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«Professor Torben M. Andersen Department of Economics University of Aarhus January 2009 CURRICULUM VITAE Name: Torben M. Andersen Birth: September 27, ...»

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113. Macroeconomic policy mix in a monetary union with flexible inflation targeting, Journal of International Money and Finance (to appear).

112. Flexicurity – den danske arbejdsmarkedsmodellen, Ekonomisk Debatt,1, 27-39. Sammen med Michael Svarer

111. Migration, taxation and educational incentives, Economics Letters, 87, 399-405.

110. Fiscal Stabilization Policy in a Monetary Union with Inflation Targeting, Journal of Macroeconomics, 2005 27, 1-29.

109. International Interdependencies in Fiscal Stabilization Policies (joint with Morten Spange),Forthcoming European Economic Review.

108. The Role for an Active Fiscal Stabilization Policy, CESifo Studies,51(4), 511-547.

107. Measuring Globalization (joint with Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson), earlier version as IZA discussion paper 817, available at http://www.iza.org, Applied Economics

106. International transmission of transitory and persistent monetary shocks under imperfect information, (Joint with Niels C. Beier), Journal of International Economics, 66, 485-507.

105. Product market integration, wage dispersion and unemployment, Labour Economics, 2005, 12, 379-406. Earlier version as IZA discussion paper 279.

104. Fiscal stabilization policy in a monetary union with inflation targeting. Earlier version as CEPR working paper 3232. Journal of Macroeconomics, 27, 1-29.

103. New Keynesian Economics - Cycles and Policy, in G. Magnusson and J. Jespersen, 2004, Keynes's General Theory and Current Views, University of Iceland.

102. Economic Integration - forced or voluntary convergence in welfare policies? in G.Färber and Jürgen Schupp (eds.), Der Sozialstaat im 21. jahrhundert, Waxmann, Berlin

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Snellmann (eds.) Collective Bargaining and Wage Formation. ETLA/Physica-Verlag.

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97. What should optimal taxes smooth? (joint with Robert Dogonowski), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2004, 6, 491-507.

96. The Danish Labour Market - From excess to shortage, In Werding, Martin (ed.), Structural

Unemployment in Western Europe: Reasons and Remedies, Cambridge MA, London UK:

MIT Press.

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93. Propagation of nominal shocks in open economies (joint with Niels C. Beier), Manchester School of Economics. 2003 71(6), 567-592.

92. Policy options for reforming the welfare state (jointly with Per Molander). Chapter 15 in “Alternatives for welfare policy – coping with internationalisation and demographic change” (edited jointly with Per Molander), Cambridge University Press. 2003.

91. International integration and the welfare state. Chapter 2 in “Alternatives for welfare policy – coping with internationalisation and demographic change” (edited jointly with Per Molander), Cambridge University Press. 2003.

90. Introduction (jointly with Per Molander). Chapter I in “Alternatives for welfare policy – coping with internationalisation and demographic change” (edited jointly with Per Molander), Cambridge University Press.

89. Changes in Danish labour market bargaining – the prototypical case of organised decentralization? in J.E. Dølvik and F. Englestad (eds) National regimes of collective bargaining in transformation: Nordic trends in comparative perspective, Makt- og demokratiutredningen Norge 1998-2003, Rapportserien no.

88. Imperfectly Competitive Labour Markets and the Productivity Puzzle, joint with Eric Toulemonde,Economics Letters, 2002, 75, 115-122.

87. International Integration, Risk and the Welfare State, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2002, 104, 343-364.

86. Stabilization Policy, in Fiscal Policy in Emu – Report of the Swedish Committee on Stabilization Policy in EMU.

85. Fiscal Policy Coordination, Bilag 7 i Stabiliseringspolitik i valutaunionen – Kommittén för stabiliseringspolitik för full sysselsätning vid ett svenskt medlemskap i valutaunionen – Underlagsrapporter. SOU 2002:16, Bilagor. Fiscal Policy Coordination, Bilag 7 i Stabiliseringspolitik i valutaunionen.

84. European Integration of the Welfare State. Invited Lecture ESPE Conference 2000, Bonn.

Journal of Population Economics, 2002, 16, 1-19.

83. Stabilization Policy in Open Economies (joint with Steinar Holden). Journal of Macroeconomics, 2002, 293-312.

82. Social Insurance and the Public Budget (with Robert Dogonowski). Economica. 2002, 69, 415-432.

81. Can the Inflation be too low? Kyklos, 2001, 54, 591-602.

80. Nominal Rigidities and the Optimal Rate of Inflation. European Journal of Political Economy 2002, 18, 375-389.

79. Active stabilization policy and uninsurable risks, Economics Letters, 2001, 72, 347-354.

78. Contract Renewal under Uncertainty (with Morten S. Christensen), Paper presented at workshop on “Macroeconomics and Imperfections”, Copenhagen 1995. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2002, 26, 637-652.

77. Product Market Integration and Wage Formation (with J.R.Sørensen), Journal of Economic Integration, 2000, 15, 281-293.

76. Labour Market Implications of EU Product Market Integration (with N. Haldrup and J.R. Sørensen), Economic Policy, 2000, 30,107-133.

75. Sources of Persistence in Employment Adjustment – Denmark 1974-1993 (with S.

Hylleberg), Oxford Economic Papers, 2000, 52, 72-95. Memo 98-19, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus. Paper presented at a CDR conference in Vigo 1997.

74. “The Macroeconomics of the Welfare State” (with T.D. Schmidt), ch. 9 in “Macroeconomic Perspectives on the Danish Economy” edited by T.M. Andersen, S.E. Hougaard Jensen and O. Risager, 1999, Macmillan.

73. “Macroeconomic Perspectives on the Danish Economy: Problems, Policies and Prospects” (with S.E.H. Jensen and O. Risager), ch 1 in “Macroeconomic Perspectives on the Danish Economy” edited by T.M. Andersen, S.E. Hougaard Jensen and O. Risager, 1999, Macmillan.

72. EMU and Budget Norms, ch. 4 in “Fiscal Aspects of European Monetary Integration” (with R.R. Dogonowski), edited by A. Hughes Hallett, M.M. Hutchison and S.E. Hougaard Jensen, 1999, Cambridge University Press.

71. Comment on A. Fatás: Does EMU need a Fiscal Federation, Economic Policy 26, 193-195.

70. Globalization and the Welfare State, NEBI Yearbook 1999.

69. Effort, Taxation and Unemployment (with B.S. Rasmussen), Economics Letters, 1999, 7-103.

68. Price and Information under Imperfect Competition (with M. Hviid), Scottish Journal of Political Economics, 1999, 245-59.

67. Persistency in Sticky Price Models, European Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 1998, 583-603.

66. Shocks and the Viability of a Fixed Exchange Rate Commitment, presented on a workshop on “Uncertainty in Macroeconomics”, Ebeltoft CEPR Discussion Paper 969. Open Economies Review, 1998, 9, 139-156.

65. Exchange Rate Volatility, Nominal Rigidities and Persistent Deviation from PPP, The Journal of Japanese and International Economics, special issue on “Purchasing Power Revisited”, 1997, 11, 584-609, presented at a CEPR-NBER-TCER conference in Tokyo.

64. Fiscal Policy in the EMU and Outside, in Swedish Economic Policy Review, 1997, 4, 235Commissioned report for the Calmfors Committee. Swedish version published as “Bilaga 9 till EMU-udredningen”, SOU 1996:158.

63. Comment on Cohen, Lefranc and Saint-Paul: French Unemployment: A differential Analysis, Economic Policy, 1997.

62. Comment on Tachinaka and Noda “Enterprise Unions: the Japanese System at Work”, Economic Policy, 1996, 23, 480-482.

61. Structural Changes and Barriers in the Danish Labour Market, in H. Siebert “Structural Changes and Labour Market Flexibility – Experience in Selected OECD Countries”, Mohr Siebeck.

60. Information, Prices and Macroeconomic Adjustment Failures, to appear in “Information and Coordinations: The New Keynesian Perspective”, Edited by A. Boitani and A. Salanti.

59. Credibility and Multiple Equilibria in Policy Games: A Reply to Irwin (with O. Risager), Oxford Economic Papers, 49, 445-460, Earlier version as Seminar Paper 378 IIES Stockholm.

58. Wage Adjustment and Employment Persistency (with S. Hylleberg), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 1998, 2, 472-491, Memo 1993-18, presented at ESEM 1993.

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56. Nominal Inertia in a Competitive Model with an Incomplete Capital Market (with Michael Christensen), Recherches Economiques de Louvain, special issue on: Modelling Macroeconomic Dynamics: Recent Developments, 1996, 3-4, 239-253.

57. Unemployment Policy in the Welfare State, Nordic Journal of Political Economy, 1996, 22, 27-40.

56. Are Prices Pro-Cyclical? (with Niels Lynggaard Hansen), Applied Economics Letters, 1996, 3, 379-383.

55. Rationing of Sales and Price Setting, European Economic Review, 1996, 40, 1441-1451.

Revised version of a paper presented at the Econometric Society Meeting in Munich, 1989.

54. Optimal Fiscal Policy in Open Economies with Labour Market Distortions, Memo 1994-31, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus (with Bo Sandemann Rasmussen and Jan Rose Sørensen). Presented on conference on “Tax Policy in Small and Open Economies”, Reykjavik, Journal of Public Economics, 1996, 63, 103-117.

53. Information Acquisition and Nominal Price Adjustment (with Morten Hviid), Warwick Economic Research Papers No. 424, in H. Dixon and N. Rankin (eds.), The New Macroeconomics, Cambridge University Press, 1995.

52. Equilibrium Youth Unemployment (with H. Vetter), Journal of Economics, 1995, 61, 1-10.

51. Price Adjustment in Open Economies (with Niels Lynggård Hansen), Open Economies Review, 1995, 6, 303-321. Awarded the prize as the best published article in Open Economies Review, 1995.

50. Adjustment Costs and Price and Quantity Adjustment, Economics Letters, 47, 1995, 343-49.

49. Unemployment and Fiscal Policy in an Economic and Monetary Union (with Jan Rose Sørensen), presented on Centre for International Economic's conference in September 1992) and a conference on “Small Countries and the EMU” at the University of Joensuu (1993), European Journal of Political Economy, 11, 1995, 27-43.

48. Nominal Wage and Price Interactions, Paper presented at the conference “Macroeconomics and Imperfect Competition”, Paris, 1994, Annales d'Economie et de Statistique, 1995, 117-131.

47. Do Turnover Costs Protect Insiders? (with H. Vetter), Memo 1991-6, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus. Economic Journal, 1994, 104, 124-130.

46. Acquisition and Dissemination of Information in Imperfectly Competitive Markets (with Morten Hviid), paper presented at the Society of Economic Dynamics and Control Conference, Edinburgh, 1989. Memo 1989-11, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus. Economic Inquiry, 1994, Vol. XXXII, 498-510.

45. Interest Rate Spreads and Exchange Rate Variability (with Jan Rose Sørensen). The Manchester School, LXII, 1994, 151-166.

44. Disinflationary Stabilization Policy – Denmark in the 80's, in A. Giovannini (ed).: Exchange Rate Policies in the Nordic Countries, Cambridge University Press, 1994, also Memo 1994Department of Economics, University of Aarhus.

43. Will Product Market Integration Lower Unemployment (with Jan Rose Sørensen) in Jan Fagerberg & Lars Lundberg (red.): European Economic Intergation: A Nordic Perspective, Avebury, 1993.

42. Differential Information and Excessive Volatility in Financial Markets. Paper prepared for a workshop on “Asymmetric Information and Financial Markets”, Helsinki 1991. Finnish Economic Papers, 1992, 5, 3-11.

41. Risques de change, taux d'intérêt et intégration monétaire européenne (Exchange Rate Risks, Interest Rates and European Monetary Integration) (with Jan Rose Sørensen), in H. Kempf & W. Marois (red.): Monnaie, Taux d'Intérêt et Anticipations, Economica, Paris, 1992.

40. Demand Management towards Internal and External Balance in an Open Economy with Centralized Wage Setting. Memo 1990-8, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus.

Recherches Economiques de Louvain, 1991, 57, 361-378.

39. Comment on Kydland-Prescott, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 1991, 93, 179-84.

38. The Limits to Demand Management in Small and Open Economies, in J. Jespersen and B.

Amoroso (eds.), Macroeconomic Theories and Policies for the 1990's. MacMillan Press, 1992.

37. A Wage-Bargaining Model for Denmark (with Ole Risager), Memo 1989-17, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus. Applied Economics, 1991, 23, 567-578.

36. The Role of Credibility for the Effects of a Change in Exchange Rate Policy (with Ole Risager). Seminar Paper no 373, Institute for International Economic Studies, University of Stockholm. Oxford Economic Papers, 1991, 43, 85-98.

35. Information, Endogenous Uncertainty, and Risk Aversion. Journal of Economics / Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie, 1990, 52, 117-140.

34. Macroeconomic Strategies in Denmark and Sweden in the 1980's, in the Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers, 1990, Stockholm, Sweden.

33. Demand and Capacity Constraints on Danish Employment (with Per B. Overgaard). Paper prepared for the European Unemployment Programme. In C. Bean et al. (eds.): Europe's Unemployment Problem, The MIT Press, 1990, 156-201.

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