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«SPI Podcast Session #210: How to Automate Your Business to Save Time and Make More Money with Dana Malstaff Pat: This is the Smart Passive Income ...»

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SPI Podcast Session #210:

How to Automate Your Business to Save Time and

Make More Money with Dana Malstaff

Pat: This is the Smart Passive Income Podcast, with Pat Flynn session number


Announcer: Welcome to the Smart Passive Income Podcast, where it’s all about

working hard now, so you can sit back and reap the benefits later. Now your

host, he secretly wishes he could be best friends with Ryan Reynolds, Pat


Pat: What’s up everybody? Thank you so much for joining me today in session 210 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast. My name is Pat Flynn and I’m here to help you, by bringing on amazing guests like today’s guest Dana Malstaff.

She is amazing; she is the CEO and founder of Boss-Mom at Boss-Mom.com.

I recently connected with her again, because she and I have known each other for a while. She was actually a student of me and Chris Ducker’s 1-Day Business Breakthrough event, and she as there sitting in the hot seat. She talked about where she was, and wasn’t clear what her direction was.

Now, almost a year later, she’s made massive changes in her business and is doing so many things in alignment with building a raving fan base, and also automation, which is going to be the main topic of today’s show, automation.

How to take these things that you’re doing, and create systems behind them, so you can do more, or open up free time, or both.

Dana’s here today to talk all about that, so I’m really excited to bring her on, so let’s not wait any further. Here’s Dana Malstaff from boss-mom.com. Here we go. What’s up everybody I’m so happy to welcome Dana Malstaff on the show today. What’s up Dana, how are you?

Dana: I am awesome, how are you?

Pat: I’m doing well, it’s great to talk to you again, we’ve crossed paths a number of times. The last time I saw you, was actually at the Traffic & Conversion Summit, the IM party the night before. Even before that, you were a student, at one of me and Chris Tucker’s 1 Day Business Breakthrough events.

It was great to hear what you’ve been able to do since then. I mean I don’t know how much you’ve grown, but you’ve grown some number x, like 5x or whatever. You’re doing amazing things and that’s why I wanted to have you 1 on the show. First of all, welcome and if you want to really quick, introduce yourself to everybody and what it is that you do, that will be amazing, and then we’ll take to from there.

Dana: Yes. Well thank you by the way, you make me sound awesome which I always love.

Pat: Which you are.

Dana: Yeah. I am a business and content strategist for the Boss Mom, so I’m the author of the book Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro. We have the Boss Mom Podcast, we have the Boss Mom Movement and Community, we have the Boss Mom Academy.

We’ve basically boss mom-ed everywhere you could possibly boss mom.

It’s basically for work at home mom entrepreneurs who don’t want to feel guilty about loving their business, and loving their children. It’s this idea that, being a parent isn’t about sacrificing our life for our children. It’s about showing our children what a good life lived looks like, so that it can inspire them to be the next generation that lives through their passions.

That’s what we do; we do that as a community. Then as a business, we actually help drive them towards growing their businesses, creating multiple streams of income, figuring out how to actually take action in the in between moments. Because, not all mom entrepreneurs have eight hours every single day, to get done what they need to get done. Helping them grow a business in a way, that gets them to feel really excited about growing something that financially gives them stability, while not sacrificing their family goals.

Pat: I love that. Although it’s very clear who your target audience is, I think the message is universal between all … Between both genders because this is something that everybody deals with. It’s how do you balance that work with personal life, something; I know I’ve talked openly in the past, and have openly talked about how much I’ve struggled in the past as well.

I’m curious like where do you stand on; because I think a lot of people, they think it’s one or the other right? You either sacrifice that business idea you have, because you want to spend all your time with your kids, and raising them or vice versa. Quick in one minute rundown like, what that … How do you approach that, what’s the right way to do it?

Dana: Well there’s a couple things first, I talk about in the book. That I used to think that, loving my business meant that I was taking away from my love of my children. When you start to shift your mindset to understand that love is

–  –  –

Time management is a whole different thing, you have to pick priorities about what time you have, so I came I with what I call, the One Bucket Method.

We do this idea where we put all of our priorities and our ideas for our family, and all of our priorities and ideas for in our business. There are two buckets, and there’s only one of us. We end up having multiple full buckets and not enough time and just a lot of stress and anxiety.

Well if you take all of that out, and you use the one bucket method, which is where you have to assume that every single thing in your life is just part of one life. Like there is no work life balance. It’s a phrase that seems so alienly strange to me, because how is work and life different and separate from each other?

When you do something that’s what I refer to as sort of conscious integration. You understand that all the things you do in your family, the things you do in your business, can feed into each other, can help each other grow, can be learning lessons for each other, can integrate into maybe how you involve your kids in your business. How you find those in between moments to manage your business. When priorities sometimes lean towards family or lean towards business, and you put it all into one place such that all is one hole.

I think then you start to really understand where your priorities are, and how you’re going to manage those. It gives you that foundation to be able to move forward to set your time boundaries, in an appropriate way to really help grow your business, and your family, whichever ways you want.

Pat: I love it. The book is called Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide To Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro. I love that, I mean a lot of people who know me, you know me that’s … Dana: I do yeah.

Pat: … I’m all about that. That resonates very well with me. I appreciate the actionable advice, in terms of how to wrap your head around all this. Because you’re right, the “balance” thing, it’s when you think about, a scale for example its only perfectly balanced at one moment. It’s never there, and if you fight for that all the time, you’re just going to be unhappy all the time.

–  –  –

I mean when we met at IM party, a couple of weeks ago, you talked about how you’re learning how to automate your business. That’s of course, very much in alignment with what passive income is all about. How to use different pieces of software, how to use other people, to be able to grow and manage your business without you actually having to trade your time one for one for the income that you generate.

How are you automating? You said this is kind of new for you, you’re adding new things into your business, like what is exciting to you in terms of automation right now?

Dana: Oh yeah. Well first, I’ve become an automation junkie. Well once you jump on the band wagon of automation, you’re going, “Why have I not had this in my life?” Just like with your team, like once you give in to having your VA, and then having your social media manager, and all the people that can help you in your team.

Everything you do, you’re like, “Can I automate this, can I have somebody else do this, like do I really … Could I make more money not doing this, than I could doing this?” Then you start going, “Yeah I could, okay wait take that off my plate, I’m going to give it to somebody else.” Your business grows that way, because when you have time to do what you do really well, you’re going to make more money doing that, and letting other people do it.

For automation for me, I invested at the end of last year in ONTRAPORT, which I’m in love with. I tried Infusionsoft, it was not for me. I think more of the creative entrepreneur would lean towards Infusion or ONTRAPORT, that’s just my preference.

That has really allowed me to automate, so many of my processes, so many of just the intake of people that want to be on the podcast, want to be you know guest blog, want to be the boss mom of the week. All of those things get automated.

Pat: It sounds a lot like admin type stuff, that’s being automated through this process.

Dana: Oh it’s like having an assistant. Absolutely. Because before someone would want to be a part of the movement, and they would connect with me, or my

–  –  –

What I recognized in automation is, and I think so many people think that automation is just, taking a process and putting it in a place, in a way like through ONTRAPORT, where you never have to touch it again. I also feel like automation is anything that I do over and over again. If you can find any way to make it simpler, make it happen quicker.

If you’re shortening the curve of how long it takes you to do it, or implement it or anything like that, then I feel like that’s toward … In the vein of automation. Anybody who wants to work with us, we do it that way. You know all of my clients I have, I use Trello as my other, I call it my work wife.

I’m in there, all of my clients, we each have a Trello board, and every single time it’s the same exact board, and I do it the same exact way. I have an entire process and links board, so everything I ever use and repeat over and over again. In terms of bios, and things I need to send people, or emails that are consistently the same kind of emails, out to like be on the podcast, or things like that, they’re all there.

Like all of my referral codes, all of my … Anything like that, I just go in, easily take it out or my VA takes it out, or whoever’s on my team that’s needs it, and it’s all there. Taking things that I just used to do, over and over again, and now I feel like I’ve got at least like two hours a day, where I’m just not doing all of that stuff.

Pat: That’s huge.

Dana: Yeah and every time I think of something new, I seriously … Like before I do anything now, I’m like, “Could I have somebody else do it on my team, that can do it probably better than me, and faster than me, or can I automate it?” I usually find, that like at least once a week I’m finding a new thing, to automate.

Pat: Actually for those of you listening, this is actually just a voicemail that I’m playing, from Dana, because she automated this entire … Dana: All right I’m not that good, yet.

Pat: I’m just kidding. No, but that’s amazing. How does one go about starting automation? I think this is obviously a great concept, but like putting rubber to road, like how do we actually do this, or how do we know even what to automate?

–  –  –

Some things can be automated where you just never have to touch them, and they work the way you want them to. Some things can be automated where you just like I said, simplify the process, so you know you’re just pulling that content and repeating it over and over again.

I think systems like ONTRAPORT or Infusionsoft, give you the ability to truly automate, in the sense that you don’t even have to touch anything. Like if somebody comes in, has a request, it like sends me a task, and I just say yes or no. If I say yes, it sends them an email, and if it says no, it sends them an email. The whole thing’s like truly automated.

If you just think about what it is that you are doing repetitively, what email do you find yourself writing, over and over again. Save that email somewhere, you know I use Trello, but you can use Evernote, or whatever works for you. Save that, so that it’s easier to get to, and you’re able to then, just streamline that process.

As you grow your business, then you can start investing in tools like ONTRAPORT, to really maximize, I think the abilities that you have. Then you can start getting into the kind of automation that I’m getting into, which is like abandon cart automation.

If people are, going to my sales page, but they’re not buying, then I can reconnect them in different ways. I’m now plugging, profit leaks, which my business coach, Dawn Marrs, of Marrs Marketing, I know you met her.

ONTRAPORT is her area of expertise, and those are some of the things where she’s, like I consider her to be like the profit leak woman. That she just shows you these places, that you’re losing the ability to pull people in and nurture them.

Pat: Yeah. Leak is a great word.

Dana: Yeah is helping me plug those leaks, through automation and different processes. I think you can start small though, just think of the things that you do repetitively. Figure out how to make those easier for yourself. It’s going to free up time, so you can do what you do well, to make more money, when you make more money, you can invest in the products that help you plug the

–  –  –

Pat: Yeah. I mean we live in an amazing age now, where there are these tools available, or even other people available to help us plug those holes. I definitely think, really what it comes down to, is just being conscious about what those things are. I think that’s where the big struggle is for a lot of people.

I mean it’s easy to hear somebody say, “Oh you just got to find out what you do repetitively.” Often times we go through the motions every day, and we don’t even realize what we’re doing, over and over and over again. Hearing from others like, “Oh you can actually automate that.” Is really interesting.

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