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«The Official Newsletter of The Warrnambool Branch of the A.I.G.S. -ISSUE NUMBER : 30 NOVEMBER 1992 -DISCLAIMER : The Warrnambool Branch of The ...»

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The Official Newsletter of The Warrnambool Branch of the A.I.G.S.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ISSUE NUMBER : 30 NOVEMBER 1992

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DISCLAIMER : The Warrnambool Branch of The Australian Institute of Genealogical

Studies does ' not accept any responsibility for the opinions or the accuracy of the information contained in this newsletter.

CORRESPONDENCE : All correspondence should be directed to The Editor, The South West Genealogist, PO Box 607, Warrnambool Victoria Australia 3280 AREA ADMINISTRATOR : The Area Administrator may be contacted by writing to the address given for correspondence.

MEETINGS : The Warrnambool Branch of The A.I.G.S. meets on the second Thursday of the month in the library of the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum, 23 Merri Street, Warrnambool. The Branch Management Committee meets at 7.30 pm, Monthly Meeting is at 8.00 pm. Visitors are most welcome.

LIBRARY : The Warrnambool Branch of the A.I.G.S. staffs the library at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum on a volunteer roster, please enquire if the library will be open on (055) 64 7841 between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm.

OFFICEBEARERS : AREA ADMINISTRATOR Marie Boyce SECRETARY Vacant MINUTE SECRETARY Irene Sheppard TREASURER Vacant RESEARCH OFFICER Betty Beavis PUBLICATIONS/PROMOTIONS Doug Holmes RESOURCES/PROJECTS Helen Price SUBSCRIPTIONS : A yearly subscription to The South West Genealogist may be obtained by forwarding an annual subscription of $6.00/year to the above address. Subscription will be reviewed annually to take into account production costs and postage rates.

PRODUCTION Master copy prepared using facilities of Keltoi Genealogical Services, 5 Clifton Street, Warrnambool. Photocopying courtesy of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum, 23 Merri Street, Warrnambool. Edited and produced by Douglas F Holmes.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CONTENTS Pages Editorial 2 Area Administrators Corner 2 Warrnambool & District Historicals - November 1917 3 Warrnambool

–  –  –

Welcome to this tenth and last edition of 'The South West Genealogist, for 1992. 1 you enjoy it. As you will have already noticed this issue is a bit larger than the usual issue due to being the last for the year.

our ongoing series in Marie's memorabilia on local schools continues as does our Death Notices from the Hamilton Spectator, l- know I'm picking up heaps of information from typing all this data in and I hope the readers are also learning a lot about the history of our district. The decimation of families by diptheria and scarlet fever for example come to life when you read the death notices. Reminds one of just how lucky we are and what we take for granted doesn't it.

A segment generating some mail is Betty's Warrnambool & District Historicals, this edition we cover both. November and December and for the first time we see major reception for returning soldiers in 1917 at the Town Hall.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR from us all at the SWG.

Dear Members and Friends, We have had a busy couple of weeks copying the Beatie & Phillips Burial Records from approximately 1868 to 1924 (a few years are missing) and my thanks go to those able to help me - Betty, Valerie and Lucy, also the unnamed source who allowed us the use of a copier as long as we supplied the paper - more than 6 reams. Each one returned her work in alphabetical order and this will make the final effort a lot easier.

I should say that the Irish, Welsh. English and Scottish Burials (4 booklets) according to the burials at Warrnambool Cemetery are finally finished. Thanks Marlene and Dom for your original work and permission to use same, also for your help with covers and checking my work. Your hints will be invaluable for any future work.

Gwen Cole. not a member, was at Flagstaff Hill doing private research, pointed out an article in the 1854 Government Gazette about the appointment of Trustees to the Warrnambool Cemetery. This item is reproduced below.

Gloria, Sandra, Marjorie and Doug have helped distribute posters for the November Seminar. Pat and Heather will accommodate some of the speakers and I will have Faye Gutherie stay with me. I met a lady who was at the 1991 Seminar and she has registered to attend this year. We are hoping for an interesting and informative day.

Robin has donated a Christmas Cake - some members took tickets to sell. Tickets are on sale at Galley Kitchenware in Koroit Street. Thanks Robin.

I had an interesting experience during the month - Guest Speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Nullawarre C.W.A. Aurelin was with me and gave able assistance - she spoke of an ancestor, among other things. I feel we were successful in talking about our interest we were asked if we would come back.

Till the next time good luck with your researching

–  –  –

George GRANVILLE, licensee, deserts Royal Hotel. Arrested at Auckland N.Z. Constable GILLANDERS sets off to New Zealand to bring Granville back to Warrnambool.

Detailed description of extensions to premises of T NAYLER.

NAYLER BROS win contract for erecting new creamery at Woolsthorpe.

Steamer (Lund's Line) named 'S.S. WARRNAMBOOL'. Warrnambool ladies decide to present steamer with a flag.

Mr W McVEIGH of Farnham Butter Factory invents a machine for processing butter machine made to order by J CONN of Dennington. Mr McVeigh to take up a position in Geelong.

Lightning explosion at J S ROWLEY's Cordial Factory.

Improvements to J L ELLIS' bakery and biscuit munufactory.

Painful accident to Fred BEST - proprietor of the Winslow tannery CARDINAL brothers (his brothers-in-law) come to his aid.

Presentation of flag to 'S.S. WARRNAMBOOL' at Williamstown.

GRANVILLE and Constable GILLANDERS return to Warrnambool. Court case held.

Mr E WHITE, John and Lindsay SLOSS rescue James LAVERY from the Merri River.

R S HARRIS publishes an article re 'Cullompton', devon, his native place, after visiting it. Very descriptive, giving family details.

–  –  –

40 bales of leather sent to Melbourne on the 'Julia Percy' from Jackson GIBLETT Is tannery.

improvements made to the ANGLERS REST HOTEL by John ADAMS.

W JACKMAN, architect, caught in cross-current - assisted to escape by. James ROSE and James DICKSON.


–  –  –

Presentation to Bro. CROAGH at MUIOOF meeting.

Congratulations to Sgt QUINN (Sergeant of Police).

Mr FOYLE's Studio awarded contract to decorate rail cars on newly opened TransContinental railway. Assisted by his sister, Miss FINDLAY. Described in detail.

–  –  –

This month Marie presents Part 6 of her series of items on schools in Warrnambool and the surrounding district.

Page numbers quoted after the school number are the page on which the history of the school is covered in book 2 of 'Vision and Realisation'.

–  –  –

ELLERSLIE School Number 1127 see page 906 This school only existed briefly. Head Teacher was James M Edwards when it opened 1/5/1871 as a new quasi-vested* Common School planned to be operational until 1118 Ballangeich opened. It, closed 31/10/1872 as a Common School.

–  –  –

NIRRANDA School Number 1130 see page 906 A school opened 1/6/1870 in temporary premises lent by William O'Brien, its title being Nirranda Rural School Number 9. The first teacher was Mrs Eliz. Lee. in July 1870 the school transferred to new premises built by John Lee, the teacher's husband, who was Head Teacher of Mepunga Common School Number 435. In December 1871 it was assigned the title Nirranda Common School Number 1130. A new school opened in 1959.

–  –  –

NOORAT School Number 1178 see page 907/908 Noorat is about 4 miles from Terang. The school, originally a one-room bluestone building was completed 11/11/1875. Margaret Evans (later Mrs James Carson) was Head Teacher and assistants were Mary Denny and Mary Louis Buckholy. A wooden room was added in 1899 - these two rooms were connected by a room approximately 31 x 61, which was aptly named by locals as the Black Hole of Calcutta. An Endowment Plantation was established in 1928 and a Mothers Club formed in 1933. On 191711933 the name of the school was changed from Mt. Noorat to Noorat. there were further additions about 1958.

Perhaps one of the best known pupils is Alan Marshall, author of 'I Can Jump Puddles'.

PORT FAIRY (PORT FAIRY CONSOLIDATED) FORMERLY BELFAST School Number 1188 see page 908/909 Port Fairy. formerly Belfast, originated from the Church of England Common School Number 62 which became a State School early 1873. There were 4 other Common Schools Wesleyan Number 83. Presbyterian Common School Number 68, A National Common School Number 30 (No mention of this school earlier or in Index). A Catholic School Number 95 (Yarriambiac Rural) which closed, but opened Page Nine

–  –  –

PORT FAIRY School Number 1188 (cont) almost immediately as a private school. The Head Master at 1188 was Hugh Young, assistant was Annie Young and Daniel O'Doherty (formerly Head Teacher of the Catholic School). School was conducted in the former premises of the Church of England School.

School commenced in a new building 11/11/1874. The school became a Higher Elementary School in 1925 - buildings same as those built in 1874. The H E S closed 1948 and a move was made to consolidate country schools near Port Fairy. Number 1188 was chosen.

secondary classes were to be part of the set-up, Cookery and needlework for the girls, Sheetmetal and Woodwork for the boys were major subjects. Schools which closed for consolidation were Orford 1374, Rosebrook 526, Moyne 3677, Yambuck 2458 and Toolong

3595. NOTE: Article on Toolong says it remained open. Quite extensive extensions were made to school.

MAILORS FLAT School Number 1210 see page 909

The description of this school which opened 15/5/1873 is as follows - 'An old wooden building 30' x 8' with a shingle roof, no inside lining and no signs of paint, but in fair order'. The school is on the east side of the Warrnambool to Caramut Road 7.5 miles from the Warrnambool Post office. Julius Castles was the first Head Teacher. The present building was opened 30/11/1874.

BALLANGEICH WEST SEE COORAMOOK School Number 1226 see page 909/910

1226 Cooramook is located 13 miles north of Warrnambool and had an earlier name of Ballangeich west.. First records tell that the school operated half time with Ellerslie. In 1885 the building was transported by bullock dray to the present position at Cooramook. the former site of Ballangeich West is now Cooramook Endowment Plantation. The school closed in May 1930 and reopened February 1943. The official opening of the Memorial Gateway in 1965 honors deceased members of the Committee.

BESSIEBELLE School Number 1238 (2147 BESSIEBELLE) ALSO KNOWN AS BROADWATER see page 9101911 Head Teacher Grace Square opened SS 1238 on 1/4/1874 in a leased hut on Squattlesea-Mere Property. It closed in 1875. It reappeared as being associated from 1878-79 with SS Homerton, perhaps on a half-time basis but under Homerton's number.

1/7/1879 Head Teacher F K M Bradhurst opened 2147 Broadwater in a leased building. The site for the school was gazetted and in 1880 a portable school arrived. The school retained the name of Broadwater although it was 7 miles from the settlement, and both the Post office and Hall nearby had the name Bessiebelle. It was later changed to Bessiebelle.

–  –  –

The A.I.G.S. Library will be closed from Saturday 12th December 1992 until Monday 25th January 1993, Besides the normal Christmas/New Year closure it is intended to carry out a stocktake during this years closure.

Page Ten

–  –  –


Two Lever Arch Files titled 'Family History Outlines' - some 750 or more families

- donated by m Boyce Warrnambool East Primary School Silver Jubilee Sept 1983 ** The School By The Lake (Terang) 1858 - 1983 by J H Linehan ** St Patricks School, Port Fairy 1849 - 1983 **


Warracknabeal - A Wimmera Centenary by Susan Priestly ** 1903 Electoral Roll of Victoria *


TAMIOT Cemetery Inscriptions (Tasmania) * Carr Villa Cemetery Inscriptions (Tasmania) * South Australian Genealogist Jan 1989 - Apr 1992 inclusive **


'The Tyranny of Distance' by Geoffrey Blainey (on loan M Boyce)

–  –  –

'The Treasures 1780 - 19901 compiled by Anne Williams ** Minutes of A.I.G.S. Council August 1992 A.I.G.S. Library News September 1992 IRELAND Surname Index for the 1796 Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement Lists of Ireland, 1986 (12 fiche) **

–  –  –

ENGLAND & WALES (cont) Local Newspapers 1750 1920, England & Wales - Location List by Jeremy Gibson ** Census Returns on Microfilm 1841, 51, 61 and 71. Directory of Local Holdings. 2nd Ed. ** Quarter Sessions Records for Family Historians. A Select List - Jeremy Gibson ** Greater London Cemeteries and Crematoria by Patricia S Wolfston ** List of Parishes in Boyd's Marriage Index Society of Genealogists 4th Ed ** Leaflet No. 13 Society of Genealogists **


Assorted copies of 'The Genealogist' ** Assorted copies of 'Ancestor' ** Assorted copies of Sussex Family Historian **

–  –  –

Assorted copies of Genealogists Magazine ** Assorted copies of Hertfordshire People ** Assorted copies of Cornwall Family History Society and a collection of Cornwall FHS publications including MID's. ** Assorted copies of Family History News and Digest **


–  –  –

our annual Family History Seminar will again be held at the Warrnambool Fire Station on Saturday, 14th November. Registration begins at 9.30 am.

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