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«MORNING TEA Ballots close at 11.30am 11.00am E2.1 – E2.6 Barry Atwell 11.30am Finance Report and Budget Decision Proposal 11 12.15pm General ...»

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Running Sheet

Saturday 29 October 2011

Time Item Session Reference Coordinator

Ballot papers available for

Registration Tent



8.15am Prayer Meeting Creche Lynne Aird

9.00am Opening Worship Worship Moderator

Bible Study and Reflection; Andrew Dutney


Thanks Christa Megaw

10.15am Changeover Winds of the Spirit

10.20am Reflections

10.35am General Business Proposals 10,13 MORNING TEA Ballots close at 11.30am

11.00am E2.1 – E2.6 Barry Atwell

11.30am Finance Report and Budget Decision Proposal 11

12.15pm General Business Moderator Moderator

12.50pm Closing remarks/thanks Peter Morel

1.00pm LUNCH Declaration of ballots will be provided on the website Tuesday 1 November.

Order of General Business Saturday 29 October 2011 Proposal Subject Page Presenters 10 Renewal of the Diaconate L1.8-L1.9 Rev Christa Megaw (Deacon) Rev Coral (Cogs) Smith (Deacon 11 Mission and Service Fund E2 Barry Atwell 2012 Budget L1.10 Tom Adams 13 Ministry of Holy Spirit L1.11-L1.12 Rev Andy Hogarth Rev Phil Pynor 16 Co-location of the Uniting B2.1-2.3 Rev Rod Dyson College for Leadership and L1.15 Rev Dr Andrew Dutney Theology and the Presbytery and Synod Office on the Annesley site Prayer points We pray for...

Patience & grace with each other as we listen, discern and are part of the decision • making process Sessions today – including worship, Bible study, business, reports, ballot • Rural churches – for God’s leading & provision to be empowering communities • centred in Jesus.

Pancake Day – for connections with the community whilst raiding funds for UC •

–  –  –

(b) Draft Program

(c) Participants of Presbytery and Synod

(d) Decisions Document (March, June and October 2011) Presbytery and Synod Meetings including the Moderator’s Mid-Term Report from the October meeting (Decisions document - available on the Presbytery Synod website post meeting) A1 Secretariat

A2 Standing Committee

A3 Decisions of Presbytery and Synod Standing Committee (Dec 10 – Sept 11)

A4 Minutes of 29 July Standing Committee meeting

A5 Draft Minutes of 23 September 2011 Standing Committee meeting............ A5.1 – A5.6 A6 Placements Committee

A7 Pastoral Relations Committee

A8 Post Disaster Pastoral Ministries – verbal presentation A9 Converge International

A10 St Paul’s City Ministry

A11 Ministerial Matters – Records of Service Rev Bill Reddin

Rev Dr Elizabeth Vreugdenhil

Rev Richard Miller

Rev Noel Bekker

A12 In Memoriam

A13 Stipends Committee Report (including Schedule A)

A14 Synod Covenanting Committee Report

A15 Presbytery Strategy and Planning Team

B1 Leadership Development Council

B2 Leadership Development Council Task Group Report

B3 Ordination Reports Michael Dowling

Amel Manyon

Douglas Monaghan

Julia Pitman

Nathan Whillas

C1 Communications and Public Relations

D1 Mission Resourcing SA

–  –  –

F1 Uniting Foundation Report

G1 Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress

H1 UnitingCare

H2 UCC Schools Working Group Report

I1 Adult Fellowships

I2 Frontier Services

I3 Historical Society

I4 South Australian Council of Churches (SACC)

I5 Training Aboriginal Christian Leaders SA Inc

Reports from Mission Networks J1 3Dnet Mission Network

J2 Community Outreach Mission Network

J3 Grace Connections Mission Network

J4 Gulf Mission Network

J5 Hope Mission Network

J6 Northern Rural Mission Network

J7 South East Mission Network

J8 Urban Mission Network

J9 Western Mission Network

K1 Assembly Matters – verbal report K2 Beneficiary Fund

L Proposals

–  –  –


This report provides a few details of the areas that the Secretariat has focused on in order to serve and resource the Presbytery and Synod.


The Secretariat of the Presbytery and Synod provides a coordinating role for much of the Presbytery and Synod’s activities and ministries – both through staff time and the support of various committees. It also fulfils an important administrative function for the church, especially in supporting people serving through specified ministries and congregational leaders.


Presbytery and Synod Meetings 2010-2011 The feedback and comments from the October 2010 Annual meeting of the Presbytery and Synod meeting were mainly positive. Many aspects of the program were affirmed. The Secretariat Staff (and many helpers) did an amazing job in preparing for and resourcing the meeting. The developing relationship with Adelaide West provides an efficient and friendly basis from which we can continue to improve the services and facilities available to attendees.

The first Presbytery and Synod meeting in 2011 was held on the evening of Friday March 11th and Saturday March 12th. At this meeting we commenced with a service of Worship including the celebration of several “inductions and commissionings”. We were fortunate to have Tom and Kim Long with us for several days. On the Friday evening Tom Long preached at the service and led a teaching session on the role and function of preaching. On Saturday both Tom and Kim presented further workshops focusing on preaching with an emphasis on Easter.

At the June Presbytery and Synod meeting we agreed to ordain four people and decisions were made about stipends, financial statements and Assembly membership. Carolyn Kitto launched a new stewardship resource entitled “Spirited Generosity”. On Saturday morning Dr Andrew Root presented a workshop on “The Heart of Youth Ministry-Relationships Unfiltered”. There followed a brief business session during which several updates and reports were received. The Conversion Growth team launched the “Key” - a resource to assist leaders and congregations in bringing people to a closer relationship with Jesus.

–  –  –

Strategic Plan Update There continues to be some exciting developments with the Presbytery and Synod Strategic Plan which I believe is playing a very significant role in shaping the future of the Uniting Church in SA.

We are now in the 5th year of this current Strategic Plan which will help us to move towards our vision of seeking to be “an innovative, growing church, proclaiming Jesus Christ, empowered by the Spirit, to transform God’s world.” This plan, which will conclude at the end of 2012, has 6 Key


Key Direction 1: Fostering Conversion Growth • Key Direction 2: Raising Leaders • Key Direction 3: Growing Disciples • Key Direction 4: Developing New Models of Church • Key Direction 5: Raising our profile • Key Direction 6: Championing Justice.

• The current Strategic Plan has had many successes – and some areas where we have struggled.

There have been some significant achievements in KD1 led by a very enthusiastic team (especially with the launch recently of the Key resource at the last Presbytery and Synod meeting) but as yet I do not believe we have established a culture of conversion growth as part of our DNA within the Presbytery and Synod.

Our Uniting College for Leadership and Theology is the flagship in KD2, and is already having an impact in developing ministers and leaders as mission oriented practitioners. Establishing the new Bachelor degree and leadership programs has been very time consuming for the faculty and they have provided wonderful leadership in this area. The development and continued production of the Australian Leadership magazine is enhancing the key direction of raising leaders in SA and Australia.

There are now many resources available to assist congregations in growing authentic, passionate, disciples of Christ (KD3). The leadership team in this area continues to run programs, develop materials and help congregations to focus on discipleship. You can check out all the information on their website www.growing-disciples.org

–  –  –

KD4 has generated lots of conversations and a few fresh expressions of church. Ruthmary Bond who works in a.5 position to develop this vital work in the church also leads this team in bringing ‘fresh expressions’ to the Presbytery and Synod. There are currently 9 places where a fresh expression is happening and a further 20 are having a go or considering ways in which they could offer a FE.

The phrase “Uniting Church, Uniting people” has become more and more recognisable (KD5).

The TV advert, the radio spots, signage and the other material distributed have certainly helped raise our profile. It has been a wonderful campaign and continues to convey the message that the Uniting Church is about Uniting People. Visit www.unitingpeople.org.au for all the latest information.

KD6 has continued the Uniting Church’s strong focus on developing ways to actively and passionately seek God’s justice in partnership with local congregations, faith communities, schools and agencies. In line with these goals funding for the ‘J Project’ has been approved which is a partnership with Pilgrim Uniting Church and is based at Adelaide University. Also funds have been made available to Anangu Congress to support pastoral and leadership training in remote South Australia. A number of other smaller grants have also been made for people to attend justice training/projects of their choice.

There are many good news stories of things happening in and through local Uniting Churches and agencies – however at the same time we still face many challenges as a church. Hence as we go forward there is a great need to increase our missional effectiveness and discern the highest priorities that we should focus on over the next few years.

The Strategic Planning Steering Group has not met as often this year and the monitoring of the plan has been primarily done through Malcolm Wilson. Malcolm Wilson is responsible for the overall project management.

Recently a survey was sent to Ministers and congregations seeking feedback on the existing Strategic Plan and asking for input regarding areas and directions that could be the foci for a new Strategic Plan commencing from 2013 and onwards. The early indications from the returned survey forms are that the key directions of Growing Disciples, Conversion Growth and Leadership are seen as being of high importance and a priority to continue into a new Strategic plan.

The October 2011 Presbytery and Synod meeting will spend some time providing further input into directions for the new strategic plan.

–  –  –

Synod By-laws and Presbytery Rules There is an ongoing need to modify and update the By-laws and Presbytery Rules. The Secretariat works diligently to review all of the Synod By-laws and Presbytery Rules and also to keep the most current versions on the website.

Synod Stipends Committee The Synod Stipends Committee, chaired by Mr. Brian Hern, diligently considers the level of Ministers’ remuneration in relation to CPI and Fair work practices balanced with the ability of congregations/employing bodies to pay. The accommodation allowance continues to be an area of constant review and discussion.

The 2012 stipends and allowances, with the exception of motor vehicle and travel rates, were approved at the June meeting of P&S. The Standing Committee approved the 2012 motor vehicle and travel rates at the September meeting.

Discipline, Misconduct and Appeal Committees As specified by Uniting Church regulations, there are four (4) committees established by the Synod that deal with appeals, discipline and misconduct matters with respect to ministers and lay


Committee for Counselling • Sexual Misconduct Complaints Committee • Committee for Discipline • Synod Standing Appeal Panel • The 2009 Assembly agreed to increase the number of members of the Committee for Counselling.

This increase in membership should help the workload of people on this Committee although this Committee has not been as busy this year as in previous years.

There have been no matters referred to the Sexual Misconduct Complaints Committee or the Discipline Committee.

The Synod Standing Appeal Panel deals with certain appeals now covered by Part 8 of the Regulations. This panel has dealt with two matters (from interstate) over the past 12 months and both have now been concluded.

Assembly Standing Committee The minutes of all Assembly Standing Committee meetings are posted on the Assembly website.

–  –  –

I remind members that the ASC has previously agreed to the request from the Presbytery and Synod of SA for exemption from the requirement of Regulation 3.4.15(d)(i). The exemption and

the alternative Regulation 3.4.15(d)(i) are as follows:

One confirmed lay member elected by each Congregation, except where a congregation has less than 30 confirmed members and members-in-association and where that congregation chooses not to elect a lay member. Where a congregation includes more than 150 confirmed members and members-in-association in total, one additional confirmed lay member may be elected by the Congregation or where a congregation includes more than 250 confirmed members and members-in-association in total, two additional confirmed lay member may be elected by the Congregation.

The ASC also agreed to “Encourage the Synod of SA that when a congregation exercises the option provided for by alternative Regulation 3.4.15(d)(i) to hold discussions with the Congregation about possible appointments to the Presbytery under Regulation 3.4.15(d)(ii).” The 13th Assembly will take place in Adelaide from Sunday 15 – Saturday 21 July 2012 and at this meeting Rev Dr Andrew Dutney will be installed as President.

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