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«Amy: You're listening to the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, Episode Number 7. Announcer: This is the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. The ...»

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The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast with Amy Porterfield

Session #7

How to Get More Facebook Fans

(Part 1 of a 3 Part Mini Training)

Show notes at: http://www.amyporterfield.com/7

Amy: You're listening to the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, Episode Number 7.

Announcer: This is the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. The podcast where fun business

tips isn't an oxymoron. Now your host, Amy Porterfield.

Amy: Hey there, Amy Porterfield here and welcome to another episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. Today's session is going to be all about Facebook marketing.

Specifically, how to get more Facebook fans which means more leads which could then mean more Facebook sales. That's our whole goal. Likes, leads, sales.

Today, again, we're going to just focus on how to get more quality Facebook fans but before we jump into that section I've got to tell you this is going to be a little bit of a different episode. I'm calling the one Amy Unplugged because I'm not going to do any editing on the podcast.

Let me back up a little bit. This is only episode number seven so I've only done six episodes and I have to say I'm totally brand new at podcasting and at times it's a little bit uncomfortable.

I've gotten the webinar thing down. I do webinars all the time, and I feel completely comfortable doing webinars. I do tons of online training so I feel really good in that area, but when I start to do a podcast I get a little bit nervous and I fumble a bit.

I've been editing a bunch of mistakes out because I don't want to waste your time with my mistakes but it's interesting because I've learned a little bit more about the world of podcasting and it turns out you all kind of like those mistakes.

I started to do a little bit more research and asked people about my podcast and I've gotten some great feedback. Some of the more not so great feedback is that people have felt that I've been a little bit too polished, or too professional, or maybe my show is a little too scripted or edited and so people don't get that natural feeling from my podcast. That's not everybody, but a handful of people have given me that feedback and it definitely has been more scripted.

I do that because I feel that I tend to rattle on a little bit when I don't have a really good script.

Again, I don't want to waste your time. I want to get right to the good stuff so having an outline helps me do so. I also do feel it's been a little bit more polished than I've wanted it to be because 1 when I listen to some of my favorite podcasts I love when there's little hiccups in it or you kind of get to see that real side of somebody through what they're teaching.

I thought, okay, this is Amy Unplugged. I want to hear your feedback after this session. Do you like the fact that I'm not going to edit out some of my mistakes I'm going to make in the next 30 minutes? Do you like that it's a little bit more free flowing versus structured?

If you've listened to any of my other podcasts or even if this is the first one you've listened too, let me know if you like the casual nature of this because I just need some feedback. I want to know what you guys want and want to hear from me. I want to know how you feel about the style. That way I can just really hone in on what's going to work best for my audience.

There you've got it. Amy Unplugged, totally uncomfortable for me. I like when things are polished because I come from the corporate world and I guess that's what I'm used to. At the same time I really want to be flexible and I want to learn new things. This podcasting has definitely been a learning adventure for me to say the least.

Enough about that, we're going to dive in and today's session is all about, like I said, Facebook marketing. It's going to be the first part of a three-part Facebook mini training. Episode seven is going to be about getting more Facebook fans which is usually the number one question I get asked most.

Episode eight will be all about promoting on Facebook. Specifically, getting more leads and building up before you actually start selling something on Facebook. Then, episode nine is going to be all about selling on Facebook. Making money with Facebook marketing.

We've got a three part series. How to get more fans, How to promote on Facebook, How to sell on Facebook. Definitely, make sure you don't miss any of the three parts series because I'm going to be diving in to some content that is really true to my brand.

If you know anything about me or you've listened to any of my webinars or read any of my blog posts, you know that I really focus on Facebook marketing. I created this podcast so that I could expand beyond Facebook marketing. I made Online Marketing Made Easy because I want to talk about email marketing, creating sales pages, creating email list funnels, and all that great stuff that I love to do for my own business but at the same time my roots are in Facebook marketing.

I'm excited to do this three-part episode about Facebook marketing because it's kind of what I spend all my time doing. I always say I eat, breath, and sleep Facebook marketing because I teach it more than anything else. Today I want to share with you some strategies that are working right now on Facebook to get more Facebook fans. I have three strategies for you.

2Strategy #1: The Facebook Like Box

The first strategy I want to talk to you about is how to get more Facebook fans with a Facebook like box. For those of you who already use a Facebook like box on your website you might think, "Oh, I already know." I actually have a little tip in here that you might not be doing like that like box so stay with me for a moment here.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Facebook like box, basically it's just a box that you put on your website so that when people come to your website they can also click the like button inside that Facebook like box and they become an instant fan of your Facebook page.

Here's what's cool. They never leave your website. The next time they jump on Facebook they'll likely start to see your posts in their news feed but at the time they like your Facebook page they're still staying on your website.

The last thing we want to do is send people from our website over to Facebook. they don't need any more traffic. We don't need to be feeding them our traffic, right? We do want to capture the attention of that new visitor on our website because most people spend way more time on Facebook than they ever will on your website. Why not meet them where they're at?

I always tell my students that the most valuable thing about a Facebook like box on your website is that you're going to capture fans that are a warm audience. If they're reading your blog posts, checking out your about page, maybe checking out some of your products on your website, then you definitely want to stay in touch with them.

Of course you want to have an opt in on your website to get their name and email, but in addition to that you want them to become a Facebook fan of your Facebook page because, as I mentioned, they're going to start seeing you in their news feed.

Here's the great thing about Facebook. If you have someone on your email list and you're emailing them. Then you’re directing them to your blog posts so they're reading your blog posts. Now, they're also seeing you inside Facebook in their news feed.

The great thing about this is you're making sure you're everywhere where it matters. Be seen everywhere where it matters to your brand and to your ideal audience. Facebook is just another place where you want to make an impact.

–  –  –

If you don't have a WordPress site I will link to the developer's site on Facebook in my show notes so that you can get the link there. It's just some code that you would add to your website so it doesn't take a lot to add the box.

Here's, also, another thing you want to pay attention to. With this like box you have the option to add the pictures of some people who have already become a fan of your page. This is what's really cool. Let's pretend that I am not a fan of your Facebook page and I go to your website and you have a like box there on your website. What I will see is if any of my friends have already liked your page I'm going to see their pictures under the like button in your like box.

Basically, Facebook's telling me, "Hey, John, Sally, and Sue, your friends Amy, have already liked this Facebook page." It's all about social proof. I think, "Oh! So if John, Sally, and Sue have like that Facebook page and they're my friends, I'll probably like that page as well so why don't I just click like to become a fan?" There's that social proof involved when you add pictures. If someone comes to your website and none of their friends are actually fans of your Facebook page yet then they'll just see pictures of people they don't know. It's not a big deal. It's always nice to see pictures of people you know if there is that connection already.

That is a huge plus to this like box. I usually add it in the right column on my homepage. Then I also have it on a few other pages on my website but that's usually the prominent place.

Underneath the opt in, your opt in on your website, should definitely be more prominent than your like box. I'm just saying add it in addition to that opt in opportunity on your website.

Here's what's cool. For all of you who already have the like box on your website and you're thinking, "All right Amy, you're teaching me nothing new right now." I've got a little extra tip for you.

One of my good friends, Melanie Duncan, she is a Pinterest expert. What she does is when you sign up for one of her webinars, you sign up for the webinar and you automatically get redirected to a thank you page on her website. The thank you page has a video and it's Melanie just saying, "Hey guys, thanks so much for signing up for my webinar, make sure to mark your calendar, show up ten minutes early, I can't wait to see you soon."

–  –  –

Adding the like box in different places on your website is a really good idea. Maybe you have a free video series, maybe you have a newsletter. When people opt in somewhere you typically send then to a thank you page saying, "Great! Thank you! Check your email, I just you your free whatever I'm giving away." Why not add the like box there as the next step for them?

Don't just feel limited to adding your like box to the homepage of your website, think about different places you can add it. Also, the little tip on top of that is on those thank you pages when people opt in to something, make a short video. You can make it generic so you can use that video across different thank you pages. Make it generic but ask them, "Hey now I just want you to take a minute to like my Facebook page so we can stay in touch." It's just one extra way to be seen everywhere where it matters. That like box is really valuable.

Just a quick little list as to why you would want to funnel your fans from your website to Facebook with this like box. One, it's a really easy plugin so you can just, of course, add it to your website. Also, you have a warm audience on your website so why not get them to become a Facebook fan because you want quality fans. We all know we don't want a bunch of just random fans because it will do nothing for our Facebook engagement. We want quality fans.

Why not get fans that are already on your website?

Also, when people come to your website they see that like box, they might see some pictures of their friends in the box, which is always great, and people are on Facebook more than they're on your website. This is just another opportunity to get in front of them, stay top of mind, make a bigger impact, and just make sure you're staying in touch with the people that really matter to your brand.

I'll make sure that I add some links to some of my favorite like boxes from WordPress and for non-WordPress sites. You can always find links on my show notes at amyporterfield.com/7.

Strategy #2: Target Friends of Fans with Facebook Ads Let's move on to strategy number two. Strategy number two is to target friends of fans with your Facebook ads. I've got some extra tips inside of this one tip so if you already use Facebook ads and you already target friends of fans, fantastic. I'm going to add a little to that strategy. If you do not use Facebook ads, this is one of the easiest Facebook ad strategies that you could ever set up.

–  –  –

Like I said, I'm going to explain the exact strategy but I'm going to explain it in broad terms for this podcast session. If it piques your interest and you really want to try out this ad strategy, what I did is I created a step-by-step PDF for you that you can literally follow to walk you through how to set up this Facebook like ad that I'm going to tell you about.

The PDF is called the Step-by-Step Like Ad Strategy Instructions and it literally is a free download in the show notes at amyporterfield.com/7. Again, I'm going to explain it right now in broad stroke but if you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty and walk through it with me step by step I've made you a quick PDF to do so.

Let me tell you about this ad strategy. The goal is to attract more quality fans by using your existing fans as bait. When I was creating the notes for this podcast I thought bait sounds kind of shiesty. I don't mean it in any negative way but using your existing Facebook fans as a ways to attract new fans is a really smart strategy.

It comes back to social proof, what I talked about in strategy one, and most people attract like minded people. Another thing, a lot of studies have shown that people on Facebook trust and follow the recommendations of their friends much more often than they ever trust or follow the recommendations of a brand. If I say to you, "Hey, come like my Facebook page." That might mean something to you but if your really good friend, Jonathon, says, "Hey, I love this page that Amy Porterfield has on Facebook. Come check it out." That's going to weigh much heavier for you. That's the whole strategy. Create Facebook ads where you're using your existing fan base to attract new fans.

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