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«April 13,2009 Hon. Augustine Ngafuan Minister of Finance Ministry of Finance Republic of Liberia Monrovia Re: Grant Agreement for Preparation of the ...»

The World Bank 1818 H Street N.W. (202) 477-1 234

Washington, D.C. 20433 Cable Address: INTBAFRAD


Cable Address: INDEVAS



April 13,2009

Hon. Augustine Ngafuan

Minister of Finance

Ministry of Finance

Republic of Liberia


Re: Grant Agreement for Preparation of the Readiness Plan Readiness Fund of the FCPF Grant No. TF094047-LBR


I wish to refer to Resolution PC2008-2 of the Participants Committee of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) regarding Selection of REDD Country Participants (Resolution PC2008-2). REDD refers to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

Resolution PC2008-2 provides that:

Subject to the availability of funding, a REDD Country Participant may receive (i) the grants up to three million six hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$3,600,000) ("Total Allocation") for preparing and implementing a Readiness Plan as defined in the Charter Establishing the FCPF; and Subject to terms and conditions set forth in attachment I1 to Resolution PC2008-3 (ii) of the Participants Committee regarding Grant Allocation for REDD Country Participants, the Total Allocation may be made available in three installments, with the first installment in the amount of US$200,000 (First Installment) available to the Eligible REDD Country upon its selection as a Participant in the FCPF.

The Republic of Liberia ('Recipient7') was selected as a REDD Country Participant and wishes to receive the First Installment of the Total Allocation to prepare its Readiness Plan. In response to the request for financial assistance made on behalf of the Republic of Liberia ("Recipient"), I am pleased to inform you that the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ("World Bank"), acting as Trustee of the Readiness Fund of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, agrees to extend to the Recipient a grant in an amount not to exceed two hundred thousand United States Dollars (U.S.$200,000) ("Grant") on the terms and conditions set forth or referred to in this letter agreement ("Agreement"), which includes the attached Annex, to assist in the financing of the project described in the Annex ("Project").

The Recipient represents, by confirming its agreement below, that it is authorized to enter into this Agreement and to carry out the Project in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth or referred to in this Agreement.

Please confirm the Recipient's agreement to the foregoing by having an authorized official of the Recipient sign and date the enclosed copy of this Agreement, and returning it to the World Bank. Upon receipt by the World Bank of this countersigned copy, this Agreement shall become effective as of the date of the countersignature.

–  –  –

1.01. Standard Conditions.

(a) The Standard Conditions for Grants Made by the World Bank Out of Various Funds dated July 1, 2008 ("Standard Conditions"), with the modification set forth in paragraph (b) below, constitute an integral part of this Agreement.

(b) The following term shall be inserted as paragraph 6(bis):

–  –  –

1.02. Definitions. Unless the context requires otherwise, the capitalized terms used in this Agreement have the meanings ascribed to them in the Standard Conditions, the Charter, or in this Agreement.

–  –  –

2.0 1. Project Objectives and Description. The objective of the Project is to assist the Recipient to develop a Readiness Plan ("R-Plan"), on the basis of the Readiness Plan Idea Note following the

FCPF template for the Readiness Plan. The Project consists of the following parts:

–  –  –

(b) setting up of a multi-stakeholder national REDD working group responsible for following up on the reduce emission from deforastation and/or forest degradatiom ("REDD) readiness activities in the country;

(c) preparation of consultation and outreach plan to be implemented during the implementation phase of the Readiness-Plan, including conduct of and carry out consultations among key stakeholders;

–  –  –

(f) Summarization the proposed social and environmental impact analysis methodology and prepare terms of reference for carrying out the analysis of social and environmental methodology.

2.02. Project Execution Generally. The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project. To this end, the Recipient shall carry out the Project through its Project Finance Management Unit of the Ministry of Finance in coordination with the Forest Development Agency in accordance with the provisions of (a) Article I1 of the Standard Conditions, (b) the "Guidelines on Preventing and Combating Fraud and Corruption in Projects Financed by BRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants", dated October 15, 2006 ("Anti-Corruption Guidelines"), and (c) this Article 11.

2.03. Project Report and Completion Report. The Recipient shall prepare the Project Report and Completion Report in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.06 of the Standard Conditions. Each Project Report shall cover the period of six months and shall be furnished to the World Bank not later than one month after the end of the period covered by such report. The Completion Report shall be furnished to the World Bank not later than six months after the Closing Date.

2.04. Financial Management.

The Recipient shall ensure that a financial management system is maintained. in (a) accordance with the provisions of Section 2.07 of the Standard Conditions.

The Recipient shall ensure that interim unaudited financial reports for the Project (b) are prepared and furnished to the World Bank not later than one month after the end of each calendar semester, covering the calendar semester, in form and substance satisfactory to the World Bank.

The Recipient shall, carry out a single audit of the grant's Financial Statements at (c) the end of Project implementation in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.07 (b) of the Standard Conditions. As audit cost forms part of the Grant. Such audit of the Financial Statements shall cover the entire period during which withdrawals from the Grant Account were made. The audited Financial Statements for such period shall be furnished to the World Bank not later than six months after the end of such period.

2.05. Procurement General. All goods, and services required for the Project and to be financed out (a) of the proceeds of the Grant shall be procured in accordance with the requirements set forth or

referred to in:

Section I (excluding paragraph 1.16) of the "Guidelines: Procurement under (i) IBRD Loans and IDA Credits" published by the World Bank in May 2004 and revised in October 2006 ("Procurement Guidelines"), in the case of goods; and Sections I (excluding paragraph 1.24) and IV of the "Guidelines: Selection and (ii) Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers" published by the World Bank in May 2004 and revised in October 2006 ("Consultant Guidelines") in the case of consultants' services;

Definitions. The capitalized terms used in the following paragraphs of this (b) Section to describe particular procurement methods or methods of review by the World Bank of particular contracts, refer to the corresponding method described in the Procurement Guidelines, or the Consultant Guidelines, as the case may be.

–  –  –

Review by the World Bank of Procurement Decisions. Except as the World (e) Bank shall otherwise specify by notice to the Recipient, each contract for consultants' services provided by a firm estimated to cost the equivalent of $40,000 or more and all Sole Source contracts shall be subject to Prior Review by the World Bank. All other contracts shall be subject to Post Review by the World Bank.

Article 111 Withdrawal of Grant Proceeds

3.01. Eligible Expenditures. The Recipient may withdraw the proceeds of 'the Grant in accordance with the provisions of (a) Article 111 of the Standard Conditions, (b) this Section, and (c) such additional instructions as the World Bank may specify by notice to the Recipient (including the "World Bank Disbursement Guidelines for Projects" dated May 2006, as revised from time to time by the World Bank and as made applicable to this Agreement pursuant to such instructions), to finance Eligible Expenditures as set forth in the following table. The table specifies the categories of Eligible Expenditures that may be financed out of the proceeds of the Grant ("Category"), the allocations of the amounts of the Grant to each Category, and the

percentage of expenditures to be financed for Eligible Expenditures in each Category:

Category Amount of the Grant Percentage of Allocated Expenditures to be (expressed in USD) Financed

–  –  –

For the purpose of Section 3.01, (i) the term "Training and Workshops" means the costs associated with training and workshop participation of personnel involved in the implementation of the Project including travel and subsistence costs for training and workshop participants, costs associated with securing the services of trainers and workshop speakers, rental of training and workshop facilities, preparation and reproduction of training and workshop materials, and other costs directly related to training courses and workshop preparation and implementation; and (ii) the term "Operating Costs" means the operating costs incurred on account of the implementation of the Project including office supplies and consumables, utilities, communications, mass media and printing services, vehicle rental, operation and maintenance, charges for the opening and operation of bank accounts required for the Project, and travel, lodging and per diems, but excluding salaries of officials of the Recipient's civil service

3.02. Withdrawal Conditions. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 3.0 1 of this Agreement, no withdrawal shall be made for payments made prior to the date of countersignature of this Agreement by the Recipient.

3.03. Withdrawal Period The Closing Date referred to in Section 3.06 (c) of the Standard Conditions is 3 1 July 3 1,2010.

–  –  –

4.01 Additional Event of Suspension. The Additional Event of Suspension referred to in Section 4.02 (k) of the Standard Conditions consists of the Default in Implementation set forth in Section 6.5 (a) (i) of the Charter.

Article V

–  –  –

4.01. Recipient's Representative. The Recipient's Representative referred to in Section 7.02 of the Standard Conditions is Minister of Finance.

4.02. Recipient's Address. The Recipient's Address referred to in Section 7.01 of the Standard

Conditions is:

–  –  –

4.03. World Bank's Address. The World Bank's Address referred to in Section 7.01 of the

Standard Conditions is:

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1818 H Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20433

United States of America

Cable: Telex: Facsimile:

INTBAFRAD 248423 (MCI) or 1-202-477-6391 Washington, D.C. 64 145 (MCI)

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