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«Annual Report 2001-2002 University of London SCHOOL OF ADVANCED STUDY 1 Table of Contents Board, Staff, Fellows and Associates of the Institute ...»

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Annual Report 2001-2002

University of London




Table of Contents

Board, Staff, Fellows and Associates of the Institute

Members of the Institute of Historical Research Advisory Council

Staff of the Institute of Historical Research

Fellows of the Institute of Historical Research


Librarian’s Report

Victoria County History – Director and General Editor’s Report

Centre for Metropolitan History – Director’s Report

Institute of Contemporary British History – Director’s Report

Publications – Head of Department’s Report

Development Office – Director of Development’s Report

Associated Institutes – History of Parliament – Director’s Report

Academic and Professional Activities of Staff and Fellows of the Institute

2 Activities and Publications of Staff

Activities and Publications of Fellows

Events at the Institute

Training Courses

Seminars held at the Institute

Public Lectures Organised by the Institute

Groups which held Meetings at the Institute

Conferences held at the Institute

Conferences Organised by the Institute

Membership and Accounts


Friends of the IHR


–  –  –

Ex officio Members Professor Terence Daintith, The Dean of the School of Advanced Study (until 31/12/01) Professor Nicholas Mann, The Dean of the School of Advanced Study (from 01/01/02) Professor David Cannadine, The Director of the Institute of Historical Research Chair of the IHR Advisory Council Professor Peter Marshall, Emeritus Professor, King’s College, London Members Ms Tanya Evans, IHR Student Representative Mr Alistair Chisholm, IHR Staff Representative Dr Tobias Abse, Goldsmiths College Sir Neil Cossons, English Heritage Dr Virginia Davis, Queen Mary, University of London Professor Christopher Dyer, University of Leicester Dr Clive Field, The British Library Professor Ralph R Griffiths, University of Wales, Swansea Professor Catherine Hall, University College Dr Vanessa Harding, Birkbeck, University of London, Dr Janet Hartley, London School of Economics Professor Angela V John, University of Greenwich Dr Elizabeth Hallam-Smith, Public Record Office Mr Gordon Marsden, MP Sir Peter Middleton, Barclays Bank Plc Professor Pam Pilbeam, Royal Holloway, University of London Dr Avril Powell, School of Oriental and African Studies Dr Charles Saumarez Smith, National Portrait Gallery Dr Paul Seaward, History of Parliament Trust Dr Barbara Taylor, University of East London Professor Miles Taylor, University of Southampton Sir Tony Wrigley, The British Academy Professor Christopher Whatley, University of Dundee 4 Staff of the Institute of Historical Research Director’s Office

–  –  –

Site Maintenance and Development Officer, Bernard VERE, B.A. (East Anglia), M.A. (Nottingham) Royal Historical Society Bibliographies, and Editorial Assistant, Reviews in History

–  –  –

Office Manager and PA to the General Editor Rebecca ALLMARK, B.A. (Leeds) Technical Support Officer, HLF Development Project Jacqui ECCLES, B.A., M.Phil. (Liverpool) Project Manager, HLF Development Project Matthew COOK, B.A. (Sheffield), Ph.D. (London) (until 31/08/01) County Staff

–  –  –

Administrative and Research Assistant Olwen R MYHILL, B.A. (Birmingham), Dip. R.S.A.

Leverhulme Professor of Metropolitan History Derek J KEENE, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon.) (from 01/01/02) Researchers Metropolitan Market Networks, c.1300-1600 James A GALLOWAY, M.A., Ph.D. (Edinburgh) (until 31/03/01)

–  –  –

Leverhulme Professor of Contemporary British History Pat THANE, M.A. (Oxon.), Ph.D. (London) Internet and Administrative Officer Alistair CHISHOLM, B.A. (London) Director of the Witness Seminar Programme Michael KANDIAH, B.A. (Victoria), M.A, Ph.D. (Exeter)

–  –  –

Emeritae Research Fellows Dr Eveline Cruickshanks, European courts, 16th to 18th centuries Miss Valerie Cromwell, Modern parliamentary history Honorary Fellows Professor Martin Daunton, F.B.A., Taxation and politics in Britain since 1842 Professor Christopher Elrington, English local history Professor Peter Marshall, M.B.E., F.B.A., The British Empire in the 18th century Mr Gerry Martin Professor Janet L Nelson, F.B.A., Medieval European history Professor Patrick O’Brien, F.B.A., Economic history Mr Alan Pearsall, Maritime history Professor Jacob M Price, 18th-century merchant families Dr Alice Prochaska, Archives and manuscript collections Miss Susan Reynolds, F.B.A., States and nations in the middle ages and after Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith, The Crusades and the Latin East Professor Nicolai Rubinstein, F.B.A., History of art Sir John Sainty, Office-holders in Britain Professor Barry Supple, C.B.E., F.B.A., Economic history Professor Michael Thompson, F.B.A., Modern British economic and social history

Senior Research Fellows

Dr Peter Catterall, Nonconformity and the Labour party Dr Christopher Currie, European vernacular architecture and historical xylosiology; chorography; Roman imperial expansion in the age of Gibbon Dr Catherine Delano-Smith, The art of cartography Dr Amy Erickson, The life histories of university-educated women over the 20th century Dr Jim Galloway, Economic history and historical geography of medieval England Professor Henry Horwitz, English legal history Dr Philip Mansel, City of Paris Dr Robert Oresko, The House of Savoy Dr Frank Prochaska, Modern British history Dr Michael Questier, English ecclesiastical politics, 1580-1625 Dr Paul Seaward, 17th-century English politics Dr Jenny Stratford, Late medieval history and material culture (England and France) Dr Graham Twigg, Epidemics in London, 1540-1625 Dr Lynne Walker, History of women and architecture, 1671-1931 Dr Giles Waterfield, British museum history (18th century to 20th century) 10 IHR Visiting Research Fellows Professor Yujiro Aga, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Comparative study of British and French social history in the 17th century Dr. Daniela Luiga Cagliotti, Institute of Economic History of Southern Italy, The Protestant entrepreneurial minority in 19th century southern Italy Dr. Martin Crotty, University of Newcastle, Australia and New Zealand’s anti-Germanism in the first half of the 20th century Dr. Michael Davis, The London Corresponding Society in the 1790s Ms Heather Ewing, Smithsonian Institution Archives, Biography of James Smithson Professor Minoru Fujita, Obirin University, Information and telecommunications industry Professor Alexander Fursenko, Russian Academy of Sciences, History of the Cold War, 1954-1964 Dr. Wade A Henry, University of British Columbia, Royal representation, ceremony and cultural identity in the building of the Canadian nation, 1860-1911 Dr. Elisabeth Kehoe, Biography of the Jerome sisters Mr Jun Liu, Institute of World History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, The development of civil rights and social changes in the modern West Professor Brian McKercher, Royal Military College of Canada, British rearmament, 1934-1940 Professor Martin Meisel, Columbia University Dr. David Mitchell, CMH, Social and cultural history of dining Professor Sugiko Nishikawa, Kobe University, The pan-European aspect of English Protestantism, 1660-1700 Professor Jonathan Schneer, Georgia Institute of Technology, History of the River Thames Professor Hiroshi Takeuchi, Miyagi National University of Education, Social and economic thought of English Utilitarians Dr. Takeshi Uno, Meiji University, British studies, language and culture Dr. Jenny West, Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, Aspects of Gladstone Dr. Lawrence Zimmer, Kean University, Pedagogy and palaeography: the teaching of the Middle Ages through the classroom use of palaeography School of Advanced Study (SAS) Visiting Research Fellows Dr John Regan, University of Exeter Dr Kirsty Shipton, University of Leicester Dr Iordan Avramow, Leverhulme SAS Fellow, Centre for Science Studies and History of Science, Bulgarian Academy of Science Economic History Society Fellows Rosemary Elliot (Eileen Power Fellowship), Smoking and social identity among women in the 20th century Martin Rourke (Postan Fellowship), Scottish overseas trade, 1257-1597 James Davis (Tawney Fellowship), The perceptions and reality of traders and commercialisation in medieval Suffolk

–  –  –

Pietro Dipaola (1 year), Italian anarchists in Britain, 1870-1914 David Wilson (1 year), Charles Blout (1654-1693) and Restoration thought Past and Present Fellows Tanya Evans, Unmarried motherhood in 18th-century London Royal Historical Society Fellows Jonathan Spangler (1-year Royal Historical Society Centenary Fellowship), Princes étrangers at the court of Louis XIV: the House of Lorraine and maintenance of family and fortune and influence John Stuart (6-month Royal Historical Society Peter Marshall Fellowship), Race, politics and evangelisation: British Protestant missionaries and African colonial affairs, 1945-63 Wendy Toon (6-month Royal Historical Society Peter Marshall Fellowship), US re-education and the occupations of Germany and Japan, 1944-46: perception and practice

Scouloudi Research Fellows

Quintin Colville (1 year), The role of material culture in constructing notions of class and social status among Royal Naval personnel, 1930-60 Kerry Davies (6 months), Narratives beyond the walls: patients’ experiences of mental illness in Oxfordshire since 1948 Lucy Delap (6 months), Edwardian feminism and individualism: ‘The Freewoman’ in its intellectual milieu Zoe Greer (6 months), A study of the use of prison as a platform for racial protest in the Civil Rights and Black Power Era Simon Martin (1 year), Fascism and football: local identities and national integration in Mussolini’s Italy.

J Lee McNulty (1 year), Ecclesiastical government and anticlerical thought in post-Restoration England,1660-1713 Marc Morris (6 months), The Bigod Earls of Norfolk in the 13th century Kevin Payne (1 year), Impressment, merchant shipping and the market for seafarers, 1793-1815 Katherine Wilson (1 year), Dissenters in Great Poland, 1587-1649: the politics of toleration 12 2.

Reports Director’s Report Once again, it has been a busy and successful year at the IHR, with unprecedented levels of activity and achievement. We bade farewell to Derek Keene as the long-serving Director of the Centre for Metropolitan History, but said an instant hello to him as the Leverhulme Professor of Comparative Metropolitan History. Professor Pat Thane has arrived at the IHR as Leverhulme Professor of Contemporary British History, and we have welcomed Helen Cornish as Director of Development and Felicity Jones as her Assistant, Elaine Walters as Institute Administrator, and Matthew Davies as Director of the Centre for Metropolitan History. The title of Reader in Architectural History has been conferred on Elizabeth Williamson of the VCH in recognition of her outstanding scholarship. Professor Peter Marshall, the chair of the IHR Advisory Council, was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for his scholarly distinction and exemplary public service. At the same time, Ken Barr, the IHR bookbinder, was awarded an MBE in appreciation of half a century’s labour in our library.

Our three research centres have been more active than ever. The VCH successfully completed the Heritage Lottery Fund Pilot Development Project, and has submitted a major application to the HLF for large-scale financing over five years, involving counties from Cornwall to Durham. The CMH, under its new Director, has secured funding from the AHRB for a new project, ‘London’s Past Online’, and the new Leverhulme Professor is, as befits the title of his chair, working to establish innovative, international projects in comparative metropolitan history. And the ICBH has held a series of Witness Seminars on subjects ranging from ‘The Role of the Speaker of the House of Commons’ to ‘The Helsinki Accords’, and hosted a wellattended conference devoted to ‘Post-Imperial Britain’, examining the impact of the end of Empire on the former imperial metropolis. The work of these three research centres was discussed during the annual gathering of the North American Conference on British Studies which met in Toronto in November. A special plenary session was devoted exclusively to the work of the IHR, at which the Director, the Librarian, the Head of Publications, the Head of Events and Facilities, and the Director of Development also spoke.

Our conference programme has also continued to prosper. In November, with the support of Palgrave Macmillan and Trinity College, Cambridge, the IHR hosted a two-day conference on ‘What is History Now?’, marking the fortieth anniversary of the publication of E H Carr’s famous book. Speakers included Richard Evans, Miri Rubin, Paul Cartledge, Linda Colley and Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, and the book of the conference, edited by the Director, has been published by Palgrave Macmillan. At the end of the year, we organised a one-day conference around the subject of ‘A Career in History’, which was especially well attended by graduate students, and which explored a variety of possible professional pathways, both within the academy and beyond. But as usual, the highlight of our year was the Anglo-American Conference of Historians, devoted to the theme of ‘Re-writing the Past’, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the journal Past & Present. It was exceptionally wellattended, and speakers included Eric Hobsbawm on ‘A life in history’, Peter Mandler on ‘The problem with cultural history’, Natalie Davis on ‘Cultural mixture in a divided world’, Linda Colley on ‘Re-writing defeat, composing British Empire: the captives of Mysore’ and John Tusa on ‘A use of history’.

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