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«TROWBRIDGE, JOHN (S.D.). The following papers were presented: A New Form of Galvanometer; On the Electromotive Action of Liquids Separated by ...»

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Harvard Physics PhD Theses, 1873-1953

TROWBRIDGE, JOHN (S.D.). The following papers were presented: A New Form of

Galvanometer; On the Electromotive Action of Liquids Separated by Membranes; On the

Electrical Condition of Gas Flames; Ohm’s Law Considered from a Geometrical Point of

View; Induced Currents and Derived Circuits.

PENROSE, CHARLES BINGHAM. The Mathematical Theory of Thermoelectricity and

the Relation between Thermoelectricity and Superficial Energy.

WHITING, HAROLD. A New Theory of Cohesion Applied to the Thermodynamics of Liquids and Solids.

HAYES, HAMMOND VINTON. On the Rotational Effect in a Magnetic Field, and Other Subjects. Other Subjects: Cause of Irregularities in the Action of Galvanic Batteries; The Dynamical Action between Two Coils as a Means of Electrical Current Measurement; The Dynamical Action of Electrical Currents as Applied to Galvanometers: A Reconsideration and Simplification of Maxwell’s Treatment of Zonal Harmonics.

McRAE, AUSTIN LEE (S.D.). The Effect of Magnetism in Producing Changes in the Dimensions of All Substances.

ST. JOHN, CHARLES EDWARD. Wavelengths of Electricity on Iron Wires.

BROWN, HARRISON HITCHCOCK. The Dielectric Constant of Water.

LYMAN, THEODORE. False Spectra from the Rowland Concave Grating.

McELFRESH, WILLIAM EDWARD. The Influence of Occluded Hydrogen upon the Electrical Properties of Certain Metals.

PIERCE, GEORGE WASHINGTON. Application of the Radio-Micrometer to the Measurement of Short Electric Waves.

AYRES, CHARLES HAMILTON. Measurement of the Internal Resistance of Galvanic Cells.

CAMPBELL, GEORGE ASHLEY. On Loaded Lines in Telephonic Transmission.

CHANT, CLARENCE AUGUSTUS. The ‘Skin’-Effect in Electric Oscillators; with a Method of Determining Wavelengths.

MacKAY, THOMAS CALVIN. On the Relation of the Hall Effect to the Current Density in Gold.

ADAMS, EDWIN PLYMPTON. I. The Electromagnetic Effect of Moving Charged Spheres. II. Water Radioactivity.

HOGG, JOHN L. Pressure Gauges for High Vacua.

BLACKWELL, HOWARD LANE. Dispersion in Electric Double Refraction.

DAVIS, HARVEY NATHANIEL. I. A PQ Plane for Thermodynamic Cyclic Analysis.

II. The Longitudinal Vibrations of a Rubbed String.

SMITH, ALPHEUS WILSON. Expansion and Compressibility of Ether and of Alcohol in the Neighborhood of Their Boiling Points.

ADAMS, JOHN MEAD. The Transmission of Röntgen Rays through Metallic Sheets, and the Relatively Selective Absorption of Röntgen Rays in Certain Metals.

BRIDGMAN, PERCY WILLIAMS. Mercury Resistance as a Pressure Gauge.



SHUDEMAN, CONRAD LOUIS BENONI. I. The Demagnetizing Factors for Cylindrical Iron Rods. II. A Study of Residual Charge in Dielectrics.

CHAFFEE, EMORY LEON. A New Method of Impact Excitation of Undamped Electric Oscillations and Their Analysis by Means of Braun Tube Oscillographs.

HAYES, HARVEY CORNELIUS. An Investigation of the Errors in Cooling Curves and Methods for Avoiding These Errors; also a New Form of Crucible.

PALMER, FREDERIC, JR. Volume Ionization Produced by Light of Extremely Short Wavelength.

TRUEBLOOD, HOWARD MOFFITT. On the Measurement of the Coefficient of the Joule-Thomson Effect in Superheated Steam.

WEBSTER, DAVID LOCKE. I. On an Electromagnetic Theory of Gravitation. II. On the Existence and Properties of the Ether.

CLARK, HARRY. Sub-Helmholtzian Vibrations of a Rubbed String.

GARDNER, IRVINE CLIFTON. Metallic Reflection in the Region of Extremely Short Wavelengths.

NUSBAUM, CHRISTIAN. Eddy Current and Hysteresis Losses in Iron at High Frequencies.

ROMBERG, ARNOLD. The Ratio of the Calorie at 73o to That at 20o.

SABINE, PAUL EARLS. The Energy of Photoelectrons as a Function of the Frequency for Light of Extremely Short Wavelengths.

SILSBEE, FRANCIS BRIGGS. A Study of the Inductance of Four-Terminal Resistance Standards.

LAWTHER, HARRY PRESTON, JR. The Resistance and Capacity of Some Condensers for Frequencies from 50 to 1,200,000 Cycles per Second.

SMITH, THEODORE TOWNSEND. The Magnetic Properties of Hematite.

WEIBEL, ERNEST EDWARD. A Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Separately Excited Electrodynamometer.

BECKER, ARMAN EDWARD. An Extension of Series Spectra, and an Experimental Study of a Theory of the Complex Zeeman Effect.

BRINSMADE, JAMES BEEBEE. Studies in the Absorption of Light by Gases and Crystals.

FLAMMER, ERNEST. Electric Circuits with Variable Resistances.

KEMBLE, EDWIN CRAWFORD. Studies in the Application of the Quantum Hypothesis to the Kinetic Theory of Gases and to the Theory of Their Infrared Absorption Bands.

LOOMIS, FRANCIS WHEELER. The Heat of Vaporization of Mercury.

HU, KANG-FUH. Studies in X Rays.

KEYS, DAVID ARNOLD. On a Piezoelectric Method of Measuring Explosion Pressures.

SCHAEFFER, ELMER RAYMOND. Atmospheric Attenuation of Ultraviolet Light.

WEN, YU CHING. A Theoretical Treatment of the Radiation Resistance of Antennae Excited by Damped and Undamped Waves at All Ranges of Wavelengths.

MacLEOD, HECTOR JOHN. The Variation with Frequency of the Loss of Energy in Dielectrics.

DANA, LEO ISADORE. The Latent Heat of Vaporization of Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Mixtures.

HULL, LEWIS MADISON. The Continuous Oscillations Maintained by an Electron Tube in a Single Periodic Circuit.

VAN VLECK, JOHN HASBROUCK. A Critical Study of Possible Models of the Normal Helium Atom.

LITTLE, NOEL CHARLTON. Regenerative Phenomena in Vacuum Tubes.

MAZUMDER, KSHIRODE CHANDRA. The K Series Spectrum of Tungsten and the Coefficients of Absorption of X Rays by Lithium.

MILLER, CARL WALLACE. The Electrolytic Condenser.

SLATER, JOHN CLARKE. The Compressibility of the Alkali Halides.

YEH, CHI-SUN. The Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Magnetic Permeability of Iron and Nickel.

BALDES, EDWARD JAMES. High-Frequency Electric Filters.

BOURGIN, DAVID GORDON. Intensities of the Lines of the Hydrogen Chloride Fundamental Band.

DRAKE, FREDERICK HALES. A Precision Measurement of the Velocity of Electric Waves.

KNIPP, ARTHUR RUSSELL. Calculation and Measurement of the Detection Coefficient of a Triode for Large Signal Strengths.

BLACK, KNOX CHARLTON. A Dynamic Study of Magnetostriction.

CRAWFORD, FRANZO HAZLETT. The Zeeman Effect in the Angstrom Bands of Carbon Monoxide.

UFFORD, CHARLES WILBUR. The Electrical Resistance of Alloys Under Pressure.

DUNHAM, JAMES LAWRENCE. Intensity of Lines in the Harmonic Band of Hydrogen Chloride in the Near Infrared.

FREY, AUSTIN ROGERS. Preliminary Investigation of a New High-Frequency Method for Determining the Velocity of Light.

GLEASON, PAUL RAY. The Reflecting Power of Some Substances in the Extreme Ultraviolet.

HOGG, FRANK SCOTT. Stellar Spectrophotometry.

TUTTLE, WILLIAM NORRIS. Measurements of Harmonic Distortion in Plate Rectification by a Triode.

ALMY, GERALD MARKS. The Zeeman Effect in Molecular Spectra of the Doublet Type.

ARMSTRONG, ALICE HALL (R). The Relative Intensities of Some Lines in the X-Ray Spectrum.

BARTLETT, JAMES HOLLEY. The Ionization of Multiatomic Molecules by Impact of Slow Electrons.

MUZZEY, DAVID SAVILLE, JR. Some Measurements of the Frequencies of Longitudinal Vibration for Bars of Magnetostrictive Materials.

REID, CHARLES DAVID. Investigation in the Velocity of Sound at Ultrasonic Frequencies Using Quartz Oscillators.

ZENER, CLARENCE. Quantum Mechanics of the Formation of Certain Types of Diatomic Molecules.

DANFORTH, WILLIAM EDGAR, JR. The Effect of Pressure on the Dielectric Constant of Fourteen Liquids.

GRABAU, MARTIN. A Measurement of Precision of the Velocity of Sound in Air.

JEN, CHIH KUNG. A New Treatment of Electron-Tube Oscillators by an Extended Theory of Coupled Circuits.

ROBINSON, LIMMYE VERNON. Problems of Cepheid Variation.

STABLER, HOWARD PARKER. The Transverse Heat Effect in Single Crystal Bismuth Plates.

BIRCH, FRANCIS. On the Electrical Resistance of Mercury at High Temperatures and High Pressures, and the Critical Point of Mercury.

CADY, WILLOUGHBY MILLER. The Spectra of the Calcium-Like Ions: Mn VI, Fe VII, CO VIII, and Ni IX.

HICKMAN, ROGER WAYNE. An Investigation of a Dynamic Method of Determining Critical Potentials in Mercury Vapor.

HUDSON, JAMES CRAMER. On the General X-Radiation from a Vapor.

JOHNSON, MONTGOMERY HUNT, JR. The Theory of Complex Spectra.

MIMNO, HARRY ROWE. A Study of the Operation of Vacuum Tubes at Relatively High Power Levels.


PHILLIPS, CHARLOTTE PERRY (R). A Determination of e/m0 for an Electron by Direct Measurement of the Velocity of Cathode Rays.

STEINBERGER, RAYMOND LEONARD. Magnetic Properties of Iron Nickel Alloys under Hydrostatic Pressure.

ZISMAN, WILLIAM ALBERT. The Effect of Pressure on the Electrical Conductance of Salt Solutions in Water.

AIKEN, CHARLES BAYNE. Studies in the Detection of Two Modulated Wave with Application to the Problems of Broadcasting.

DOW, RICHARD BURT. The Viscosity of Mixtures of Liquids at High Pressures.

FEENBERG, EUGENE. The Scattering of Slow Electrons by Neutral Atoms.

GOLDMAN, STANFORD. Supersonic Measurement of the Directional Properties of Horns.

POWELL, WILSON MARCY. Photoelectric Measurements of the Transmission of Fluorite in the Schumann Region.

RIEKE, FOSTER FREDERICK. A Spectroscopic Study of Intermolecular Transfers of Rotational Energy.

ROGERS, BRUCE ALLISON. The Magnetic Properties of the Iron-Cobalt-Tungsten Alloys.

TOUSEY, RICHARD. An Apparatus for Determining the Optical Constants of Solids in the Extreme Ultraviolet with Application to Fluorite at -1216 /.

BUCKINGHAM, STEPHEN ALVORD. A Study of Magnetostriction Applied to Phonographic Reproduction.

HALL, HARRY HEPBURN. The Velocity of Electric Waves.

HUNT, FREDERICK VINTON. The Use of a Frequency-Modulated Source in Reverberation Measurements.

JAMES, HUBERT MAXWELL. The Quantitative Treatment of Molecules by Wave Mechanics.

SCHNEIDER, EDWIN GEORGE. The Absorption of Extreme Ultraviolet Light by Some Crystalline Substances and the Resulting Luminescence.

SHURCLIFF, WILLIAM ASAHEL. The Band Spectrum of Carbon Monosulphide.

COWAN, FREDERICK PIERCE. Some Thermal Methods of Measuring Loss of Power in Vacuum Tubes.

JORGENSEN, THEODORE, JR. The Band Spectra of the Hydrides of Lithium.

KEAN, CLARE HIBBERD. The Variation with Pressure of the Phase Diagram of the Binary Mixture Na-K.

KNIPP, JULIAN KNAUSE. Two Problems in the Quantum Mechanics of Diatomic Molecules.

PRESENT, RICHARD DAVID. I. Forbidden Transitions in Molecular Spectra. II.

Excited States of the Hydrogen Molecule.

ANDERSON, WILMER CLAYTON. A High-Frequency Method for Measuring the Velocity of Light.

FAY, CHARLES HEMPHILL. I. The Scattering of Fast Neutrons by Heavy Nuclei.

II. A Refinement of the Heisenberg Theory of Ferromagnetism.

HEALEA, MONICA (R). Secondary Electron Emission from a Nickel Target Due to Bombardment by Positive Hydrogen Ions.

HEBB, MALCOLM HAYDEN. I. On Λ-type Doubling in 3II States of Diatomic Molecules Intermediate to Hund’s Cases a and b. II. On the Paramagnetic Rotation of Tysonite.

PRESTON, WILLIAM MUNRO. Some Effects of Rare Gases on Metal Spectra.

SMITH, CHARLES GROVER. Optical and Electrical Characteristics of an Electrodeless Ring Discharge in Gases at Low Frequencies.

SMITH, NOYES DARLING, JR. The Intensity Distribution of the Continuous Spectrum of Hydrogen.

YOUNG, ROBERT THOMPSON, JR. Transition Effects and Burst Phenomena in the Cosmic Radiation.

TATUM, GORDON RUSSELL. The Effect of High-Intensity Sound on Smokes and Other Aeorosols.

PURCELL, EDWARD MILLS. The Focusing of Charged Particles by a Spherical Condenser.

TALBOT, SAMUEL ARMSTRONG. Pupillography and the Pupillary Transient.

AIKEN, HOWARD HATHAWAY. A Study of the Laws of Space Charge.

BANCROFT, DENNISON. The Velocity of Sound in Nitrogen at High Pressure.

BROOKS, HARVEY. I. Diamagnetic Anisotropy and Electronic Structure of Aromatic Molecules. II. Ferromagnetic Anisotropy and the Itinerant Electron Model.

CLANCY, EDWARD PHILBROOK. The Induced Radioactivity of Krypton and Xenon.

COLE, ROBERT HUGH. Dielectric Constants of Polar Liquids and Solids.

MAA, DAH-YOU. Nonuniform Boundary Conditions in Room Acoustics.

WEISS, PETER REIFER. On the Theory of Ferromagnetism.

FINKELSTEIN, ROBERT JAY. I. The Energy Levels of Chrome Alum. II. The Magnetic Susceptibility of Cerium Ethylsulfate.

HEILPRIN, LAURENCE BEDFORD. On Interfacial Surface Tension of Mercury and Water at High Pressures.

HURWITZ, HENRY, JR. I. The Ferromagnetic Anisotropy of Nickel. II. The Theory of Magnetism in Alloys. III. Interaction Energies in Radiation Theory.

JONES, ROBERT CLARK. On the Theory of the Thermal Diffusion Coefficient for Isotopes.

KEARY, THOMAS JOSEPH. A Study of Angles of Arrival of Radio Waves.

LEWIS, WILLARD DEMING. Topics in Magnetism.

LITTLE, ELBERT PAYSON. The Optical Properties of Quartz in the Schumann Region.

SMITH, WILLIAM VICK. The Surface Recombination of H Atoms, OH Radicals, and O Atoms.

SOMMERS, HENRY STERN, JR. The Beta Spectrum of O15.

WATSON, ROBERT BARDEN. The Modulation of Sound Decay Curves.

BERGSON, GUSTAV. The Design and Construction of an Apparatus for Measuring the Mean Life of the Excited State.

DWYER, ROBERT JOSEPH. I. The Energy of Dissociation of Water Vapor. II. The Persistence of Molecular Vibration in Collisions.

GILROY, JOHN. The Absorption of Air for Radiations in the Extreme Ultraviolet of Wave Lengths 60A to 380A.

PLESSET, ERNST HAECKEL. Studies of Excited Nuclei.

SARD, ROBERT DANIEL. The Absorption of Mesotrons.

GOTTSCHALK, WINSTON MALCOLM, S.B. (Princeton University.) 1929, S.M.

(California Institute of Technology) 1932. The Calculation of Line Strengths in the 3d74s-3d74p Array in Fe I in Intermediate Coupling and Application to the Solar Curve of Growth.

KING, DONALD DE WOLF PERCIVAL, A.B. 1942, A.M. 1944. Microwave Antenna Impedance.

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