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«School of Economics and Management Mentorship System Tilburg School of Economics and Management Welcome to Tilburg! Introduction Guide, Summer 2015 ...»

Welcome to Tilburg!

Introduction Guide, Summer 2015

Academic year 2015-2016

School of Economics and Management

Mentorship System

Tilburg School of Economics and Management

Welcome to Tilburg!

Introduction Guide, Summer 2015

Academic year 2015-2016

School of Economics and Management

Mentorship System

Tilburg School of Economics and Management

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Editing Isis van Wijk (MAK)

Layout and printing Tilburg University, PrismaPrint

This is a publication of MAK (Mentorship System TiSEM) and the Education Office (TiSEM) Tilburg, June 2015 2 Contents Welcome to Tilburg University 4 Introduction period 5 Program Introduction (mandatory) 7 TOP-week 8 Registration 9 Discount on your study books 10 MAK 11 To do list 12 3 Welcome to Tilburg University Dear student, Welcome to Tilburg University, School of Economics and Management!

The start of your student life means a lot of changes. You will have to get used to the university, the campus, your study program, the city of Tilburg, and of course you will meet a lot of new people. In short, you will be embarking on a whole new experience. The first few weeks will be fun and exciting, but you will also have to arrange your affairs. You must enroll as a student, register for the introduction period and buy all the books and readers you will initially need.   This introduction guide has been compiled to help you organize all these matters swiftly and efficiently so that you will have time to enjoy a fantastic introduction period. It contains all the information you need on the introduction, registering for the introduction period, ordering books and student counseling during your freshman year. During the Program Introduction you will receive the booklet entitled ‘A Perfect Start’ with more practical information about your freshmen year in Tilburg.

We will do everything we can to make sure you have a fabulous introduction period and to ensure that the first weeks of your program go as smoothly as possible.

Finally, I hope you have a great summer vacation and I look forward to meeting you in August.

Prof. dr. Lex Meijdam Dean of Tilburg School of Economics and Management Tilburg University 4 Introduction period The introduction period for students in Tilburg is an event you cannot afford to miss! During the introduction period in Tilburg you will not only meet your fellow students, but you will also get to know the university and become acquainted with Tilburg as a student city. Please take this week into account when planning your vacation, to make sure that you will not miss any part of this valuable introduction period! This year the introduction period will take place from the 21st till the 31st of August, this may vary among study programs.

–  –  –

TOP-week TOP-week is aimed at all students starting a program at Tilburg University or one of the other universities of applied sciences in Tilburg. During TOP-week (August 24-28) you will get to know all the secrets of Tilburg as a student city, your fellow students and all the sports clubs, study- and student associations.

  Mandatory Program Introduction (PI) The Program Introduction is aimed at all students starting a program at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. During the mandatory Program Introduction you will receive all the information you need to start with your program. The Program Introduction is organized by MAK, the Mentorship System of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). The Program Introduction takes place on different days. Which day depends on your program.

  MAK Introduction Day (MID) Next to the Program Introductions for both Bachelor, Premaster and Master Students MAK is organizing another introduction day for all new Bachelor’s students of the School of Economics and Management. During this day you will get to know the School of Economics and Management and your fellow students of your program in an informal way. Are you participating in the TOP-week?

Then you automatically participate in this Bachelor introduction day. If you do not participate in TOP-week, this Bachelor introduction day is not mandatory to participate in. Participating in this Bachelor introduction day is a great way to get to know your fellow students before the start of the academic year! Participation in the MAK Introduction Day is free of charge. If you want to subscribe for this Bachelor introduction day, without registering for the TOP week, then please let us know by sending an e-mail to mak@tilburguniversity.edu.

6Program Introduction (mandatory)

General information   The mandatory Program Introduction is meant to prepare you for your first weeks of student life. You will be introduced to your program coordinator and your program director. In addition to this, you will receive information about the facilities at Tilburg University, where to go if you have any questions or encounter any problems. During the Digital Learning Environment orientation, you will be able to enroll for courses electronically, practice looking up your lecture schedule and learn how to enroll for exams.     When, where and for whom?   The Program Introduction will take place on the campus of Tilburg University.

The location and starting time will be shown in the e-mail confirming your registration.

• If you are starting a Bachelor’s program of Bedrijfseconomie, Fiscale Economie, Economie en Bedrijfseconomie or if you are a Dutch student starting the Econometrics and Operational Research Bachelor, the Program Introduction will take place on Friday, August 21.

• If you are starting a pre-Master’s or Master’s program, the Program Introduction will take place on Tuesday, August 25.

• If you are starting a Bachelor’s program of International Business Administration, Economics or if you are an international student starting the Econometrics and Operational Research Bachelor, the Program Introduction will take place on Monday, August 31.

Program   The day starts with the registration, a word of welcome and an introduction to your mentor group. Your mentor group exists of about 15 fellow students and will be accompanied by two mentors. If you will be attending a Bachelor’s program this mentor group will also be your tutorial group.

  Important: do not forget to bring the email you received from the student administration. This email contains your student number (U-number) and your password. You will need this information during the Program Introduction to enroll for courses and exams!   7 TOP-week TOP is the abbreviation of Tilburg Orientation Program. This is the general introduction week for all new students at Tilburg University, Fontys and Avans Universities of Applied Sciences. This year, TOP will be held from Monday 24th of August until Friday 28th of August.

At the beginning of the week, you will be assigned to a group with your fellow students. Two senior student mentors will accompany you throughout the program. TOP will show you various aspects of Tilburg. It is designed to give you an impression of all the sports clubs, study associations and student groups that Tilburg has to offer, and will be a great opportunity to meet lots of new people!

And of course you’ll get your first taste of the nationally renowned Brabant nightlife. Furthermore, you will get to know Tilburg University during the required Program Introduction, where you will receive all the information you need to get your new life as a student in Tilburg off to a good start.

  75 Euros all-in   The city of Tilburg will be buzzing during the TOP-week. There is a flat fee of just € 75,- for taking part in all the activities. Apart from getting to know the city, TOP also throws a spectacular opening party, a festival in the city center of Tilburg and a fabulous day of fun and games. The Tilburg Orientation Program will take care of your lunch and dinner for the entire week. Your mentors will sort out your accommodation during this week (and only during this week), so you can still take part even if you haven’t found a place to live in Tilburg yet!

  Information   Enclosed you will also find an information flyer about TOP. For more information,

please visit the website: www.top-week.nl/en and check the Facebook page:

www.facebook.com/TOPweek. If you have any further questions, simply send an email to topregistratie@tilburguniversity.edu.    


To access the registration site, you must first log in using the following password.

During the registration you will have to enter your administration number (ANR). You will find this number in the email you received from the student administration.

Participation in the Program Introduction is mandatory and for this day there is no charge, you can participate in the Program Introduction without participating in the TOP week. Participation in the TOP-week is not mandatory and the costs for this week are € 75,-. If you want to join the TOP-week and the Program Introduction follow the registration instructions under point 1. If you DO NOT want to join the TOP-week, go to point 2.

1. Registration for TOP-week INCLUDING Program Introduction:

• Complete the form at www.registration-tilburg.nl

• Click on both TOP and Program Introduction

• Agree to the terms & conditions and send your registration

• Arrange payment via iDeal, MasterCard or VISA for the TOP

• You automatically participate in the MAK Introduction Day

2. Registration for the mandatory Program Introduction ONLY:

• Complete the form at www.registration-tilburg.nl

• Click only on Program Introduction

• Agree to the terms & conditions and send your registration

• If you wish to participate in the MAK Introduction Day, send an email to mak@tilburguniversity.edu Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

This email will contain the details you entered on the site. Check to make sure that your details are correct. If there are any mistakes, you can correct them by using the change form on the registration site www.registration-tilburg.nl.

If you are unable to register via internet for the Program Introduction, please get in touch with MAK at mak@tilburguniversity.edu. If you are having trouble registering for the TOP, you can contact TOP at topregistratie@tilburguniversity.edu.

Even if you are not attending TOP, you still need to register for the mandatory

Program Introduction (see point 2)! 9

Discount on your study books Asset is the study association for all TiSEM students. This association is further divided into seven study specific departments, which all organize activities for specific groups of economic students within a particular field of study and interests. These departments are Accounting & Finance, Econometrics, Economics, International Business & Management, Marketing, Strategy & Logistics, and SBIT (for Business & IT).

Asset brings you a lot of value in several ways:

• Providing study support, by offering a 20% book discount and providing guidelines for your courses.

• Getting into contact with companies, for instance via the Economic Business weeks Tilburg (EBT) and the Asset In-house Days.

• Building up your CV by being active in a committee.

• Going to great parties, having a great time, without obligations. You get the possibility to get to know your fellow students during for example a barbecue, a Gala or a Beer Cantus.

Being a member at Asset only costs you 15 Euros a year. You can make use of the book discount when you buy a membership at Asset. More information about Asset can be found on their website www.asset-tilburg.nl or you can drop by room E1.12.

                  10 MAK This information booklet was produced by MAK to inform you about all the important issues you need to know for the introduction period so that you can get off to a good start at Tilburg University.

MAK is the Mentorship System of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) and is part of the Education Office. Around 30 students voluntarily work for MAK, helping TiSEM students in several ways.

We organize introduction activities for the university, offer tutorships, and we provide information in the form of information sessions and information booklets. Furthermore, we organize ‘Student for a Day’ and Matching Days for prospective students who are interested in Tilburg University.

During the introduction period MAK is organizing several activities such as the Program Introductions for both Bachelor, Premaster and Master Students and the MAK Introduction Day for all new Bachelor students.

Also during TOPweek you will get in contact with MAK in several ways.

We strongly recommend taking advantage of all introduction activities!

Do you want to be informed about all introduction activities or do you have questions?

https://www.facebook.com/MAKtilburg www.maktilburg.nl mak@tilburguniversity.edu 013 466 2999

–  –  –

 Read this information guide    Keep the dates of the introduction period, August 21-31, free in your agenda    Register for the mandatory Program Introduction    Register for TOP-week (if you want to join)    Bring the email of the student administration with your student number and password with you to the Program Introduction   12

This booklet was realized in cooperation with:

Tilburg University School of Economics and Management Student Service Desk

–  –  –

http://www.tilburguniversity.edu/nl/studenten/studentdesk/ www.maktilburg.nl

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