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«1 2004 International conference of IAABD Dear Colleagues Greetings! I am pleased to welcome you to the 2004 conference of the International Academy ...»

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2004 International conference of IAABD

Dear Colleagues

Greetings! I am pleased to welcome you to the 2004 conference of the International Academy of

African Business & Development, IAABD. Building on the remarkable achievements we

recorded with past international events, this year’s conference at the Hilton Atlanta is hosted by

Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business. In a number of ways, this conference marks a watershed in the life of our organization. First, it is taking place in Atlanta, a city that symbolically mirrors the theme of the conference which is “building bridges for African business and development”. I understand that Atlanta is the U.S. city most often viewed as the gateway to African business and commerce. Second, Atlanta will be etched into the annals of IAABD as the ‘constitution city’ – underpinning the significance of our new constitution and its formal adoption at this conference. Third, this conference will also usher in a new era in our administrative system, marking a transition from the pioneer ‘old guards’ to a newly elected and possibly more invigorated administrative group. These are, without doubt, strategic inflection points in the life of our organization as it continues to grow and professionalize. I am sure that you will all hold fond and enduring memories of Atlanta when the 2004 conference is over.

For this year, we are particularly delighted to welcome Ambassador Andrew Young as our keynote speaker. As head of the Atlanta-based GoodWorks International, the former U.N.

ambassador and two-term mayor of Atlanta travels to Africa frequently, championing business and development projects in nearly every corner of the continent. It is a great pleasure to have him in our midst. I am sure he is on a very familiar turf as he speculates on the future of Africa’s business and the “bridges” that will need to be in place in order to facilitate true economic growth and sustainable development.

Thumbing through the program outline, I note its richness in terms of contents and presentation proposals. The titles are quite diverse, reflecting the complex web of issues related to building effective business relationships and development strategies for a renascent Africa. Thank you all for your contributions and continued support in promoting the IAABD ideals.

Our utmost gratitude goes to Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business for hosting the 2004 conference; Kofi Dadzie for his enthusiasm and organizational skills as conference and program chair; the track chairs and reviewers who have contributed greatly to the success of this conference. Finally, we thank our other sponsors, GSU Research Foundation, Georgia State Office of Multicultural Affairs, Morgan State University Business School and Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

Have an enjoyable conference.

Sonny Nwankwo President of IAABD

–  –  –

8 THURSDAY APRIL 8, 2004 PLENARY SESSION: 8:30AM-10:30 AM Introduction and Welcome: Mr. Robert Banks, Georgia State University IAABD Welcome Address: Sonny Nwankwo, IAABD President J. Mack Robinson College of Business Welcome Address: Dean Sidney Harris Keynote Address: Ambassador Andrew Young, GoodWorks International _____________________________________________________________________________________________

SESSION A1: 10:45 A.M. –12:30 P.M. LOCATION: STATE/CLUB 4TH FLOOR TITLE: Economic Development Policies and Strategies CHAIR: Emmanuel Cleeve-Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)

1. The Role of Exchange-rate Changes in the Inflationary Process: An Empirical Investigation in the Context of Africa. (Zelealem Yiheyis-Clark Atlanta University)

2. Can Africa Achieve Sustainable Development? Strategic Challenges and the Way Forward (Allam AhmedUniversity of East London)

3. Human Capital Development: African Solutions for African Problems (Arno J. Van Niererk-University of the Free State)

4. The Effects of Emerging Entrepreneurs on Organized Business in South Africa (Reinford Khumalo-University of South Africa) _____________________________________________________________________________________________


SESSION A2: 10:45 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

TITLE: Special Sessions and Panel Discussions - Research Methodology Co-CHAIRS: Derick Boyd – University of East London (UK) and Carolyn Curasi – Georgia State University (USA) Presenter: Carolyn Curasi-Georgia State University (USA): Qualitative Research Techniques Presenter: Derick Boyd-University of East London (UK) and Ron Smith-Birkbeck College (UK): Quantitative Analysis Techniques _____________________________________________________________________________________________

SESSION A3: 10:45 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. LOCATION: BOARD/DIRECTORS 4TH FLOOR TITLE: Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development and the Informal Sector CHAIR: Allan Mulengani Katwalo-University College Northampton (UK)

1. Getting to Know the Informal Sector; in Search of a Research Paradigm for the African Micro Enterprise (Allan Mulengani Katwalo-University College Northampton, Stuart M. Sanderson-University of Bradford, Hafiz Mirza-University of Bradford)

2. Impact of Information Technology on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Botswana (Lilybert MachachaUniversity of Botswana)

3. Small Business Critical Success /Failure Factors in Developing Economies: Some Evidences from Botswana (Zelealem T. Temtime-University of Botswana, J. Pansiri-University of Botswana ) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

SESSION A4: 10:45 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. LOCATION: CRYSTAL BALLROOM D-LOBBY LEVEL TITLE: Finance, Accounting, Banking and Foreign Direct Investments Co-CHAIRS: Felix Ayadi-Texas Southern University (USA) and Charles Appeadu-Georgia State University (USA)

1. Technology Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: A Review (Khaled Elmawazini-University of East London)

2. The Role of Special Items in Managing Earnings and the Relevance of Accounting Earnings Components: The Tunisian Stock Exchange Evidence (Abdelwahed Omri-Economic Science and Management of Tunis, Ines Belgacem-Economic Science and Management of Tunis,)

3. Bank Supervision and Surveillance: A Critical Case Study Analysis of the Bank of Commerce and Development (Libya) (Atsede Woldie-University of Glamoran, Ihab M Dofan-University of Glamoran) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

9 SESSION A5: 2:00 P.M. –3:45 P.M. LOCATION: STATE/CLUB 4TH FLOOR TITLE: Special Sessions and Panel Discussions- New Partnerships on African Development Co-CHAIRS: Frances Ekwulugo-University of Westminister Panel Members: Frances Ekwulugo-University of Westminster, Mammo Muchie-University of Natal, Temi Abimbola, Darlington Richards-Morgan State University _____________________________________________________________________________________________


SESSION A6: 2:00 P.M. – 3:45 P.M.

TITLE: Information Technology and E-Commerce Co-CHAIRS: Peter Meso-Georgia State University (USA) and John Okpara-Briarcliff College (USA)

1. The Effect of Salary Differential on Managerial Job Satisfaction: A study of the Gender Gap in Nigeria (John Okpara-Briarcliffe College)

2. Information Systems Disaster Recovery Plan: An Alternative Methodology for Micro-Business Enterprises (Muhammed Ademola Badamas-Morgan State University)

3. Internet Use Patterns among smaller Non Traditional Exporters from Ghana (Robert Hinson-University of Ghana, Kevin Ibeh-University of Strathclyde)

4. The Impact of the Micro Finance on the Local Development Through the Entrepreneurship (Samir SaadiUniversity of Ottawa, Imed Marnissi-University of Ottawa).) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

SESSION A7: 2:00 P.M. – 3:45 P.M. LOCATION: BOARD/DIRECTORS 4TH FLOOR TITLE: International Trade and Exporting Co-CHAIRS: Atsede Woldie-University of Glamoran (UK) and Kevin Ibeh-University of Strathclyde (UK)

1. Export Zones, Foreign Investment and the Inter-Firm Linkages in Ghana (John Kuada-Aalborg University)

2. The African Growth and Opportunity Act: New Imperialism or Interdependence (Emmanuel Obuah-A&M University)

3. The Entrepreneurial Firm Internationalization Process in the Southern African Context: A Comparative Approach (Bruce Mtigwe-National University of Science and Technology)

4. The Competitiveness of African Exports in International Markets: An Empirical Investigation (S. Ade OlusogaVirginia State University) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

SESSION A8: 2:00 P.M. – 3:45 P.M. LOCATION: CRYSTAL BALLROOM D-LOBBY LEVEL TITLE: Economic Development Policies and Strategies Co-CHAIRS: Chris Mbah-Cornerstone University (USA) and Glenwood Ross-Morehouse College (USA)

1. A Two-Regional Comparative Study Of UK East African Businesses (Mark Cook-University College of Northampton, Frances Ekwulugo-University of Westminister, Grahame Fallon-University College of Northampton)

2. In Pursuit of an Economic Miracle in South Africa: Tough Challenge for the New Millenium (Glenwood RossMorehouse College)

3. Fiscal Incentives and FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa (Emmanuel Cleeve-Manchester Metropolitan University)

4. Crude Oil Production, Balance of Payments Deficits and Credit Expansion in Nigeria, 1960-1980: An Analytical Framework (Ayuba Sarki-Hampton University, Ben Ilozor-Hampton University) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

10 SESSION A9: 4:00 P.M. – 5:45 P.M. LOCATION: STATE/CLUB 4TH FLOOR TITLE: Economic Development Policies and Strategies Co-CHAIRS: Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong-National Science Foundation (USA) and Sarah Bryant Bower (USA).

1. Sources of Economic Growth and Structural Change in Nigeria 1962-1992: Evidence from Sectoral Data (Leonard M. Azonobi-Morgan State University)

2. Globalisation or Restructuring and Reproduction of Capital? (Tidings P Ndhlovu-Manchester Metropolitian University)

3. Critical Factors in the Development of Regional Capital Markets: The Case of the East African Community (Michael Unger-Loyola College in Maryland, Sarah Bryant Bower-Clarion University)

4. Managing a Non-Renewable Resource in Developing Countries: Case Studies of Petroleum In Cameroon (Ibrahim Ngouhouo-University of Ottawa, Samir Saadi-University of Ottawa) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

SESSION A10: 4:00 P.M. –5:45 P.M. LOCATION: CABINET COUNCIL 4TH FLOOR TITLE: Management and Organizational Theory Co-CHAIRS: Abel Adekola-University of Wisconsin (USA) and Olunkunle Iyanda-University of Botswana (Botswana)

1. Organizational Culture and Performance in Ghana (Evelyn Winston-Clark Atlanta University, Kofi DadzieGeorgia State University, Seth Buatsi-University of Ghana)

2. Organizational Capabilities as Antecedents for Agility (Felix Mavondo-Monash University, Su Kiat LimMonash University)

3. The Relative Influence of Environmental, Organizational and Leadership Factors on Corporate Performance of Ghanaian Firms: An Empirical Assessment (Joseph Ofori-Dankwa-Saginaw Valley State University, Scott D.

Julian-Saginaw Valley State University, Apeksha Patel-Saginaw Valley State University)

4. Management Style in two Indigenous Enterprises in the Food Industry in Botswana. (Olunkunle IyandaUniversity of Botswana) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

SESSION A11: 4:00 P.M. –5:45 P.M. LOCATION: BOARD/DIRECTORS 4TH FLOOR TITLE: Tourism and Sustainable Development Co-CHAIR: Nathan K. Austin-Morgan State University (USA) and Binta Abubakar –Swinburne University (Australia)

1. The Virtual Organization: A New Institutional Framework for Sustainable Tourism Development in SubSaharan Africa (Paul Ankomah-North Carolina A & T State University, Trent Larson-North Carolina A & T State University)

2. A Conceptual Framework of Overall On-site Visitor Experience at Sensitive Historical Sites (Nathan K. AustinMorgan State University, Binta Abubakar-Swinburne University)

3. Experiencing Ghana: Creating Memorable Encounters (Benét DeBerry-Spence-University of Illinois)

4. Sustainable Tourism In Kenya: An Analysis of the Current Draft Tourism Policy and Some Issues for Consideration (Jacquie Muhati-University of Greenwich) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

SESSION A12: 4:00 P.M. –5:45 P.M. LOCATION: CRYSTAL BALLROOM D-LOBBY LEVEL TITLE: Transportation, Technology, Industry and Urban Issues Co-CHAIRS: Chris Enyinda-Alabama A & M University (USA) and Jan-Erik Jaensson-Umea school of Business and Economics (Sweden)

1. A Logistical Development Strategy for Mozambique: Needs and Opportunities (Ana Lúcia Martins-ISCTE Business School, José Crespo de Carvalho-ISCTE Business School, João Menezes-ISCTE Business School)

2. Stimulating Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in Nigeria: A Matter of Transportation Logistics Infrastructure Investments (Chris Enyinda-Alabama A & M University, Alphonso Ogbuehi-Bryant College)

3. Creating Threshold Technologies in African Economies: Lessons from Newly-Industrialized Countries (Kofi Afriye-Sacred Heart University)

4. Networks, Relationships, and Firm Performance in the Shipping Sub-Sector in Tanzania (Lettice RutashobyaUniversity of Dar Es Salaam, Deogratius Mukasa-Dar Es Salaam, Jan-Erik Jaensson-Umea School of Business and Economics) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

11 FRIDAY APRIL 9, 2004 SESSION B1: 8:30A.M. – 10:15A.M. LOCATION: STATE/CLUB 4TH FLOOR TITLE: Ecological, Environmental and Agricultural Issues Co-CHAIRS: Nicholas Koudou-Park University (USA) and Yossouf Kalogo-Agricultural University of Gembloux (Belgium)

1. Aquaculture and It’s Potential for Economic Development in ECOWAS Countries (Godwin Ariguzo-University of Massachusetts, Leopold Lessassy-Université Pierre Mendès, D. Steven White-University of Massachusetts)

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