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SK hynix Drive Manager Easy Kit

User Guide

Legal Notice

This document is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a

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or at all.

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There are no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the content of this document, and all information provided herein is provided “as is.” In no event shall SK hynix be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages for any use of this document, including without limitation, reliance on the information presented, lost profits or business interruption, even if SK hynix was expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.

Copyright © 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

2 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents 1 Introduction 4 2 Requirements 5

2.1 Precautions 5 3 All Drives Window 6

3.1 Drive Area 7

3.2 Drive Status 7

3.3 Refresh 8

3.4 Notifications Indicator 8

3.5 Actions 9

3.6 Select a Drive 10 3.6.1 Select One Drive 10 3.6.2 Select Several Drives 10 4 Drive Information 12

4.1 Summary 13

4.2 SMART 15 4.2.1 All Attributes 16 4.2.2 Beyond Threshold Attributes 17

4.3 Settings

–  –  –

This document provides general guidance on how to use SK hynix Drive Manager Easy Kit for monitoring, administrating and managing local SSD drives.

SK hynix Drive Manager Easy Kit provides:

• Identification and enumeration of SK hynix and other system drives

• Drive details such as capacity, model, etc.

• Detailed information on drive health, presented in the SMART attributes list with options to run a diagnostics test

• A mechanism for updating SSD firmware

• Drive erase options

• Drive Diagnostics

• Revert PSID

–  –  –

2.1 Precautions

• Backup your SK hynix SSD prior to the firmware update.

• Do not disconnect your SSD or shut down the power while the firmware update is in progress. Ignoring this precaution may result in data corruption or even SSD damage.

–  –  –

The All Drives window will appear as shown below:

The All Drives window contains information on the system and displays all available drives

dividing them into those that need attention or run normally:

6 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

The System Information area shows information on the system.

The Drives List area lists all available drives. SK hynix drives are listed first followed by all other drives.

3.1 Drive Area Drive Area displays information on drive type, serial number, capacity, used space, and partitions.

When you select a drive, the Drive Area gets highlighted.

Real Time Performance can also be displayed in the Drive Areas of the All Drives window:

For more information on Real Time Performance, see the Summary section.

3.2 Drive Status To view information on a drive status, see the Summary section.

7 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

3.3 Refresh The Refresh button reloads the list of drives in the Drives List area after you connect or disconnect a drive.

It can also be used to refresh data displayed in the Drive Information window.

3.4 Notifications Indicator

The Notifications indicator displays the number of notifications per session:

To open the Notifications dialog, click the Notifications indicator, then the window

will appear as shown below:

8 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

To remove a notification, select the notification checkbox, and then click Remove Selected.

To save notifications:

1. Select the notifications checkbox.

2. Click Save Selected button. When the dialog appears, choose the folder where notifications will be saved.

You can also select the notification message in the Notifications dialog, and then copy and paste it.

3.5 Actions The Actions menu provides a set of options for a single drive or several selected drives and includes the following commands: Update Firmware, Run Diagnostics, Erase Drive, and Revert PSID.

To execute a command from the Actions menu for a single drive or several devices simultaneously, click the required Drive Area/Areas in the All Drives window, and then click the necessary command in the Actions menu.

–  –  –

To select one drive in order to view full information on a drive:

• In the All Drives window, double click the required Drive Area.


• In the Drives List area, click the name of the required drive.

The Drive Information window will appear.

To return to the All Drives window, click All Drives as shown in the picture below:

To deselect one drive, click the Drive Area again.

3.6.2 Select Several Drives To select several drives, in the All Drives window, click the required Drive Areas.

You can make Actions for several drives simultaneously.

To select all drives, in the All Drives window, click All Drives.

The selected drives are highlighted as shown below:

10 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

Now you can execute the Actions commands. For more information on Actions, see the Actions section.

To deselect several drives, click the Drive Areas again.

To deselect all drives, click Deselect All.

–  –  –

To open the Drive Information window, select a drive. For more information, see the Select Drives section.

When a drive is selected, the Drive Information window will appear, as shown below:

The window displays information on drive type, capacity, and firmware.

The Update Firmware and Erase Drive buttons are also available in this window.

If a drive supports PSID, then the Revert PSID button will also be available in the Drive

Information window:

To reload the data displayed on a drive, click the Refresh button.

Switch between the following tabs to get more information:

• Summary


• Settings

• Details

• Diagnostics 12 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

4.1 Summary The Summary section shows information on the remaining free space (both in GBs and percentage) as well as drive capacity and partitions for all SATA drives.

Information on temperature, life remaining, and drive status is shown for SK hynix drives


The Capacity area shows partitions.

The colors indicate the used space of each partition : red indicates that 90% of partition’s space is used, orange indicates that - 80% is used, and dark gray indicates that less than 80% space is used.

To view the drive capacity and the used space in the Capacity area, bring the cursor

to the partition area, as shown below:

The Temperature field reports the current temperature in degrees Celsius.

The Life Remaining field indicates the remaining life of the SSD based on the number of program/erase cycles. If the field shows 25%, it means that the wear-out level of this drive is 75%.

The Free Space Remaining field indicates the available/allocated space measured in GBs as well as percentage. The numbers in the image below indicate that the available space is 137 GB, which is 57% of the total capacity.

13 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

The Status can be Good or Bad. The Status field is red (Bad Status) if the value of at least one attribute passes its threshold value. (For more information on each attribute, see the SMART section).

The Real Time Performance area shows drive performance information: read/write speed and latency time as well as the total number of reads/writes.

You can view the drive performance for the currently opened session of the tool.

To view the performance at the exact time of the currently opened session, click the required time area in the Performance History table.

According to the image below, the displayed performance data took place 1 hour ago:

To select the period for which you want to view the performance, click the Performance Area, and then move your mouse scroll wheel. The maximum time period that can be displayed is 3 hours and the minimum is 15 minutes.

In the image below, now is the exact time for which the performance is shown, and the

performance will be shown for the selected time period of 1 hour:

14 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

4.2 SMART To view the values of SMART attributes for the selected drive, click the SMART tab in the Drive Information window.

The SMART window will appear, as shown below:

The SMART window displays values of all attributes and the attribute values that go beyond threshold values.

To view the full list of attributes, click in the window area and scroll down.

In case an attribute name does not fit into the line, bring the cursor to the name to see

the full name as shown below:

15 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

4.2.1 All Attributes To view the values of all SMART attributes, click the All Attributes tab in the SMART window.

The All attributes window shows threshold values, worst values, current, and raw values

for all attributes as shown below:

The Threshold column shows the values beyond which each attribute should not pass under normal operation. If a value passes the threshold value, errors may occur in the drive.

The Worst value column provides the lowest indicated value of the attribute.

The Value column displays raw data (unprocessed data of each attribute), current values,

and maximum values for each attribute as shown below:

Note : If a value for an attribute passes the threshold value, the attribute row is red for SK hynix drives (something goes wrong in a disk). If a value of an attribute for all other drives passes the threshold value, the attribute row is highlighted in yellow.

16 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

4.2.2 Beyond Threshold Attributes To view the attributes for which the values pass beyond the threshold values, click the Beyond Threshold Attributes tab in the SMART window. The window will appear, as

shown below:

4.3 Settings To open the Settings window, click the Settings tab in the Drive Information window.

The Settings feature provides the Drive Features settings and the OS settings with

separate windows for each settings list as shown below:

In both windows, features settings can be supported or not supported for the selected drive. Supported features can be enabled or disabled. Enabled features can be read-only or with an opportunity to set values.

To enable or disable the configurable feature, in the required row click the ON or OFF button correspondingly.

17 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

To set a value:

1. In the required feature row, click the off button.

2. When the dialog appears, enter the required values, and then click Save as, as

shown below:

4.3.1 Drive Features To open the Drive Features settings window, click the Settings tab in the Drive Information window, and then click the Drive Features tab.

The Drive Features window displays the list of supported and unsupported features for

the selected drive as shown below:

To find out how to configure settings, see the procedure on how to set a value in the Settings section.

18 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

4.3.2 OS Settings To open the OS Settings window, click the Settings tab in the Drive Information window, and then click the OS Settings tab.

The OS Settings window displays the list of supported and unsupported features for the

OS as shown below:

To know how to configure settings, see the procedure on how to set a value in the Settings section.

19 Copyright© 2015 SK hynix Inc. All rights reserved.

4.4 Details To view the detailed data on the selected drive, click the Details tab in the All Drives window.

The Identify window displays the standard identification data. The data is retrieved by

the Identify Device command. The Identify window will appear as shown below:

The following are commonly referenced values. To complete descriptions of all values, see the SATA specifications.

• Serial Number (Word 10-19) : Identifies production information about the selected drive.

• Firmware Revision (Word 23-26) : Version of firmware installed on the selected drive.

• Model Number (Word 27-45) : Model of the selected drive.

–  –  –

The Erase Drive feature correct operation is guaranteed for SK hynix SSDs only. You can erase several drives simultaneously.

You can start erase clicking the Erase Drive button in the main window (or from the Actions menu):

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