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«(Originally published in the April 1957 issue, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 88-89, 95) [This version was scanned from a paper copy, May 2006.] The ...»

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Mennonite Bibliography, 1956


(Originally published in the April 1957 issue, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 88-89, 95)

[This version was scanned from a paper copy, May 2006.]

The “Mennonite Bibliography” is published annually in the April issue of Mennonite Life. It contains a list of

books, pamphlets, and articles dealing with Mennonite life, principles and history.

The magazines articles have been restricted to non-Mennonite publications since complete files of Mennonite periodicals, yearbooks, and conference reports are available at the historical libraries of Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas; Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana; Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio; and the Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Chicago, IIlinois.

Previous bibliographies published in Mennonite Life appeared annually in the April issues since 1947. Under the heading “Books Received,” we are listing books which do not specifically deal with Anabaptist-Mennonite subjects but are of interest to students of church history and religious movements. Authors and publishers of books, pamphlets and magazines which should be included in our annual list are invited to send copies to Mennonite Life for listing and possible review.

Books— 1955 Baring, Pfarrer Georg, Hans Denck, Schriften. Bibliographie. Bütersloh; C. Bartelsmann, 1955. 68 pp.

Burkholder, Oscar, Cressman Mennonite Church, Breslau, Ontario. Breslau, Ontario, (1955). 24 pp.

Gesangbuch der Mennoniten Brüdergemeinde. 4. Aufl. W innipeg: Christian Press, (1955).

Graber, Mrs. Jacob, and Gingerich, John W., Joseph Goldsmith, 1796-1876. and His Descendants. Kalona, Iowa, (1955). 95 pp.

Hershey, Lester T., Lecciones Biblicas; Estudios Biblicos pare Usare en la Instruction de Nuevos Convertidos en la Preparacion Para el Bautismo. Buenos Aires, (1955). 60 pp.

Kawerau, Peter, Melchior Hoffman als religiöser Denker. Haarlem; Erven F. Bohn, 1954. 140 pp.

Neues Gemeinscha f ts-Liederbuch. Basel: Brunnen-Verlag, (1955). 584 pp. (Swiss Mennonites).

1-W Mem-O-Re at Middletown, Conn. 1955. 30 pp.

Sawatzky, Heinrich, Templer Mennonitscher Herkunft. W innipeg: Echo-Verlag, 1955. 69 pp.

Schleuning, Johannes. Die deutschen Siedlungsgebiete in Russland. W ürzburg/Main: Holzner-Verlag, (1955). 71 pp.

Tinkcom, Harry M. and Margaret B., and Grant Miles Simon, Historic Germantown; From the founding to the early part of the nineteenth century. Philadelphia: The American Philosophical Society, 1955. 154 pp.

Books— 1956 Amstutz, H. Clair, Growing up to Love; a Guide to Sex Education for Parents. Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press, (1956). 103 pp.

Beatty Memories, 1-W Unit. Norman M. Beatty Memorial Hospital, W estville, Indiana, 1956. 60 pp.

Bender, Harold S., Old Testament Studies; Early History and Law; first unit of a Bible survey course in five units.

3d ed. rev. by C. Norman Kraus. Scottdale, Pa.; Mennonite Publishing House, (1956). 87 pp.

Bender, Harold S., and Erb, Paul, Old Testament Studies; Later History and Poetry; second unit of a Bible survey course in five units. 3d ed. rev. by C. Norman Kraus. Scottdale, Pa.; Mennonite Publishing House, (1956). 107 pp.

Crusade for Christ. Orrville, Ohio, (1956). 63 pp.

Conference Reports, 1896-1956. Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. Lahoma, Oklahoma: Publication Board, (Church of God in Christ, Mennonite), (1956). 100 pp.

Erb, Paul, Old Testament Studies; the Prophets; third unit of a Bible survey course in five units. 3d ed. rev, by C.

Norman Kraus. Scottdale, Pa.: Mennonite Publishing I-louse, 1956. 75 pp.

Esch, Carolyn (W eaver), Fiftieth Anniversary Souvenir Booklet, Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities, 1906-1956. Elkhart, Indiana: Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities, (1956). 70 pp.

Fast, G., Im Schatten des Todes. W innipeg, Manitoba, (1956). 160 pp.

Fiftieth Anniversary Program and a Brief History of the Church. 1906-1956. Reedley, Calif.: First Mennonite Church, 1956.

Fiftieth Anniversary, First Mennonite Church, Bluffton, Ohio, 1906-1956. Bluffton, Ohio, (1956). 48 pp.

Fischer, Hans, Jakob Huter Leben. Froemmigkeit, Briefe. Newton, Kan.: Mennonite Publication Office, 85 pp.— 74 pp. 1956.

Fretz, J. Herbert, America the Beautiful; six beautiful scenic sermons from the W est, Freeman, South Dakota, (1956). 52 pp.

Gingerich, Ervin, Ohio Amish Directory. Millersburg, Ohio, (1956). 2 vols.

Helm, Ruth H., Wonderful Good Neighbors. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., (1956). 185 pp.

Hofer, E. F., and Hofer, S. R., Most Popular Bible Questions and Answers Everybody Ought to Know. Carpenter, S.

D., 1956. 46 pp.

Holdeman, John, A Mirror of Truth; a Treatise for the Instruction and Comfort of the Just and for the Conversion of the Unsaved. Hesston, Kan.: Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, Publication Board, 1956. 587 pp.

Hostetler, Lester, ed. The Youth Hymnary. Newton, Kan.: Faith and Life Press, 1956.

Illert, Friedrich M. Daniel Wohlgemuth an seinem 80. Geburtstag. W orms: Städtische Gemäldegalerie, 1956. 44 pp.

Landis, Ira D. The Lancaster Mennonite Conference, History and Background. Lancaster, Pa.: The Christian Nurture Committee of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference, 1956. 114 pp.

Lehman, Chester K. New Testament Studies; the Gospels and Acts: fourth unit of a Bible survey course in five units.

3d ed. rev. by C. Norman Kraus. Scottdale, Pa.: Mennonite Publishing House, 1956. 81 pp.

Mennonite Encyclopedia, The. Volume II. Scottdale, Pa.: Mennonite Publication Office; Mennonite Brethren Publishing House, Menn. Publishing House, 1956.

Missionary Album. Hillsboro, Kansas: Board of Foreign Missions of the Conference of the Mennonite Brethren Church of North America. Revised 1956.

New Testament Studies; the Epistles and Revelation; fifth unit of Bible survey course in five units. 3d ed. rev. by C.

Norman Kraus. Scottdale, Pa.: Mennonite Publishing House, 1956. 80 pp.

Peter Swartzentruber and Wilmina Eash Genealogy, 1777-1955. W estmoreland, N. Y.: 1956. 180 pp.

Rich, Charles S., and Steinmetz, Rollin C. The Amish Year. New Brunswick, N. J.: Ruthers University Press, 1956.

224 pp.

Rittenhouse, Jacob Z. Television Today: a Paper Presented in Discussion Conference at Souderton in February, 1956. (n. p.) 1956. 30 pp.

Schroeter, Elizabeth Arlene. From Here to the Pinnacles; Memories of Mennonite Life in the Ukraine and in America. New York: Exposition Press, 1956. 320 pp.

Seventy-Five Years of God’s Grace, 1881-1956. Hillsboro, Kansas: Mennonite Brethren Church, 1956. 35 pp.

Simons, Menno. The Complete Writings of Menno Simons, c. 1496-1561, translated from the Dutch by Leonard Verduin and edited by John Christian W enger, with a biography by Harold S. Bender. Scottdale, Pa.: Herald Press, 1956, 1092 pp.

Stucky, Harley J. “The German Element in Kansas” in Kansas: the First Century, ed. by John D. Bright. New York:

Lewis Hist. Pub. Co., 1956.

Swartzentruber, P. Christian Schwartzentruber and Magdalena Schoenbeck. 1743-1956, progenitorial parents.

W estmoreland, N. Y.; 1956. 127 pp.

Unruh, Abraham H. Die Geschichte der Mennoniten-Brüdergemeinde, 1860-1954. (W innipeg, Manitoba: Christian Press, 1956.) 847 pp.

W eber, Mrs. A. Beside the Still Waters. Elmira, Ontario. (1956) 26 pp.

W enger, Eli D. The History of David Martin (Immigrant). George Martin, George M. Martin, Joseph S. Martin and descendants. 1727-1957. Manheim, Pa. 1956. 52 pp.

W enger, John C. (ed.). Mennonite Handbook, Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference. (n.p.) 1956. 159 pp.

W iens, Peter and Klassen, Peter, (eds.). Jubiläumsschrift zum 25jährigen Bestehen der Kolonie Fernheim Chaco-Paraguay. W innipeg, Manitoba: Echo-Verlag, 1956. 72 pp.

Youth Program Ideas. Scottdale, Pa.: Herald Press, 1956-(Planned as an annual publication.) Periodicals

Braun, Fritz. Auswanderer aus der Mennonitengemeinde Friedelsheim im 19. Jahrhundert. Ludwigshafen am Rhein:

Richard Louis Verlag, 1956. (Off-print from Mitteilungen zur W anderungsgeschichte der Pfälzer, Folgen 1-4, 1955.) 28 pp.

Friedmann, Robert. “The Christian Communism of the Hutterite Brethren” in Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte, December, 1955.

Hostetler, John A. “Amish Costume: Its European Origins,” in American-German Review, XXII:6: 11-14 (August-September, 1956).

Mehnert, Klaus. “Deutsche vom Sturme verweht” in Christ und Welt. June 21, 1956.

Mehnert, Klaus. “Bei den Deutschen in Sibirien” in Quick, July 7, 1956.

Kuhn, W alter, “Deutsche Täufersiedlungen im westukrainischen Raum” in Zeitschschrift für Ostforschung, Vol. IV, 1955, Heft 4.

Peters, Victor. “Education in the Soviet Union,” in Phi Delta Kappan, XXXVII:9: 421-425 ( June, 1956).

Shelton, Mabel Slack, “W here Sunset Years are Happy,” in Christian Science Monitor, September 28, 1955.

“The W ays of Peace,” Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 15, 1955.

“W inter Idyl” Christian Science Monitor, February 24, 1956.

“The Love of Home,” Christian Science Monitor, April 28, 1956.

“Flowers are Nice,” Christian Science Monitor, May 12, 1956.

“Authentic Apfelstrudel is Something the Amish Know all about Making,” Christian Science Monitor, July 18, 1956.

“Plum Kuchen for the Bishop,” Christian Science Monitor, August 15, 1956.

“Island of Peaceful Content,” Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 10, 1956.

“School Bells for the Amish,” Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 24, 1956.

“Secrets are for Sharing,” Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 19, 1956.

Simons, Richard S. “Love Thy Neighbor,” in Indianapolis Star Magazine, April 29, 1956.

W altner, Elma, “South Dakota’s Hutterite Colonies,” Travel, May, 1956.

Books Received

Bauernfeind, Otto, Eid und Friede. Stuttgart: W. Kohlhammer, 1956. 187 pp. DM 14.40.

De Boer, Hans A., Unterwegs notiert. Kassel: J. G. Oncken, 1956. 327 Pp.

Dignath, W alter, Kirche Krieg Kriegsdienst. Hamburg: Herbert Reich, 1955. 136 pp. DM 8.Geissler, Ann Margret, Die Spur der Erdentage. Stuttgart: J. F. Steinkopf, 1955, 314 pp. DM 9.80.

Gsovski, Vladimir, Church and State Behind the Iron Curtain. New York: Praeger, 1955. 311 pp. $5.00.

Herling, Albert Konrad, The Soviet Slave Empire. New York: W ilfred Funk, Inc., (c1951). $3.75.

Okin, A. Graham, New Concepts of Healing. New York: Association Press, (1956), 262 pp. $3.50.

Jenkins, Daniel, The Strangeness of the Church. New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 188 pp. $2.95.

Knudson, Albert C., Basic Issues in Christian Thought. New York: Abingdon-Cokesbury, 219 pp. $2.75.

Lasserre, Jean, Der Krieg und das Evangelium. München: Chr. Kaiser, 1956. 318 pp. DM 14.80.

Lejeune, Lina, Ein Anderes Amerika. Stuttgart: J. F. Steinkopf, 1954, 157 pp. DM 9.80.

Lightfoot, J. B., The Apostolic Fathers. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1956. 288 pp. $3.95.

Niebuhr, H. Richard, The Kingdom of God in America. Hamden, Connecticut: Shoe String Press, 1956. 215 pp.

Payne, Ernest A., The Growth of the World Church. London: Edinburgh House Press, 170 pp. $1.50.

Rosten, Leo, Religions of America. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1955. 281 pp. 81.00.

Sommer, Fedor, The Iron Collar. Pennsburg: Schwenkfelder Library, (c1956). 261 pp.

W edel, Theodore O., and George W. R. MacCray, Go Preach! Greenwich, Connecticut: The Seabury Press, 1954.

242 pp. $3.50.

W einlick, John R., Count Zinzendorf.. New York: Abingdon Press, (c1956). 240 pp. $4.75.

Writings of Arminius, Translated by James Nichols and and W. R. Bagnall. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1956.

3 Vols. $17.50.

[The following pages are from pp. 87-88 of the April 1957 issue.] Mennonite Research in Progress By GUY F. HERSHBERGER and CORNELIUS KRAHN ROSELLA Reimer Duerksen (A.B., Bethel College) completed her doctor’s dissertation at Union Theological Seminary, New York, entitled “Anabaptist Hymnody of the Sixteenth Century — a study of Its Marked Individuality Coupled with a Dependence upon Secular and Sacred Musical Style and Form.” W ilhelm Dyck (A.B., Bethel College) wrote his doctoral dissertation at the University of Michigan entitled “The Problem of the Russo-Germans in the Later W orks of Josef Ponten.” Mary Eleanor Bender (Goshen College) is writing her doctoral dissertation on “The Anabaptist theme in the 20th Century German Literature” at Indiana University. J. Lawrence Burkholder (Goshen College) is working on his doctoral dissertation at Princeton Theological Seminary on the “Evaluation of the Mennonite Conception of Social Responsibilities in the Light of the Responsible Society.” Frank C. Peters (A.B., Tabor College) has completed his Th.D. dissertation at Central Baptist Theological Seminary on “The Coming of the Mennonite Brethren to the United States and Their Efforts in Education.” Rupert Hohmann (Bethel College) is writing his doctoral dissertation on “The Amish and their Music” at Northwestern University. Irvin B. Horst (Eastern Mennonite College) has completed his dissertation on “Anabaptism in England” at the University of Amsterdam. J. Howard Kauffman (Goshen College) is working on a doctoral dissertation on “A Comparative Study of Traditional and Emergent Forms of Family Life Among Midwest Mennonites” at the University of Chicago. W alter Lehn is writing a doctoral dissertation entitled, “Rosental Low German, Synchronic and Diachronic Phonology,” at Cornell University. Paul W. W ohlgemuth (A.B., Tabor College) wrote a doctoral dissertation on “Mennonite Hymnals published in the English Language” at the University of Southern California. Heinold Fast (Emden) is writing a doctoral dissertation on Heinrich Bullinger’s attitude toward the Anabaptists at the University of Zürich. Gerhard Goeters (Bonn) has completed a doctoral dissertation on Ludwig Haetzer at the University of Zürich.

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