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«Professor Torben M. Andersen Department of Economics University of Aarhus January 2009 CURRICULUM VITAE Name: Torben M. Andersen Birth: September 27, ...»

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Professor Torben M. Andersen

Department of Economics

University of Aarhus January 2009


Name: Torben M. Andersen

Birth: September 27, 1956

Address: Office:

School of Economics and Management

Department of Economics

University of Aarhus

DK-8000 Aarhus C


Phone: +45 8942 1609

Fax: +45 8613 6334 Email: tandersen@econ.au.dk Citizenship: Danish Marital status: Married, three sons.


1986 Ph.D. CORE (European doctoral programme in quantitative economics), Université Catholique, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Thesis: Allocation under Differential Information – Flexible and Fixed Prices.

1984 Lic.oecon (Ph.D.), University of Aarhus.

Thesis: Essays in the Economics of Information.

1981 M.Sc., London School of Economics (Ely Devons Prize).


1989- Professor, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus.

1986-1988 Research Professor, Danish Social Science Research Council.

1985-1986 Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus.

1984-1985 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus.

Torben M. Andersen Curriculum Vitae 1982-1983 Research Fellow, Danish Social Science Research Council.


2006 Honorary prize from “Svend Hansens og Frues Fond”.

2006 Aarhus Universitets Jubilæumsfonds Price for outstanding teaching and outreach.

1996 Award as best lecturer of the year, Aarhus University.

1995 The award for the best paper in Open Economies Review (joint paper with N. L. Hansen).

1986 The scientific prize of the Knudsen-foundation, Aarhus.

1984 Honorary prize of the 50th anniversary fund of the University of Aarhus.

1981 Ely Devons Prize, London School of Economics, given to “the regular student of the School who, as a candidate for the M.Sc. in economics, is judged to be the best of his year” (the price is shared with two other students).


Editorial Boards:

• Associate Editor, Recherches Economiques de Louvain.

• Associate Editor, Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift (Journal of the Danish Economic Association).

• Associate Editor, Journal of Macroeconomics.

• Associate Editor, Nordic Journal of Political Economy.

• Member of the editorial board, Applied Economics Quarterly.

• Member of the editorial board, Journal of Economics

• Associate Editor, Scandinavian Journal of Economics (Joint Managing Editor: 1991-97).

• Associate Editor, European Economic Review (1990-2000).


American Economic Review; Applied Economics; Econometrica; Economic Journal; Economica;

Empirical Economics; The European Community research programme; European Journal of Political Economy; European Economic Review; European Journal of Pension Economics;

International Economic Journal; International Economic Review; International Tax and Public Finance; Journal of Industrial Organization; Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics;

Journal of Labour Economics; Journal of Money, Credit and Banking; Journal of Macroeconomics;

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; Journal of Economics and Business; Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control; Journal of Political Economy; Journal of Public Economics; The Manchester School of Economics and Social Sciences; Oxford Economic Papers; Public Choice;

Public Finance Quarterly; Recherches Economiques de Louvain; Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Sweden; Scandinavian Journal of Economics; SPES-programme; Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie.

–  –  –



• CEPR (London) research fellow

• EPRU (Copenhagen) research affiliate and board member

• IZA (Bonn) research fellow and programme director (2000-2003)

• CES/IFO (Munich) research fellow

• The Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Research Fellow

• SNS (Stockholm) research associate (1999-2003, 2007-)

• Center for International Economics, Aarhus (director 1991-93)


2001- Member of The Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letter 1995-2000 Board member European Economic Association • Fellow European Economic Association • Member American Economic Association


2009 Report to the Danish labour market commission 2009 Report to the Swedish Globalisation Council 2008 Report to the Government of Canada and Human Resources and Social Development Canada 2008 Member of evaluation panel University of Joensuu, Finland 2007 Member of the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council appointed by the Swedish Government (vice-chairman) 2007 Member of the ETLA group on the “Nordic Welfare Model”, Finland 2007 Member of SNS Välfärdspolitiske Råd, Sweden 2007 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Norway, Input to globalization project.

2007 Ministry of Industry, Norway, commentator on globalization report 2007 Panel member in project to identify leading research areas at the University of Stockholm 2006-2007 Chairman of evaluation panel appointed by the Research Council of Norway to assess economic research in Norway 2006 Contributor to the project ”Globalisation challenges for Europe”. Prime ministers office, Finland 2006 Consultant to the Ministry of Finance, Stockholm, Sweden 2005- Board Member Socialforskningsinstituttet 2005- Board Member Centre for Economic and Business Research Copenhagen 2003-2006 Chairman of the “Welfare Commission” appointed by the Danish government Torben M. Andersen Curriculum Vitae 2001- 2003 Head chairman of the Danish Council of Economic Advisors.

2001- Expert to the Swedish Government Committee on “Stabilization Policy in the Economic and Monetary Union”.

2001- Board member Danish National Research Foundation (2003- deputy chairman) 2000 Member of Research Evaluating Team at Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

2000 Evaluation of “Russian European Centre for Economic Policy”, Moscow, Eurasia Foundation.

1999 Member of Research Evaluation Panel Helsinki University.

1998 Member of committee on “The problems of ageing population”, Danish Banker’s Association.

1998 Member of research evaluation team for a research centre under the Academy of Finland.

1998-2001 Board member, Sydbank 1997-1999 Consultant to the PBU-pension fund (1997-1999).

1997-2003 Advisory board for the DREAM-project, Statistics Denmark/Ministry of Finance (chairman).

1997 Member of evaluation panel, Norwegian Social Science Research Foundation.

1997 Member of EU expert committee evaluating the “Russian European Centre for Economic Policy” in Moscow, Russia (1997).

1996-1997 Member of the economic policy group at the Swedish Center for Business and Policy Studies.

1996-1997 Member of the Policy Panel, Economic Policy (1996-97).

1996 Consultant to the EMU-committee appointed by the Swedish Government.

1993-1996 Chairman of the Danish Council of Economic Advisors.

1992 Member of “The Tax-reform Committee” appointed by the Danish Government.

1991-1993 Member of the Danish Competition Appeals Tribunal.

1989 Member of committee on “The Housing Market in Denmark” appointed by the Danish Banker’s Association.

1988-2002 External Examiner at the University of Copenhagen.

1988-1989 Member of committee on “Taxation of Investments” appointed by the Danish Government.

1986-1993 Board member, Gudme Raaschau Bank.

1986 Member of committee on “National Savings Policy”, appointed by the association of Savings banks in Denmark.


• Member of numerous appointment committees and thesis jurys at University of Aarhus, Copenhagen Business School, University of Copenhagen, INSEAD, Oslo University, University of Bergen, Norges Handelshøjskole i Bergen, Handelshøjskolen BI, Oslo, University of Gent, University of Gothenburg, University of Iceland, University of Lund, Torben M. Andersen Curriculum Vitae University of Namur, Uppsala University, Stockholm University, University of Warwick, Stockholm School of Economics, Helsinki University, and Université Catholique de Louvain.


University of Aarhus:

Macroeconomics; Monetary Theory and Policy; Microeconomic Foundation of Macroeconomics;

Economics of Information and Uncertainty; Open Macroeconomics; Fiscal Policy; International Integration; Economics of the Welfare Society.

External teaching activities:

2007 PhD course Kiel Ifw 2003 PhD course Paris X-Nanterre 2002 PhD course, Riga 2000 PhD course, Eurofaculty, Estonia 2000 PhD course, University of Oslo.

1995-1996 University of Gothenburg, Macroeconomics for PhD students.

1995 Nordic Doctoral programme, PhD course on New Keynesian Macroeconomics, University of Iceland.

1994 University of Montevideo, Uruguay, Exchange Rate Determination.

1991-1993 University of Gothenburg, Macroeconomics for PhD students.

1984-2001 Courses for bankers, businessmen and teachers at business schools and high schools.


1998- Member of the board of the Department of Economics, University of Aarhus.

1985-1986 Member of the board of the Department of Economics, University of Aarhus.

1993-1994 Head of Department, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus.

1993-1994 Member of the board of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Aarhus.

Member of the PhD-committee, Department of Economics, University of Aarhus.

Member of several ad hoc committees.


• Supervision of numerous PhD-students who have successfully defended their PhD-thesis at the Department of Economics, University of Aarhus and foreign universities.

• Currently supervising 5 PhD-students.

Torben M.

Andersen Curriculum Vitae


• Ensuring economic and employment stability, Kiel Institute.

• European Unemployment Programme Wage Formation in the Nordic Countries, Nordic Economic Research Council project.

• European Unemployment Programme.

• Wage and Price Formation and Unemployment Persistence, SPES-project (coordinator).

• Tax Policy in Small and Open Economies, Nordic Economic Research Council project.

• Imperfect Competition in Intertemporal General Equilibrium Models, HCM-project.

• SNS project: controlling the scope, size and efficiency of the public sector (project leader).

–  –  –

**** I. Published Articles I. A. Internationally Published Articles

134. Increasing longevity and social security reforms - a legislative procedure approach, Journal of Public Economics. 2008

133. Heterogenous wage formation under a common monetary policy, Economic Modelling.

132. The Scandinavian Model - Prospects and Challenges, International Tax and Public Finance, Special Issue, 2008, 15:45-66.

131. Distribution and labour market incentives in the welfare state - Danish experiences, joint with L.H. Pedersen, Swedish Economic Policy Review, 14, 175-214.

130. The macroeconomic policy mix in a monetary union with flexible inflation targeting, Journal of International Money and Finance, 2008, 27, 411-437.

129. Product market integration and heterogeneity - Rent sharing and pricing to market,joint with Allan Sørensen, Review of International Economics, 2008, 16(2), 268-284.

128. Trading off efficiency and equity -A Scandinavian Puzzle, In Timarti Vidskipti og Efnahagsmál, sepcial issue in honour of Gudmundur Magnusson, 45-58.

127. The Welfare State and Strategies toward Fiscal Sustainability in Denmark,joint with S.E.

Hougaard Jensen and L. H. Pedersen, in R. Neck and J.-E. Sturm, 2008, Sustainability of Public Debt, CESifo Seminar Series, MIT Press.

126. Automatic stabilizers and budget rules (with Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen) in R.Neck and C.Richter and P. Mooslechner (eds) Quantitative Economi Policy - Essays in Honour of Andrew Hughes Hallett, Springer-Verlag

125. Wohlfahrtstat und fiscalpolitische Nachhaltigheit in Dänemark, (joint with Lars H. Pedersen and Svend E. Hougaard Jensen) inDen ôffentliche Haushaltwessen in ôsterreich, 2007, 3-4, 237-266) (translation of paper forthcoming in MIT-book).

124. Flexicurity -Labour Market Performance in Denmark, In CESifo Economic Studies, 53 (3), 389-429 (joint with Michael Svarer)

123. Exchange Rate Pegs, Fiscal Policy and Credibility (joint with Julia Chiriaeva), Open Economies Review, 18, 53-76

122. Fiscal Policy Coordination and International Trade, Economica, 74, 235-257

121. Pensions and the Welfare State, in Pedersen, J. (eds), Taxation of Pensions, Yearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2007, DJØF Publishing

120. Labour demand, wage mark-ups and product market integration (joint with Jan R. Skaksen), Journal of Economics 92, 103-138.

119. The Public Sector and International Integration, Economics Letters, 2006, 93, 202-09

118. Financial restraints in a mature welfare state - the case of Denmark, Oxford Review of Economic Policy (joint with Lars Haagen Pedersen)

117. Product market integration and heterogeneity - rent sharing and pricing to market, Review of International Economics (joint with Allan Sørensen)

116. Ageing and globalisation in the Scandinavian Welfare Model, Ageing Horizons, 2006, 4, 6Exchange Rate Pegs, Fiscal Policy and Credibility (joint with Julia Chiriaeva), Open Economies Review,

114. Fiscal Policy Coordination and International Trade, Economica (to appear)

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