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«George Little Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Little has served the City of Memphis well during his tenure as Chief Administrative Officer. He has ...»

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City of Memphis Director’s Accomplishments

George Little

Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Little has served the City of Memphis well during his tenure as Chief Administrative

Officer. He has demonstrated excellence in running the day‐to‐day operations of the

City that have led our city to new heights. He has facilitated the completion of the

Strategic Business Model Assessment Committee report and begun implementation of

many of its recommendations throughout City government. He has coordinated the review of core operations including Fleet Services, Memphis Animal Services and the Second Chance program. He has led efforts to create greater efficiencies and accountability in City government with results of these studies including divisional reorganization and realignment of services to better serve the citizens of Memphis.

Alvin Benson Director, Fire Services Mr. Benson has served the City with distinction as Director of the Fire Services Division.

His leadership has brought new strategies for efficient and effective personnel and capital expenditures. His firefighter attrition and truck reduction strategy will save the City an estimated $20 million dollars over the next three years. Mr. Benson has fought to have the best equipment available at every firehouse in the City. Through his efforts we now have Advanced Life Support (ALS) engines or trucks at every firehouse in our City. Mr. Benson has also implemented an aggressive health and wellness initiative throughout the Fire Division. This initiative has been funded through a FEMA grant and has provided each fire station with exercise equipment as well as medical screenings.

Dwan Gilliom Director, Public Works Mr. Gilliom has served the City of Memphis with distinction. During his tenure, he has worked to restructure the Solid Waste Management Department to provide more efficient operations. Through his leadership, several environmentally green initiatives have been implemented throughout the division. This work has resulted in a grant award which will allow funding for the MC Stiles Waste Water Treatment Plant to participate in a co‐generation project. In this project, the plant will utilize bio‐gas being generated there as fuel to produce heat and electricity. Mr. Gilliom has also increased local Minority and Women Business Enterprise (WMBE) participation in Public Works projects significantly, including spearheading the awarding of the City largest prime contract to a local minority business as part of the deal to bring Mitsubishi Electric to Memphis.

Toney Armstrong Director, Police Services Mr. Armstrong has served the City well as Director of Police Services. During his tenure, he has launched a new Community Policing Initiative. He is developing a new Quality Assurance Bureau to insure accuracy in crime reporting. And, he is also working on internal ward boundaries to more evenly distribute call loads and personnel to more efficiently and effectively serve the citizens of Memphis.

Rick Copeland Director, Planning & Development Mr. Copeland has served the City with distinction as evidenced by the many accomplishments of the Division over the last term. Notably, the Division, under Mr.

Copeland’s leadership has completed the Memphis and Shelby County Unified Development Code, the first overhaul to the City's zoning and subdivision codes in 30 years. Mr. Copeland has also provided leadership in the creation of the EDGE (Economic Development Growth Engine for Memphis and Shelby County). For the first time economic development assistance will be provided to small and medium sized companies as well as large organizations. This concept brings a much needed broad based approach to raising the standard of living for all the citizens of Memphis. These, and other accomplishments, have been executed while the Division has instituted organizational changes that resulted in a fifty percent (50%) budget reduction. These changes included a thirty‐four percent (34%) reduction in personnel.

Herman MorrisCity Attorney

Mr. Morris has served the City well as City Attorney. During his tenure, the City has settled many suits that have pending for long periods of time, including the Beale Street litigation. The settlement of this litigation has resulted in the first payment to the City from the Beale Street entertainment district in three decades. Mr. Morris has also reduced outside counsel fees charged to the City by imposing an 8% reduction on all outside law firm bills, in addition to reducing the amount of work done by outside and increasing the amount done by Law Division staff. And, with Mr. Morris’ leadership, the City has filed 150 law suits against owners of abandoned and blighted property in the city of Memphis as well as a reverse redlining predatory lending law suit against Wells Fargo Bank for the impact of foreclosures on the City tax base.

John Cameron Director, Engineering Mr. Cameron has served with distinction as City Engineer. During his tenure, the City Engineering Division has completed several street projects for repair and repaving throughout the City. Construction management services have been provided for numerous city facilities that have been completed and opened, including the Vehicle Inspection station, the Animal Shelter and the Skate Park. Mr. Cameron’s leadership has also brought a $20 million signal coordination project to the City which will coordinate signals on over 100 miles of City streets.

Quintin RobinsonDirector, Human Resources

Mr. Robinson’s leadership has helped the City advance in his tenure and his accomplishments are many. Mr. Robinson has been led the efforts for the City of Memphis and Memphis Light Gas & Water to achieve healthcare cost‐savings by entering a join RFP to leverage our combined employee and retiree populations. This contract is estimated to save the city $5 million in administrative fees over three years.

Mr. Robinson has recommended and led efforts to make fundamental changes to the City’s pension plan and his efforts will substantially close the unfunded liability over the next 30 years. Additionally, Mr. Robinson has led the city’s efforts to buy back Medicare quarters for up to 550 employees who currently do not pay into the Medicare system, making it possible for these employees to become eligible for Medicare coverage upon retirement and reaching age 65. This plan is good for employees and will save the city approximately $3.1 million annually in claims expenses while reducing the Other Post‐ Employment Benefits (OPEB) liability by $100 million.

Brent Nair Director, Information Services Mr. Nair has served the City well during his tenure. He has negotiated and implemented an outsourced Information Services agreement which will save the City over $6 million dollars and improve the level of service through enhanced metrics and service levels.

The Division’s budget was reduced by 15% but under Mr. Nair’s leadership, there was no reduction in service. The Division has increased the percentage spent with local Minority Women Business Enterprises to 30% for goods and materials and 50% for professional services. The division has also developed and implemented an enterprise GIS program to serve all Divisions and meet the City’s strategic initiatives.

Roland McElrathDirector, Finance

Mr. McElrath has served the City of Memphis with distinction. Through his leadership, the Finance Division has become a more professionally staffed division, adding seven CPAs to its ranks in five years. Elevating the quality of expertise in the Finance Division creates greater value for the City as a whole. Mr. McElrath has worked tirelessly to ensure that the City’s financial future is well placed, watching our revenues and expenditures and forecasting for coming years. His work and financial strategies have helped us maintain a favorable bond rating and his leadership is helping us maintain the strength of our reserve and debt service funds.

Martha LottDirector, General Services

Ms. Lott has served the City well during her tenure as Director of General Services.

Through her tireless efforts, she has addressed the accounting deficiencies within the Division by restructuring staffing, implementing policies and procedures, up‐grading software, standardizing fleet specifications and paying vendors in timely manner. The Division has conducted two of the largest City Surplus Sales generating $577,540 for general fund. She has created a new internal work ethic within the Division which has created a more efficient and orderly environment. Internal theft has been stopped and the Division is moving forward.

Robert Lipscomb Director, Housing & Community Development Mr. Lipscomb’s contributions to the City are well known and well documented. He has brought us the City of Choice vision, figuratively and literally. With development projects designed to increase our tax base and rehabilitation projects designed to improve the quality of housing, the City has seen new life and forward movement under his leadership. We have a ten year plan to end homelessness that is already working and his tireless efforts to remake housing for all Memphians will have lasting effects for our City.

Janet HooksDirector, Public Services & Neighborhoods

Ms. Hooks has the distinct honor of having served this community as a public servant elected to the Memphis City Council for 4 terms. Thusly, Ms. Hooks recognizes the challenges associated with providing much needed services to the community while being a steward of citizen dollars. As Deputy Director for the Division of Community Enhancement, she developed strategies to engage communities for sustainability of city cleanup efforts and initiatives, to use technology to operate more efficiently and to cost effectively provide services to the community.

As Director for the Division of Public Services and Neighborhoods, Ms. Hooks provided oversight and opened a new Motor Vehicle Inspection Station which eliminated long lines and wait times for citizens. Additionally, she provided oversight and opened a much needed new animal facility creating a more inviting environment for our citizens while providing a better quality of life for the animals temporarily housed therein.

Further, under her leadership, numerous grants have been awarded to the division providing for the addition of 240 laptop computers for public use, the replacement of the JobLinc bus, affordable spay/neuter services and a demonstration grant providing services to ex‐offenders, to name a few. During Ms. Hook’s tenure, the division launched a domestic child abuse hotline in partnership with the Crisis Center and the Assisi Foundation and assisted in providing over a 1000 volunteers for Project Connect which served close to a 1000 homeless citizens.

–  –  –

Whereas, in accordance with Section 8 of Home Rule Ordinance No.1852 of the City Charter, the Mayor is authorized to appoint, with the approval of a majority of the Council, the directors of the various administrative divisions of city government; and Whereas, the term of office of each director shall be the same as that of the appointing Mayor and said directors shall continue in office until their successors have been appointed and approved;


CITY OF MEMPHIS, that Mayor A C Wharton, Jr., hereby appoints the following individuals to serve as director of the following divisions, subject to the approval of a

majority of the Council:

Chief Administrative Officer:

George Little

City Attorney:

Herman Morris, Jr.

Police Services:

Toney Armstrong

Fire Services:

Alvin Benson


Roland McElrath

Public Works:

Dwan Gilliom

General Services:

Martha Lott


John Cameron

Public Services:

Janet Hooks

Information Services:

Brent Nair

Human Resources:

Quintin Robinson

Planning and Development:

Richard Copeland Housing Community Development/MHA Robert Lipscomb BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the foregoing individuals are hereby approved by a majority of the Council as director of the respective foregoing divisions.

–  –  –


Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) – 2004 - 2005

• Coordinated the team to remove the MPO from decertification to certification ($340 million) with Federal Highway Administration and Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Homeland Security – 2006 - 2007

• Coordinated a team in the reorganization and administration of nine (9) homeland security grant programs ($19 million) with Office of Homeland Security and Tennessee Emergency Management.

Sustainable Shelby – 2008

• Coordinated the seven (7) Sustainable Shelby Committees to complete three (3) month process deriving at top 10-15 needs for sustaining the county in the future.

• Worked with Sustainable Shelby team to develop an implementation plan within 90 days.

–  –  –

CAREER SUMMARY: Recognized as an accomplished law enforcement executive professional with extensive leadership experience in managing and motivating personnel. Demonstrated specialize training in undercover operations, vice/narcotic operations, interviewing and interrogation techniques, along with firearm instructions. Strong commitment to combining experience, knowledge, and achievements including unprecedented homicide solve rate and substantial increases in shift productivity. Possess a reputation for being a firm, but fair leader with excellent communication, presentation skills, and positive interpersonal abilities that foster professional and productive communication with all law enforcement agencies.

Current focus includes disseminating and applying knowledge, skills and crime prevention techniques to improve and preserve the safety of the citizens of Memphis.

–  –  –


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