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«WORLD THINKING DAY Facts, Fun & Activities THE WORLD ASSOCIATION OF GIRL GUIDES AND GIRL SCOUTS (WAGGGS) Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Inc. Revised ...»

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Facts, Fun & Activities




Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Inc.

Revised 2010

¡Bienvenido! Wilkommen! Namaste!

Welcome to the family!

When you became a Girl Scout, you joined a very large family, one that has

members all around the world. Our “family” is called the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS.) Your World Trefoil Pin shows you are part of this global family. Why both Girl Guides and Girl Scouts? Look at our “family history,” which begins on page 28, to find the answer!

Our Girl Scout/Girl Guide family celebrates a special day every February 22:

World Thinking Day. On this international holiday, Guides and Girl Scouts send friendly and peaceful thoughts to their sisters around the world.

Thoughts are translated into action when girls take part in international friendship activities and service projects, and through contributions to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund. Each year WAGGGS chooses a theme for World Thinking Day, and troops often use that theme for a ceremony or event. (For resources on the current theme, go to www.wagggsworld.org, or to www.girlscouts.org. (Disponible in Español) Learning more about Guides in other countries through international friendship events, service projects, ceremonies, and by exchanging greetings through cards, the internet, and amateur radio are just a few of the many ways Girl Guides and Girl Scouts celebrate the day. World Thinking Day is also when Guides and Girl Scouts take time to honor the life and works of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the Founder of the world-wide Scout and Guide Movement, and his wife Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, who was World Chief Guide. Lord and Lady Baden-Powell shared the same birthday, February 22, so that date was chosen for World Thinking Day. It was Lord Baden-Powell who introduced Juliette Gordon Low to the Girl Guides and inspired her to bring Girl Guiding – soon to be known as Girl Scouting – to America in 1912.

The Meaning Of The World Thinking Day Symbol (on the cover):

 The World Trefoil in the center represents the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)  Arrows pointing toward the Trefoil represent action and give direction, because the World Association can both help and be helped by all its members.

 The circular design represents the world of the Girl Guide/Girl Scout Movement.

How Do We Celebrate World Thinking Day?

It’s easy: girls discover, connect and take action!

When girls come together to discuss, choose, plan and carry out their World

Thinking Day activities, it‟s a perfect opportunity to:

 Develop positive values (discover)  Seek challenges in the world (discover)  Promote cooperation and team-building (connect)  Advance diversity in a multicultural word (connect)  Feel connected to their communities, globally and locally (connect)  Be resourceful problem solvers (take action)  Advocate for themselves and other, locally and globally (take action)  Educate and inspire other to act (take action)  Feel empowered to make a difference in the world (take action) Some specific examples of how girls can put their leadership skills to work for

World Thinking Day include:

 Planning and carrying out projects and activities that suppo rt the World Thinking Day theme. In 2011 the focus will be on gender equality and girls worldwide say “empowering girls will change the world”. In 2012 the message will be girls worldwide say “we can save our planet.”  Setting up World Thinking Day and WAGGGS displays in libraries, schools, shopping malls and other appropriate places; with permission, flying the WAGGGS flag at their school or other public building, raising it with a special ceremony; asking their local government to proclaim February 22 Girl Scout World Thinking Day in [your town]; wearing their sash or vest or World Trefoil pin at school. (Adults: wear your scarf and pins at work!)  Hosting a party, cookout, or indoor feast with foods from a variety of WAGGGS member countries, or preparing food from a particular country or region. Before the feast, doing activities related to world hunger could help balance out the event.

 Having a musical event with songs from other countries -- Girl Guide/Girl Scout songs as well as national music, pop music and folk songs. Maybe some folk dances, too!

 Showing the video Sisters all... Friends forever or the DVD Girls Worldwide Say…[available for checkout from the Girl Scout Resource Centers and also on YouTube] followed by a World Thinking Ceremony or World Trefoil pin presentation. Or, make up a quiz with questions about WAGGGS, the Four World Centres, and/or Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in other countries, then challenge other troops to a game of “World Trivia.” Any admission fees go to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund.

 Organizing an imaginary trip to a WAGGGS member country in each of the five World Regions. Girls can make passports and stamps, and prepare both Girl Scout/Guide or traditional games, songs, stories, food and crafts, as well as special challenges or projects as they explore the lives of girls and women in each of the countries "visited.” Girls dressed in a home-made version of Guide uniforms from that country welcome the visitors. Other girls might wear traditional attire.

 Hosting a Campfire or other gathering to celebrate the spiritual and inspirational dimensions of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting. (Also a good time to honor the life and works of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.)  Having a dawn meeting and become part of the chain of World Thinking Day thoughts and greetings, which begin at dawn in the Pacific on February 22 and end at dusk in the West Coast of the Americas or Hawaii.

 Planning and carrying out World Thinking Day ceremonies:

 Candle ceremonies, or similar ceremonies with oil lamps/torches  Ceremonies with paper doves, symbolizing peace  Ceremonies involving "chains of friendship" (clasped-hand chains, linked paper chains, paper dolls.)  Reflections, readings, quotations, pictures and music drawn from the cultures and traditions of other countries  Music, dance, and drama illustrating the Movement; use “The World Song” and/or “World Thinking Day Song”  Use discs, tapes, CDs of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting music from other countries.

We asked Girl Scout and Guide Leaders in the USA and the UK: “How are you celebrating World Thinking Day this year?”  We held a sleepover for the Guides last night. We were all in bed by midnight and at midnight the Guides all shouted “Happy Thinking Day!” That wasn‟t organized - they did it without any suggestion from us. Then they were very good and went to sleep. We got them up at 5.30 this morning and after a quick drink and a cereal bar we set of for a 45 minute walk through the woods to a high place where we could see to the east. The idea was to see the sun rise on World Thinking Day! It was cloudy and no sunrise, but at sunrise time (7.04) we lit sparklers and all renewed our Promises on top of the hill.

Then we walked back, meeting several bemused dog walkers wondering what a host of girls were doing out in the woods at that time of the morning during half term [school break]; we cooked them a good breakfast, they cleared and did the washing up and tidying while the leaders sat and chatted.

They were all collected at 10.00, 2 leaders went off to work and the rest of us have gone home having celebrated World Thinking Day. It was lovely.

Happy Thinking Day to all those yet to Celebrate,

Loris & Marie6th Fleet Guides, Hampshire North, UK

 We rent a school cafeteria and auditorium. The girls (Daisy through Senior) choose a WAGGGS member country to learn about. They study their country, make up a table display, prepare a skit (5 min. or less), and prepare swaps (presentos) from their country to pass out to the other participants.

Some years we include passports which the girls have stamped at each table.

In those years we do not have skits. This year our troop represented Mexico, and performed the song “Celito Lindo” with the audience joining in on the Aye, Yi, Yi, Yi, and served vanilla wafers dipped in caramel sauce (This was served to us at Our Cabaña). My Senior troop traveled to Our Cabaña and Ticalli [in Mexico] this past summer. Our intention is to share our experiences with the younger Girl Scouts.

(Linda B., Senior Troop 1293 & Service Unit Manager)  We had Guides dressed up in other uniforms (improvised sometimes), in saris and henna-painted hands from India, and Brownies dressed up in clogs and Dutch caps singing 'A mouse lived in a windmill‟! After this each Guide picked up a passport from the 'World Bureau' and had it stamped as they visited each area of the room (Country) and tried the fo od that the Guides had brought along. At the end we had a ceremony where Guides lit candles for England, and then for all the countries we had represented, and brought their Thinking Day pennies. We then sang a Thinking Day song and 'Brownie Bells' and 'Taps'.

(“Brown Owl” – a Brownie Unit Guider from the UK)  My service units have done everything from Tasting Teas and International Fairs to "Dance Throughout the World." A small service unit (125 girls) did a day-long event on the Four World Centres. The girls rotated through the four stations, spending about an hour learning about the Centres, the country itself, a craft and some food. The day was a great success. I like the idea of using the Four World Centres for a first time World Thinking Day!! We have done several in our Neighborhood, but using the Centres allows the girls to learn about WAGGGS, and Juniors can earn the Girl Scouting Around the World badge. They can participate by setting up a booth for their country, showing food, Guide/Girl Scout info, games and songs. The countries are interspersed between the centers.

 Use articles from the newspaper or materials from international relief agencies to help girls learn more about the problems being faced by Guides in other countries. (It helps to have a world map or atlas and a copy of Trefoil Round the World or internet access.) Play a simulation game: hold a World Food Banquet where 20% of the diners get 80% of the food – that‟s what the world‟s food distribution looks like! You need a card for each girl, with the name of country written on it, and a large bag of raisins or candy.

Girls draw a card, then you give them a raisin/raisins according to which country she drew: 20 raisins for USA, Canada, the UK and Western European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Five raisins each for Eastern European countries, Korea, the states of the former Soviet Union. One raisin each for African, Latin America, or Asian countries. Discuss as a troop if this is fair; if everyone should have the same; whether there are enough raisins for everyone to have 20; how the total number of raisins could be divided fairly. Does this reflect reality? How do they feel about redistributing wealth?

(USA Girl Scout Cadette Advisor) You Don’t Have to Travel Far to Talk to Your Sister

Guides and Girl Scouts in Other Countries:

–  –  –

Thinking Day On the Air (TDOTA) links members of the Girl Guide/Girl Scout movement by amateur radio. It is an opportunity for the members of the Guide Association/Girl Scouts from the youngest Rainbow (Daisy) to the oldest Trefoil Guild member to talk to other members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world via Amateur Radio. TDOTA gives the girls an opportunity to have fun trying to talk to members in other countries.

TDOTA will always be on the third weekend in February. For most years this will not be the nearest weekend to World Thinking Day but when the two weekends coincide the celebrations will be extra special.

If you would like to take part in TDOTA you will need the services of a licensed radio amateur (“ham.”). This person does not need to have links to Guiding/Girl Scouting, as long as they are willing to operate a station and they fill in a W/R form. Please note that girls should not be left unsupervised with radio amateurs. A leader or adult helper should always be present.

Licensed radio amateurs are usually very pleased to use their equipment to set up a station. It may be possible to use local authority premises, church halls and so on. Some amateur radio clubs have a meeting place with a permanent place for erecting aerials. Leaders and licensed radio amateurs should discuss the requirements of the station and possible venues well in advance as the address of the station has to be on the license application.

Messages may be up to five minutes long; each participant can speak once to any suitable station contacted; more than one participant can speak to each station. The contact remains under the control of the licensed radio amateur who advises on procedures. More than one radio can be operated simultaneously and a special call sign allocated will enable the station to be readily identified as a special station, which usually increases the number of contacts

The Event

The station may run on its own as a World Thinking Day activity, or may be part of a larger World Thinking Day Event, with other activities besides the radio. Whichever you choose there are various possibilities for the radio station. The licensed radio amateur will explain what is available.


There are several activities specifically connected with operating the station

for which the girls can take responsibility, these include:

 Pre-event preparation  Making QSL cards – try the website http://www.hfradio.org/wb8rcr/ for a free QSL card making program  Keeping the log  Keeping visitors informed about contacts using displays and maps


Girls might choose to celebrate World Thinking Day by playing games that Brownies, Guides, and Rangers in other countries play; a good resource is World Games and Recipes, available for checkout from the Girl Scout Resource Centers.

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