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«CURRICULUM VITAE Name: James Patrick Cummins Rank: Full Professor Status: Tenured Member of Graduate Faculty: Full Date of Preparation: April 2010 ...»

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Name: James Patrick Cummins

Rank: Full Professor

Status: Tenured

Member of Graduate Faculty: Full

Date of Preparation: April 2010


Ph.D. University of Alberta, Educational Psychology, l974.

Diploma Applied Psychology (Postgraduate one-year program, second class, honours,

grade one), The National University of Ireland, 1971.

B.A. Psychology, National University of Ireland (first class honours), 1970.


2006 – present Canada Research Chair (Tier 1), Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, The University of Toronto.

1996 - 2006 Professor, Modern Language Centre, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE/UT.

1989 - 1996 Professor, Modern Language Centre, Department of Curriculum, OISE.

1992 - 1993 Head, Modern Language Centre, Department of Curriculum, OISE l983 - 1989 Associate Professor, Modern Language Centre, Department of Curriculum, OISE.

l98l - l983 Assistant Professor, Modern Language Centre, Department of Curriculum, OISE l980 - l98l Associated Instructor, Department of Curriculum, OISE l978 - l980 Visiting Professor, Modern Language Centre, Department of Curriculum, OISE l976 - l978 Research Associate, Centre for the Study of Mental Retardation, The University of Alberta.

l974 - l976 Research Associate, Educational Research Centre, St. Patrick's College, Dublin 9.

HONOURS 2008 Seamus Heaney Lecture: Diverse Futures: Immigration, Education, and Identity in Changing Times. St. Patrick’s College, Dublin Ireland. November 17, 2008.

2008 R.H. B. Jackson Lecture: Brave New Schools: Identity and Power in Canadian Education. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. November 11, 2008.

2005 Joan Pedersen Memorial Distinguished Lecture: Diverse Futures: Rethinking the Image of the Child in Canadian Schools. Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario, April 26, 2005.

2000 Article selected for Harvard Educational Review (HER) Classics Series;

article selected: Cummins, J. (1986). Empowering minority students: A framework for intervention. Harvard Educational Review, 56, 18-36. (The Classics Series consists of 12 articles published in the HER between 1931 and 2000 that were selected by the journal editors for the importance of their contribution to education);

1997 Doctorate in Humane Letters (honorary) Bank Street College of Education, New York, May.

1992 Los Angeles County Bilingual Directors Association Award 1990 English-Speaking Union's Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Competition (highly commended) The development of second language proficiency. (B. Harley, P. Allen, J. Cummins, M. Swain [Eds.], Cambridge University Press, 1990).

l979 International Reading Association, Albert J. Harris Award for best paper on detection and remediation of reading disability; (J. Cummins and J.P. Das, Cognitive processing and reading difficulties: A framework for research.

Alberta Journal of Educational Research, l977, 23, 245-256).


Research Grant Adjudication Committees Member of the SSHRC Initiative on the New Economy Collaborative Research Initiatives Adjudication Committee, February – September 2003.

–  –  –

Monograph Series:

OISE Monograph Series on "Language and Literacy" (Series editors: J. Cummins, S. Lapkin and M. Swain) (1980-1990)

–  –  –

Member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario Advisory Committee on the development of a Web Based Teaching Tool (WBTT), (2005 - 2007).

–  –  –

Member of the Ontario Provincial Task Force on Learning Disabilities, Screening and Assessment Subcommittee charged with developing procedures for early identification and assessment of learning disabilities. (2000 – 2002).

Advisory Editorial Board, Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers, Multilingualism and Linguistic Diversity book series (1999 Advisory Committee for Centre for Education and Training project: Providing New Media Solutions for Foreign-Trained Immigrant Professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry (1999 – 2001).

Advisory Board, Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, Annual Editions, Teaching English as a Second Language (1998 – Panel of Judges, 1999 Outstanding Dissertation Competition, National Association for Bilingual Education, 1998.

–  –  –

Language Advisory Board, Scholastic Publishers (1992-94) Multiculturalism Canada Adjudication Committee on Heritage Language Innovative Projects (1992).

Multicultural History Society of Ontario Encyclopedia Project Board of Advisors (1991-1998) (The Peoples of Canada: An Encyclopedia for the Country).

–  –  –

The Board of Directors, International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Sri Lanka (1988).

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (l985-1991) (Member of Expert Team for Case Studies project, Education and Cultural and Linguistic Pluralism, Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, OECD.

Study/Lecture Tours Lecture Series on Bilingual/Immersion Education and the Implications of International Research for Irish-medium schooling in Ireland. Organized by Gaelscoileanna, November 2002, Ireland.

Lecture Series on Bilingualism, Technology, and Literacy, The University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece, May 1997 and May 1998.

Lecture Series on Language Learning and Bilingualism at the invitation of the Sophia Institute for International Communication, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, December 1990. (Published as a monograph in Sophia Linguistica, 29, 1991).

Study/Lecture tour of Maori bilingual programs and New Settler education programs at invitation of New Zealand Department of Education (February 1989).

Lecture Series/Consultancy to the Basque Government on development and evaluation of Basque/Spanish bilingual education programs (1986-1987).

Since 1980, I have presented, on average, 12-15 keynote/invited plenary presentations and more than 40 workshops annually to educators on topics related to language learning, bilingual education, English as a second language, multicultural education, special education, technology and education, and educational reform. In addition to North America, keynote/plenary presentations have been given in Australia, Austria, Aruba, Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles (Curacao), Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Spain (Catalonia and the Basque Country), Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.



–  –  –


Amin, Nuzhat Negotiating nativism: Minority immigrant women ESL teachers and the native speaker construct.


Bahry, Stephen Arnold Perspectives on quality in minority education in China: The case of Sunan Yugur Autonomous County, Gansu. (2002-2009).

Borg, Carmel Hegemony, Catholicism and education as counterdiscourse: Rethinking schooling in Malta. (1991Cachinero, Mary Carmen Romero Bilingual narrative development among school-age Hispanic-Canadian children. (1988-2000).

Chen, Louis Shifting powers, mediating knowledge, and creating culture: The educational potential of instant messaging for academic learning. (2003 – 2007).

Cohen, Sarah Making visible the invisible: Dual language teaching practices in monolingual instructional settings.


Dodick, David Jonathan A tale of two schools: A comparative case study of computer networking in two schools in the Toronto Board of Education. (1993-1998).

Donitsa-Schmidt, Smadar Language maintenance or shift? Determinants of language choice among Soviet immigrants in Israel (1996-1999).

Esquillo, Marie T.

The social and psychological determinants of language shift: The case of the Filipino immigrants in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (1984-1995).

Fiorucci, Sonia B.

Teaching a second language to dialect-speaking students: an exploratory observational study of Italian heritage language classrooms. (1986-1998).

Fuzessy, Christopher An investigation of teacher role definitions in educating Inuit students in Nunavik. (1998-2002).

Gagné, Antoinette A curriculum and pedagogical change: a case study of the implementation of process writing in a suburban French immersion elementary school. (1985-1994).

Kanno, Yasuko There’s no place like home: Japanese returnees’ identity in transition. (1991-1996).

Katsaiti, Lilly-Thelka Text remembering and cueing in bilinguals. (1981-1986).

Huque, Muhammad Enamul Belonging through participation: An exploration of the Caribana, Pride, and Santa Claus Parades in Toronto, 1998-2004. (1999 – 2007).

Lau, Man Chu (Sunny) Practising critical literacy work with English language learners: an integrative approach. (2005Lerthirunwong, Malai Problems and attitudes of Indochinese refuguees towards their language maintenance: A case study of the Lao community in Toronto. (1982-1989).

Li, Jia Orientations to English academic language learning among Chinese high school students in a technology-supported learning environment. (1999-2006).

López-Gopar, Mario “What makes children different is what makes them better”: Teaching Mexican children “English” to foster multilingual, multiliteracies, and intercultural practices. (2005-2009).

(Awarded AERA L2 SIG Outstanding Dissertation Award, April 2010).

Man, Evelyn Yee-Fun Language use and language behaviour of Hong Kong Chinese students in Toronto. (1989-1997).

Marujo, Maria Manuela Vaz From the margins to the centre? A case study of the integration of culturally diverse students’ first language into the mainstream curriculum of an elementary school. (1989-1999).

Morgan, Brian David Exploring critical citizenship in a community-based ESL program. (1993-1999).

Nunes, Fernando Portuguese-Canadians and academic underachievement: A community-based, participatory research project. (1989-1999).

Nygren-Junkin, Lilian The heritage language classroom as a cultural bridge with two-way traffic. (1977-1997).

Oketani, Hitomi Subtractive to additive bilinguality: A study of relations between bilinguality, academic achievement and socio-psychological factors of second-language generation Japanese-Canadian university students. (1989-1995).

Reynard, Ruth Internet-based distance training for adult ESL learners: A framework for dynamic language learning. (1997-2001) (co-supervisor with Dr. Miles Turnbull).

Sakamoto, Mitsuyo Raising bilingual and trilingual children: Japanese immigrant parents’ child-rearing experiences.


Shred Foley, Kathryn Decontextualized language skills and literacy development among Spanish-speaking children.


Smoor, Ellen Marie Conjugate lateral eye movements: Indicator of cognitive activity during mental processing in a structured L1 and L2 learning environment. (1988-1995).

Snoddon, Kristin American Sign Language and early literacy: Research as praxis. (2005-2009).

Taylor, Shelley Kathleen (Ph.D.) Trilingualism by design? An investigation into the educational experience of Kurdish children schooled in Denmark. (1991-2001) Tiede, Katherine Doris Appropriating the discourse of science: A case study of a grade eight science class. (1989-1996).

Wong, Ruth Yeang Lam Strategies for the construction of meaning: Chinese students in Singapore writing in English and Chinese. (1988-1992).

Wynnckyj, Oksana Learning Ukrainian as a second language. (1987-1993).


Au, Doris Programming for mother-tongue maintenance and heritage language education for elementary students of Chinese ethnic origin in Toronto. (1987-1995).

Bismilla, Vicki Creating space for students' mother tongues in college classrooms: A collaborative investigation of process and outcomes. (2005-2010).

Chan, Ivy The process of mother-tongue maintenance among Chinese adolescent students. (1980-1989).

Corson, Patricia Anti-bias education in early childhood: Preparing teachers for cultural, linguistic, and racial diversity. (1994-1998).

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Gavigan, William Evaluation of genre-based grade 9 narrative writing. (1991-1999).

Kietprawat, Kanchana English as a foreign language instruction in Phrae province, Thailand. (1980-1984).

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O'Donoghue, Fiona Mary Hunger for learning: Developing a professional development model for Nunavut education. (1990Shapka, Brenda Evolution of an inquiry: The application of reflection to my practice. (1985-1993).

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Tompkins, Joanne Listening to all the voices: Inuit conceptions of education leadership. (1998 – 2006).


Charania, gulzar raisa Encounters with Northern development workers: Reflections from the “field‖. (1999-2001) Chitiri, Helena-Fivi Language use patterns and Greek proficiency of the Greek-Canadian child. (1983-1986) Corcoran, James L1 in the L2 classroom: Framing Brazilian teacher beliefs and practices. (2006-2008).

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Jailall, Peter The challenge of language and literacy in Guyanese schools. (1997-2002).

Lee, Tony The debate on change of medium of instruction in Hong Kong secondary schools. (1998 – 2002).

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