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  1. «Der Open-Access-Publikationsserver der ZBW – Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft The Open Access Publication Server of the ZBW – Leibniz ...»
  2. «Koenraad Verboven A funny thing happened on my way to the market. Reading Petronius to write economic history PRAG Jonathan & REPATH Ian (edd.) ...»
  3. «Niall O’Higgins CELPE - DISES Recent Trends in Youth Labour Markets and Youth Employment Policy in Europe and Central Asia Discussion Paper 85 ...»
  4. «Floro Ernesto Caroleo – Gianluigi Coppola CELPE - DISES The Impact of the Institutions on Regional Unemployment Disparities Discussion Paper 98 ...»
  5. «The Importance of the Informal Financial Market for Rural Development Financing in Developing Countries: The Example of Pakistan WINFRIED MANIG The ...»
  6. «Palle Andersen and Ramon Moreno1 Introduction Global financial integration has substantially increased in recent decades. Initially, it manifested ...»
  7. «Asian Economic and Financial Review 2(7):741-750 Asian Economic and Financial Review journal homepage:http://aessweb.com/journal-detail.php?id=5002 ...»
  8. «Fixed Income Investment (Sukuk) in Islamic Finance Sabri Ulus* Abstract Recently many books, newspaper articles and research papers have been written ...»
  9. «Gender, Poverty and Demography: An Overview Mayra Buvinic, Monica Das Gupta, and Ursula Casabonne Much has been written on gender inequality and how ...»
  10. «Economic Action, Fields and Uncertainty Doris Hanappi Abstract: Pierre Bourdieu’s field and habitus approach to the economy offers rich theoretical ...»
  11. «Centre-Periphery Relations in Britain, France and Spain: Theorising the Contemporary Transition Joseph Ruane (University College Cork) j.ruane@ucc.ie ...»
  12. «79 kampung settlements of Jakarta, Indonesia Luki Budiarto Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Abstract Keywords 79.1 dwelling, local ...»
  13. «Abstract. We present a novel methodology for the analysis of activities engaged in an organization such as the research conducted in a University ...»
  14. «The Effects of Business Environments on Development: Surveying New Firm-level Evidence Public Disclosure Authorized Lixin Colin Xu In the past ...»
  15. «Density and Disasters: Economics of Urban Hazard Risk Public Disclosure Authorized Somik V. Lall † Uwe Deichmann Today, 370 million people live in ...»
  16. «THE STRANGE HISTORY OF THE ECONOMIC AGENT* Duncan K. Foley What is the “Economic Agent”? I The social phenomena political economy and economics ...»
  17. «Current position Assistant Professor in Political Science, Dipartimento di Cultura, Politica e Società University of Turin, Italy (December ...»
  18. «16th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development – “The Legal Challenges of Modern World” Editors: Zeljka Primorac, ...»
  19. «Corporate Social Responsibility from an Islamic Moral Economy Perspective: A Literature Survey Elena Platonova* Abstract Islamic finance re-emerged ...»
  20. «A thesis submitted to the Bucerius Master of Law and Business Program in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Master of Law ...»
  21. «Bernard Mandeville on hypochondria and self-liking MAURO SIMONAZZI University of Camerino Abstract: This article analyses how Mandeville’s Treatise ...»
  22. «The Role of Women in Iran’s New Popular Revolution RAMESH SEPEHRRAD President National Committee of Women for a Democratic Iran M any observers see ...»
  23. «Asian Economic and Financial Review 2(8):921-934 Asian Economic and Financial Review journal homepage: http://aessweb.com/journal-detail.php?id=5002 ...»
  24. «Asian Economic and Financial Review 2(8):966-982 Asian Economic and Financial Review journal homepage: http://aessweb.com/journal-detail.php?id=5002 ...»
  25. «Introduction A variety of theoretical perspectives provide insight into immigration. Economics, which assumes that actors engage in utility ...»
  26. «This book provides a much-needed study of the bargaining coalitions of developing countries in the GATT and WTO. It traces, explains and theorises on ...»
  27. «‘ . an excellent history of bilateral trade relations, focusing on the period from the second US presidential administration of Ronald Reagan ...»
  28. «What contribution does realist social theory make to our understanding of education policy? Does the production line apply to children's education? ...»
  29. «In this lucid and subtle investigation of the economic, political and cultural condition of women in contemporary society, Sylvia Walby, one of the ...»
  30. «Volume 72 SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY IN USE This page intentionally left blank SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY IN USE KEN MENZIES First published in 1982 This edition ...»
  31. «By ‘uncertain’ knowledge, let me explain,. We simply do not know. J.M. Keynes (1937) Humans have an additional capability that allows them to ...»
  32. «Cicero Xenophon C.P. Baloglou (*) Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, S.A. Messenias 14 & Gr. Lamprakis, 143 42 Nea Philadelphia, Athens, ...»
  33. «Abstract In the extant literature, different perspectives and theories have been taken in explaining supply chain collaboration. In this chapter, we ...»
  34. «2.1 Introduction Many economists have written about deflation or touched upon the subject in passing while focusing on their development of related ...»
  35. «In 1968, Bartels proposed that a general theory of marketing should include seven subtheories: (1) theory of social initiative, (2) theory of ...»
  36. «Abstract In this article, I attempt to explain why lifestyle may have a positive impact on economic growth. First, I consider the ways in which ...»
  37. «Introduction The history of pawnbroking services in Malaysia can be dated back to the fifteenth century, during the glorious time of the Sultanate ...»
  38. «Sustainable Biomass Import Program – NL Agency – Netherlands Ronald Poppens - Jan Peter Lesschen - Maryna Galytska - Patrick de Jamblinne - Peter ...»
  39. «IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) e-ISSN: 2278-487X, p-ISSN: 2319-7668. Volume 14, Issue 6 (Nov. - Dec. 2013), PP 01-05 ...»
  40. «Theorising Comparative Regionalism: Bridging Old Divides Björn Hettne* & Fredrik Söderbaum** Introduction Over the last decade regionalism has ...»
  41. «Abstract. There is a growing interest in persuasive games designed to positively influence players’ well-being in areas such as physical and ...»
  42. «Feature Address delivered by Mr. Winston Cox Former Governor, Central Bank of Barbados at the 26th Adlith Brown Memorial Lecture “The International ...»
  43. «1 CONTENTS PAGE Note from Executive Director 2 Note from Director of Programmes 3 ACE AFRICA Approach and Outputs 2005 4 ACE AFRICA Programme ...»
  44. «Westgate House 2a Prebend Street London N1 8PT 020 7359 8000 joanne@ukace.org Bright Blue report on Home Energy Efficiency: evidence from ACE ...»
  45. «Dr. Tilak K. Doshi Chief Economist and Principal Fellow, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore Dr. Tilak K. Doshi is an industry ...»
  46. «Aligning Business and IT to Improve Performance Ventana Research Headquarters Ventana Research Europe 1301 Shoreway Rd, Ste. 208 2nd floor, Berkeley ...»
  47. «Abstract: Agent-based computational economics (ACE) is the computational study of economies modeled as evolving systems of autonomous interacting ...»
  48. «Achieving Clusters Excellence (ACE) ACE - Achieving Cluster Excellence Project name: 24 months, starting date: 6th January 2014 Duration: Finpiemonte ...»
  49. «ZURICH and WARREN, NEW JERSEY — JULY 1, 2015 — ACE Limited (NYSE: ACE) and The Chubb Corporation (NYSE: CB) announced today that the Boards of ...»
  50. «Volume X. Issue 1, 2010 ACHILLES' HEELS OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS Jan Mertl1 Introduction The current economics of health pays extensive attention to ...»
  51. «CASS Business School 17th March 2010 Last August, some remarks of mine caused controversy. I suggested that some of the activities which went on in ...»
  52. «The Case for Monetary Finance – An Essentially Political Issue Adair Turner Institute for New Economic Thinking Paper presented at the 16th Jacques ...»
  53. «POSITIONS University of California at Berkeley, Haas School of Business Associate Professor of Finance, 2016 – Assistant Professor of Finance, 2013 ...»
  54. «Highlights of the year  Consolidated net asset value at 31 December 2014 of US$118.9 million (31 December 2013: US$25.5million)  Loss for the ...»
  55. «Adam Sher Call Date: 2007 Adam Sher has a broad commercial and civil practice in line with Chambers’ profile. Much of Adam’s work has an ...»
  56. «Preservation of Affordable Housing Florida Housing Conference 2015 Preservation of Affordable Housing Florida Housing Conference 2015 Preservation of ...»
  57. «The Directors of ADAM are pleased to announce that the Company will today post a circular to Shareholders and Warrantholders containing details of: ...»
  58. «Highlights of the year  Consolidated net asset value US$25.5 million (2012: US$23.2 million) at 31 December 2013  Loss for the year narrows to ...»
  59. «ADAR Investment Management LLC Item 1 - Cover Page ADAR Investment Management LLC 156 West 56th Street, Suite 801 New York, NY 10019 Tel 212-373-8900 ...»
  60. «Closed for Business: How Local Governments are Strangling Businesses and Entrepreneurs in Red Tape Written by: Jason Adkins, Minnesota Catholic ...»
  61. «Asian Economic and Financial Review, 2015, 5(2): 264-278 Asian Economic and Financial Review ISSN(e): 2222-6737/ISSN(p): 2305-2147 journal homepage: ...»
  62. «Final Report June 2004 Prepared for the Steering Committee of the Arizona School Finance Adequacy Study funded by the Rodel Charitable Foundation of ...»
  63. «Why Neo-Institutionalism Can’t Explain the Modern World: A Pamphlet Deirdre N McCloskey being Chp. 33-37 in Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics ...»
  64. «Background The establishmentof formal agriculturalcredit systemsin most developingcountriesover the recent decadeswas motivatedby the belief that ...»
  65. «Chukwuma Agu Investment and Trade Policy Centre Department of Economics, University of Pretoria, South Africa Email: shookslife@yahoo.com Phone: 27 ...»
  66. «Article The Visible Hand: Coordination Functions of the Regulatory State Robert B. Ahdieh† Introduction I. The Coordination Economy II. Defection, ...»
  67. «Adnan ROVČANIN2 Aida HANIĆ3 Abstract The financial system in Bosnia and Herzegovina is bank centered which follows the continental model, where ...»
  68. «MOBILE COMMERCE BEYOND ELECTRONIC COMMERCE: ISSUE AND CHALLENGES Asghar Afshar Jahanshahi (Corresponding Author) PhD Scholar in Business ...»
  69. « ...»
  70. «The new NBN policy’s Achilles heel Peter Gerrand University of Melbourne While most critiques of the Coalition Government’s National Broadband ...»
  71. «Prepared by: Alin Chindea Magdalena Majkowska-Tomkin Heikki Mattila Isabel Pastor Edited by: Sheila Siar Publisher: International Organization for ...»
  72. «Innovation, vision and performance are the basis of large companies. ALES is an integrated business Group committed during more than 45 years who is ...»
  73. «Legislative Finance Committee Meeting Minutes State Capitol Room 307 Santa Fe, NM 87501 November 18 - 21, 2014 Tuesday, November 18 The following ...»
  74. «An Overview Of The Life Of Henry Cornelius Agrippa Not people and easily pips are shy to ask by patenting a board also if carrying hand. Make the ...»
  75. «Anne van de Sande MA Business Communication Radboud University Nijmegen August 2008 Have Faith in Testing The Role of Churches in the Limpopo ...»
  76. «ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Ph.D. – Education Policy Studies, Indiana University, 2000 Concentration: K-12 Education Finance & Economics Master of Public ...»
  78. «Shayuti Mohamed Adnana Chris van Stadenb David Hayc a Phd candidate, Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Auckland Business School, ...»
  79. «No 128 July 2009 An applied analysis of ACE and CBIT reform in the EU Ruud de Mooij* and Michael Devereux** * CPB; this paper was written while Ruud ...»
  80. «Timothy D. Adams President and CEO April 12, 2016 Mr. Agustín Carstens Chairman, International Monetary and Financial Committee Mr. Bambang ...»
  81. «2012 THESES IN HARVARD ARCHIVES Tomomichi Amano Labor Input Growth in Singapore, 1974-2010: Analyzing the Effects of Dale Jorgenson Manpower Policy ...»
  82. «2013 THESES IN HARVARD ARCHIVES Amira Abulafi Missing Women: The Impact of Dowry Payments on the Survival of Nathan Nunn Girls in Matlab, Bangladesh ...»
  83. «2016 THESES IN HARVARD ARCHIVES Saba Beridze The First Opportunity to Sell: IPO Lockup Expirations Lawrence Summers Herman Bhupal The Curse of the ...»
  84. «Crisis. What Crisis? Argentine Media in View of the 2008 International Financial Crisis MARTÍN ALFREDO BECERRA GUILLERMO MASTRINI National ...»
  85. «A Tool for the Economic Crisis: A Single European Treasury Juan I. Crespo * Theme: The economic crisis could open a debate on one of the most ...»
  86. «Strategically Leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility to the Benefit of Company and Society: A Corporate Branding Perspective Christine Vallaster ...»
  87. «Causes of Interest Rate Volatility and its Economic Implications in Nigeria Wehnam Peter DABALE1 Nelson JAGERO2 1,2 Africa University, P.O. Box 1320 ...»
  88. «Effect of Source Areas Anthropogenic Activities on Dust Storm Occurrences in the Western Parts of Iran D. Akhzari*1, M. Pessarakli2, K. Shayesteh3, ...»
  89. «Andy ASAMOAH (WHO 1967 – 2000) Please tell us about your youth. I was born in Kumasi, Ghana on the 18th of December 1945. Coming from a very poor ...»
  90. «Research Masters in African Studies “Copper, Borders and Nation-Building” The Katangese Factor in Zambian Political and Economic History Enid ...»
  91. «Vladimir Atanasov College of William and Mary Bernard Black Northwestern University (Draft March 2014) European Corporate Governance Institute ...»
  92. «Minute of Meeting of the Audit Committee held on Tuesday 8th December 2015 at 9.00am in the Board Room, Kirklands, Bothwell CHAIR: Mr T Steele, ...»
  93. «Murray N. Rothbard To my mentors, Ludwig von Mises and Joseph Dorfman Economic Thought Before Adam Smith An Austrian Perspective on the History of ...»
  94. «To: All Councilmembers From: Jack Evans, Chairperson Committee on Finance and Rev Date: October 12, 2005 Subject: Report on Bill 16-288, the Adams ...»
  95. «A Broad Vision of Access to Labour Markets I have been asked to lay the framework for the conference dialogue as we seek, first of all, to examine ...»
  96. «Supervisor: Dr. Attila Korompai Head of Department, associate professor © Zoltán Balogh, Budapest, 2008 2 Corvinus University of Budapest Ph.D. ...»
  97. «Banknotes and Coins September 2016 1. Under what authority does the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) issue currency? The BSP is the sole government ...»
  98. «In October 2010, Who Profits published a report about the Israeli banks' involvement in the Israeli occupation. The Israeli banks provide the ...»
  99. «By Karlo Basta A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy Department of Political Science University ...»
  100. «UNIVERSITY OF LUCKNOW BBA Programme BBA Semester I (Syllabus) BBA 101 BUSINESS MATHEMATICS The course aims to develop basic skills for quantitative ...»
  101. «Behavioral Anatomy of the Financial Crisis JCC Journal of CENTRUM Cathedra ™ Behavioral Anatomy of the Financial Crisis by Adam Szyszka Professor ...»
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