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«PERSONAL INFORMATION, TRAINING, & JOB HISTORY Address Office: Department of Sociology Home: 914 West Broadway Bowling Green State University Maumee, ...»

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Alfred DeMaris

Curriculum Vitae

June 2014



Office: Department of Sociology Home: 914 West Broadway

Bowling Green State University Maumee, OH 43537

Bowling Green, OH 43403 Phone: (419) 893-1280

Phone: (419) 372-2294 [direct line: 372-7257] Fax: (419) 372-8306

email: ademari@bgnet.bgsu.edu Professional Training University of Miami B.A. English 1968 University of Florida M.A. Sociology 1977 University of Florida Ph.D. Sociology 1982 University of Maryland Postdoctoral Fellowship Family Mental Health 1984 – 85 Virginia Polytechnic Institute M.S. Statistics 1987 Areas of Concentration Quantitative Methods Family Social Psychology Applied and Evaluation Research Doctoral Dissertation DeMaris, Alfred. 1982. “The Influence of Premarital Cohabitation with Future Spouse on Subsequent Marital Quality.” Doctoral dissertation, Department of Sociology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. [Doctoral Committee: Gerald Leslie (Chair), Felix Berardo, John Henretta, Alan Agresti, Lee Crandall, Robert Ziller (outside member from Psychology Department).] University Appointments Instructor of Sociology, Auburn University, January – December 1982 Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Auburn University, December 1982 – June 1984 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Bowling Green State University, January 1988 – July 1991 Associate Professor of Sociology, Bowling Green State University, August 1991 – July 1995 Professor of Sociology, Bowling Green State University, August 1995 – Present.

Lecturer for Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), Summer Training Program in Advanced Statistical Techniques. University of Michigan. Summer 2006.

Courses Taught (a.) at ICPSR:

DeMaris Vita 2 Categorical Analysis: Logistic, Probit, Scobit, Complementary Log-Log Regression for Binary Responses;

Ordered and Multinomial Logit Regression for Multinomial Responses; Poisson Regression, Negative Binomial Regression, Zero-Inflated Count Data Models;

Censored, Truncated, Sample-Selected Regression Models; Survival Analysis.

(b.) at BGSU:



Growth- Curve Analysis Using SAS.

Four- day workshop for CFDR affiliates (faculty and graduate students) in growth- curve modeling via the linear mixed effects model.

SOC 719 Topics in Advanced


Regression With Limited Dependent Variables (Logit, Probit, Tobit, and Poisson Regression;

Sample Selection Models, Event History Analysis) SOC 719 Topics in Advanced


Longitudinal Data Analysis (Fixed and Random- effects Models for Simple Panel Data Analysis;

growth- curve modeling) SOC 719 Topics in Advanced Statistics: Covariance Structure Analysis (Factor, Path, & LISREL Models) SOC 719 Topics in Advanced Statistics: Log-linear & Logit Models for Contingency Tables; Logistic Regression SOC 713 Research Design SOC 716 Experimental Design and Analysis SOC 653 Social Psychology of the Marital Dyad SOC 650 Proseminar in Social Psychology SOC 612 Intermediate Statistics SOC 551 Seminar in Family Violence CS 503 Statistical Packages (SPSS and SAS) SOC 461 Introduction to Family Violence SOC 369 Introductory Statistics SOC 361 The Family (c.) at Auburn:

SY 521 Seminar in Medical Sociology SY 370 Methods of Social Research SY 301 Sociology of the Family SY 220 Introductory Social Statistics SY 204 Social Psychology SY 201 Introductory Sociology Other Appointments Demographer, U. S. Bureau of the Census, Summer, 1977 Research Associate, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Florida, 1979 – 81


Monographs DeMaris, Alfred, and Steven H.



Converting Data into


A Statistics Primer for the Medical Practitioner.



Springer Science & Business Media.

DeMaris, Alfred. 2004. Regression with Social Data: Modeling Continuous and Limited Response Variables. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

–  –  –

Refereed Journal Articles DeMaris, Alfred.

(In press).

“Combatting Unmeasured Confounding in Cross- Sectional


Evaluating Instrumental- Variable and Heckman- Selection Models.” Psychological Methods.

Mahoney, A., Kussner, K., Pargament, K.

I., & DeMaris, A.

(In press).

“Sanctification, Spiritual Intimacy, Love and Problem- Solving Predicting Observed Marital Interactions Across the Transition to Parenthood.

Journal of Family Psychology.

LeRoy, Michelle, Annette Mahoney, Kenneth I. Pargament, & Alfred DeMaris. (In Press). “Fathers as Coparents:

Longitudinal Links between Coparenting and Infant Behavior Problems. Early Child Development and Care.

Lucero, Steven, Kenneth I.

Pargament, Annette Mahoney, and Alfred DeMaris.


“Links between Religious and Spiritual Coping and Adjustment among Fathers and Mothers during First Pregnancy.” Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, volume 31, issue 3.

Published Online.

DeMaris, Alfred, Annette Mahoney, and Kenneth I.



“Father’s Contributions to Housework and Childcare and Parental Aggravation Among First- Time Parents.

Fathering, 11, 179 – 198.

McClain, Lauren R., and Alfred DeMaris.


“A Better Deal for Cohabiting Fathers?

Union Status Differences in Father Involvement.” Fathering, 11, 199 – 220.

Nomaguchi, Kei M., and Alfred DeMaris.


“Nonmaternal Care'+s Association with Mother'+s Parenting


A Case of Self- Selection Bias?” Journal of Marriage and Family, 75, 760 – 777.

DeMaris, Alfred.


“Burning the Candle at Both


Extramarital Sex as a Precursor of Marital Disruption.” Journal of Family Issues, 34, 1474–1499 DeMaris, Alfred, Laura Sanchez, and Kristi Krivikas.


“Developmental Patterns in Marital


Another Look at Covenant Marriage.” Journal of Marriage and Family, 74, 989 – 1004.

Croucher, Stephen M., Alfred DeMaris, Brenda Oyer, Franklin Yartey, and Linda Ziberi. (2012). “Jealousy in India and the United States: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Three Dimensions of Jealousy. Human Communication, 15, 139 – 158.

Croucher, Stephen M., Alfred DeMaris, Jacob S. Turner, & Anthony T. Spencer. (2012). “Assessing the Factorial Complexity of the Verbal Aggressiveness Scale.” Human communication, 15, 261 – 277.

Lally William, and Alfred DeMaris. (2012). “Gender and Relational-Distance Effects in Arrests for Domestic Violence.” Crime & Delinquency, 58, 103 – 123.

DeMaris, Alfred, Annette Mahoney, and Kenneth I.



“Doing the Scut Work of Infant


Does Religiousness Encourage Father Involvement?” Journal of Marriage and Family, 73, 354 – 368.

Croucher, Stephen M., Kyle J.

Holody, Manda V.

Hicks, Deepa Oommen, & Alfred DeMaris.


An examination of conflict style preferences in India.

International Journal of Conflict Management, 22, 10 – 34.

DeMaris, Alfred, Annette Mahoney, and Kenneth I.



“Sanctification of Marriage and General Religiousness as Buffers of the Effects of Marital Inequity.” Journal of Family Issues, 31, 1255 – 1278.

DeMaris Vita 4 DeMaris, Alfred.

( 2010).

“The 20- Year Trajectory of Marital Quality in Enduring


Does Equity Matter?” Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 27, 449 – 471.

DeMaris, Alfred.


“Distal and Proximal Influences on the Risk of Extramarital


A Prospective Study of Longer- Duration Marriages.” Journal of Sex Research, 46, 597 – 607.

Mahoney, Annette, Kenneth I. Pargament, and Alfred DeMaris. (2009). “Couples Viewing Marriage and Pregnancy through the Lens of the Sacred: A Descriptive Study.” Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, 20, 1 – 45.

Gager, Constance T., Laura Sanchez, and Alfred DeMaris. (2009). “Whose Time is it? The Effect of Gender, Employment, and Work/Family Stress on Children’s Housework.” Journal of Family Issues, 30, 1459 – 1485.

Kaukinen, Catherine and Alfred DeMaris.


"+Sexual Assault and Current Mental


The Role of Help-  Seeking and Police Response."+ Violence Against Women, 15, 1331 – 1357.

DeMaris, Alfred and Catherine Kaukinen.


"+Partner'+s Stake in Conformity and Abused Wives'+ Psychological Trauma."+ The Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 23, 1323 – 1342.

DeMaris, Alfred.


"+The Role of Relationship Inequity in Marital Disruption."+ Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 24:

177 – 195.

Lee, Gary R. and Alfred DeMaris. (2007). “Widowhood, Gender, and Depression: A Longitudinal Analysis.” Research on Aging, 29: 56-72.

DeMaris, Alfred and Catherine Kaukinen. 2005. “Violent Victimization and Women’s Mental and Physical Health: Evidence from a National Sample.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 42: 384 – 411.

Kaukinen, Catherine and Alfred DeMaris. 2005. “Age at First Sexual Assault and Current Substance Use and Depression.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 20: 1244 – 1270.

Goza, Franklin and Alfred DeMaris. 2003. “Unemployment Transitions Among Brazilians in the United States and Canada.” International Migration 41: 127 – 150.

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DeMaris, Alfred, Michael L. Benson, Greer L. Fox, Terrence Hill, and Judy Van Wyk. 2003. “Distal and Proximal Factors in Domestic Violence: A Test of an Integrated Model.” Journal of Marriage and Family 65: 652 – 667.

Van Wyk, Judy, Michael L. Benson, Greer L. Fox, and Alfred DeMaris. 2003. “Detangling Individual, Partner, and Community Level Correlates of Partner Violence.” Crime & Delinquency 49: 412 – 438.

Benson, Michael L., Greer L. Fox, Alfred DeMaris, and Judy Van Wyk. 2003. "Neighborhood Disadvantage, Individual Economic Distress, and Violence Against Women in Intimate Relationships." Journal of Quantitative Criminology 19: 207 – 235.

DeMaris, Alfred. 2002. “Explained Variance in Logistic Regression: A Monte Carlo Study of Proposed Measures.” Sociological Methods & Research 31: 27 – 74.

–  –  –

MacDonald, William L. and Alfred DeMaris. 2002. “Stepfather-Stepchild Relationship Quality: The Stepfather’s Demand for Conformity and the Biological Father’s Involvement.” Journal of Family Issues 23: 121 – 137.

DeMaris, Alfred. 2001. “The Influence of Intimate Violence on Transitions out of Cohabitation.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 63: 235 – 246.

Lee, Gary R., Alfred DeMaris, Stefoni Bavin, and Rachael Sullivan. 2001. “Gender Differences in the Consequences of Widowhood: The Case of Depression.” Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 56B: S56 – S61.

DeMaris, Alfred. 2000. “’Till Discord Do Us Part: The Role of Physical and Verbal Conflict in Union Disruption.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 62: 683 – 692.

Swinford, Steven P., Alfred DeMaris, Stephen A. Cernkovich, and Peggy C. Giordano. 2000. “Harsh Physical Discipline in Childhood and Violence in Later Romantic Involvements: The Mediating Role of Problem Behaviors.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 62: 508 – 519.

DeMaris, Alfred. 1997. "Elevated Sexual Activity in Violent Marriages: Hypersexuality or Sexual Extortion?" Journal of Sex Research 34: 361 – 373.

Longmore, Monica A. and Alfred DeMaris. 1997. "Perceived Inequity and Depression in Intimate Relationships:

The Moderating Effect of Self-Esteem." Social Psychology Quarterly 60: 172 – 184.

Wu, Xiaoqin and Alfred DeMaris. 1996. "Gender and Marital Status Differences in Depression: The Effects of Chronic Strains." Sex Roles 34: 299 – 319.

DeMaris, Alfred and Monica A. Longmore. 1996. "Ideology, Power, and Equity: Testing Competing Explanations for the Perception of Fairness in Household Labor." Social Forces 74: 1043 – 1071.

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DeMaris, Alfred. 1995. "A Tutorial in Logistic Regression." Journal of Marriage and the Family 57: 956 – 968.

MacDonald, William and Alfred DeMaris. 1995. "Remarriage, Stepchildren, and Marital Conflict: Challenges to the Incomplete Institutionalization Hypothesis." Journal of Marriage and the Family 57: 387 – 398.

Rao, K. V. and Alfred DeMaris. 1995. "Coital Frequency Among Married and Cohabiting Couples in the United States." Journal of Biosocial Science 27: 135 – 150.

DeMaris, Alfred and Renxin Yang. 1994. "Race, Alienation, and Interpersonal Mistrust." Sociological Spectrum 14:

327 – 349.

DeMaris, Alfred. 1993. "Odds Versus Probabilities in Logit Equations: A Reply to Roncek." Social Forces 71: 1057 – 1065.

–  –  –

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