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«Contents ABC‘s of Couponing ABC's of Couponing: A is for All About How Coupons Work ABC's of Couponing: B is for BOGO Stacking ABC's of Couponing: ...»

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ABC‘s of



ABC‘s of Couponing

ABC's of Couponing: A is for "All About How Coupons Work"

ABC's of Couponing: "B" is for BOGO Stacking

ABC's of Couponing: "C" is for Catalinas

CVS Coupon Policy

ABC's of Couponing: "D" is for Double Coupons

ABC's of Couponing: "E" is for eCoupons!


How To Get Cash Back Shopping Online Part 1: Ebates

ABC's of Couponing: "F" is for Freebies!

Costco vs. Couponing: Which is cheaper?

How To Save Time Couponing

Get Sunday Coupon Inserts

BEST Rates for Sunday Coupon Multiple Subscriptions in Utah & Elsewhere- read below for 6 newspaper deals!

Don‘t live in Utah? Want to order coupons online or subscribe to a different paper?............

20 Utah & Salt Lake County Discounted Newspaper Prices:

Get Red Plum:

ABC's of Couponing: Are Coupons Just for Junk Food?

http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/training/couponing-101-are-coupons-just-for-junk- food/

ABC's of Couponing: Keeping Track of Your Savings with Coupons

ABC‘s of Couponing ―K‖ is for ―Keeping Track of Savings‖


ABC's of Couponing: "L" is for Lingo 101

ABC‘s of Couponing: ―L‖ is for ―Lingo‖

Coupon Policies List

Store Coupon Policies:

ABC's of Couponing: "M" is for "Markdown Schedule"

Present Closet:

Follow Me on Your Cell:

Coupon Binder Organization + My Infamous Coupon Slicer

ABC‘s of Couponing: ―P‖ is for ―Price Points for Couponing‖

Stock Up Prices for Couponing:


ABC's of Couponing: "P" is for Print it Twice!


ABC‘s of Couponing: ―Q‖ if for ―Questions Answered‖

ABC's of Couponing: "R" is for Rebates

NO Beer Purchase Required Rebates:

ABC's of Couponing: "R" is for "Rain Checks"

Rite Aid‘s Coupon Policy

Rite Aid’s Coupon Policy (in-depth video version):

Seasonal Sales Cycles & Secrets

Coupon Policies List

Store Coupon Policies:

ABC's of Couponing: "T" is for Train - Coupon Train that is!

ABC's of Couponing: "U" is for Understanding Crabby Cashiers

Coupon Binder Organization + My Infamous Coupon Slicer

Walgreen‘s Coupon Policy

The more you know... writing to companies for freebie coupons

ABC's of Couponing: "X" is for "eXtreme Couponing"

ABC's of Couponing: "Y" is for "Your Real Savings"

10 More Ways to Save on Gasoline

ABC's of Couponing: A is for "All About How Coupons Work" Have you ever worried you are costing a store money by getting freebies? Or how exactly getting free items with coupons can be

legal and ethical? Let‘s start at the very beginning:

Manufacturer‘s create food products, beverages, household and personal items. It costs a lot of money to do ads on t.v or elsewhere to inform consumers of these products, so another form of advertising for them is a coupon. Manufacturer’s create a coupon for an item to get the word out about the product, and get it directly in the hands of the consumer. They want you (the consumer) to use the coupons. What a better way to get the word out about your product then having people try it out!

Manufacturer‘s pay for the coupon to be distributed in Sunday coupon inserts, online, or through magazine ad placements. This is to get the coupon in your hands.

After you get the coupon in your hands, you create your shopping list and may even choose to use the coupon. After you scan your coupon on the register, the store takes the amount off the total purchase. You are stoked – if you follow my site, you may have just scored a freebie by combining a store sale/coupon with the manufacturer coupon! But the store is not reimbursed yet.

The coupon is sent to a coupon clearinghouse to verify it was used correctly.

What is a coupon clearinghouse?

A coupon clearinghouse is a third-party independent of the manufacturer and the store the coupon was redeemed at. They determine the amount each manufacturer owes each store. The manufacturer takes the ―hit‖ for the coupon, not the store.

The store should get reimbursed for the amount of the coupon…but…if you scan a coupon on the wrong item, the coupon clearinghouse may find out and decide the manufacturer doesn‘t owe the store that amount for that coupon. Also, if a coupon is a photocopied coupon, the clearinghouse will know and will not reimburse the store for the coupon. This means if you use coupons fraudulently, stores don‘t get reimbursed and they lose money. That is stealing from the store! Some stores have already decided that too many fraudulent coupons are being used, and they have stopped accepting coupons printed from the internet because they are worried they are photocopies and won‘t get reimbursed. So please don‘t photocopy coupons; as a general rule, coupons can usually be printed twice online and should never be photocopied.

Store coupons (coupons released by a store) are not reimbursed by the manufacturer. The store releases these to attract customers. We’ll talk more about why you can “stack” a store coupon or sale with a manufacturer coupon in the next ABC’s of couponing story.

It‘s not all bad news for the stores! Many people uses manufacturer coupons legitimately and stores are getting reimbursed by the manufacturer – plus eight cents for handling. Manufacturer‘s are getting their products in the hands of consumers and are happy their ads were successful. They hope once a consumer tries a new product, they may try it again even if they don‘t have a coupon next time. Consumers are getting to try products they may have never tried before at great prices. In the end, if coupons are used properly then the consumer, manufacturer and store are stoked. Using coupons to score freebies can be done completely legally and ethically without hurting anyone involved!

http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/training/abcs-of-couponing-a-is-for-all-about-how-coupons-work/ ABC's of Couponing: "B" is for BOGO Stacking This topic dives deep and stores policies may vary; I can‘t guarantee your experience will be exactly as outlined when working with Buy One, Get One Free coupons and sales, but at least I can help inform you on how theyshould work.

Common question:

I‘m confused by the BOGO sales when they are matched up with BOGO coupons, how do the items come out free?

Let‘s start with the background info on how stores work. As I explained in my first ABC‘s of couponing post, stores get paid the full price of a scanned manufacturer coupon. But if a store has a sale or coupon that it releases, this is called a store coupon.

This coupon doesn‘t get reimbursed – it is a form of advertising for the store.

If a store has a BOGO free sale (or store coupon), they are ―taking the loss‖ so to speak on the free item. If you hand them a manufacturer coupon for a BOGO free item during their BOGO free sale, it doesn‘t affect the amount of money the store makes.

Because the manufacturer reimburses them for the coupon.

True BOGO Free Sales:

At most stores, if a sale is buy one get one free, you purchase one and the other is free. So if you use a BOGOfree coupon on top of the sale, both products end up free. The store gets reimbursed for the manufacturer coupon and the transaction is still profitable for the store! Even though you didn‘t pay money out of your pocket.

However, not all stores ring up BOGO free store sales (or store coupons) this way. Some insist that you must pay for one item in order to use your BOGO free coupon. Rather than giving you both items for free, you buy one and then receive two free (one free for the coupon and one free for their sale).

Non-True BOGO Free Sales:

Certain stores have BOGO free sales, but you don‘t have to buy 2 to get the sale price. You purchase one, and it rings up half price. Some examples of stores that work this way are Publix (except Florida locations, which are true BOGO sales), Bi-Lo, and Harris Teeter to name a few. If you use a BOGO free coupon with a BOGO free sale at these places, you will pay half price for one item and get the other item free.

Can I use two BOGO Free Manufacturer’s coupons for two items?

No – if you have two BOGO free coupons, you‘d have to purchase 4 items to use them both.

Can you use two manufacturer coupons on a buy one get one free store promotion?

Yes! Even if the store is giving one away for free, you can still use a coupon on it! So if you have two $1 off one item coupons, you could use both of them on a BOGO free sale! You just couldn‘t use two BOGO free coupons.

How does using a BOGO free coupon on BOGO half off sale work?

If you purchase two items that are $4, the store would ring up one item as $2. Then when the cashier scans your BOGO free coupon, it may only take off $2 for the cheaper item you bought. Other stores will take off the full $4. It depends on how your cashier rings you up.

Can I use a BOGO free coupon and a $1/1 off product coupon on two products?

This is the most tricky question of them all! If you have a BOGO free coupon, but you have another coupon for $1/1 on the same product, can you use the both coupons? If done on certain coupons, this is called ―piggybacking‖ and is not how the coupons were intended to use. Now I don‘t promote coupon decoding (the practice of using coupons on items they weren‘t intended to be used on) so I won‘t go into too much detail, but you can tell be the coupons codes whether you can use a BOGO coupon with another coupon or not. Most of the time you can not – if the number 14 is in the area circled in the barcode below, the coupon is attached to both products. You can‘t use another coupon on your purchase for either product. If the numbers are different, some stores will let you use a BOGO free coupon and a $1/1 product coupon when you buy two items.

http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/training/abcs-of-couponing-b-is-for-bogo-stacking/ ABC's of Couponing: "C" is for Catalinas Part of the ABC’s of Couponing GuideLet’s break couponing down to be fun and easy, not extreme and time-consuming!

This is a guest post by Melea from Freebies2Deals where she blogs about deals, freebies, and coupons.

What is a Catalina??

A Catalina is a piece of paper that prints at the end of your transaction. There are 4 different types of Catalinas that may print

for you:

Dollar Off Coupons: An example would be a ―$4.00 off your Next Your Purchase‖ Catalina. These can be used on ANY future purchase.

Manufacturer Coupons: Sometimes you may get a manufacturer‘s coupon printed out instead. I usually buy Beech Nut Baby Food for my daughter because it is cheaper. But Gerber wants me to purchase their brand, so I will always get Gerber Manufacturer Coupons printed out of the Catalina Machine. Many times we don‘t know when or if we will get the manufacturer‘s coupons printed out after our order. Just think of it as a little surprise if you do!

Store Coupons: Target is a great example of this. Instead of printing out a manufacturer‘s coupon for a brand, you will actually get a Target Coupon. These are great to get because you can use one Target coupon and one Manufacturer‘s coupon on each item.

Previews of Upcoming Catalinas: Sometimes you may not get one of the 3 coupons I mentioned above. Instead, you will get a preview of an upcoming Catalina. It will tell you when the Catalina Promotion Starts and which products qualify to get the coupon.

Helpful Hints on Getting your Catalina to Print Make sure the Catalina Machine is on: Before the cashier starts scanning your items, make sure the Catalina machine‘s green light is on. If it isn‘t, your Catalina will not print. And, if the Catalina machine is turned on in the middle of your transaction, chances are that you will not get it to print either. So make sure you check that before you start checking out.

Double Check the Items you are Purchasing: In order for a Catalina to print, you have to purchase the EXACT sizes, quantities and brand. If the 11.8 oz Box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is part of the Catalina Promotion and you purchase the bigger box instead, you WILL NOT get a catalina printed out. So make sure you double check sizes, brands and that you purchased the right amount.

Call up Catalina: Sometimes you do everything right and the Catalina still doesn‘t print out. What do you do in that case? Call up Catalina directly at 1-888-8COUPON or email them at ncsc@catalinamarketing.com. You will need to have your receipt and item handy so they can get the information from you. If you did purchase the correct brand, sizes and quantities, then they will mail you your Catalina coupon.

Where you can find a Catalina Coupon List?

Well, these are hard to come by as they aren‘t advertised. But you can go to The Coupon Network and click onYour Bucks. This will show some offers in your area, if you have logged into the site and entered your zip code.

They are not all inclusive, but are great starting point.

http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/training/catalina-coupon-lists/ CVS Coupon Policy Learn how to shop at CVS like a pro. Here is CVS‘s coupon policy and how to use the CVS Pharmacy Extra Care Bucks to rock those deals!

CVS Coupon Policy: CVS stores accept the following types of coupons:

1. Manufacturer Coupons (this includes both coupons from newspapers / magazines / other print sources ans well as manufacturer online printable coupons)

2. Store Coupons (this includes CVS store coupons found in their weekly fliers, in-store coupon booklets, CRTs and purchase based coupons)

3. Competitor Pharmacy Coupons (they do not, however, accept any other type of competitor coupon)

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