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«Russia-supported European far rights as the savior of humanity? December 2015 Can Russian-supported European far rights become the bastion against ...»

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Russia-supported European far rights as the savior of humanity?

December 2015

Can Russian-supported European far rights become the bastion against

postmodernism and save humanity?

(And United States’ possible stance on the matter)

Lawrence C Chin

December 2015


This essay forms the third essay in the cycle formerly including “How Russia may

develop its soft-power” and “Why we support Marine Le Pen”, all derivatives

from our A Thermodynamic Interpretation of History. We know for sure that some Russian government officials have been familiar with our thermodynamic interpretation of history since 2008. It may be the case that our theory has made little impression upon them back then. We have reasons to suspect that they have subsequently discovered our soft power essay and the Le Pen document and are, this time, impressed by our ideas. It could very well be the case that, following upon that, these officials have independently developed, at the same time as we are writing it in December 2015, or even preceding us, the rhetoric which we shall outline below for expanding Russia's ideological justification for supporting the European far right movements. If so, we shall welcome such development and will be happy to see that, in the real course of events to come, Russia does something like what we are to suggest below, as if its officials had read this essay and adopted its ideas, even though, in reality, they have preceded us. In which case, we are making “predictions” instead of offering “suggestions”, just as, at the end of this communication, we shall make “predictions” about the United States' responses to the rise of the European far right.

Should this happen, we suggest our readers not to confuse the simultaneous development of similar ideas with “plagiarism”. Neither side will have plagiarized the other in this possible case. Simultaneous development of the same idea is, for the specialists, easily distinguished from “plagiarism”. On need only recall the case of the origin of calculus between Newton and Leibniz or the case of the origin of special relativity between Einstein and Poincaré. Since Leibniz's method for the addition of infinitesimals is formulaic while Newton's remains geometric, there is no question that Leibniz has plagiarized Newton. In the other case, Poincaré's method to take account of the constancy of the speed of light does not involve a revolutionary re-conception of space and time whereas Einstein's does, so that one cannot suspect Einstein of having plagiarized Poincaré. We hope you have understood our point.

Our anti-American tone derives naturally from our objective analysis of the harmful effect of America's soft-power on humanity's future. We do not forget that Russia-supported European far rights as the savior of humanity?

December 2015 our tradition itself (i.e. a thermodynamic interpretation of history) is “American” in the sense of having originated in the United States. The objective of our tradition and movement is to persuade the United States to give up enforcing the Dollar standard on the rest of the world and to reindustrialize itself and restore the “production phase” of its capitalist system. If it takes Russia or the European far right movement to force the United States to pursue this path, so be it. We are, in effect, trying to import the National Front's program for France into the United States. This will be fundamentally at odds with the US official policy but, we believe, will gain widespread support among the American people on the grassroot level. Most importantly, the reindustrialization of the United States, we believe, will help tremendously in purging the world of the harmful effects which American soft-power has produced so far.

In the preceding we have attempted to devise a new platform for the Left which would enable them to find ideological congruence with the far right populism that is sweeping Europe at the moment. We have devised this strange sort of New Left not only because, as we believe, it is the “correct way”, but also in order to construct a very convenient sort of “political technology”. The convenience consists in the fact that this sort of New Left can wholeheartedly endorse far right ideologies and values on one front or when occasions demand so without contradicting its own ideology, while displaying itself as quintessentially “leftwing” on another front or when the occasion changes – again without contradicting its own ideology. We have, in effect, suggested that a country like Russia purposely reform its liberal wing in accordance with this strange sort of New Left because it does seem that Russia has such need for “double play” at this very moment: it needs to proclaim itself to be a conservative Christian (Orthodox) European nation to attract the far right elements that are gaining ascendancy in Western Europe, while at the same time projecting itself as a liberalized “new Russia” in order to maneuver more attractively in Asian Pacific. In a sense, of course, Russia has already been “double-playing” for a long time, as it is simultaneously supporting the leftwing populists in Latin America (Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc.) – as if it were the socialist revolutionary successor to USSR – and the far right populists in Europe – as if it were solely a Christian conservative middle-class nation.

As a “political technology”, of course, our notion of the “New Left” can be easily adopted by any nation which encounters the geopolitical necessity to project itself as a liberal nation on one front while endorsing right wing regimes elsewhere on another front. In fact, in this essay, we will note that United States itself might have to reform its liberal elements in accordance with the same platform in order to “double play” also like Russia does. (Since “New Left” has already occurred in the United States more than 40 years ago, we wouldn’t know how to call this sort of new Liberals if they were to emerge in the United States, however. “New New Left”?) Our platform should be properly characterized as: a “new liberalism based on a thermodynamic interpretation of history”. It is especially a “new form of feminism based on a thermodynamic interpretation of history”.

Russia-supported European far rights as the savior of humanity?December 2015

The greatest convenience of this new platform for the left lies in the potential ease with which to persuade elements from opposite ends of the political spectrum to cooperate wholeheartedly together on a common political platform for geopolitical purposes. Originally, you must recall, our document on the development of Russia’s soft-power is to hopefully persuade Russian liberals like Igor Yurgens who has been the principal critic of Putin’s increasingly authoritarian measures. The reform of his, and his crew’s, liberal thinking according to our new platform would enable him to find congruence with the Putinites and support them initially during the pursuit of most important geopolitical goals – Russia’s “right turn” to gain allies in Europe – while his own wing shall work, in the meantime, on the building of a new liberal foundation which shall not be unveiled until Putinites’ geopolitical goals have been entirely accomplished and secured. In the same way, if the liberal elements in Europe and Russia can reform themselves according to our platform, the far right insurgencies in Europe, instead of alienating them, can in fact gain support from them, so that a certain geopolitical objective can be quickly achieved without the need to overcome resistance that is perennial in any democratic nation. (In the case of Europe, it might be the dismantlement of EU or the stopping of globalization.) The same method can of course be applied by political wings in every other nation which experiences contradiction in political ideologies or self-image during the pursuit of geopolitical necessities.

Russia as the “Third Rome”, or “defender of the right values” Why does the United States have such success with “color revolutions”? Because of the attraction of Western Europe and United States to these former Russian satellites. Why? It’s all because of “brand name”, as we have noted. The US State Department and the CIA are extremely skillful in exploiting the stereotypes in people's mind to incite “color revolutions”. The “brand name” is really just a “stereotype”. What constitutes this “brand name”? Certainly, “prosperity”, namely, life is more comfortable in North America and Western Europe. But the “stereotypes” in questions are certain ideas, politically correct ideas, like “democracy”, “freedom”, “equality”, and “human rights”. Even “women’s rights” (such as in the case of Pussy Riots' attraction to the West). Russia and China are in fact no less “free” than United States – or, rather, no more “unfree”. Russia has simply lost on the question of “brand name”. As noted, by exposing the covert poisonousness of all these ideas which have constituted America's “brand name” – by exposing how these ideas are harmful to the human brain and earth’s resources base – Russia, in its support of European far right parties (who are very often against these American values: more on this below), can claim itself to be the savior of humanity and live up to its selfproclaimed status as the “Third Rome”. Consider more closely what we are suggesting. In a 30 July 2015 communication by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, “Soft

power: the values that shape Russian foreign policy”, we read:

Under President Vladimir V. Putin we have seen a renewed foreign policy assertiveness— castigated in the West, but welcomed in Russia as a renewal of national honor. Yet it was not until the Valdai Club meeting in 2013 that Putin presented a much more sophisticated vision of Russia, as a 21st century Orthodox power. In his speech, Putin claimed that Western leaders have caused a loss of human dignity by promoting a secular world-view and rejecting Christianity. He highlighted Russia's “unique experience” of mutual

Russia-supported European far rights as the savior of humanity?December 2015

enrichment of diverse cultures within its borders and urged its citizens to feel a common identity.

It's certainly because the “world's market” has already been dominated by the secular and liberal images which has originated in the United States that Russia has decided that, instead of competing with the United States in this respect, it should establish a foothold in the market place by propounding an opposite image which should differentiate itself completely from the United States. The advantage of this opposite image, as we have already known, is that it happens to attract just the right players at the right moment in the most strategic places, i.e., the far right movements in Europe. The essence of our previous communications “How Russia may develop its soft-power” and “Why we support Marine Le Pen” consists precisely in our belief that it's in fact quite possible to compete with the United States in the market place of liberal images. That is, if it should ever happen that our analysis of the poison inherent in the liberal and secular culture can win widespread acceptance, then a revised version of the liberal and secular culture will become an effective competitor on the world's market for liberal images. We have suggested that Russia do just this. On the other hand, even if Russia does not propose an “alternative liberal and secular” culture, it could still adopt our analysis and use it to discredit America's soft-power, which is largely based on the worldwide acceptance of, and taste for, this “mainstream” liberal and secular culture. (We can perhaps call it the “old liberalism”.) That is, our analysis can very much enrich Russia's claim to being a unique Christian nation that serves as the bastion against harmful secularization and liberalization. Even in this restricted manner, Russia can find itself a new niche and build its soft-power on the reputation of being the “saver of the world” by supporting the European far right movements. In other words, we are suggesting that Russia expand its claim to Christian preservation of “human dignity” and “national identity” to a “messianic claim” about its “world historical mission” to save humanity in contrast to the United States' “world historical mission” to destroy humanity. Of course, the best course, in our view, is to advance on both fronts at the same time – i.e. reforming its liberals while expanding its claim to Christian Orthodoxy as the “savior of the world”.

In the same way, of course, the European far right movements can also adopt our analysis – based, ultimately, on a “thermodynamic interpretation of history” – and thereby expand their claim to national, and völkisch, preservation to a messianic claim about “world historical mission” to save humanity. Since, of all the European far right parties, only the National Front has solid grounding in a philosophical and intellectual tradition (thanks largely to Marine Le Pen's Pour que vive la France), we have focused our suggestion on the Le Pen family.

When it comes to the United States, because it is the “incumbent”, it is not as easy for it to lay such claim as it is for the challengers. In the below, however, we imagine a scenario where a minority of American conservatives, by adopting our analysis and importing National Front's platform into the United States itself, can in fact preserve the United States' reputation – even against widespread acceptance of our analysis. And this, by blaming onto their domestic enemies, those “liberals”, all the harms which the United States has exported to the world and then taking charge of America's new image.

Russia-supported European far rights as the savior of humanity?December 2015

The whole world can benefit – in fact save itself – should all this happen. That is, if Russia shall attempt to enrich the new “niche” it has found for itself, it will result in a chain-reaction causing a world-wide abandonment of the harmful, secular culture and affirmation of either century-old local traditions or a completely revised version of a secular culture that is in large measures congruent with old traditions rather than contradicting them.

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