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«2 Vatican Assassins Title Page, Copyright, Assassins & Maxims 3 Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends” The Diabolical History of ...»

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2 Vatican Assassins

Title Page, Copyright, Assassins & Maxims 3

Vatican Assassins:

“Wounded In The House Of My Friends”

The Diabolical History of

The Society of Jesus


Its Second Thirty Years’ War (1914 - 1945),

Its Cold War (1945 - 1989),

And Its

Assassination of America’s First

Roman Catholic President,

Knight of Columbus

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1963)


Eric Jon Phelps White Separatist American Freeman Dispensational, Fifth Monarchy, Seventh-Day Baptist-Calvinist 4 Vatican Assassins

Vatican Assassins:

“Wounded In The House Of My Friends” Eric Jon Phelps Copyright © 2001 Second Edition: CD/PDF March 2004 All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to anyone to quote From VATICAN ASSASSINS: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends”, in small portions only, for non-commercial use provided there is no content change, and full credit is given to the author and to the publisher, including contacting information. To quote larger portions for commercial use, permission from the publisher must be granted in advance. Reproduction of this PDF book, in part or in full, by electronic

or any other means is strictly prohibited. Use of VATICAN ASSASSINS:

“Wounded In The House Of My Friends” by the film, television, or theater industry, or any other medium, is strictly forbidden unless prior permission is granted by the publisher through written contract.

Category: Bible/History/Non-Fiction/New (Dark) Age Second Printing: June 2004 Cover design by Norey Latona, Jr.

Email: norey@tminet.com ISBN: 0-9704999-2-2

Published by:

Eric Jon Phelps P.O. Box 306 Newmanstown, PA 17073 www.vaticanassassins.org eric@vaticanassassins.org Title Page, Copyright, Assassins & Maxims 5 Francis Cardinal Spellman, 1946-1967 #1 Archbishop of New York, 1939-1967 Surnamed “Cardinal War;” Trained by the Jesuit Order at Fordham University in New York City;

and at the Order’s American College in Rome;

Head of the American Branches of the Knights of Columbus,

–  –  –

President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy, 1962 #2 Here we have the President leaving the Jesuit Order’s St. Francis Xavier Church at Hyannis after attending mass. The Chief Executive was spending the weekend at the family summer home in nearby Hyannis Port. On the far right is Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman who would be chosen to be the coordinator of the Secret Service’s Assassination Team while it carried out its “Executive Action” in Dallas on November 22,

1963. The President, a Knight of Columbus and son of one of Francis Cardinal Spellman’s most powerful Knights of Malta – Joseph P. Kennedy – was educated at Harvard University, with its strong Jesuit presence, while Jackie gave birth to JFK, Jr., at Georgetown University Hospital.

Aided by the Mafia, the Order had installed its first Irish Roman Catholic into the high office of the American Presidency. But John Kennedy turned on the Temporal Power of Rome’s Papal Caesar by refusing to enforce the Pope’s claim to rule all the governments of the world.

Kennedy sought to break the power of the Black Pope’s Central Intelligence Agency; attacked the Order’s Federal Reserve Bank by printing “United States Notes” in lieu of “Federal Reserve Notes;” sought to end Cardinal Spellman’s War in Vietnam; and attempted to warn the American People of a conspiracy within their CFR-controlled Executive Branch of government “to enslave every man, woman and child.” For this reason the Jesuit Order coldly carried out its “crime of the century.” Boston Record American, Monday, July 16, 1962, p. 26.

Title Page, Copyright, Assassins & Maxims 7 Knight of Malta, Alexander M. Haig, Jr. #3 According to the 1989 Arts and Entertainment video, The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Coverup, Lt. Colonel Alexander Haig contributed to the coverup – the Great Jesuit Coverup – of the Kennedy Assassination. For his obedience he was later promoted to the rank of General and subsequently named as the Commander of NATO forces in Europe. As a result of his continued obedience to the Black Pope, the Papal Caesar and the Archbishop of New York, Haig was appointed to the high office of Secretary of State under Freemason and President, Ronald Reagan, in

1981. With the endorsement of former Kentucky Senator John Sherman Cooper who had been a member of Freemason and President Lyndon Johnson’s Warren Commission overseen by Freemason and Chief Justice Earl Warren, we see Alexander Haig answering questions during his confirmation hearings. To his right sits CFR member Joseph A. Califano, Jr.; to his left sits his wife, Pat Haig; and immediately behind him sits his younger brother in clerical collar, Francis R. Haig, S.J. — the Jesuit!

Caveat: Realism, Reagan, and Foreign Policy, Alexander M. Haig, Jr., (New York:

Macmillan Publishing Company, 1984).

8 Vatican Assassins

–  –  –

Absolutist Papal Maxims of the Jesuits

1. There is but one Supreme Authority in the World, and that is the Pope.

2. God hath delivered over unto the Pope the Power and Rule of Heaven and Earth, therefore we must be obedient unto him upon pain of damnation.

3. All Right and Power are lodged in his Breast.

4. No Law can be made to bind Christians, but by the Pope’s Authority, as of old the Israelites received none but by Moses.

5. The Gospel would not be the Gospel, if the Pope had not approved of it.

6. The Pope can take away any man’s Right, and give it to another.

7. The Pope can do any thing, above all Right, against all Right and without all Right.

8. If Christ commands one thing, and the Pope another thing, the Pope is rather to be obeyed than Jesus Christ.

9. The Pope’s Decretory Letters are to be received and esteemed as Authentic as the Word of God or the Holy Scriptures.

10. It is Sacrilege to question the Pope’s Actions, and he is cursed of God who violates the Pope’s censures.

11. If the Pope affirm that to be black, which our Eyes judge to be white, we ought also then to declare, that it’s black, upon pain of our souls.

12. The Pope hath the sole Rule and Power of the whole World in Temporals as well as in Spirituals, and therefore can depose Emperors and Kings, and may dispose of their Dominions as he shall think convenient.

13. If the Pope shall depose a King and give his Kingdom to another, and the people will not receive him, the Pope may bring him in by force of Arms, because he is Judge of all and instead of God on Earth.

14. Not to believe that the Pope can depose Kings is [to be], and that deservedly, damned for Heresy.

15. Christ had not done wisely if he had not left the Pope power to depose Kings.

16. If a King be a Heretic or favorer of Heresy he may be deposed.

17. If the Pope shall declare a King to be a Heretic, he hath no right to his Kingdom, and the Pope may depose him.

18. The Pope can give the people liberty either to choose or take new Masters; by this means they keep all Kings and Princes in their Obedience and Submission to the Pope.

19. All Protestants are Heretics, and therefore they ought to be killed.

20. It is better and safer to make alliance and amity with Turks, Infidels, or Jews, than with Heretic Protestants, because they may draw us into the errors of their novelties. {1}

–  –  –

Upon being exhorted by my constructively critical friends to give the reasons why I wrote Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends”, the following has been written for you my American countrymen and foreign friends.

I embarked upon this project, the culmination of nearly twenty years of research and writing, having been emotionally damaged by three great injustices.

The first was the deliberate and deceptive attack upon The King James Authorized Version of the English Bible, especially its underlying Greek Text, being the foundation of the Protestant Reformation, the Modern Era and Western Civilization, including the rights of freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The second was the assassination of a man I was always taught to love and respect as the savior of our Union of States, President Abraham Lincoln. The third transpired when I was in the Public School’s fourth grade. With vivid memories I remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, my weeping teacher, Miss Beals whom I loved, and my heart-broken guitar teacher, Dan Boyd, who, upon hearing from me of the death of Jack Bath in Vietnam, dismissed me early from my lesson and wept bitterly. Jack was not only a fellow student but was also my swim teacher at the local YMCA. With guitar in hand, I remember standing outside in the cold, San Francisco Bay Area wind that day waiting for my mother to pick me up in her car while thinking to myself, “I will find the truth someday, for Lyndon Johnson looks like a liar.” The following pages describe what I discovered over the years.

This Second Edition is a little more complete and much more accurate. No conclusions however, have been changed. A host of critics, both friendly and hostile, have contributed to the making of its supremacy over the First, for which I humbly thank them all. As my Heavenly Father sent a brilliant ex-Muslim to help me develop certain key points in the First Edition, even so He sent a most humble and refined ex-Jesuit to aid me as my final editor of the Second, it now linking the ghastly implosion of the World Trade Center to President Kennedy’s murderers.

May the risen and all-powerful Son of God bless you in reading this book, which, in attempting to live out its conclusions, has cost me the living of a normal life, including the rearing of my sons and the respect of my father. Its message is humbly given with the hope that you will do your duty where God has placed you.

–  –  –

Dust Cover and Quotes How would Satan’s Jesuit General make the Pope the Theocratic Universal Monarch of the World as foretold in the Scripture of Truth? He must erect an absolute military dictator loyal to Rome in every nation. But how could this be accomplished without powerful resistance from “heretic and pagan” Protestant, Orthodox and Islamic nations, as well as resistance from “liberal” Roman Catholic nations? He would first gain control of the world’s most powerful Protestant governments and banking houses through the Jesuit-revived and Baal-worshipping, Order of the Knights Templars, known today as Shriner Freemasonry. This happened in England by 1800 and in America by 1900.

With the Jesuits having been expelled from nearly every country in Europe during the Nineteenth Century, the General’s banking agents would finance both sides of his Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945). Three important benefits for the Order would be the installation of Russia’s Roman Catholic Grand Inquisitor, Joseph Stalin, the restoration of the Pope’s Temporal Power through Roman Catholic Benito Mussolini and the breakup of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the Muftis of the resultant Islamic nations also being controlled through Shriner Freemasonry. Having mass-murdered the Jews of Europe and the Protestant Lutherans of Germany with Bormann-advised Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler, the Jesuits would promote the Airborne Nuclear War Hoax creating a false enemy for the American people, as FDR would secretly give Stalin the nuclear device in 1943.

The Nuclear War Hoax would give birth to the Cold War Hoax (1945-1989), cunningly justifying Washington’s foreign policy – dictated by the Jesuits in control of the Council on Foreign Relations – of non-resistance to Chinese and Soviet aggression. This great deception would enable the Jesuit General to install dictators around the world who would be secretly or openly loyal to the Pope. He would accomplish this using his International Intelligence Community, the KGB in the East and the CIA in the West, controlling its Global Terrorist Network to further justify fascist martial rule. The General would finance it all with the credit of his Federal Reserve Bank and then saddle the “heretic and liberal” American people with the debt. For forty-five years no nation would seriously interfere with the Pope’s Cold War. By the time of its supposed termination in 1989 (thereby enabling the Vatican’s American Military Industrial Complex to give high technology to Red China), the Jesuit General would achieve his goals including the revival of the Pope’s “Holy Roman Empire” centered in reunited Germany, Rome’s Empire having been broken up by the Lord’s Grand and Glorious Protestant Reformation.

One of the major victories for the General would be the taking of Jerusalem by his Torah-despising Masonic Jewish Zionists in 1967, paving the way for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple — for the “infallible” Papal Caesar!

Dust Cover and Quotes 13 With every nation now subordinated to the Temporal Power of the Pope, the “Holy Roman American Empire” must now be destroyed; for, it is the world’s haven for “heretics and liberals” condemned by the Jesuits and their evil Council of Trent. As the Pope sought to overthrow the Protestants of England with the Spanish Armada, so the Jesuits are seeking to destroy the peoples of North America with a triple Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion. By that time many of the nation’s Jews will have been destroyed by an American fascist dictator, the concentration camps being already in place. Jewish survivors will have been driven back to Zionist Israel to face their final annihilation to be attempted by the risen Pope — the Antichrist.

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