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«Woods Cross Planning Commission Woods Cross Municipal Building 1555 South 800 West, Woods Cross, UT AGENDA APRIL 26, 2016 6:30 P.M. The meeting will ...»

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Woods Cross Planning Commission

Woods Cross Municipal Building

1555 South 800 West, Woods Cross, UT


APRIL 26, 2016 6:30 P.M.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 P.M. in the Woods Cross City building.


(Curtis Poole)


(Leo Beecher)


(Leo Beecher)


Proposed karate instruction located at 703 W. 1900 S.

(Mamadou Traore)

5. T. J. CHAPMAN AUTO CONDITIONAL USE Proposed auto body shop, auto sales, & auto detailing business located at 1753 S.

Redwood Road.

(T. J. Chapman)


Proposed 24’ X 34’ building for office and administrative needs located at fuel loading facility, 753 W. 500 S.

(Nick Webster)

7. GENERAL & PENDING BUSINESS The Public is invited to participate in all Planning Commission meetings. If you need special accommodations to participate in the Planning Commission meeting, please call the Community Development Director’s Office at 801-292-4421.



APRIL 12, 2013 CONDUCTING: Gary Sharp, Vice Chairman


Gary Sharp, Vice Chair Curtis Poole Jennifer Bassarear Matt Terry Brent Page


Leo Beecher Dan Bradford


Tim Stephens, Community Development Director Bonnie Craig, Secretary James Sheldon, City Council Member


Michael Deamer Marty Martinson Kristin Beard Ken Jensen Sadie Smoot Sydnee Smoot Denise Smoot Ryan Westergard Don Schrader Lois Schrader Kathy Larson Claudia Barnes Shanna Rima Mark Rima Becky Barnett David Barnett Jason Broderick Clayton Schmoekel MaryJo Webb Rick Hawley Stephanie Hawley Patrick Lucero Karen Kriegbaum Laury Redd LeeAnn Hansen Austin Hansen Rick Hutchinson Elise Hutchinson Becky Ginos Julie Checketts Michelle Francis Christel Stull Gary Francis Julie Christensen Jay Christensen Gina Strack Colin Loose Terah Doane

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PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Jennifer Bassarear



APRIL 12, 2016 PAGE 2


The Planning Commission reviewed the minutes of the combined Planning Commission/City Council Meeting held March 22, 2016. After their review, Commissioner Poole made a motion to approve the minutes as written with Commissioner Page seconding the motion and the motion carried.

The Commission then reviewed the minutes of the Planning Commission Meeting held March 29, 2016. After their review, Commissioner Bassarear made a motion to approve the minutes as written with Commissioner Page seconding the motion and the motion carried.


Vice Chairman Sharp then opened the meeting to items from those present that they would like to bring before the Commission that were not on the agenda.

There were no comments for the open session and Vice Chairman Sharp closed the open session.


DISCUSSION—1492 SOUTH 800 WEST—SHARMAN SMOOT Vice Chairman Sharp then noted for the Commission that he had met with Mr. Smoot previously and had a discussion with him regarding the development.

The Community Development Director, Mr. Tim Stephens, then introduced this item to the Planning Commission. He said that Mr. Sharman Smoot would be formally presenting a proposal for the Olde Towne Centre Mixed Use Residential project he is representing. He said it would be an extension of the existing office/retail building on the corner of 1500 South and 800 West. He noted this project is being presented as a mixed use project that will have a residential component in addition to the office/retail space now existing on the corner. The project consists not only of the existing commercial building but three proposed three-story apartment buildings with a small green space on the property.

Mr. Stephens noted there has been a great deal of public concern and comment regarding this project. Earlier this year Mr. Smoot held an open house which was very well attended. Many of those in attendance had concerns about the projects impact to the surrounding properties and neighborhood and have made comments which have been given to the Planning Commission and City Council for review.

Mr. Sharman Smoot was invited forward to present his information to the Commission. He told the Planning Commission he was happy to be starting the process in regards to this project and he is one of 12 property owners involved in this project. He said he would be presenting some basic information to the Commission about the proposed mixed use development. He said he has



APRIL 12, 2016 PAGE 3 been an investor in businesses previously in Woods Cross and had built the Olde Towne Center development in the city. He said he and the other investors are looking into putting in a high end mixed use development that would replace some of the other homes and storage units within the area. He noted the office retail space would be redone and updated as part of the project. He said they are anticipating putting in 60 apartment units on the 3.22 acres of property and that the proposed apartments would have separation walls that would allow them to become condos depending on the long term financing for the project. He said the rental rate would be around $1300 dollars a month for the apartments and they are planning on investing $11 million dollars into the project to make this a nice development. He said he felt that this type of high end development would bring in high caliber families that would be good neighbors and fit into the community nicely.

Mr. Smoot gave a packet to the Commission containing information and pictures regarding the proposed development for their review. He also gave a power point presentation to the Commission and public present that outlined the information and details of the project.

Mr. Smoot outlined for the Commission five of the main concerns that had been previously raised by attendees at the open house that was sponsored by the investors for neighbors to come and ask questions and discuss concerns they had regarding this project.

The first concern that Mr. Smoot addressed was how this project would affect property values.

Mr. Smoot said he found studies and research that supported that multi-family rental housing does not cause neighboring property values to decline. He said that if properties are upgraded it inspires others in the neighborhood to upgrade as well.

The second concern that was brought up by residents at the open house was that it would become run down and problematic in the future. Mr. Smoot said there are many people who choose to rent instead of buying and that does not mean they will become run down in the future. He said the way to preserve these buildings is to make them a beautiful and high end complex. He said other measures taken to preserve the buildings long term would be to include a high end master design, a signed development agreement with the city, to have an on-site manager, to have full time maintenance, and do extensive background screening for potential renters. He said it may be likely they could become run down, but that it is not probable.

The third concern that was expressed from comments from the open house was the possibility that crime would increase. He said that he had been involved in similar projects in Centerville and Farmington and there had been less crime reported in these projects than from single family homes in the area. He also noted that crime can be reduced by becoming partners with crimefree types of associations.

The fourth concern was the impact to traffic in the area. Mr. Smoot said they would be hiring someone to do a traffic study in the area and they would be looking at traffic impacts. He also said they will be constructing well lit pedestrian friendly walks into the project.



APRIL 12, 2016 PAGE 4 Commissioner Terry said his biggest concern was adding more traffic to the area and asked Mr.

Smoot if he had looked at putting in two entrance/exits on 800 West instead of one on 1500 South and one on 800 West to try and keep traffic off the busier 1500 South road. Mr. Smoot said he had not looked into that but could take it into consideration. Mr. Smoot said traffic was a concern with the railroad nearby and the 4-way stop. He said that it might help traffic flow better in the area if a stop light were to be installed at the intersection but he would refer to the traffic experts as they do the traffic study.

Mr. Scott Smoot, one of the investors of the project, asked if there was a certain time of day that was worse for traffic than another. It was noted that when the school zones were active, when TRAX closed the railroad crossing as well as when regular trains close the crossing, can all contribute to traffic problems throughout the day.

The fifth and final concern Mr. Smoot addressed was what the impact to the schools would be with the development. He said that in 2009 there were 950 students in the elementary school and today there are 669 students. He said the principal at the school said the ideal number of children for the school would be to add 15-20 students per year to keep classrooms full and to retain the number of teachers the school needed. Mr. Smoot said he felt like this development would help bring in the number of students that would be beneficial to the school.

Mr. Smoot said he and the other property owners were hoping to create a beautiful master planned center at the city’s hub which is at the intersection located near the proposed project. He said they care about the neighborhood and its future.

The Commission asked how many parking stalls would be included for the project. Mr. Smoot said 122 stalls which is about 2 per unit and this number only included the residential units.

The Commission asked if it was possible to get the power point presentation that Mr. Smoot presented to the Commission on the city’s website. Staff said they would look into getting that done so the information was available online.

The Commission asked Mr. Smoot if he has an alternate plan for the project in the event that traffic studies indicate that this is not a good location for this project. Mr. Smoot said that he has no alternate plan. The Community Development Director said there would be many things taken into consideration when doing the traffic study and information would be looked at to see if mitigation would need to take place after the traffic study is done.

Mr. Eric Tuttle, the projects architect, said traffic engineers would be hired and all items regarding traffic would be discussed and they would consider alternative actions. He said he felt like putting in smaller retail businesses in the area would make traffic worse and wondered what traffic would be like with some of the other allowable uses within the zone.

It was brought up by some of the Commission that they would prefer to see a more traditional look for the project instead of the Mediterranean look that is was being shown in the drawings



APRIL 12, 2016 PAGE 5 given to the Commission in the packet. The Commission also asked what the occupancy would be for the apartments. Mr. Smoot said that he felt like demand is high in this area and that occupancy would be at 90-95%.

Mr. Smoot concluded his presentation and thanked the Commission for their time.

Vice Chairman Sharp then invited other comments from those present regarding this proposed project.

Ms. Becky Barnett came forward. She said she is the Trustee for the Hamilton apartments located adjacent to the proposed project property. She said if the proposal moves forward she would like to see a designated “No Smoking” area far away from her apartment complex as the Hamilton apartments are 100% non-smoking units. She also said the apartments are 100% pet free units and she did not want her tenants to have to deal with cleaning up after pets in the area from people living in the apartment units. She also said she had concerns for where some of the trees would be located because they may pull up concrete near the storage and carport edge areas near the Hamilton apartment complex. She said she is generally opposed to the project but will be a good neighbor if the project is to go in.

Mr. Laury Redd then addressed the Commission. He said he lives east of where the proposed project would go in and he did not think this project would contribute to the look of the city especially in the proposed location. He said he felt we have enough high density housing in Woods Cross and he did not want 60 units going in on that corner. He said that the 3 story building would also block the nice view he has from his home to the west. He said he was not opposed to development going in here but just not the 60 unit apartments.

Mr. Clayton Schmoekel then came before the Commission and said he lives in the Madison Square town homes near the proposed project. He said the 12 investors would not be living in the city so what they do here does no impact them. He said the project would have a negative impact on traffic, it would increase the density in the city and property values would decrease.

He said he felt the welfare of the community should be considered. He also said there is a drastic difference in how owners treat property opposed to renters. He said renters do not have any incentive to make the property a better place.

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