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«Contents SCRAPBOOK 1 Stevens Says Banks Have Strangled Business, Daily Province 1 (Vancouver), Aug. 5, n.y. Only Financiers Are Prospering, Claims ...»

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Stevens Says Banks Have Strangled Business, Daily Province


(Vancouver), Aug. 5, n.y.

Only Financiers Are Prospering, Claims Stevens, Daily

Province (Vancouver), Aug. 5, n.y.

Douglas Has "Fluid" Mind About Social Credit for Alberta,

dateline Edmonton, unidentified newspaper, May 14, n.y.

Open Forum (ltr. criticizing Munson), Farm Holiday News,


Sept. 10, 1935

True to Type, by Gilbert Se1des, N.Y. Evening Journal, July 30, 1935 No Social Credit, bk. rev., New Masses, Jan. 30,1934 Let Us Have Democracy, by Ernest J. Atter, Carmel Sun,.

5 July 23, 1935 Not Crackpot but a Menace, 1tr. to ed. from Maxwell Hyde, Nation, Jan. 2, 1935 The Social Credit System, 1tr. to ed. from Elizabeth S.

Holter, The Forum, 1933 Let Us Have Democracy, by Ernest J. Atter, leaflet, Carmel, 7 California, 1 p.

Results of the Critical Investigation of Eight Monetary 9 and Credit Plans, Farm Holiday News, June 25, 1935 Ltr. to ed. from Gorham Munson, Farm Holiday News, July 10, 1935 Ltr. toed. from Andrew Cordian, Farm Holiday News, July 25, 1935 Actor Expounds "Social Credit" Between Plays, N. Y. World 11 Telegram, Feb. 15, 1934 Criticism by a Doug1asite, 1tr. to ed. from Elizabeth S.

Holter, New Republic, March 22, 1933 13 Panaceas for the Depression, V: The Douglas Social Credit Plan, by John Chamberlain, The New Republic, May 31, 1933 Price Fixing and Social Credit, 1tr. to ed. from W. A.

14 Nyland, The New Republic, June 21, 1933 1 2 Contents SCRAPBOOK 1 (cont.) 15 The "Lee Letter," Otago Times, Nov. 15, 1939 No Debt-Free Money, Labour Party's Policy, Otago Times, Nov. 5, 1939 Social Credit, ltr. to ed. from C. V. Kerslake, The Nation, Dec. 14, 1932 Douglasism, ltr. to ed. from C. V. Kerslake, New Republic, July 12, 1933 17 Eating Without Working: A Moral Disquisition, by Stuart Chase, The Nation, July 26, 1933 Efforts "Futile" in Depression, ltr. to ed. from Eda Tibbles Bates, Bronxville Review, n.d.

19 Money--Servant or Master? by David Warren Ryder, The Nation, Nov. 1, 1933 21 The First American Social Credit Organ: New Democracy.

Leaflet [ca. 1933] A Voice from Rapallo, ltr. to ed. from Ezra Pound, New Republic, Aug. 9, 1933 Will Coughlin Shift Attack? Spokane Review, Washington, 1935 23 "Social Credit" Theory Coming to Fore, by Ralph Hendershot, N. Y. Worl

–  –  –

Santa Claus Land, Albertans Still Await $25-a-Month Payments 55 in Social Credit Plan, by Forrest Davis, New York Wor1dTelegram, March 2, 1936 Santa Claus Land, Albertans Sing Hopelessly of Hope as Their Prophet Puts Off Credit Payments, by Forrest Davis, New York World-Telegram, March 4, 1936 Santa Claus Land, Aberhart, Social Credit Prophet of Alberta, Easily Won Farmers with Promises of Cash, by Forrest Davis, New York World-Telegram, March 5, 1936 Santa Claus Land, Alberta Premier Finds Statesman's Lot Worse Than Prophet's When He Goes East for Credits, by Forrest Davis, New York World-Telegram, March 6, 1936 Santa Claus Land, Alberta's Debt Plagues Eberhart as Bewildered Farmers Look in Vain for $25 a Month, by Forrest Davis, New York World-Telegram, March 7,1936 Gives Explanation of Social Credit, The Springfield Union, Springfield, Mass., May 21,1936 (all articles on this page clipped together, two copies of each one but last one) The Money System, Speech of Hon. T. Alan Goldsborough of 57 Maryland, Congressional Record, Seventy-Fourth Congress, Second Session, Dec;' 10, 1935

–  –  –

SCRAPBOOK 1 (cont.) 63 A Quick Way Back to Prosperity, leaflet issued by Retail Discount Organization, Philadelphia, Pa., ca. 1931

–  –  –

69 To All Non-Monetary Exchange Association in the United States, Broadsheet No.1, New Economics Group of New York, n.d.

Social Credit Paper Merged with Albertan, dateline Calgary, Atla., Jan. 14, n. y.

What's Really Happening in Canada? leaflet advertising 71 speech by Gorham Munson, Sept. 26, n.y., at Aeolian Hall, New York, The New Economics Group of New York 73 Saving America, by Yaffle, The New Leader, March 17, 1933

–  –  –

81 A Civilising Force on the Move, The Bank Reform, by Ezra Pound, The British-Italian Bulletin, May 23, 1936 Pound Wise, Polite Essays, by Ezra. Pound, bk. rev., by Deane Mowrer, New Republic, Fe~ 12, 1940 83 True Story of Alberta's Victory Over Bankers, National Ham and Eggs,(Calif. newspaper), Dec. 16, 1939

–  –  –

90 Social Crediters Plan to Go After What They Want, St. Thomas "Times-Journal,'June 18; 1938" (Ontario) Says Money Freight Car of Canadian Businesses, St. Thomas Times-Journal, June 18, 1938 (Ontario)

–  –  –

105 Answering Buck, 1tr. to ed. from George Peters regarding Douglas Social Credit Plan, The Llano Colonist, Newllano, Louisiana, Sept. 22, 1934

–  –  –

Human Side of the News, Credit Plan, by Edwin C. Hill, N.Y.

1 Evening Journal, Jan. 29, 1935, reprint of this article published by National Social Credit Association, New York In Defense of Major Douglas, 1tr. to ed. from Gorham Munson, The Nation, June 13, 1934 A Home for Life, Abundance (small pamphlet), Aug. 15, 1936 2 Part of article on Social Credit, first part missing, unidentified newspaper, n.d.

–  –  –

The Douglas Cure for Economic Ills, by Gorham Munson, 9 Current History, May, 1933 Technocracy, a Suggestion of Its Esoteric Function, by William Kidwell Hutson, Mercury, February, 1933 10 Memorandum (on Social Credit), R.S. Gray, Alameda, California unidentified periodical, n.d.

–  –  –

13 The Major Douglas Delusions, by Geoffrey Biddulph, The Commonweal, March 23, 1934 Social Credit Party Enters Field, Illustrated Daily News, 14 Los Angeles, Sept. 28, 1935

–  –  –

SCRAPBOOK 2 (cont.) 21 The "Disease" by Yaffle, The New Leader, March 10, 1933 22 Article on the electoral victory of the Social Credit League in Alberta, The Commonweal, Sept. 6, 1935 Programme-Souvenir, Gouter Causerie Concert Crediste, 23 MM. Louis Dugal et Louis Even, Feb. 19, 1939 Unemployment, Parmentnt Poverty? or A Profit of Industry?

a Holler the Goods by Bernard Rowntree, leaflet, n.d.

24 u.S. Farmer on Douglas Plan, The Ottawa Citizen, n.'.d.

25 Towards Eighty, leaflet on Frederick James Gould (supporter of Social Credit), July 1933 The Women's New Economics Committee, invitation to lecture on Social Credit by Frederic Bell, April 7, n. y.

26 Extension of Remarks of Hon. Jerry Voorhis of California in the House of Representatives, Jan. 10, 1940, Congressional Record--Appendix Recent Economic Heresie~ by Marion Parris Smith, Address 27 before the Executive Committee of The Democratic Women's Luncheon Club of Philadelphia, May 20, 1935 28 Application for enrollment in The Douglas Social Credit College Extension Course, Vancouver, B.C., n.d.

29 Pasadena Social Credit Bulletin, J. Wilfred Corr, Secretary, Feb. 24, 1936, Pasadena, California Letters to the Editor, from T. 'Kennedy (Social Credit Bureau, Dublin), Dublin Evening Mail, Aug. 16,1939

–  –  –

Depression is Due to Defects in Our Money System, Asserts 43 Representative Goldsborough, from paper issued at Newllano, Louisiana, n.d.

Institute of Chartered Accountants, pamphlet, July 1, 1934 44 Social-Credit Dictatorship of the Consumer, by Herbert 45 Bruce Brougham, reprinted from Scribner's Magazine, Oct.


–  –  –

Socialists Alarm Alberta, Victory of Social Credit Scheme 11 Causes Fear Among Business Men, New York Sun, Aug. 23, 1935 Social Credit Meeting, Thursday, March 12, 1936, Pasadena Library Auditorium, Samuel L. Lewis will Speak on "Money Under An Economy Of Abundance," notice of meeting Alberta Utopia Attracts Horde of Unemployed, New York World Telegram,,~ug.' 27, 1935 Default Threat Made by Calgary, New York Times, Aug. 28, 1935

–  –  –

15 Alberta Voters Declare "Dividends" by Ballot, by William E.

Harris, Boston Evening Transcript, Aug. 31, 1935 Short article on organizations paying dividends, New Yorker, Sept. 7, 1935 14 15

–  –  –

SCRAPBOOK 3 (cont.) 17 Social Credit, Colorado Springs Gazette '" Sept. 1, 1935 $25-a-Month Party Swept Into Office, by James Stanton, San Francisco Examiner, Aug. 24, 1935 Alberta Ready to Try Out Social Credit, by R. W. Jimerson, San Francisco Examiner, Aug. 25, 1935

–  –  –

23 Alberta Waits for New Regime to Make Good "Free Dividends," New York World Telegram, Aug. 31, 1935 Economic Democracy and Production for All, by George C.

Christensen, from a Salt Lake City newspaper, n.d.

Aberhart Defends Social Credit Plan, by William Aberhart, New York Times, Sept. 8, 1935 25 Social Credit Prophet Will Rule A Province, by John MacCormac, New York Times, Sept. 1, 1935 Organizer Revives the Townsend Plan, by George P. West, New York Times, Sept. 1, 1935 Douglas Credit, Alleged Agreement with Government, The Dominion, New Zealand newspaper, April 7, 1936

–  –  –

Social Credit Up-To-Date, by,J., A."Fr'JItk;J,.in. The,New Statesman 6-7 And Nation, Feb. 29, 1936 Advertisement for "Social Credit" (small red ticket) Hoping for Success of Alberta Experiment, by Elizabeth Delza, New York World Telegram, Sept. 20, 1935 Aberhart Urged to Give Recognition to Union Printers, Edmonton Bulletin, Jan. 15, 1936 18 19

–  –  –

One page from the Eldon Advertiser,"paid social pioneering 39 advertising," Oct. 7, 1937 (much dealing with Social Credit, unsure whether one article in particular was singled out for scrapbook) 40 Conversion Now Essential Move Says Aberhart, Ottawa Citizen, April 2, 1936 41 Urge Monetary Reform Action Without Delay, Ottawa Citizen, Jan. 30, 1939 Employment Without War, Ottawa Citizen, April 1, 1936

–  –  –

SCRAPBOOK 4 (cont.) 45 Thrown Out, Privy Council Kills Appeals by Alberta on Outlawed Bills, Canadian newspaper, July 8, 1938 47 For the Renewal of Democracy, Ottawa Citizen, March 2, 1939 Social Credit Advance in Quebec, Ottawa Evening Citizen, June 20, 1939 Communications, "Quadragesimo~Anno,1T Itr. to ed. from J.D., 49 The Commonweal, February 12, 1937 50 The Retainer Plan, For Re-employment, Recovery, and Permanent Prosperity, by Carl D. Thompson, The Progressive, Madison, Wisc., n.d.

51 Address to be delivered before the Men's Association of Chalmers United Church, Ottawa, Wednesday, January 25, 1939, at 7 o'clock p.m. (released for publication' in newspapers not appearing on streets before Thursday morning, January 26th,

1939) no name on leaflet telling who speaker is, but articles included on this page about Hon. W. D. Herridge imply that he was the speaker.

Hon. W. D. Herridge Launches Political Action Movement, large section from Ottawa Citizen, March 2, 1939 Candidates of Reform to Run In All Ridings, Hon. W. D. Herridge Announces New Political Action Movement to Create Free Parliament, unidentified newspaper, n.d.

A Federal Union, Ottawa Citizen, May 4, 1939 52 What A World! by Michael Gold, The Daily Worker, Jan. 9, 1934 53 Social Credit Reduced to its Basic Elements by English Writer By T. V. Holmes, The Evening Citizen, Ottawa, June 24, 1938

–  –  –

55 The New Democracy Movement, Ottawa Evening Citizen, June 10, 1939 British Peace Group Under Surveillance, Pro-Nazis Said to Be Members of Council Led by Duke's Son, New York Times, Oct. 21, 1939 Not Founder of Social Credit, New York Times, Oct. 24, 1939 (correction to article immediately preceding regarding statement saying Lord Tavistock was founder of Social Credit Social Credi.tln Quebec, Ottawa Evening Citizen, June 21, 1939

–  –  –

64 Aberhart, Maynard Explain "Scrip" to Quizzical Audience, Calgary Daily Herald, June 18, 1936 65 Glimpses of Parliament, by Charles Bishop, Ottawa Citizen April 1, 1936 Co-operation--and Confidence, An Editorial, Calgary Daily Herald, June 18, 1936 Purchasing Power Diverted, Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 27, 1934

–  –  –

The Canadian Election, New York Times, Oct. 16, 1935 8 Social Plans of Townsend Type Aren't Workable, Babson Claims, 9 by Roger W. Babson, unidentified newspaper, n.d.

Article on New Democracy, Writers Digest;,n.d.

Dr. Haney Says: Congress Control of Money And Credit Is One of Troubles That Beset National at Present, by Lewis Haney, Heart Press, Jan. 14, 1936

–  –  –

Canada's Crossroads, by Stephen Leacock, This Week (magazine 39 section of New York Herald Tribune), Oct. 13, 1935 40 Alberta Delays Social Credit, New York Post, Feb. 7, 1936 Communications, Confusion--Or a Money Summa, ltr. to ed.

41 from Hamilton Steele, The Commonweal, Oct. 25, 1935 Letter to Dr. Frederick W. Roman from Fred Bull, from a Los Angeles forum newspaper, Dec. 1935

–  –  –

43 Two New Parties In Canada's House, by John MacCormac, New York Times, Feb. 9, 1936 Dividends for All, Saturday Evening Post, Dec. 14, 1935 Canada Kicks Over, New York Herald Tribune, Oct. 16, 1935 44 Canada's New Deal, The Nation, Oct. 9, 1935

–  –  –

47 A Thing of Beauty, by Ezra Pound (letter on page 46 is regarding this article), Esquire, November, 1935 How to Save Business, by Ezra Pound, Esquire, January, 1936

–  –  –

32 Social Credit and Canada, Is It Possible? announcement of lecture by Very Rev. H. Johnson, Dean of Canterbury Ottawa Citizen, Sept. 17, 1935 The Dean of Canterbury, Ottawa Citizen, S.ept. 17, 1935 33 With the New Books, by Helen Bryant, George, The Ordinary Man, rev. of Summer Time Ends, by John Hargrave, The Villager, Greenwich Village, N.Y., Oct. 10,1935--Summer Time Ends, by John Hargrave, Reader's Reminder List, New Yorker, Oct. 26, 1935 To Speak on Social Credit Tomorrow Night, Very Rev. Dr.

Hewlett Johnson, Ottawa Evening Citizen, Sept. 17, 1935 Reading & Writing, Profound Confusion Oozing from Pretension,,by William Soskin, rev. of Summer Time Ends, by John Hargrave, New York American, Sept. 30, 1935

–  –  –

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