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«Build a Business Around Paid Courses and Membership Sites Chris Garrett & Jerod Morris TRANSCRIPT BUILD A BUSINESS AROUND PAID COURSES AND MEMBERSHIP ...»

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I want to show it to you just for how it allows you to set your course up. Then we’re going to show you some sites that are using the Rainmaker Platform to do this and how they are using paid courses, membership sites to build a business. Let me take the slides off, and we’ll go to the web browser. Right here, I’m in the back-end of Rainmaker.FM, which is obviously built on the Rainmaker Platform.

Product screens Jerod: I want to show you the product screen. When you’re getting ready to establish a course or a membership area, this is where you’re going to go, here to the product screen. Obviously, you’re going to have a name for your product. You’re going to have a description for your product. I’ll show you, to give you an example of this, with The Showrunner. We had a product for The Showrunner pilot, and we have a product for The Showrunner Course itself.

You have your name. You have your description, all of that, in there. You can also create or dictate which member groups get this, so now you can actually dictate access.

Now when you’re creating a new one, you have the choice. You can create a product, which is a one-time product, meaning people are going to pay once,

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and that’s it. Or you can have a limited-time product where people get access to it for a specific period of time.

Let’s say we want to do a limited time product that people have access to for a year. Then we could say ‘limited time product.’ We can dictate the duration.

We could make it free if we click here, or we can add a price to it. Let’s say that we want our fictitious product here to be $495. Now people are going to make their payment. They get this product for $365. And there are a few other options that I’ll show you in a second.

But you could also do it as a subscription. For a subscription now, obviously, if we say that our duration is 365 days, it’s a one-year subscription. Now people are going to be paying $495 per year. This would be for a recurring product.

You could set the number of payments that there are, and you can also offer a trial period. Let’s say that you want to give people 14 days to try it like we have on the Rainmaker Platform. You can make it 14 days. If you want to make that a free trial, then you could put a zero right here.

I show you all this so that you can see just here from the product page how many different options you have for setting up either a product, a limited-time product, or a subscription. Then, obviously, as you go down now, you have some different options as you do with any product for setting up your email receipt, for the message that you send to people when you’re done, for what email you’re going to integrate with this to put them on a specific list because, obviously, when they grab this product, you want them on a list.

–  –  –

This menu right here is extremely important, but also allows you to do it in a very simple and straightforward way. Mr. Garrett, did you want to add anything to the product description here before we show some sites?

Chris: No. Unless anybody’s got any questions, go ahead.

Jerod: Okay. Well, let me know. We can come back to this screen if you do have any questions about this specific screen. So I’ve got four sites. Originally, it was three. But now Digital Commerce Institute is out, so we can show you that site, too, because it is built on Rainmaker.

Site example #1: Freelance to Win Jerod: Here’s the first site that I want to show you. This is Freelance to Win. This is Danny Margulies’ site, and he has a course on here. Basically, this site is all about teaching people—”Learn what it really means to be successful in the hyper-competitive world of online freelancing.” He’d got a course that basically teaches people how to use Elance. He’s made, I think the numbers have probably gone up, but when I talked to him last a couple of weeks ago, he had made $60,000 selling this course.

If you look at his site, he has actually only got three blog posts on here, but they all rank really well and drive him a ton of traffic. So he gets a lot of traffic.

Obviously, he has got his very simple call to action. It’s the only thing in his

–  –  –

sidebar, and he actually had a pretty expansive guest-posting strategy that he was using to drive traffic. Obviously, everybody’s going to have a different audience attraction strategy.

But he takes them to this course. This course was developed with Rainmaker, and it’s very simple in terms of design and setup. The brilliance here of what Danny’s done is he really understood the benefits that people were going to get, understood the objectives that they needed to get there because he was this person. He was the person who went on Elance, learned how to make, as he says on his email signup box, “learn how to make $100,000 from Elance.” Now he shows people how to do it.

He’s go this course set up, and you go to ‘Start here.’ He’s got his “welcome to the program.” He’s got videos, and he does most of his with video. But he’s also got a transcript. He’s got audio. You can download the video here as well.

Then, using the basic Rainmaker short codes, let’s say that you, well, you might not favorite the welcome, but let’s say that you are really interested in designing a high-end freelance business. You can favorite this. You can mark it as complete so that you know that you’ve already done it. Then as you go on to your next lesson here, it helps you keep everything organized. Now you’ve got the star for the favorite. You know that you’ve already done this, so you can just continue moving on.


You can see his course. It’s all set up there in the sidebar, set up in a very intuitive, very simple way. He’s got some bonus material, and he’s got a private forum as well—all of this just done using Rainmaker. It’s brought him about $60,000 in revenue just in the last year. And I’ve gone in and set up similar courses to this. Did it for The Showrunner. Did it on some side projects.

It’s extremely simple to set up and organize exactly as he has done. That’s Freelance to Win.

Site example #2: Copywrite Matters Jerod: The next one that I want to show is Belinda Weaver’s Copywrite Matters. I think I might have seen Belinda in the chat earlier. So if you’re here, Belinda, hello.

Belinda also participated in a case study in Digital Commerce Institute, which is excellent.

In that case study, basically, we walk through this really smart strategy that Belinda has had for really what we’ve talked about in these last four Rainmaker Platform webinars. Starting with audience attraction content, like her podcast, the Hot Copy podcast, her blog. Then that goes into free courses. So there’s a free course that you can sign up for. She gets you on the email list with the cheat sheet. There’s then a free course. Then that takes you into her paid course.


We’ll go in here, the Copywriting Master Class. We talked about this marketing machine earlier, and she’s set it up in a real smart way. I would encourage you, if you want a good example of that, to go to Belinda’s site and sign up and follow through the process she takes you to get you to the paid course.

So we go here. This is going to be the sales page for the course. Let me go back because I want to actually take you inside the course and show you.

That’s going to be in here I believe. So we’ve got downloads. This is all member area stuff right here. We talked earlier about how you have your frontend of your site, and then you’ve got your back-end where you have to log in, the membership area, and that’s where we are right now.

So I have access to this Top Tips Cheat Sheet. Then I can head to the Master Class course, so I would go there again. The site is all done using Rainmaker.

You can see the similarities in structure between what Belinda has here and then what Danny has on his site. Obviously, she’s using a different theme, has it styled a little bit differently. You have lots of options that you can do there.

But it makes it real simple to organize your lessons. You’ve got courses. You’ve got modules. So this is the module, and she’s got it set up in four different modules—Writing for the Right Audience, Offers in Action, SEO Copywriting, and the Writing Process—and then Individual Lessons.

Again, it’s the same idea where you’ve got the lesson, you’re able to organize your multimedia content in a very intuitive and simple way—all using a

–  –  –

Lesson Creation screen that looks very similar to a Post Creation screen or a Page Creation screen. It makes it simple. It keeps you in the same mind frame that you are when you’re creating any other page. Then, again, you can mark it as complete. You can favorite it, continue to move on.

Belinda actually adds coaching calls to hers, so that’s another element of this and then, again, a forum. She’s got her forum topics here on the sidebar, but she’s got a nice thriving forum that’s going on. We talk about the importance of community, so it’s very important to have this community that’s there that can all interact.

Site example #3: Youpreneur (ChrisDucker.com) Jerod: Next example, this is Youpreneur. This is Chris Ducker’s new membership site, again, done on Rainmaker. You can, again, see the similarity in structure but some of the differences that you have and how you want to organize it, how you want to style it, how you want to design it.

This is Chris’ member dashboard where he pulls out some very important links that he wants to highlight. He includes a video right here and then some different links. Same thing, you can go to the monthly mastermind calls. He’s got it set up a little bit differently here with the sidebar, but you’ve got these

–  –  –

different options for how you want to do this again based on what your model is, based on what the content of your course is. You can set that up however you need to do it.

Site example #4: Digital Commerce Academy Jerod: Then we’ve got Digital Commerce Academy. This is actually a little sneak peek into the back-end of Digital Commerce Academy designed by Rafal Tomal in Rainmaker. This is the Welcome page. Then we’ve got courses, case studies, our cutting-edge case studies, plus a community.

For Digital Commerce Institute, we’re doing something a little bit different with community where we’re not going out the door with the community, but we use the forum feature of Rainmaker to basically allow people to give us some feedback. We want to know what people want in the community so that we can tailor it a little bit to what the people want. I’m sure we’ll get some good ideas, and that will help us create the community.

That’s where, when you go out the door with your MVP and with your pilot offer, you charge this lower price, and not everything has to be in there. People understand that. So with the community, the people who were in on the pilot launch know that they’re actually part of the development, so they’re paying a little bit less. Not everything is there right off the bat, but they’re going to

–  –  –

actually have some input in how it develops. They’re eventually going to get everything, they just got a lower price for getting in at the beginning.

We go over here and look at the courses. We talked about Brian’s course about Build Your Online Training Business the Smart Way, Chris and Tony’s course about automated marketing funnels. It’s the same thing here. You go in here, not everything is there. And that’s okay. That’s this MVP process we’re talking about.

The overview of Brian’s course, this is basically some of the content that we walked you through today. Then you can get in there, and you’ve got the Five Key Concepts of Online Entrepreneurs. Then you can see the other modules, but the content isn’t available yet. Again, totally fine. Once it is ready, then, we can actually do different drips and time the drips.

Maybe you have the content ready, but you don’t want people to have access to it right away. You can actually pretty simply with Rainmaker set up a drip.

Maybe you don’t want people to just be able to rush in and do everything right off the bat. You want it spaced out. That’s actually how we have our New Rainmaker free training course set up on Rainmaker.FM where is it set up like that. So that’s a basic overview.


Rainmaker Platform themes Chris: Let me just jump in. A couple of people have been asking about the themes. We have Rafal, so we have custom themes. That’s not to say that the built-in themes are bad or anything. But Rafal had a very specific design in mind, so he created custom designs. All of the things that are built in to Rainmaker, they are developed to work with the Learning Management System, and we will be having more themes coming out. The Learning Management System and the membership features will be kept in mind as the other themes are developed.

Jerod: Yep. Absolutely. Well that’s everything that I had for the demo. I’d be happy to show people anything else specific. I haven’t had a chance to look at any of the questions while I was going through this. Anything else that you wanted to add or that you wanted to show folks, Chris?

Chris: I think we’re ready to go into the Q&A if anybody’s still sticking around and wants some answers. We’ve got some already in the list.

Jerod: Yeah, let’s do it.

Is there LMS progress tracking in Rainmaker?

Chris: So Daniel has asked, “LMS progress tracking in Rainmaker?” We’re actually developing a feature called the Gradebook. Sorry, that word

–  –  –

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