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«Containing a List of Names of Business and Professional Persons, Firms and Institutions, arranged Alphabetically, and Classified according to their ...»

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Cincinnati Business Directory

FOR 1913.

Containing a List of Names of Business and Professional Persons, Firms

and Institutions, arranged Alphabetically, and Classified according to their various Business Pursuits; also, Street

Directory, City and County Officer~; and

other Miscellaneous Information~







American :tldellty co., Jones John Elfas, Patent Attorney...... 612 Side Lines, Right Hand Pages Kelly M. J., Teamster...•...•••..•..•.. 615 Andrus R. K., Japanner •.• :.••..•...... 559 Kennedy Supply Co., Contractors' EquipBach Jos., Manuf. Jewelry~Trays..•..... 560 ment$

Baldwin Co. (The), Pianos, 'Koenig Ptof. August, Medicines......... 237 Bottom Lines, Right Hand Pages Lang Wm. & Sonl! Co., Iron Work....... 558 Bassett Pattern Works...•..••.•.••..•.. 61;1 l\Jailing & Advertising 'Co. (The), PrintBatsche The Jos. H. Co., Vault Cleaners.685, ers •..•...•..••..•........••....... 630 Bertram P. C., Painter •••..•..••••..... 607 Menkhaus Bernard T., Metal Specialt{es.. 582 'Brereton Circular Advertising co., Methodist BOQk Concern (The), Top Lines, Right Hand Pages Bottom Lines, Left Hand Pag~1!I Bronner Carpet Cleaning Co., Middle West Coal Co. (Inc) •............ 468 Side Lines, Left Hand Pages Moores-Coney Co. (The), Builders' SupBrown Douglas.A., Shorthand Reporter. 665 plies..•.. :................ 537 and G51 Buchanan F. A., Insurance, Munster W. J., Accountant, Facing page.401 Side Lines, Right Hand Pages National Electrot.ype Foundry........... 508 Campbell's Creek 'Coar Co. (The)....... 1 Ort Frank A., Tinner

Chambers Wm. F., Attorney............ 410 Patton The R. J. Co., Awnings •......... 421 Cincinnati Hard wood Lumber Co..•..... 569 Popular Plating Works..•.............. 659 Cincinnati Iron Fence Co. (Inc).•.•..... 557 Practical Plating Works.....•..•....... 659 Clark John, Teamster.......,........... :675 Ries Adam J., Proprietor Practical PlatClifton Stair Building Co..•............ 662 ing Works.••..•..•.., •............. 6~9 Crawford Addressing,Co........•........ 403 Robertson W. F.,Steel & Iron Co........ 553 Domestic-Science Baking Co. (The)....• 422 St. Xavier College

Eckert John 0., Attorney.•...........•. 409 Schiear The Chas. Motor Car Co........ 419 Engelbert Jos. D. & Co., Painters....... 608 Schray John C. Roofing & Furnace Co.•. 334 Ernst & Ernst, Accountants.....•... ~... 402 Seifried G. W., Gold and Silvet- Refiner.. 521 Ezekiel & Bernheim Co. (The), Auction- Sicking Mfg. Co.,,Slot Machines......•.. 660 eer~",'.. ','......••.•....•... 418 and 667 Thompson-Brown Co. (The), Investment First National Bank (The), Facing Page 424 Securities. Top Lines, Right Hand Pages Fox 'Fred. M., Proprietor Popular Plat- Trorlich t-Duncker 'Carpet Co............ 452 ing Works....•••... ',"...•........ 659 Trost The Samuel' W. Co., Ciga.r Box Fridman Wm. M., Lawyer............ '.... 412 Manufacturers •

German Mutual Insurance Co. of Cillcin- Union Central Life Insurance Co. (The), nati

Granada Transfer Co; (Th'e)..•••....... 621 Wagner Bros., Book Bi'nders. '.......•... 434' Grandview Sanitarium ••......•.•....... 99 Wallace Transf.;)r & Forwarding Co.

Het-bslel) A. F., Patet;lt, Attorney.•...... 611 (The).. ".•.. '"..•.....•.... "... 680 Hofer's Cincinnati :Military Band and Watson Fred. & Co., Accountants........ 401 Orchestra.••.••..•.....•........•.. 424 Wessling Bros. Foundry Co. (The)...... 537' Home Steam,Avondale TOilet. Supply,.,.• 680 West Dislnfe'1t1ng,Co. (hic)............. 493 Hubig Pie & Bakin:g Co. (The) •.••.....• 423 Winckler Richard P., Book Binder...••• 435 IlIff Chas. E. & Son, Bricklayers......... 442 Wisenall Bernard T., Architect..•......• 406 Iliff Jas. IC. & Sons, 'Bricklayers........• 443 Wurlitzer 'The Rudolph Co., Pianos •••.•• 62G AMERICUS V. WILLIAMS, President. LLEW. WILLIAMS, Vice·Pres.

LLEW. WILLIAMS, Jr., Secretary.

–  –  –

FIRST WARD-Beginning at the junction Anderson Township: thence northeast 89*· of Crane street and the Ohio River: thence following the northerly corporation line ot west on Crane street to Eastern Avenue: the former Village of Mt. Washington to the thence southwardly on Eastern Avenue to northeast corner of an 8-acre tract owned Kemper Lane: thence north on Kemper,' by George Heis, which point is also the Lane to Columbia Avenue: thence eastwardly northeast corner of the former Village ot on Columbia Avenue to the west line of Sec- Mt. Washirigton: thence south along the east tion 25. Spencer Township: thence north corporation line of the former Village of along the west line of Sections 25 and 26, Mt. Washington to the east property lines Spencer Township and Edwards Road to the of George Heis, M. F.' Corbly. J. B. Corbly, approach of the Grandin Road viaduct, or S. J. Corbly and Charles E. Smith and W. H.

Delta Avenue viaduct: thence southwardly Elder to a point in the center of Bogart along said approach to the Grandin Road Road: thence eastwardly and southwardly or Delta Avenue viaduct, to Delta Avenue: following the corporation line of the said thence northwardly along Delta Avenue to former Village of Mt. Washington to the a point opposite Totten Avenue extended: north line of Military Survey No. 620, thence east on a direct line and continuing Anderson Township; thence west followeast along the center of Totten Avenue to Ing said line to the center of Burney Tweed Avenue: thence north along the cen- Lane; thence south along the. center Une ter of Tweed Avenue to Linwood Avenue; of Burney Lane to the center Une of thence southeast along the center of· Lin- Wolff street; thence west along the center wood Avenue to the center ot Riggle Avenue line of Wolff street to a point of 567.6 feet extended southwardly; thence north along west of Cherry street; thence north 1° 20' the center of Riggle Avenue to Herschel east to the north line of Military Survey No.

Avenue; thence northeast along the c"enter 620; thence west along the north line of of Herschel Avenue to Princlpio Avenu~.i said Military Survey No. 620, Anderson thence east along the center of Principio Ave- Township. to a point 3.03 chains west from nue to Jenks Avenue; thence north along the the east line of the property of Nicholas center of Jenks Avenue to Re'd Bank Ave- Trapp; thence in a northerly direction for nue; thence east along the center of Red a distance of 7.20 chains to the intersection Bank Avenue to Custer street: thence north of the southerly line of Military Survey No.

along the center of Custer street to the north 536, Anderson Township: thence westwardly line of Section 20, Spencer Township, being along said line to the center line of Mt.

the north line of the former Village of Lin- Washington Road; thence southwardly along wood; thence east along the 'north line of the center line of said road to the center Sections 20 and 14, Spencer Township, to line of Salem Pike; thence northwestwardly the' Little Miami River: thence southwardly along the center liI),e of Salem Pike to the following' the Little Miami River to. the center line of Betts Road and the north point of intersection with the north corpora- line of a 10.56-acre tract owned by Fredtion' line of the former' Village ofMt. Wash- erick Koehler: thence south 68° 35' east ington: thence in an easterly d~rection along to the Little Miami River: thence souththe 'said corporation line of the former Vil- wardly following the Little Miami' River to lag& of Mt. Washington to the northerly the north line of Kellogg Avenue; thence line of a tract of land owned by Betts to eastwardly along the said north line of Kelan.angle In said Betts' line; thence south logg Avenue·to the east line of Kellogg Av~west to· the southwesterlY' corner of nue; thence south on the east line of said

14.87 acre tract owned by Harmon; thence Kellogg Avenue to the south line of Salem north 26 ° 45' east,' said line.being the west- Pike; thence eastwardly along the south Une' er,ly corporation line o·f the former Village of Salem Pike to the division "line of the of Mt.,Washington to the northwesterly cor- Salem School DistrIct No.5, and California nerof a 48-acre tract owned by A. M. Tur-,School District No. 14: thence southwardly pin:. thence south 60° east along'said cor- on' said division line to the northerly liDe

pora.tion line to the west line of a 24.75-acre of Military Survey 1512. Anderson Township:

tra'Ct. owned by M. L.

Russell;, thence north thence southwardly' on said line to the 800 40' east following the west line of saId northwesterly corner of said survey 1512:

tract 'and the said corporation' Une to the the,nce southeastwardly on the west line et center of the· Ohio Pike: thence following said" -Survey 1512 to the northerly line ot the' center "Une of said Ohio Pike to the the Three Mile Road: thence southwestnorth. Corporation llne of aald' former Vll- wardlyalong the northerly line of Three lage of Mt. Washington, which line Is also Mile Road to the Ohio River: thence Ilorththe south line ot Military' Survey No. 2204, wardly and "soutkwestwardly follewlllC til.


–  –  –

of Section 1, Green Township, to the west 10 Green Township, of Cheviot; thence south to the east corporation line of the Village line of said Section I, Green Township; along the east corporation line of the Village thence south along said west line of Sec- of Cheviot to Harrison Avenue; thence northtion 1, G;reen Township, to the southwest corner of, said Section I, Green Township; west along Harrison Avenue to the oenter of thence west along the north line of Section Higbee street; thence southwest along the 1~, Delhi Township, to the half-section line center of Higbee street to the center of of said Section 12, running north and south; Gamble Avenue; thence northwest along the thence south on the half-section line of center of Gamble Avenue to the center 'of Section 12, Delhi Township, to the south Cheviot Avenue; thence southwest alortg the line of Section 12, Delhi Township, thence center of Cheviot Avenue to the south coreast on the south lines of Sections 12 and e, poration line of the Village of Cheviot;, Delhi Township, to the northwest corner ot thence northwest alo/ng the south corporaSection 35, Storrs Township, thence south tion line of the Village of Cheviot to the on the west line of Section 35, Storrs Town- east corporation line of the Village of Cheship, to the intersection of Vaughn Road, viot; thence southwest and south along the thence east on a line from said intersection east corporation line of the VUlage of Cheto t'he inte,rsection of Fairbanks Avenue and viot to the south corporation line of the Steiner Avenue, thence south on Steiner Village of Cheviot; thence west along the Avenue to the first angle south of Edwin south corporation line of the Village of CheAvenue, thence east on a line from said viot to the east corporation line of the Vilangle to the intersection of Elberon Avenue lage of Cheviot; thence south along the east and Purcell Avenue, thence northeastwardly corporation line of the Village of Cheviot on Elberon Avenue to Maryland Avenue, the to the south corporation line of the Village of Cheviot; thence west' along the south place of beginning.

TWENTY -FIRST WARD-Beginning at corporation line of the Village of Cheviot the intersection of Clinton street and Free- and the north line of Section 14, Green man Avenue, thence east on Clinton street Township, to the half-section line of Secto Linn street, thence north on Linn street tion 14, Green Township, running north and to Wade street, thence west on Wade street south; thence south along the half-section to Baymiller street, thence north on Bay- line of Section 14, Green Township, running miller.street to York street, thence west on north and south, to the Werk Road; thence York street to Colerain Avenue, thence north east along the Werk Road to a point opon Colerain Avenue to Harrison Avenue, posite the Bridgetown Road; thence directthence west on Harrison Avenue to McLean ly south and southeast to the center of Avenue, thence south on McLean Avenue to Muddy Creek Road; thence northeast and Wade street, thence east on Wade street to east along the center of Muddy Creek Road Freeman Avenue, thence south on Freeman and Muddy Creek Road extended to the Avenue to Clinton street, the place of be- center of Queen City Avenue; thence southeastwardly, northeastwardly and southeastginning.

TWENTY-SECOND WARD-Beginning at wardly along the center of Queen City Avethe intersection of Liberty street and Mc.- nut to the half-section line of Section I, Lean Av,enue; thence north on McLean Ave- Green Township, running north and south;

nue to Harrison Avenue, thence east on Har- thence north along the half-seotion line of rison Avenue to Colerain Avenue, thence Section 1, Green Townsb.ip, running north north on Colerain Avenue to the Miami and and south to the south line of Section 2;

Erie Canal at Browne Street Bridge, thence thence east along the south line of Section north with the Miami and Erie Canal to 2 to the west line of Section 31; thence Streng street, thence west on Streng street south along the west line of Section 31 to to Colerain Avenue, thence north on Colerain,the south line of Section 31; thence east Avenue to Mill Creek, thence south on Mill along the south line of Section 31 to Grand Creek to Liberty street, thence east on Lib- Avenue; thence north along Grand Avenue,erty street to McLean Avenue, the place of and Grand Avenue extended to Westwood beginning. ' Avenue; thence east along Westwood AveTWENTY-THIRD WARD-Beginning at nue to Shadwell street; thence north on the southwest corner of Section 27, Millcreek Shadwell street to the Lick Run Sew~r;

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