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«ACADEMIC POSITIONS 2014: Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cyprus. 2006- 2014: Associate Professor, Department of ...»

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Curriculum Vitae

Professor Yiannis Papadakis

Department of Social and Political Sciences

University of Cyprus

P.O.BOX 20537

1678 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: + 357 22894569

Fax: + 357 22894559

Email: papada@ucy.ac.cy


1983-1986: B.A. Economics, University of Cambridge

1986-1988: B.A. Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz

1989-1993: Ph.D. Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge


2014: Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cyprus.

2006- 2014: Associate Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cyprus.

2005-2006: Project Leader (History Education), International Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO, Cyprus Centre) 1999 - 2006: Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cyprus 1996 – 1999: Lecturer, Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cyprus 1993 - 1996: Junior Research Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge University


Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict • Social Memory, Politics/Representations of the Past • History Education • Borders • Cypriot Cinemas • Migration • Trust •


2014. Project Leader for ‘The Role of Religion in the Integration of Migrants in Cyprus’. Funding Agency: EU Solidarity Funds and Ministry of Interior (Rep. of Cyprus). Allocated budget 57,000 euros.

2005 – 2006 Project Leader for ‘History Education in Cyprus’, International Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO, Cyprus Centre) 2004 – 2007: PEACE-COM – Peace Processes in Community Conflicts of Europe (EU 6th Framework, Priority 7, Research Area 6), Consortium. Project leader for Cyprus case study. Allocated budget 25, 416 euros.


Journal of the Royal Anthropological Journal of Urbanism Institute Society and Space Cultural Anthropology Critical Studies in Media Anthropology Today Communication Anthropology and Education Quart. Antipode: A Radical Journal of Ethnos Geography Ethnic and Racial Studies Archaeological Dialogues Nations and Nationalism Millennium: The Journal for Identities: Global Studies in Power International Studies and Culture Global Security Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism Cooperation and Conflict International

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Berghahn Books


National Science Foundation, USA


Minorities Rights Group


Monograph Papadakis, Y. 2005. Echoes from the Dead Zone: Across the Cyprus Divide.

London and New York: I. B. Tauris. (Reprinted 2006, 2008, 2010)

Greek translation: Γιάννης Παπαδάκης. 2009. Η Ηχώ της Νεκρής Ζώνης:

Οδοιπορικό στη Διαιρεµένη Κύπρο. Αθήνα: Εκδόσεις Scripta

Turkish translation: Yiannis Papadakis. 2009. Ölü Bölgeden Yankılar:

Kıbrıs’ın Bölünmüşlüğünü Aşmak. Istanbul: Bilgi University Press Edited Volumes Papadakis Y. and Constandinides C. (eds.) (2014) Cypriot Cinemas: Memory, Conflict and Identity in the Margins of Europe. London: Bloomsbury.

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2, pp. 125-148.

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Intercollege Press.

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Identity and Otherness in Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Schoolbooks on the History of Cyprus). In J. Joseph and Y. Sokratous (eds.) Eterotita kai Ekpaidevsi, pp. 193-220. Athens: Papazisis.

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Cyprus: New Approaches to Conflict Resolution, pp. 38-50. London:


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Reports ____ 2008. History Education in Divided Cyprus: A Comparison of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Schoolbooks on the ‘History of Cyprus’. PRIO Cyprus Center Report 2/2008. 29p. (available online at http://www.prio.no/upload/Report-History%20Education%20low.pdf) Greek Translation: 2009. Ιστορική Παιδεία στη Διαιρεµένη Κύπρο: Μια Σύγκριση Ελληνοκυπριακών και Τουρκοκυπριακών Σχολικών Βιβλίων Ιστορίας της Κύπρου. PRIO Cyprus Center Report 2/2008. 29p.

Turkish Translation: 2009. Bölünmüş Kıbrıs’ta Tarih Eğitimi: Kıbrıslı Rum ve Kıbrıslı Türklerin “Kıbrıs Tarihi” ile İlgili Ders Kitaplarının Bir Karşılaştırması. PRIO Cyprus Center Report 2/2008. 29p.

____ and Kouros, Thodoris. 2014. Θρησκεία, Κοινωνική Ένταξη και Μετανάστευση στην Κύπρο (Religion, Social Integration and Migration in Cyprus). Funded by EU Solidarity Funds and Ministry of Interior.



1990: ‘From Money to Ashes: Rowing and Ritual at Cambridge’. Student Production.

1992: ‘Cyprus: One Island, Two Histories?’ (A comparison of the two museums of National Struggle in divided Nicosia.) Submitted as an appendix to my Ph.D. Thesis.

2003: Scientific advisor for ET (Greek Television State Channel) documentary on Pyla (Pyla: Living Together Separately) based on Ch. 6 of my book Echoes from the Dead Zone (Awarded audience prize at 2004 Rhodes Ecofilm Festival)


BBC World Service, occasional contributor on Cyprus in the format ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ for Turkish Service, 1998 - 2013.

Financial Times, Yiannis Papadakis: Personal View: Lessons in Respect and Tolerance, 9-11-2009, http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/171a5314-cd14-11de-a748feabdc0.html La Republicca, Yiannis Papadakis: Momento Storico? Se è Così io l’ho Mancato, 10p.18.

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