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«Copyright 2005 by Cindy Rushton. All rights reserved. Rushton Family Ministries, 1225 Christy Lane, Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674. Website: ...»

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Let’s Make a




By Cindy Rushton

Let’s Make a

History Timeline


By Cindy Rushton

Let’s Make a History

Timeline Notebook!

By Cindy Rushton

Copyright 2005 by Cindy Rushton. All rights reserved. Rushton

Family Ministries, 1225 Christy Lane, Tuscumbia, Alabama

35674. Website: http://www.CindyRushton.com. Phone 1-

888-HSBOOKS. Email: Cindy@CindyRushton.com

Let’s Make a History Timeline Notebook!

By: Cindy Rushton

Published in the United States of America by:

Rushton Family Ministries 1225 Christy Lane Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674 http://www.CindyRushton.com http://www.Mom2MomDiscussion.com Cindy@CindyRushton.com 1-256-381-2529 1-888-HSBOOKS Copyright 2005 by Cindy Rushton.

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–  –  –

Have you been thinking about setting up a History Timeline Notebook? Just thinking about it? Have you been a bit intrigued by those adorable Timeline Notebooks that your best friend has been creating alongside of her studies?

Ready to give it a try? You are going to LOVE it!

WHY? Why YOU Should Make a History Timeline Notebook?

I am the type of person that wants to know the “perks” of doing anything.

Actually, we only have just SO much time in each day…each month…each year. So, I really want to make the most of every minute. Relate? Well, let’s look at the “perks” for making a History Timeline Notebook…

–  –  –

Produces a REAL product that makes sense to your student— ♥ eliminates busywork and push to stuff the student with meaningless facts!

–  –  –

Makes history lessons concrete!

♥ Encourages learning as a family!

♥ Grandparents (and others!) can see what is being learned along ♥ the way!

Easy to include Dad in your homeschool! Review and narrate when ♥ he gets home and looks at your notebooks!

Can teach history and not worry about missing something IN ♥ ORDER. You’ll never teach it ALL. But, you CAN give the big picture and welcome additional information that fits in nicely along through the years! The timeline puts it all together!

–  –  –

Ready to go for it? OH! Then, let’s dig in and make a history timeline notebook!

For children, timelines are not for pulling together the scattered pieces of knowledge, as they do so well for adults; children haven’t yet collected enough pieces to pull together. What timelines do for children is to provide a framework into which they can put pieces of knowledge as they learn them. For this framework purpose, timelines should be very simple—so simple that children can memorize them.

Ruth Beechick You Can Teach Your Child Successfully What IS a Timeline?

I have no idea if my enthusiasm is showing yet, but if you have had any doubt, this is where my enthusiasm WILL have to show. I absolutely LOVE our Timeline Notebooks that we have created over the years! They may seem like simple notebooks, yet they have become a memory book of the highlights of our studies through the years.

They capture the real topics that we have covered through the years. Very few things seem to pull all of life together, but timelines pull all of our life and all of our studies together and into perspective! Timelines are great for giving an overview of history, but they are much more indispensable. They show continuity and interrelation of History. With timelines all of the subjects we study weave together for one great big picture.

If you are not sold yet, think about how versatile a Timeline Notebook is.

ANYONE can use them, regardless of curriculum being used…or difficulty normally presented in documenting a study…or age, interest, or abilities of the student.

Ohhhh, and think of what a great teacher a timeline becomes. Those difficult dates become easy to review and remember. Those chains of events finally make sense. The children see real people and real events in perspective. Not only do they begin to treasure the past, but they are encouraged to treasure TODAY and TODAY’S EVENTS!

Soooo, why a notebook for a timeline?? Ohhhh, space (that commodity more precious than gold to the homeschool mom) is saved best by timelines being kept in a notebook. Not to mention, if the timeline is kept in a notebook, it can go ANYWHERE you go!

And…finally…the very best reason! Timeline Notebooks ARE EASY to make!

Well, we will take your hand and walk you step-by-step through making your own History Timeline Notebook!

A Timeline Notebook—Easy As A…B…C!

Ok! Ready to dig in? Have NO idea where to begin? That is what THIS is for!

Let me take you by the hand and show you how step-by-step…

–  –  –

Gather Supplies! You probably have EXACTLY what you need ♥ right in your own home already. Your supplies can be as simple as a 3-ring binder per child, plastic sheet protectors, and a pencil per child. The great thing about making a Timeline Notebook is that you can make this as simply or as crafty as you would like! Over the years, Notebooking has worked so wonderfully in our home that we are constantly on the lookout for different and fun supplies. Since I am a Scrapbooking nut, we love trying out all of the new Scrapbooking supplies during our daily school time. By doing so, our daily lessons are as fun as a Scrapbooking party— EVERYDAY! Of course, you do not have to go this wild, but I am sure you will want to! If you have no idea where to begin, see our shopping list for quick ideas on supplies that work great!

Make Your Supplies Accessible…Set aside a place for your ♥ materials and a place for your children to work. There is something wonderful about having a place for everything and everything RELIABLY in its place. The work in the beginning is well worth the time during the school year. When we begin a new study, I go through my books copying all pages that would make great coloring pages, maps, and timeline figures to go along with our copywork and narrations. I reduce many pictures or copy all thumbnails that would be great for our History Timelines. We have a shelf that contains books that I find along the way with great copywork that I would like for my children to add to their notebooks on those “no ideas are flowing” days. Just having everything there, ready to go, is such a blessing on those busy mornings. Plus, I have learned over the years that this is the best way to really utilize the resources that I have on my shelves. Just file away any pages or pictures in either manila envelopes or file folders. If the children know where they are, they are more than likely to use them on their own. Also, you will want to use anything else that you have in your home. I keep our paints, papers (plain and colored cardstock and 20lb paper; writing paper; etc.), glues, templates, cutting utensils, rulers, markers, pens, pencils, etc. on a shelf and in plastic bins by our dining table (where we do our daily lessons). They are in their spot and that spot is close by. If we want to encourage our young writers, we must give them free access to the best materials. The benefits are unbelievable!

Find Your Favorite Page Style. There are SO many options ♥ available today for your Timeline Notebooks. We have a FREE blank timeline page on my website (http://www.CindyRushton.com/articles.html) that you can print off and set up for your notebook. Of course, there are lots of other cute pages that are online too—just see the website pages that follow. Choose any of those that you like OR make up your own!

Just choose something that you WILL use. ☺ It is sooo worth the investment of time.

Choose the Period to be Covered in Your Timeline. Will you ♥ dig in for a complete History Timeline Notebook? Will you try a State History Timeline Notebook? Will you try a smaller period of time—Life of--- Timeline? Choose a period that will be covered.

Order Your Pages. Once you have decided on the period you will ♥ cover with your Timeline Notebook, decide on how to order your pages. Covering the life of Helen Keller? How would you order your pages? By each year? Five years? What about a Lewis and Clark Expedition Timeline Notebook? Prefer to set up your pages by the month? What about an Ancient History Timeline? (we have suggestions on that included in this book!) Print out your dates on your pages and order your pages for the notebook. If you are like me, you will want to add them into plastic sheet protectors in your notebook.

Use It! Now, you are ready to use your notebook! Keep it handy ♥ so it will be used during your studies. Add info as you go along!

Miss a while? That is OK…just set aside a special night to go back and add in all of the goodies that were covered since the last entry. ☺ ENJOY!

What Goes Inside a Timeline Notebook...

Ready? What is included? How do ya do it? The good news is that your

imagination is the only limit! Anything goes inside a timeline:

–  –  –

Oh! This part is easy! You probably have ALL you will need for this fun project right in your home already. Let’s go through what you will need.

Gather these goodies and set them up in an accessible place so that your children will be able to work on their notebooks as they study through their lessons or even watch TV programs about neat people. You will not believe how much info is begging to be a part of your Timeline Notebook! ☺

What You Need To Begin...

Begin With ONE Notebook Per Child… Yep! It is this easy! Begin ♥ with just ONE notebook per child. Our favorite notebooks are the 3ring vinyl notebooks that have the clear pockets on the outside so the children can design their own covers. We usually choose the white notebooks (Either 2 or 3 inches thick notebooks.) and fill it full of plastic sheet protectors. Then, all our children have to do is label the dates on their sheets, slip the pages in a plastic sheet protector...then, add their work each day. (Another option if you were interested in possibly changing your forms later or changing figures around is to laminate the pages and the figures.

Then you could use double-sided tape and change them around at any time you would like. Of course, this is a bit more expensive; but I would think it would be worth the expense just to have the convenience of changing the pages around. If you were to laminate the pages, I would suggest dating all of them first. We have dating suggestions in this book.) Plastic Sheet Protectors…Plastic Sheet Protectors are absolute ♥ MUSTS! They work great at protecting your child’s work from spills, rips, and smudges. They work great if you are using 3-ring binders.

Especially for preserving pressed specimens. We use the 8 ½ by 11inch sheet protectors. We buy them by the box at Sam’s (the best price at the writing of this book). I choose the NON-GLARE type, because they are more durable. They do not scratch easily and they are not as brittle as the shiny ones.

Paper!!! My favorite paper for our Timeline Notebooks is the 110 ♥ pound white cardstock paper. It is perfect for gluing timeline figures, pictures, and even clips of information on the pages. 110 pound cardstock can also handle use of any markers or watercolors. I use it for the base pages of each of our pages. We use colored cardstock (also 110 pound paper) for dividers (dividers help to find the sections more easily). We print cute borders and captions for our divider pages and slide them into sheet protectors too. Then, you can also use lighter weight white or colored paper for your actual figures or for mounting behind information and facts.

Other “Essentials”… You are sure to already have lots of these.

♥ Just round them up and keep them accessible for your children.

What “essentials” am I talking about? Different kinds of scissors, hole punchers, highlighters, stapler, pens, pencils, markers, watercolor pencils, sketch pencils, mounting tapes, mounting corners, glue stick, stickers, rubber stamps, old encyclopedias, paper cutters, colors, paints, and of course, Scrapbooking books and magazines!

Set Up? HELP! No Problem!

Ready to setup your pages? Need a bit of help with this part? We can help!

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