nature of the situation.

–  –  –

Answer question 20 based solely on the following information:

In a Law class in the Academy, recruit officers learn about the different types and classes of

offenses covered in the Penal Law. The class is given the following information:

–  –  –

20. After reviewing the above table, it would be most correct for a recruit officer to conclude


A) The higher the alphabetic designation of an offense (e.g. “D” instead of “A”), the more serious it is.

B) The higher the degree of an offense (e.g. 3 instead of 1), the more serious it is.

C) Injuring a person causes a crime to automatically become a felony.

D) Offenses include violations, misdemeanors and felonies.

21. Recruit officers are participating in a simulation exercise in which they have responded to the scene of a mugging. The victim is unconscious, but several witnesses give varying accounts of the incident. Which one of the following is most likely to be correct?

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