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«Purpose of Focus Week Students will have the opportunity to have access to quality work and experiences, develop strong relationships with adults and ...»

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International School

Focus Week

March 28-April 1, 2016

Purpose of Focus Week

Students will have the opportunity to have access to quality work and experiences, develop strong relationships

with adults and cultivate relationships with students outside of their usual social group in a stimulating

environment outside of the regular curriculum and classroom.

Each Focus Week activity must provide instruction in work skills and career education in one or more of the

following areas: industrial arts, home and family life, business and office education, agricultural education, health occupations education, vocational education, trade and industrial education, and technical education.

Students will also earn their one required credit of “Occupational Education” after the successful completion of four Focus Weeks during grades 9-12. At the end of Focus Week, students should be able to describe in detail at least one career and the path necessary to follow in order to pursue participation in that career.

Please thoroughly consider and discuss with your family the following options and select four activities, ranked first choice through fourth choice. Focus Week is mandatory for all students. All programs require a participation fee and active parent support is necessary for the success of activity offerings. Many of the focus week classes require parent drivers to offer the activity at the listed cost. If not enough parents are able to drive, we will have to use buses which will increase the price of the class.

If you have questions regarding a specific Focus Week offering, please contact the staff member(s) in charge directly.

A. Video Game Design Fee: $75 Open to: 8th – 12th Graders Staff: Ryan Lafferty Do you love video games? Have you ever wanted to design your own? Well here is your chance!

Over the course of five days, students will:

 Study the history of video games, with a chance to play games on multiple platforms.

 Visit a game studio.

 Explore level, character, and sound design.

 Design your own game.

Careers Explored: Programmer, Artist/Animator, Video Game Designer, Producer, Tester, and Sound Designer.

B. Media Madness Fee: $100 Open to: 6th-12th Graders Staff: Kristin Leong Join guest teachers who are actual producers and directors, news media personalities, and advertising leaders and learn how pop culture is shaped. Find out how music videos are made! Find out how current events from election debates to Kardashian scandals become big headlines and intriguing news segments. Field trips may include your favorite local radio stations, TV advertising agencies, and more. We’ll make our own podcasts!

Careers Explored: Advertising, producers, directors, news media C. Microsoft IT Academy Field Trips! Fun Lunches! Fee: $100 Open to: 9th-12th Graders Staff: Tara Jones and Merrill Anderson Field trips: Mohai, Microsoft Visitor Center Redmond, voting on a 3rd location.

Fun lunches like South Lake Union Food Court.

Speaker: discussing different aspects of technology.

Earning College Credit through Microsoft Academy: The Microsoft IT Academy enables students to be trained not only on fundamental technology skills, but also technical courses for those interested in pursuing a career in IT after graduation. This focus week would also prepare you to be part of our school’s Student Tech Team, where you’d be able to help others with technology and earn community service hours. You pick the course (or courses!) you want to master, and utilize your time in an online, self-directed area of study. Technology is everywhere! Get a head start for college and your future profession, whether or not you are pursuing an IT career. Find out more at http://www.microsoft.com/enus/education/training-and-events/it-academy/program-benefits/default.aspx

Careers Explored: Administrative assistant, writers, project managers

D. Wearable Tech Fee: $120 Open to: 6th-8th Graders Staff: Cheryl McClure Technology is a large part of each of our lives and new devices like Fitbit, Microsoft Hololens, Microsoft Band, Apple Watch and Google Wear are helping us do cool things we’ve never dreamed up. These devices (called “wearables”) use sensors to understand your body’s signals to help you stay healthy. These sensors include ways to watch your heart rate, see how you sleep, understand when you are stressed, or even when you are getting sick! Come try many of these cutting edge devices, visit and eat at the Microsoft campus and design your own wearable tech ideas. And there is liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 

Careers Explored: Computer Science, researchers, managers, professors

E. The Ultimate Sports Experience Fee: $125 Open to: 6th-8th Graders Staff: Nick Lombardo, Sterling Brown Are you interested in sports? Whether you’re a sports nut, a casual participant, or even just a fan, this focus week is for you. We will be focusing on basketball, soccer and tennis. Students will be exposed to learning sessions of these sports and also have the opportunity to play each activity throughout the week. Special guest speakers will talk with our students and give their insight into careers involved in and around the sports realm. We will be taking trip out to the University of Washington to tour their sports facilities and even attend a game. Come join us to learn, play and explore careers in sports.

Careers Explored: Sports

F. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (students must be 4’10” tall) Fee: $130 Open to: 6th-12th Graders Staff: Staff Design a jet, engineer the next Tesla, examine Seattle’s streetcar service and partner with architects to create a new transit option: these are just some of the activities that will be included in this Focus Week exploring the wide variety of careers centered around getting people where they want to go (aka “transportation”).

In addition to the Boeing careers tour and Tacoma’s Automotive Museum tour we’ll visit K1 Speed and examine the mechanics and innovation in electric kart design. You’ll get the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and put the pedal to the metal to achieve your best lap time. We’ll speak to area professionals involved in sales and marketing, mechanical maintenance, repair, and customization and join the on campus culmination events Friday afternoon including food trucks and performances. Climb aboard, buckle up and get ready for a Focus Week sure to “move you.” Careers Explored: urban planning, sales and marketing, architecture, engineering and mechanics G. Engineering 101 Fee: $150 Open to: Algebra 2 or higher math level Staff: Janet Roberts Thinking about becoming an engineer? Immerse yourself in a hands-on exposure to civil engineering through bridge design and building with side explorations in digital circuit design using Arduino robots, and discussions of other engineering disciplines. Guest speakers from our local engineering community and a field trip to some of the regions tunnel and bridge building projects round out the week. On Friday, we’ll join the school lunch buffet crowd and have some fun breaking our bridges while seeing whose can hold the most weight.

Careers Explored: Engineering

H. Crafts, Crafts, Crafts and Snacks Fee: $150 th-12th Graders Open to: 6 Staff: Julie Reeder Students will learn career crafts like screen printing, basket weaving, sewing, beading, tie-dying and glass mosaic. Local artisans who have made crafting into a career will share their expertise. In addition, students will prepare a daily “crafty” snack. Classes will be off-campus two days.

Careers Explored: Artist, small business owner

I: Food for Thought Fee: $150 Open to: 8th-12th Graders Staff: Rebecca Vena Food is an important part of our lives – have you ever thought about it? What would you need to survive the zombie apocalypse? Plant your own food, cook with seasonal ingredients, eat at an organic restaurant, visit a farm, design and print t-shirts, and visit Microsoft to learn about their involvement in feeding the world. Could drones be part of the answer? Fly one and see. Can you make ice cream with no ice? Taste it and see! Oh, and learn skills Careers Explored: Chef, urban farmer, nutritionist, drone technologist, entrepreneur, graphic designer J. CSI Fee: $150 Open to: 9th -12th Graders Staff: Krystal Stephens, Tami Wietfeldt CSI: International School – Solve a murder. Join us as we probe the complexities of forensic science and the criminal justice system while working alongside Washington State’s Medical Examiner. Learn how to collect and process physical evidence, including fingerprint processing, shoeprint casting, trace evidence collection, blood spatter analysis, and firearm trajectory. Explore careers and meet area professionals that serve in the judicial system, social services, and various departments of criminal investigation.

Careers Explored: Forensic Science, law enforcement, judicial and social services K. Flight and Aerospace Fee: $170 Open to: 9th-12th Graders Staff: Andy Rubesch We will explore current topics in Flight and Aerospace. Hands on activities at International will include working with radio controlled drones and air planes. Field trips will include 2 days at the Museum of Flight, a tour of the Everett Boeing Plant and possibly other local aviation sites (tour of private planes or Historic Flight Foundation). A majority of our time will be off-site exploring the history of aviation in the Puget Sound.

Careers Explored: Aerospace engineer, all careers at Boeing, airport flight controller, pilot L. Asian Fusion Cuisine Fee: $185 Open to: 6th-12th graders Staff: Regen Lorden Whether you have personal ties to Asian culture or always wished you did this week is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich historical and cultural community of a variety of Asian experiences.

 Visit and tour a Fortune Cookie Factory  Bruce Lee Tour at the Wing Luke Museum in the International District with a lunch that gives a vision of what Bruce Lee would have eaten.

 Asian Art Museum and Japanese Garden Tour  Asian cooking lesson  Dining out for lunch at the Chinese Hot Pot  Japanese Movies and Origami  Sumi art brush painting and Manga Drawing lessons Careers Explored: tour docents, historical story-teller, cultural educator, art teacher M. The Art of Destruction Fee: $185 Open to: 10th-12th graders Staff: Charise Hallberg Examine visual art and literature that relates to the ideas of destruction and repair, and then create works inspired by these examples. Try digital photography, painting, paper craft, drawing, creative writing and bookbinding. Field trips to view public art. The aim of this course, sponsored by Seattle ReCreative, is to examine what you see as broken in our world and to reflect upon aspects of social life that are both personally relevant and politically charged--such as environmental impact, censorship, violence and social justice.

Careers Explored: visual art, papercraft, creative writing, drawing, painting, digital photography, bookbinding N. Gadgets and Gizmos Fee: $200 Open to: 6th – 8th Graders Staff: Kay Marsh Make cool stuff in motion and invent your own model cars, boats, or kinetic sculptures. Mess around with motors, solar cells, gears and cams. You’ll work in teams to design and test the models and figure out how to make them faster and better. It’s all about motion, energy and your ingenuity. The keys for testing your mettle in inventing and perfecting your own designs.

Careers Explored: engineering, marketing and design

O. Go Urban! Fee: $200 Open to: 8th – 12th Graders Staff: Staff Through daily trips into Seattle we will explore urban architectural design, planning of public spaces, traffic flow and the challenges that go in to making a city dynamic, livable, and accessible. We will tour trendy neighborhoods, the Univ of Washington, and the world’s greenest building, guided by city planners, architects, and artists to get a better understanding of their roles in making the Seattle metro area one of the most livable cities in America. Lunch out and about each day.

Careers Explored: Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning, Museum Curator, Artist, Botanist.

P. Interior Design Fee: $227 Open To: 8th-12th Graders Staff: Janet Ely Immerse yourself in the world of interior design with professional designer Pat Quigley. Learn about the design process from start to finish. Topics include: selecting colors, space planning, finding materials, new and traditional design methods, lighting, and accessorizing. You will learn how to render your design plans to scale using Microsoft Visio. You will leave the class with a complete design plan.

Careers Explored: Interior Design

Q. Filmmaking: From Script to Screen Fee: $230 Open to: 6th-12th Graders Staff: Enid Becker and Traci Sullivan Calling all talented writers, directors, actors and composers to produce a series of short films for entry into film festivals and contests. Working with Shea Salyer of Digicurious Media Center, we will create professional films using high production values. These will include great talent, original scripts, mood lighting, clean audio, original music and smart direction. The class will culminate in our own mini film festival, when we will create criteria for judging the films and vote on awards for films. Each student will receive a DVD copy of all the films.

Careers Explored: Writer, Actor, Producer, Director, Film Editor, Script Editor, Agent R. Be cool!! 6th grade camp Fee: $235 Open to: 6th graders Staff: Marrene Franich Keep cool at this active week of “cool” fun! Focus week starts with a 3-day overnight adventure at Camp Kiloqua. You’ll be outside in the refreshing March weather enjoying typical camp activities in the forest and wetlands while learning some ecology. This camp will run from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, we continue the frosty theme by making ice cream in a few different ways, learning some cool cooking skills and designing solutions to low temperature problems using very cool science and engineering. As a bonus, we’ve lined up a return performance from Reuben, a super-cool magician who was a hit at Focus Week last year.

Careers Explored: ecologist, cook/chef, engineer

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