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«ASSESS YOUR TECH ABOUT THIS GUIDE Microsoft believes in the power of technology to transform business. Our corporate mission centers on helping ...»

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Microsoft believes in the power of technology to transform business. Our

corporate mission centers on helping people and businesses realize their full

potential, and we want to help you make technology investments that will do

just that.

The information in this guide is meant to demystify the process of assessing

the technology needs of your business - across productivity and collaboration,

mobility and security. It also provides guidance and resources to help you connect with the IT expertise to help you implement new solutions. It’s our sincere hope you’ll find value in this information, and that it will contribute to the continued success of your small business.  PRODUCTIVITY &


Doing more with less has in recent years become a familiar concept to businesses of all sizes, but it has always been the marching order for small businesses. Every single decision you make about how you and your employees execute daily tasks can have a significant impact on your business’ ability to get and stay ahead. You need to be as productive as possible, and the way that you and your staff communicate, exchange ideas and create content can make or break your attempts at business efficiency.

Mastering productivity can be tricky. And sometimes small business’ inefficiencies are only identified when the owner understands what the right technology can

actually deliver, including:

• Digitizing and managing business files and records

• Establishing streamlined workflows

• Enabling employees to collaborate and securely manage documents

• Facilitating team communications across phone, email and messaging How do you know if upgrading your productivity technology is worth your

investment? Consider these returns:

Increased productivity. Automating manual tasks and making it easier • for employees to communicate and collaborate mean they save time and expand their ability to do more in less time.

Cost savings. If time = money, helping employees save time by making • daily tasks more efficient can have a real impact on your bottom line.

Customer satisfaction. Making it easier for customers to communicate with • you can mean all the difference between lost and repeat business.

Microsoft’s goal is to deliver the best productivity experience for small businesses across the tablet, PC and phone, so you have more time to focus on what matters most – your business. Our solutions to help you achieve your productivity

potential include:

Microsoft Office 365: Office 365 is a comprehensive productivity solution • designed to make it easier to communicate, collaborate and create. It leverages the cloud to make it accessible from anywhere, making it a great option for businesses with employees working from different locations or with a need to work remotely.

Microsoft SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint allows businesses to be more • efficient by offering space to collaborate and store documents securely and conveniently.

Lync: Microsoft Lync is a unified communications platform that delivers • presence, instant messaging, and voice and video conferencing straight from the desktop or even on mobile devices.

SkyDrive Pro: Our cloud-based SkyDrive Pro, available in Windows 8, offers • you a storage space in the cloud where you can securely save and share photos, work documents and other important files that you and your col leagues can access later from anywhere on any device.

To better understand whether your small business is maximizing productivity and

collaboration solutions, consider the following:

• Can the documents I create be easily viewed and modified by colleagues and customers?

• Do my employees have the ability to collaborate on documents without having to email drafts to one another?

• Do we have a central location where the entire team can access important documents and files from anywhere?

• Does the team have the ability to connect through messaging, video or other communication tools to collaborate in real-time?

MOBILITY Mobile technology has the ability to make your small business more efficient and productive, more accessible to customers, and more connected with the marketplace.

Employing a mobile strategy for your business means building in more flexibility for employees to work from different locations and be productive on the go. Here are some fundamental first steps for establishing a secure remote working infrastructure

for your employees:

• Establish a level of centralized management for all devices that will be used for business purposes.

• Deploy a remote-access solution to make work systems and documents accessible from outside the office. Options could range from a cloud storage solution to a virtual private network (VPN).

• Develop a thoughtful Mobile Device Management policy to cover securityrelated issues, asset management and remote troubleshooting for your mobile workers.

What will you receive in return for an investment in these and other mobility

solutions? Consider these benefits:

Increased efficiency and productivity. The ability to send and receive emails, • share documents and graphics, and update customers and vendors via social channels, all from any location, means your employees can be productive even when they’re not in the office.

Responsiveness. Mobile technology allows you to better meet the immediate • needs of your customers (think, inbound calls regarding your store location or to troubleshoot a product or service issue), even as you balance a multitude of equally important tasks in the field or on the road. You can build customer relationships and sales while cutting travel time and costs, paper work and administrative expenses.

Flexibility. Implementing a mobile strategy removes geographic boundaries • for your business. You and your employees can work from home or while on the road, and you can access talent in far flung geographic locations while still giving them full access to business systems.

    Microsoft’s investments in mobile technology solutions focus on helping small business owners improve how they operate, extend their marketing impact and become more accessible to customers, all while growing revenue and cutting costs. We can help your business be more places, foster more relationships and

win more business with the following solutions:

Windows Phone: This smartphone operating system is well suited to the • lifestyle of small business owners, enabling them to communicate from anywhere at any time. Microsoft offers new productivity capabilities for Outlook Mobile, Office Mobile and cloud-based services to complement the way people are using Windows Phone for work.

Windows 8 Pro: Our latest, most intuitive operating system enables work life integration and mobile workstyles, enabling you to securely work from anywhere through features like built-in mobile broadband, which supports 3G and 4G telecommunication and helps you find available Wi-Fi hotspots more easily.

Microsoft Office 365: More than a productivity suite, Office 365 enables • small businesses to access email, contacts, and shared calendars using Exchange Online; as well as to utilize Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the Internet) and SharePoint and access voice, IM, audio, video and web conferencing from one single Microsoft Lync interface, among other features – all from virtually anywhere on almost any device.

Windows Intune: A Microsoft-hosted cloud management platform, • Windows Intune manages mobile devices, as long as they work with Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Intune 3.0 lets you set access policies for Windows Phone (7.0 or later), Android (2.1 or later) and iOS (4.0 and later) devices to enforce whether these devices can access network resources, or use common services, and control access to email.

To better understand whether your small business is maximizing today’s mobile

innovations to your greatest business benefit, consider the following:

• Do my employees have the ability to conduct business from their mobile devices?

• Do we have the ability to access important documents, files and business systems from any location?

• Does my business have a policy and tools in place to protect important data on devices used for business purposes?

• Are my employees fully aware of the risks and rewards associated with remote working arrangements?

• Am I leveraging remote capabilities to employ the most qualified talent regardless of their location?

  SECURITY Security is a multifaceted consideration for your small business. Small businesses are subject to the same security vulnerabilities as large companies and arguably have more to lose. According to a survey Microsoft recently conducted, 72 percent of small businesses have experienced some type of security breach. From threat of phishing attacks to the vulnerabilities posed by outdated technology, the need for small businesses to ensure security of their technology is crucial. And security goes beyond protecting your business from potential attacks, to include disaster preparedness and ensuring your business can maintain continuity in the event of the unexpected.

The following are best practices to ensure:

• Enable firewalls to prevent hackers and malicious software from attacking your business.

• Set and manage anti-virus updates and scanning software for your business servers, user PCs and mobile devices.

• Regularly schedule operating system and application updates that are either automatic (pushed) or manually triggered.

• Require and implement strong passwords for PCs, user accounts and email, and mobile devices.

The benefits of investing in security technologies are convincing:

Peace of mind. You need to have confidence that your company’s lifeblood • – your irreplaceable customer, financial and operational data – is secure so you can focus on your core business responsibilities. Ensure this peace of mind by regularly backing up your data, ideally daily. Security experts do not recommend copying unencrypted data to a tape or portable drive each night, because unencrypted data is still vulnerable and can be stolen.

Proactive savings. A strong security infrastructure will help you avoid • expensive fixes by preventing problems caused by viruses and malicious software. The cost in time and labor to recreate data that’s been compromised or stolen – not to mention the trickle down cost to your business due to compromised customer confidence – is another strong economic incentive for a data encryption solution.

Lower liability. Data theft or loss not only harms your business and • reputation, but it also exposes you to costly state and federal regulations that address data protection and privacy. Implementing security solutions mitigates the chance your business will be subject to security-related litigation, by protecting sensitive and proprietary customer and employee data.

  Data and network security can keep small businesses fully operational, and Microsoft is the industry leader in developing business-enabled technologies that are secure. Our

leading security solutions include:

Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V: Windows Server offers a range of • benefits to provide secure data storage, central access and power to run critical business applications, and the highest level of security for your business information. Hyper-V allows you to virtualize all your business systems and manage mission critical workloads with flexibility and ease to keep your business up and running no matter what’s happening on premise.

Windows Intune: Our cloud-based management platform helps you manage • across all types of devices on your network, and allows you to perform security and management tasks remotely from a web-based console. You have greater control over keeping your business data secure, with the ability to help secure PCs from malware and viruses, and deploy most updates and line of business applications to PCs and mobile devices through the secure cloud.

BitLocker and BitLocker To Go in Windows 8: BitLocker encrypts your PC • so that it can only be unlocked with the right password. This means that if your laptop is lost or stolen, your business data remains safe.

Security Essentials: Microsoft Security Essentials is free, real-time protection • for small businesses running up to 10 PCs. It’s simple to install this solution that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software, and it runs quietly and efficiently in the background.

To better understand whether your small business is maximizing today’s mobile innovations to your greatest business benefit, consider the following:

• Does my business have some level of centralized management for all devices that will be used for business purposes?

• Are my employees aware of their role in maintaining security while using mobile devices for work purposes?

• Does my business have a policy and process in place to address situations when devices are lost or stolen, such as remote wipe capabilities?


The right technology has the potential to help you not only manage your small business, but to significantly move it forward. As you know, every investment requires a thoughtful evaluation of how precisely it meets your business objectives and how much ROI it delivers. We hope this guide has been a thought-starter as it relates to your tech investments and evaluation.

This guide may have you asking questions about your own business technology. So if you’re interested in receiving even more answers to your technology investment questions and insights about small business best practices, please visit the Microsoft Business Hub for resources and solutions to Assess Your Tech.

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