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Table of Contents




Global Menu

Style Manager


Enhance Sliders

Creative Sliders

Tool Sliders


Input and Output Gain

History Menu

Preset Menu

Transferring Presets


Input and Output Meters

CPU Optimization

Buffer Size Viewer


Keyboard and Mouse Support

Options Menu

iZotope Customer Support


Nectar Elements was created out of a desire to provide engineers,

musicians, and other audio professionals with a vocal mixing tool that could provide a great vocal sound with just a few clicks of the mouse.

A great deal of time and effort has gone into ensuring that Nectar Elements delivers superior sound quality and an innovative feature set. With multiple Genres and Styles to choose from, Nectar Elements provides everything you need to instantly enhance your vocal tracks.

Nectar Elements is based on the original iZotope Nectar plug-in, which offers deeper controls and additional tools for working with vocals.

Learn more about the full version of Nectar here.

Key Features ● Over 100 Styles in 12 Genres giving you instant access to a wealth of vocal sounds ● 10 under-the-hood DSP processors including Equalizer, Compressor, De-Esser, Gate, Limiter, Saturation, Pitch Correction, Reverb, Delay, and Doubler ● 7 Equalizer filter shapes for sculpting your vocal tracks ● Simple one-control De-Esser for quickly removing offending sibilance ● Easy to use Gate for removing noise or room tone ● Customized sliders for simple control of all of Nectar Elements’ DSP processors ● Customized “Creative” sliders give you unique control tailored to each Style ● Real-time pitch correction for automatically fixing out-of-key notes ● Simple preset system for saving your own adjustments of the included Styles ● History menu for recalling and comparing your settings Authorization Each purchased copy of Nectar Elements contains a unique serial. After downloading Nectar Elements directly from iZotope or another re-seller the serial number will be e-mailed along with the link to download the product.

The serial number should resemble: SN-NECTARELEMENTS-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX Launching the Authorization Wizard The first time you open Nectar Elements, the Authorization Wizard will appear. You can choose to either authorize Nectar Elements or use it in Trial mode for evaluation purposes. Please use your supplied Nectar Elements serial number to fully authorize your product.

Trial vs. Demo Mode For the first 10 days after installation, Nectar Elements will run in Trial mode, which offers full functionality. After 10 days, Nectar Elements will revert to Demo mode. In Demo mode, Nectar Elements will periodically mute audio output.

Authorizing Your Copy of Nectar Elements Online After opening Nectar Elements and launching the Authorization Wizard, the

following steps will complete the authorization process online:

1. First, click on 'Authorize'.

2. Next, enter the serial number emailed to you. It should look like this:


3. You must also enter your name and a valid e-mail address.

Make note of the e-mail address you use to authorize your license. Your license and iZotope account will be linked directly to this e-mail address.

Note: Clicking the 'Advanced' button reveals a set of options that allow you to store your Nectar Elements authorization on a portable hard drive or flash drive. Click here for more information on these options.

4. When you have confirmed that your serial number and e-mail information is accurate, click once more on 'Authorize'.

5. Lastly, click on 'Submit' in order to send your authorization message to the iZotope servers. If the authorization is accepted, click on the 'Finish' button to complete the authorization.

Authorizing Your Copy of Nectar Elements Offline Some customers choose to keep their audio workstations offline, and a simple offline authorization option has been included. After opening Nectar Elements and launching the Authorization Wizard, the following steps will

complete the authorization process offline:

1. When first prompted to authorize Nectar Elements, click on 'Authorize'

2. Next, click on the option for 'Offline Authorization' at the bottom of the authorization window, select "Authorize with iZotope challenge/response" and click next.

3. You will be given a unique Challenge Code that is specific to your computer only. Write down or make a copy of the exact Challenge Code. It

will look like this:


4. Next, using a system with internet access, login to your customer account at the iZotope website: http://www.izotope.com/store/account.asp

5. Click the 'Activate Software with a Serial Number' button, enter your full serial number and click 'Submit'.

6. Select the 'Challenge/Response' option and click on 'Submit'.

7. Read the License Agreement and click "Agree" if you find it agreeable.

8. Now enter your full Challenge Code copied in step 3.

9. After submitting your Challenge Code, you will receive a unique Response Code. The response code will look like this: IZ-NECTARELEMENTS-XXXX-XXXXXXXX Write this response code or save a text file with the response code onto a flash drive.

10. Type or paste the Response Code into the text field of Step 3 in the Offline Authorization window.

11. Click ‘Next’ to authorize Nectar Elements.

12. You should now receive a message that your authorization has been successful and may click Finish to begin using Nectar Elements.

iLok Support Nectar Elements does support iLok. Our plug-ins will be able to detect iLok keys and assets if you already use iLok and PACE software on your system.

If you don't already have PACE or iLok, we will not install any PACE or iLok software to your system, and iLok authorizations will be unavailable.

Authorizing Nectar Elements with iLok

1. When first prompted to authorize Nectar Elements, click on 'Authorize'

2. Next, enter the serial number emailed to you. It should look like like this:


3. You must also enter your name and a valid e-mail address.

Make note of the e-mail address you use to authorize your license. Your license and iZotope account will be linked directly to this e-mail address.

4. Select 'Use iLok Authorization' and enter your iLok ID.

5. When you have confirmed that all your information is accurate, click once more on 'Authorize'.

6. Lastly, click on 'Submit' in order to send your authorization message to the iZotope servers

7. You will now be instructed to log in to your iLok account and transfer your Nectar Elements license to your iLok.

8. When you have completed this step and have your iLok connected to the computer on which you want to use Nectar Elements, click 'Next'.

9. You should now receive a message that your authorization has been successful and may click Finish to begin using Nectar Elements.

Web Help Should you encounter any problems during authorization please consult our

online portal with additional information:

https://www.izotope.com/support/portal/authorization.asp Contact Support Should you not be able to resolve your authorization issue please contact the customer at support@izotope.com.

iZotope's highly trained support team is committed to responding to all requests within one (1) business day and frequently respond faster. Please try to explain your problem with as much detail and clarity as possible.

Quickstart Nectar Elements’s Styles are designed to give you a quick starting point for your own projects.

Every vocalist is different so no one preset will always work well for your audio. However we have attempted to provide a wide range of Styles that will help you find a good starting point for your own material.

Step 1: Select your Genre and Style The Genre and Style Selector tells Nectar Elements what style of vocals you're trying to produce, sets the default values for all parameters, and defines the behavior of Nectar Elements's controls.

Step 2: Adjust Styles to Taste The top row contains controls to modify the selected style. Use them to dial in the sound you are looking for and to experiment with creative variations.

These controls change and adapt based on the Style you have loaded.

Step 3: Adjust Tool Settings Accordingly The controls on the bottom of the screen contain tools for polishing your vocal recording. These controls are always available regardless of the Style you have loaded.

–  –  –

Global Menu Reset Clicking the Reset button clears the current working settings and loads Nectar Elements’s default state.

History Clicking the History button opens the History menu which allows you to recall and compares settings and adjustments. Learn more about the History menu here.

Options Clicking the Options button loads the Option Menu from which you can authorize your copy of Nectar Elements, access additional resources for working with Nectar Elements, adjust visual settings, and more. Learn more about Nectar Elements’s Options here.

Help You may click the Help button at any time to launch this Help Documentation.

Presets Clicking the Presets button launches the Preset Manager from which you can save your own settings for recall later. Learn more about the Preset Manager here.

Bypass Clicking the Bypass button will bypass Nectar Elements’s processing in your DAW allowing you to compare your vocal track with and without Nectar Elements.

Style Manager Nectar Elements's Genres and Styles are designed to allow you to take full advantage of the underlying signal processing in the most concise and creative way possible. Click on the Style selector at the very top of Nectar Elements's interface in order to select your desired Genre and Style from the drop down picker that appears.

When a Genre and Style is chosen, Nectar Elements's Main View will be configured to provide you with the correct settings, ranges, modules and parameters in order to get a great vocal sound within that particular Style.

Note: You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll Up and Down between Styles and Genres. This can be especially helpful to audition the direction different styles will take your vocals.

You can then adjust your Style to taste using the sliders available in Nectar Elements's Main View.

Each Style will not only contain a different default sound, but also different customized sliders to adjust in Nectar Elements's Main View. If the default sound for any particular Style does not fit your audio exactly, adjusting the sliders in the Main View can help to get you closer to your desired sound.

Once you have the Style that works well with your audio, you can click ‘Close’ in the bottom right corner of the Genre/Style drop down picker in order to return to the Main View.

Interface Nectar Elements's Main View provides all of the intuitive controls necessary to enhance your vocal takes for any given vocal genre or style.

Basic Operation Start by selecting a Genre and Style using the large button at the top of Nectar Elements’s interface. From here, you can adjust your settings to taste.

Modules Nectar Elements’s Main View presents you with multiple modules and controls to clean up as well as bring out your incoming audio.

Note: Depending on the chosen style, the “Creative” module’s controls may be hooked up to processing that would be bypassed by the Levels or Space module power button. When this is the case, the module power button will not be displayed for the “Creative” module.

–  –  –

Note: While holding the Alt/Option key, clicking on the orange power buttons will temporarily bypass all modules except for the one module that was clicked on. This allows you to audition the effect of one module without hearing the effect of the others. While holding the Alt/Option key, clicking again on the module power icon will re-enable the modules that were originally bypassed.

Enhance Sliders Re-configured depending on your chosen Genre and Style, use these modules to bring out and sculpt your incoming vocals to fit your session and style.

Levels Use the Preamp and Loudness sliders to adjust the settings and timbres created at the beginning of your vocal chain.

Increase the Preamp control in order to bring up the initial gain of your vocals as well as add in extra color to fit your chosen style. Depending on the Style, this can be achieved by Saturating the signal with certain harmonic profiles, adjusting certain aspects of the EQ contour, or with Style appropriate compression controls.

The Loudness slider is most often used to bring up the overall comparative loudness of your incoming vocal audio. In most styles, this is done by adjusting varied compression parameters and other dynamics controls such as Limiting in order to even out your audio’s dynamic range.

Space Whether with added Reverb or Delay, the Space module’s controls can help to add depth and shine to your dry incoming audio. The particular flavor and timbre of the spatial processing that is added will be tailored to suit the Genre and Style you have chosen.

Use the controls to adjust how much processing will be added, the size of that processing, and how dark or bright the added space will be.

Creative Sliders Unique to each Genre and Style, the “Creative” module of Nectar Elements’s Main View can represent any number of different audio processes, all designed to further enhance or bring your particular style in a new direction.

Using combinations of doubling processing, EQ contours, creative delays and echoes, extra dynamics controls, or varied saturation profiles, the “Creative” controls act as a complement to the Levels and Space modules. Here are

some examples of Creative Sliders of some Styles:

Tool Sliders Use these modules to clean up and prepare your incoming audio for your session.

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