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«Poor Law Bibliography Lincolnshire Archives Foster Library Jun 2003 References to items available in Lincolnshire Libraries &/or Lincolnshire ...»

Poor Law Bibliography

Lincolnshire Archives

Foster Library

Jun 2003

References to items available in Lincolnshire Libraries &/or Lincolnshire


Lincolnshire Archives, St Rumbold St, Lincoln, LN2 5AB

Lincoln Central Library, Free School Lane, Lincoln, LN2 1EZ

Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury is available at Lincoln Central, Boston,

Grantham, Sleaford & Stamford libraries, not at Lincolnshire Archives.


Anderson, C.L. How the poor in Horncastle were treated [c1835-1879].

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Lincolnshire Family History Society Magazine vol 9 no 2 Jun 1998 pp84-87 SR Journal

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Broughton, North Lincolnshire, 1760-1835.

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Lincolnshire Past & Present no 4 Summer 1991 pp4-7 SR Journal Lincolnshire Family History Society Poor Law index SR With Lists Index to settlement certificates; settlement examinations;

removal orders; settlement papers in Lindsey Quarter Sessions;

pauper apprenticeship indentures; bastardy documents; settlement papers in Kesteven Quarter Sessions 1700-1847; bastardy papers in Kesteven Quarter Sessions 1700-1839 Poor Law Records: Lincoln Union Workhouse; removal orders;

bastardy documents; Bourne Union Workhouse 1836-1842;

bastardy documents in Holland Quarter Sessions; index to removal orders in Holland Quarter Sessions Settlement Examinations: Sleaford petty sessions settlement examinations; index to settlement certificates; parish removal orders & settlement examinations; Lindsey petty sessions settlement examinations; settlement examinations from Kesteven Quarter Sessions 1700-1847; settlement examinations from Holland Quarter Sessions 1703-1846 Apprenticeship Registers: Lincoln city apprentice register 1640-1867;Boston apprentices & masters 1545-1717 SR MicroficheI Miscellaneous Drawer

–  –  –

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–  –  –

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a case study of Caistor Poor Law Union.

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–  –  –

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Lincolnshire Life vol 32 no 7 Oct 1992 pp34-35 SR Journal

–  –  –

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Lincolnshire Life vol 17 no 9 Dec 1977 pp22-25 SR Journal Pearl, Susan Parish sources part II. Charities: the forgotten poor relief.

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of the answer and returns...”An act for procuring returns relative to the expence and maintenance of the poor in England.

1804 [no details] R 362.5 ABS OVERSIZE Allison, Helen Researching the history of a workhouse.

Local History Magazine no 91 May/Jun 2002 pp12-15 R Journal Bedfordshire parish Poor Law papers 1622-1834: an index to personal names mentioned in poor law documents (largely relating to settlement) contained in the archives of Bedfordshire ecclesiastical parishes.

Bedford: Bedfordshire County Council, 1991 SR 362.5 BED

–  –  –

Bosanquet, Helen The Poor Law Report of 1909: summary explaining the defects of the present system and the principal recommendations...

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–  –  –

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& SR Staff Area

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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under researched, full of potential.

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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Poor Law Guardians’ Minute Books.

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Offprint from: Imago Mundi vol 50 1998 pp156-173 R Box 362.5 OLI

–  –  –

Poor Law Reports 1817 Report from the Select Committee on the Poor Laws.

1818 1st, 2nd & 3rd Report from the Select Committee on the Poor Laws.

1819 Report from the Committee on the Poor Laws.1834 Report of the Royal Commissioners for inquiry into the administration and practical operation of the Poor Laws.

1909 Report of the Royal Commission on the Poor Laws and relief of distress.

London: HMSO, R Box 362.509034

–  –  –

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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Withernsea: A.E.Lunn, [1964?] R Box 362.5 WAT

–  –  –

Wittering, Shirley How reliable are the government Poor Law Returns?

Local Historian vol 30 no 3 Aug 2000 pp160-164 R Journal

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