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«Description: TIES magazine in its current state is the journal of the Southern Railway Historical Association and namesake of the Southern Railway ...»

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Southern Railway Historical Association TIES Magazines: Index


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Description: TIES magazine in its current state is the journal of the Southern Railway Historical Association and namesake of the Southern Railway company magazine. The TIES magazines contain stories, articles, plans, photographs and other items of historical significance to the Southern Railway.

Location: Book Contents - Ties Magazines: January, 1961— Library December, 1961 Bookcase Four Volume January 1961, Volume 15, Number 1 Shelf One 15, 1961 The Growing South

-This article provides aerial photographs of new industrial developments in the South as a way to visualize the South’s growth. Some of the facilities shown include: Pittsburg plate Glass Company Shelby, N.C., Union Bag-Camp Paper Corporation Wellford, S.C., and R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Brook Cove, N.C.

For the Strangers Within Our Gates

-The article covers how the Travelers Aid Society helps people reach destinations. Travelers Aid helped travelers reach other locations if their reason was deemed valid for travel but they lacked the funds to take the trip.

Southern Delivers the Goods to New A&P Food Warehouse at Birmingham, Ala.

-This article describes how a new food distribution center in Birmingham, Alabama functioned. The article also mentions how the Southern Railway delivered roughly fifty percent of the shipments arriving at the warehouse.

Congress and the Railroads in 1961: 6 ―Must‖ Resolutions for a Stronger America

-The article warns that the American railroad system is woefully unprepared to handle a national emergency if the need should arise. It lists six items that should be removed in order to help railroads become more prepared. Firstly, it called for the repeal of the discriminatory wartime federal tax of ten percent on passenger tickets.

Secondly it called for granting railroads the same opportunity others have to use the highways, waterways, and air facilities. Third it called for a modernizing of the federal tax policies relation to depreciations to stimulate new investment for improved facilities. It also called for the repeal of the exemption from regulation now given trucks when hauling agricultural commodities. Lastly, it called for assessing appropriate charges against commercial interests where tax money is spent to build other facilities.

Portraits of History

-The article details how Arthur Hampton came to own a vast collection of photographs related to the Southern Railway.


-Various news snippets and stories related to railroads. One story covers how quickly and efficiently customer calls about information and reservations are answered at Union Station in Washington, D.C. Another story details the instrumental role that the Southern Railway had in preventing a ten day shutdown of the kraft paper production at Virginia’s Chesapeake Corporation.

Confident Living: A Year Full of Happiness For You Leo V. Crane Retires As Assistant VicePresident

-announcement of Leo V. Crane’s retirement, and this article provides some biographical information about him.

Pic Quiz

-Railroad trivia using photographs.

Senate Study Group Recommends Reorganized Transportation Regulation

-This article includes some of the findings of a Senate study group working under the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee meant to investigate the problems plaguing the nation in the area of common carrier transportation. One noteworthy finding pointed out that government spending on highways and waterways hurt railroads.

From the Southern Family Album Promotions and Changes on the Southern

-John P. Mumford superintendent transportation services Washington, D.C. John B. Singleton superintendent transportation services Washington, D.C. William L. Hofmann superintendent Louisville, KY. Harvey H. Bradley superintendent, Hattiesburg, MS. J. Bruce Addington superintendent Winston-Salem, NC.

Ben H. Goodwin superintendent Hickory, NC.


-Monthly list of Southern Railway employees who retired.

The Lighter Side

-Cartoons related to the railroad ―…I Have Finished My Course…‖

- List of those who died and were current or retired Southern Railway employees.

Mixed Freight

-Various proverbs, witty sayings, and jokes.

February 1961, Volume 15, Number 2

Inaugural Paraders on the Southern

-This article covers how various passenger trains transported numerous groups of parade participants to Washington, D.C. for John F.

Kennedy’s inauguration. Among the southern trains utilized were the “Southerner,” the “Tennessean,” and the “Crescent.” Careful Bookkeeping Can Save You Taxes

-The article provides helpful tips for taxpayers on how to save the most when it comes to filing taxes.

Waterway Carriers and Their Weighted Thumb

-This article covers the unfair advantages given to waterway carriers versus railroad carriers.

Among the advantages mentioned were how waterway carriers often did not have to publish rates and how the government paid to maintain waterways.

75 Years of Southern Service to: White Furniture Company

-The article provides the history of the White Furniture Company and its founders. The article also highlights the role of railroads in the business’s success.

Missing Some Mail? This May Be Why…

-The article informs Southern Railway employees how to change their mailing address with the Southern Railway if they move. The article also points out that the Southern Railway started posting the address they had for employees on their paycheck stubs.

F.C. Toal Heads New Rates and Divisions Office—J. L. Townshend Will Supervise Industrial Development Work

-Article announces new postings for F.C. Toal and J. L. Townshend after the Southern Railway consolidated the work of pricing their freight carrying services.


-Various stories and news snippets related to railroads. Among the stories mentioned was one about the governor of Virginia, J. Lindsay Almond Jr., accepting a donated locomotive that would be displayed in a park in Richmond Virginia. Another story concerned the effect of an earthquake near Charleston in 1886 had on trains traveling in the area.

Welch, Hobbs and Williams Now Assistant Vice-Presidents

-This article announces how John B. Welch, Haviland Hobbs, and George M. Williams were promoted to the posts of assistant vicepresidents.

Confident Living: The Possibilitarian Edgar R. duMont

-Obituary of Edgar R. duMont, director of the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad Company.

Fare Payment Delayed—By 10 Years!

-This article tells the story of how an unidentified man appeared at the Southern Railway’s window at Somerset, Kentucky and paid for a ticket to Danville, Kentucky. The man’s reason for buying the ticket, which he immediately handed back to the clerk, was that ten years previously he had ridden from Danville to Somerset without paying for the trip.

From the Southern Family Album Promotions and Changes on the Southern

-S. R. Goodman general freight traffic manager Washington, D.C. C. D. Thomas general freight traffic manager Atlanta, GA. Andrew L. Bay assistant freight traffic manager Washington, D.C. Darrow Kirkpatrick assistant general freight traffic manager Atlanta, GA. A. C. Henderson general freight traffic manager Washington, D.C.

R. W. Ellerman freight traffic manager Washington, D.C. Mehrl K. Martin assistant freight traffic manager Washington, D.C. T. L.

Smith general freight agent Washington, D.C.

George E. Green general eastern freight agent New York, NY. James C. Cook general industrial agent Birmingham, AL. David V. Messman assistant to chief engineer Washington, D.C.

James P. Allen engineer of bridges Knoxville, TN.

James W. Harris assistant general freight claim agent Chattanooga, TN. Leonidas H. Smith, Jr.

assistant superintendent Somerset, KY. Tommy E. Moreland trainmaster Columbia, SC. John W.

Robbins trainmaster Hattiesburg, MS. Charles S.

Burnham trainmaster Greensboro, NC. Eugene D. Miller assistant trainmaster Danville, KY.

Douglas R. Webb assistant trainmaster Columbia, SC. J. M. DeWine track supervisor Winston-Salem, NC. James W. Simpson track supervisor Hickory, NC. James E. Couch district freight claim agent Cincinnati, OH. Carroll K.

Crittenden supervisor freight claims Knoxville, TN. Joseph B. Roberts supervisor freight claims Asheville, NC. Taylor E. Kimsey supervisor freight claims Chattanooga, TN. Edgar C.

McKenney agent Lexington, KY.


-Monthly list of Southern Railway employees who retired.

―…I Have Finished My Course…‖

- List of those who died and were current or retired Southern Railway employees.

Mixed Freight

March 1961, Volume 15, Number 3

Steel Rails Through Prison Walls

-The article covers the services provided by the Southern Railway to the federal penitentiary at Atlanta, Georgia. Primarily the Southern Railway serviced the five industries that inmates labored on while incarcerated.. Also, the article includes background and other information about the penitentiary itself.

Higher Truck Taxes Urged by President Kennedy To Save Highway Program

-This article centers on President John Kennedy’s call for operators of heavy trucks to pay more of what they should on highway taxes to help pay for the interstate highway program. The article also mentions that Kennedy recommended that the one-cent-a-gallon cut in federal taxes on gasoline be canceled to help with interstate funding.

Southern Appoints Co-Ordinator for its Growing Rail-Highway Services

-Announcement of William V. Burke’s appointment to the new post of Assistant VicePresident in charge of Co-ordinated Rail-Highway Operations.

Payment Time Extended On Carload Freight Bills

-This article details how the Interstate Commerce Commission decided to allow railroads to extend the payment deadlines for railroad freight from 48 or 96 hours after delivery to 96 or 120 hours after delivery.

New Career from Old Treasures

-The article covers the retired life of former Southern Railway employee M. O. Roberts.

Particularly, the article covers his running of an antique shop.

Railroads Recapture Business and…Hoffa’s Teamsters Holler ―Foul‖

-This article details how the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, lead by James R.

Hoffa, was upset over the business they started to lose to railroads. The article mentions that the Teamsters accused the Interstate commerce Commission of being in the pockets of the railroad carriers. Among the freight being shipped by railroads that upset the Teamsters was the shipment of automobiles by train. The article then proceeds to discount each of the Teamsters’ accusations. The article also provides a few captions from newspapers that lambast Hoffa and his teamsters for not being able to handle competition from the railroads.

The Southern Family Album Butterflies

-Various news snippets and stories related to railroads. One story mentions how women are increasingly working in previously all-male jobs.

The story goes on to mention that among the three job categories listed on the census that remained all male were locomotive engineer and locomotive fireman. Another story discusses how a new fright car for the Air Force meant to carry ballistic missiles was being readied for delivery.

Confident Living: Formula for Continuous Vitality Pic Quiz

-Railroad trivia using images.

Promotions and Changes on the Southern

-Thomas M. England director of tax administration Washington, D.C. Martin A.

Allwine director of tax review Washington, D.C.

Edwin F. Neagle assistant director of tax administration Washington, D.C. T. M. French, III director real estate and conveyancing Washington, D.C. J. S. Medill assistant director real estate and conveyancing Washington, D.C.

W. A. Broaddus assistant director real estate and conveyancing Washington, D.C. Robert H. Baily general agent, freight and passenger departments, Rochester, NY. Walter U. Palmer division storekeeper Birmingham, AL. Wilbur J.

Parrish assistant division engineer Atlanta, GA.

James Hibbard assistant trainmaster Birmingham, AL. Harold K. Maddox road foreman of engines Knoxville, TN. Archie A. Davidson, Jr.

track supervisor Cochran, GA. James O. Lowe district freight agent New York, NY. Melvin W.

Morris district freight agent New York, NY Francis P. Thomas district freight agent New York, NY.

Joseph F. Prendergast commercial agent New York, NY. C. Woodrow Har supervisor stations and transfers Chattanooga, TN. James L.

Stephens agent Gadsen, AL. Arvil Fowler agent Mobile, AL. Gilmer G. Ebert agent Anniston, AL.


-Monthly list of Southern Railway employees who retired.

All The Livelong Day Taxes

-The article provides a fictional anecdote about a typical suburban man’s day. Throughout the story anytime an item is mentioned the accompanying price and tax is listed. The point of the article being that the average American pays far too much in taxes and does not even notice it.

―…I Have Finished My Course…‖

- List of those who died and were current or retired Southern Railway employees.

Mixed Freight

April 1961, Volume 15, Number 4

Southern Improves Service and Safety by Taking Temperatures of Journal Boxes

-The article details how the Southern Railway’s hot-box detection system based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Not Favors--Just Freedom

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