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«Dear Shareholders: Dear Shareholders: The advent of digital business is here. Social media, mobility, cloud computing, information and the Internet ...»

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Annual Report


Dear Shareholders:

Dear Shareholders:

The advent of digital business is here. Social media,

mobility, cloud computing, information and the Internet

of Things are blurring the line between the digital and

physical worlds, driving massive change. Business

executives in every industry and every size enterprise

are facing more choices, more uncertainty and more

risk than ever before.

Gene Hall Craig Safian Tremendous value is being created by leaders who Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer effectively embrace digital business. A bleak future awaits those who don’t. Where do these leaders turn for help?


Gartner is the pre-eminent organization at the center of IT and innovation. Our clients, from chief information officers (CIOs), IT leaders and digital leaders across an organization, to IT professionals on the front lines, depend on us for the insight and advice they need to determine where and how to successfully leverage technology to accomplish their business objectives.

As of December 31, 2014, we had more than 1,550 research analysts and consultants advising thousands of IT executives and professionals every year. Gartner cuts through the complexities of information technology to deliver valuable insights to organizations of every shape and size, across all geographies and in every industry.

We Have a Consistent, Winning Strategy for Growth Technology is one of the most important drivers

–  –  –

Gartner Consulting produced revenue of $348 million in

2014. We closed the year with $103 million of backlog, our leading indicator of future growth in this segment.

Gartner Consulting is aligned to the critical key initiatives addressed by Gartner Research, enabling us to leverage our core competencies, methodologies and tools to provide customized solutions to our clients’ top priorities.

The Numbers: Highlights

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750 500 250 0 ’10 ’11 ’12 ’13 ’14

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The Annual Meeting and Proposals The 2015 Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Gartner, Inc. will be held on Thursday, May 28, 2015, for the purposes set forth in the accompanying Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders and described in greater detail below. This Proxy Statement and form of proxy, together with our 2014 Annual Report to Stockholders, are being furnished in connection with the solicitation by the Board of Directors of proxies to be used at the meeting and any adjournment of the meeting, and are first being made available to our stockholders on or around April 14, 2015. We will refer to your company in this Proxy Statement as “we”, “us”, the “Company” or “Gartner.” The three proposals to be considered and acted upon at the Annual Meeting, which are described in more detail in this

Proxy Statement, are:

Election of nine nominees to our Board of Directors;

Advisory approval of the Company’s executive compensation;

Ratification of the appointment of KPMG LLP as our independent auditor for the 2015 fiscal year.

Management does not intend to present any other items of business and is not aware of any matters other than those set forth in this Proxy Statement that will be presented for action at the 2015 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. However, if any other matters properly come before the Annual Meeting, the persons designated by the Company as proxies may vote the shares of Common Stock they represent in their discretion.

Information Concerning Proxy Materials and the Voting of Proxies Why Did You Receive a Notice Regarding Availability of Proxy Materials?

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules allow companies to furnish proxy materials to their stockholders via the Internet.

This “e-proxy” process expedites stockholders’ receipt of proxy materials, while significantly lowering the costs and reducing the environmental impact of our annual meeting. Accordingly, on April 14, 2015, we mailed to our stockholders a notice regarding the availability of proxy materials (the “Notice”). If you received a Notice, you will not receive a printed copy of the proxy materials unless you request one. The Notice provides instructions on how to access our proxy materials for the Annual Meeting on a website, how to request a printed copy of proxy materials and how to vote your shares. We expect to shortly mail paper copies of our proxy materials to certain stockholders who have already elected to receive printed materials.

How Can You Get Electronic Access to Proxy Materials?

The Notice provides instructions regarding how to view our proxy materials for the Annual Meeting online. As explained in greater detail in the Notice, to view the proxy materials and vote, you will need to visit: www.proxyvote.com and have available your 12digit Control number(s) located on your Notice.

How Can You Request Paper or Email Copies of Proxy Materials?

If you received a Notice by mail, you will not receive a printed copy of the proxy materials in the mail. If you want to receive paper or email copies of the proxy materials, you must request them. There is no charge for requesting a copy. To facilitate timely delivery, please make your request on or before May 14, 2015. To request paper or e-mail copies, stockholders can go to www.proxyvote.com, call 1-800-579-1639 or send an email to sendmaterial@proxyvote.com. Please note that if you request materials by email, send a blank email with your 12-digit Control number(s) (located on your Notice) in the subject line.

How Can You Sign Up to Receive Future Proxy Materials Electronically?

You have the option to receive all future proxy statements, proxy cards and annual reports electronically via email or the Internet. If you elect this option, the Company will only mail printed materials to you in the future if you request that we do so. To sign up for

–  –  –

Who Can Vote at the Annual Meeting?

Only stockholders of record at the close of business on April 2, 2015 (the “Record Date”) may vote at the Annual Meeting. As of the Record Date, there were 84,719,933 shares of our common stock, par value $.0005 per share (“Common Stock”) outstanding and eligible to be voted. This amount does not include treasury shares which are not voted.

How Can You Vote?

You may vote using one of the following methods:

–  –  –

All shares that have been voted properly by an unrevoked proxy will be voted at the Annual Meeting in accordance with your instructions. If you sign and submit your proxy card, but do not give voting instructions, the shares represented by that proxy will be voted for each proposal as our Board recommends.

How to Revoke Your Proxy or Change Your Vote A later vote by any means will cancel an earlier vote. You can revoke your proxy or change your vote before your proxy is voted at the Annual Meeting by giving written notice of revocation to: Corporate Secretary, Gartner, Inc., 56 Top Gallant Road, P.O. Box 10212, Stamford, Connecticut 06904-2212; or submitting another timely proxy by the Internet, telephone or mail; or attending the Annual Meeting to vote in person. If your shares are held in the name of a bank, broker or other holder of record, to vote at the Annual Meeting you must obtain a proxy executed in your favor from your bank, broker or other holder of record and bring it to the Annual Meeting in order to vote. Attendance at the Annual Meeting will not, by itself, revoke your prior proxy.

How Many Votes You Have Each stockholder has one vote for each share of our Common Stock owned on the Record Date for all matters being voted on.

If Your Shares Are Held in “Street Name,” How Will Your Broker Vote?

Holders of shares held in brokerage or “street name” accounts should be aware of voting rules that will affect whether their shares will be voted on the Proposals submitted at the meeting. Under applicable New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) rules relating to the discretionary voting of proxies by brokers, brokers are not permitted to vote shares with respect to the election of directors and executive compensation without instructions from the beneficial owner. However, brokers will still be able to vote shares held in brokerage accounts with respect to the ratification of the appointment of an independent registered public accounting firm, even if they do not receive instructions from the beneficial owner. Therefore, holders of shares held in brokerage or street name accounts are advised that, if they do not timely provide instructions to their broker, their shares will not be voted in connection with Proposals One and Two. Generally, broker non-votes occur on a matter when a broker is not permitted to vote on that matter without instructions from the beneficial owner and instructions are not given.

Quorum A quorum is constituted by the presence, in person or by proxy, of holders of our Common Stock representing a majority of the number of shares of Common Stock entitled to vote. Abstentions and broker non-votes (described above) will be considered present to determine a quorum.

–  –  –

Proposals Two and Three: The affirmative “FOR” vote of a majority of the votes cast is required to approve Proposal Two - the advisory approval of the Company’s executive compensation and Proposal Three - the ratification of the appointment of KPMG LLP as our independent auditor for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2015.

If any other matters are brought properly before the Annual Meeting, the persons named as proxies in the accompanying proxy card will have the discretion to vote on those matters for you. If for any reason any of the nominees is not available as a candidate for director at the Annual Meeting, the persons named as proxies will vote your proxy for such other candidate or candidates as may be nominated by the Board of Directors. As of the date of this Proxy Statement, we were unaware of any other matter to be raised at the Annual Meeting.

What Are the Recommendations of the Board?

The Board of Directors recommends that you vote:

–  –  –

Who Is Distributing Proxy Materials and Bearing the Cost of the Solicitation?

This solicitation of proxies is being made by the Board of Directors and we will bear the entire cost of this solicitation, including costs associated with mailing the Notice and related internet access to proxy materials, the preparation, assembly, printing, and mailing of this Proxy Statement, the proxy card, and any additional solicitation material that we may provide to stockholders.

Gartner will request brokerage firms, fiduciaries and custodians holding shares in their names that are beneficially owned by others to solicit proxies from these persons and will pay the costs associated with such activities. The original solicitation of proxies may be supplemented by solicitation by telephone, electronic mail and other means by our directors, officers and employees. No additional compensation will be paid to these individuals for any such services. We have also retained Georgeson Inc. to assist with the solicitation of proxies at an anticipated cost of $6,500 which will be paid by the Company.

Where can I find the voting results of the Annual Meeting?

We will disclose voting results on a Form 8-K filed with the SEC within four business days after the Annual Meeting, which will also be available on our investor relations website – www.investor.gartner.com.

–  –  –

General Information about our Board of Directors Our Board currently has nine directors who serve for annual terms. Our CEO, Eugene A. Hall, has an employment agreement with the Company that obligates the Company to include him on the slate of nominees to be elected to our Board during the term of the agreement. See Executive Compensation – Employment Agreements with Executive Officers below. There are no other arrangements between any director or nominee and any other person pursuant to which the director or nominee was selected. None of our directors or executive officers is related to another director or executive officer by blood, marriage or adoption.

Each member of our Board has been nominated for re-election at the 2015 Annual Meeting. See Proposal One – Election of Directors on page 12. Set forth below are the name, age, principal occupation for the last five years, public company board experience, selected additional biographical information and period of service as a director of the Company of each director, as well as a summary of each director’s experience, qualifications and background which, among other factors, support their respective qualifications to continue to serve on our Board.

–  –  –

Majority Vote Standard The Company has adopted a majority vote standard for the election of directors which provides that a nominee must receive more FOR votes than AGAINST votes for election as a director. Should a nominee fail to achieve this threshold, the nominee must immediately tender his or her resignation to the Chairman. The Board, in its discretion, can determine whether or not to accept the resignation.

–  –  –

Directors who are also employees receive no fees for their services as directors. Non-management directors are reimbursed for their

meeting attendance expenses and receive the following compensation for their service as director:

–  –  –

Director Compensation Table This table sets forth compensation earned or paid in cash, and the grant date fair value of equity awards made, to our nonmanagement directors on account of services rendered as a director in 2014. Mr. Hall receives no compensation for service as director.

–  –  –

(1) Includes amounts earned in 2014 and paid in cash and/or common stock equivalents (CSEs) on account of the Annual Director Retainer Fee, Annual Committee Chair Fee and/or Annual Committee Member Fee, described above. Does not include reimbursement for meeting attendance expenses.

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