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«SHAUNA B. BURNSILVER School of Human Evolution and Social Change Telephone: 480.965.8573 Mathews Center 211c Fax: 480.965.7671 Arizona State ...»

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School of Human Evolution and Social Change Telephone: 480.965.8573

Mathews Center 211c Fax: 480.965.7671

Arizona State University, 85287-2042 Email: Shauna.BurnSilver@asu.edu


Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO Human Ecology Ph.D. 2007

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO Resource Interpretation M.S. 1997 Scripps College, Claremont CA International Relations B.A. 1987


Assistant Professor, 2011- present School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University Affiliations: Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global Institute of Sustainability Postdoctoral Research Scientist, 2008-2011 School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks


2012 Nominated for Zebulon Teaching Award, ASU.

2012 Recipient of Ecological Society of America Sustainability Science Award. Annual Award goes to a scholarly work making the greatest contribution to the emerging science of ecosystem and regional sustainability through the integration of ecological and social sciences. Awarded to team of collaborators on the Reid et. al. (2009) PNAS Paper.

2011 “Sharing Project” team receives the 2011 Department of the Interior’s, “Partners in Conservation Award”, awarded annually in Washington DC.

2008 Selected competitively as scholar for the Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change Research (DISCCRS IV). A National Science Foundation funded initiative. Saguaro Lake Ranch, AZ. September 2008.

2007 Recipient of the Lourdes Arizpe Award (Student Category). For outstanding achievement in the application of anthropology to environmental issues and discourse in international or domestic arenas across all ecological and policy applications. Award presented biennially through the Anthropology and Environment Section of the American Anthropological Association.


PI. S. BurnSilver University of Alaska Fairbanks. NSF-Arctic Social Sciences: Modeling harvesting behavior to understand adaptation, mitigation, and transformation in northern subsistence systems.

CO-PI. S. BurnSilver Hydrology, Ecology and Pastoralism NSF-CNH project., Mali, West Africa.

PI. S. BurnSilver. The Study of Sharing Networks in Alaska. University of Alaska Fairbanks. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean, Energy and Management.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

Reinette Biggs, Maja Schlüter, Duan Biggs, Erin L. Bohensky, Shauna BurnSilver, Georgina Cundill, Vasilis Dakos, Tim M. Daw, Louisa S. Evans, Karen Kotschy, Anne Leitch, Chanda Meek, Allyson Quinlan, Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne, Martin D. Robards, Michael L. Schoon, Lisen Schultz, Paul C. West (2011). TowardPrinciples for Enhancing the Resilience of Ecosystem Services.

Annual Review of Environment and Resources. 37:421-448.

S. BurnSilver 1 Boone, R. B., K. A. Galvin, S. B. BurnSilver, P. K. Thornton, D. S. Ojima, and J.R. Jawson (2011).

Using coupled simulation models to link pastoral decision making and ecosystem services.

Ecology and Society, 16(2), 6.

Kofinas G.P., S.B. BurnSilver, F.S. Chapin III, K. Kielland, J. Schmidt and A. Springsteen (2010) Resilience in the face of Climate Change: Forests, Fire, Moose Hunting, and Subsistence in Interior Alaska. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Reid, R.S., D. Nkadienye, M. Y. Said, D. Kaelo, M. Neselle, O. Makui, L. Onetu, S. Kiruswa, N. Ole Kamuaro, P. Kristjanson, J. Ogutu, S.B. BurnSilver, M. J. Goldman, R. B. Boone, K. A. Galvin, N. M. Dickson, and W. C. Clark (2009). Knowledge Systems for Sustainable Development Special Feature Sackler Colloquium Evolution of models to support communities and policy action with science: Balancing pastoral livelihoods and wildlife conservation in Camsavannas of East Africa. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). November 3.

www.pnas.org_cgi_doi_10.1073_pnas.0900313106 Boone, R. B., S. B. Burnsilver, J. S. Worden, K. A. Galvin, and N.T. Hobbs (2008). Large-Scale Movements of Large Herbivores Livestock following changes in seasonal forage supply.

Resource Ecology, 187-206.

Thornton, P.K., R.B. Boone, K.A. Galvin, S.B. BurnSilver, M.M. Waithaka, J. Kuyiah, S. Karanja, E.

González-Estrada and M. Herrero (2007). Coping strategies in livestock-dependent households in East and southern Africa: a synthesis of four case studies. Human Ecology.

Christensen L., S.B. BurnSilver and M. Coughenour. (2006). Integrated Assessment of the Dynamics, Stability and Resilience of Inner Mongolian Grazing Ecosystems. Nomadic Peoples. 9.1: 131Thornton, P.K., S.B. BurnSilver, R.B. Boone, and K.A. Galvin. (2006). Modeling the impacts of group ranch subdivision on agro-pastoral households in Kajiado, Kenya. Agricultural Systems. 87:331Boone, R.B., S.B. BurnSilver, P.K. Thornton, J.S. Worden, and K.A. Galvin. (2005). Quantifying declines in livestock due to land subdivision. Rangeland Ecology & Management. 58:523-532.

Refereed Book Chapters:

BurnSilver S.B. (2009). Pathways of Change and Continuity: Maasai Livelihoods in Amboseli, Kajiado District, Kenya. In: Changing Land use and Livelihoods in Tanzania and Kenya Maasailand. K.

Homewood, P. Kristjanson, P. Trench and M. Radeny, eds. New York: Verlag Publishers. Pp 161-201.

Serneels, S., M. Herrero, S.B. BurnSilver, P.C. Trench, K. Cochrane, K. Homewood, P. Kristjanson, F.

Nelson, M. Radeny, M. Thompson, and M.Y. Said (2009). Methods in the Analysis of Maasai Livelihoods. In: Changing Land use and Livelihoods in Tanzania and Kenya Maasailand. K. Homewood, P. Kristjanson, P. Trench and M. Radeny, eds. New York: Verlag Publishers. Pp 43-62, Galvin, K. A., R. B. Boone, S.B. BurnSilver, and P.K. Thornton (2008). Humans and wildlife as ecosystem components in integrated assessments. In: Wildlife and Society: The Science of Human Dimensions. Manfredo, M., Vaske, J., Brown, P., Decker, D. and E. Duke, eds.

Washington, D.C.: Island Press. Pp 129-142.

BurnSilver, S.B. and J.S. Worden (2008). Processes of Fragmentation in the Amboseli Ecosystem. In:

Fragmentation of Semi-Arid and Arid Landscapes: Consequences for Human and Natural Systems. K. Galvin, R. Reid, R. Behnke and T. Hobbs, eds. New York: Verlag Publishers. Pp 225-244.

Boone, R.B., S.B. BurnSilver, and R. Kruska. (2008). Comparing Landscape and Infrastructural Heterogeneity Within and Between Ecosystems. In: Fragmentation of Semi-Arid and Arid Landscapes: Consequences for Human and Natural Systems. K. Galvin, R. Reid, R.

Behnke and T. Hobbs, eds. New York: Verlag Publishers. Pp 341-368.

S. BurnSilver 2 Boone, R.B., S.B. BurnSilver, J.S. Worden, K.A. Galvin, and T. Hobbs. (2008). Large Scale Movements of Large Herbivores: Livestock Following Changes in food Supply. In: "Spatial Ecology of

Large Herbivores and Pastoralists". H.H.T. Prins and F. van Langevelde, eds. New York:

Kluwer Academic Publishers. Pp 187-206.

BurnSilver, S.B., R.B. Boone, and K.A. Galvin. (2003). Linking pastoralists to a heterogeneous landscape: The case of four Maasai Group Ranches in Kajiado District, Kenya. Fox, J., V.

Mishra, R. Rindfuss, and S. Walsh, eds. In: Linking household and remotely sensed data:

Methodological and practical problems. New York: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Pp 173Manuscripts in Review BurnSilver, S. B., G. Kofinas, R. Stotts, and J. Magdanz (In Review). The Mixed Economy of Arctic Alaska Communities: Robust or still transitioning? Current Anthropology.

BurnSilver, S.B. (In review). Representing Wealth in a Changing Pastoral Economy: A comparison of traditional and new metrics in Maasailand, Kenya. Nomadic Peoples.

Brinkman, T., W. Hansen, F.S. Chapin III, G. Kofinas, S. Burnsilver and T.S. Rupp (In Review) Perceptions of Impacts of Climate Trends on Subsistence Resources: Importance of Access.

Global Environmental Change Dakos, V., A. Quinlan, O. Bodin, S.B. BurnSilver, J. Baggio, and E. Bennett (Book accepted, chapter in review). Connectivity. R. Biggs, M. Schlueter and M. Schoon eds. In: Principles for Enhancing the Resilience of Ecosystem Services. Cambridge: Cambridge Unversity Press

Non-Refereed Publications and Research Reports:

BurnSilver, S.B. (2013) Sharing Project Community Reports: Wainwright, Venetie and Kaktovik.

BurnSilver, S.B. (2008) The Role of Pastoral Mobility. Contribution to the Global Handbook on Pastoralism, The Ford Foundation.

BurnSilver, S. B. and E. Mwangi. (2007). Beyond Group Ranch Subdivision: Collective Action for Livestock Mobility, Ecological Viability and Livelihoods. Working Paper. International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Washington D.C.

Boone, R.B. and S.B. BurnSilver (2007). Optimizing Aspects of Land Use Intensification in Southern Kajiado District, Kenya. Final Technical Report: Reto-o-Reto Pastoralist Project: International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi. Pp. 50.

Boone, R.B., S.B. BurnSilver, and P.K. Thornton (2006). Optimizing aspects of land use intensification in southern Kajiado District, Kenya. Report to the International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya.

BurnSilver, S.B. (2005) Results of Focus Groups in the Amboseli Ecosystem: Reto-o-Reto Pastoralist Project. Field Report. International Livestock Research Institute. Pp. 30.

Herrero, M., P. Kristjanson, P., M. Radeny, S.B. Burnsilver, D. Nkedyanye, O Kamuaro, R.S. Reid, and P.K. Thornton. (2003). Identifying the information needs of decision-makers in Maasai pastoralist systems in Kenya. A collaborative study between ILRI, Edinburgh University and the

communities of Narok and Kajiado. DFID LPP Report Project ZC0196. Pp.57 Nairobi (Kenya):

ILRI Boone, R.B. and S.B. BurnSilver (2002). Integrated assessment results to support policy decisions in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. Report from the POLEYC Project to the Global Livestock Collaborative Research Support Program, University of California, Davis, California, USA.


Invited Speaker. Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), University of Alaska Anchorage. Role of Sharing and Cooperation in Offsetting Household Vulnerability. June 2013.

S. BurnSilver 3 BurnSilver, S.B., Baggio, J. and R. Stotts. "Hunting, Sharing and Cooperation under evolving social-ecological conditions in the Far North". Seminar Series: Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity. April 2013.

Invited Speaker: S. B. BurnSilver: Ecology and the Environment - Winter Colloquium Series.

"Sharing and Cooperation in the Far North: Old social mechanisms under evolving economic and climatic conditions in village Alaska". Stanford University. March 2013.

Invited Speaker: S. B. BurnSilver Resilience and Adaptation Seminar Series. “Thinking about Household Vulnerability in Pastoral and Arctic Social-Ecological Systems.” May 2012.

University of Alaska Fairbanks.

S. BurnSilver. Discussant. COMPETE - Bioenergy and Sustainability in Subsaharan Africa. ICSS 2012: Sustainability Science in Action. The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability Sc., Feb 2012

Invited Speaker: BurnSilver, S.B., and D. Nkadienye (2009). One Challenge Among Many:

Projected Climate Change, Livelihoods and Resilience in Pastoral East Africa. “Climate Change and Livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa”. Conference sponsored by the Center for African Studies, the Mershon Center for International Security Studies, and the John Glenn School of Public Policy. The Ohio State University, May 15, 2009.

Invited Speaker: Reid, R.S., and S. B. BurnSilver (2002). Linking Communities and Households to Climate Variability and Land cover/land-use Change at Different Scales in Farming and Pastoral Systems of East Africa.” Workshop paper: “Approaches for Linking Household and Community level data to Remote Sensing and GIS,” January 2002, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

COLLOQUIA LEADERSHIP (Upcoming and Previous) Co-Organizer (with J. Baggio and O. Bodin), Networks and Cooperation: Are social network characteristics generalizable in thinking about Resilience? Upcoming session organized for the Third International Science and policy Conference on the resilience of social & ecological systems, Montpellier, France. May 2014.

Co-Organizer (with J. Ziker and D. Gerkey), Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Arctic Sustainability. Upcoming session organized for the 4th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS IV). May 2014.

Organizer, How do social relationships offset household vulnerability in the context of rapid change?

Session organized for American Anthropological Association 112th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA Chicago, IL. November 2013.

Workshop Organizer, Agent-based modeling of social and ecological systems. Organized through the Institute for Society, Landscape and Ecosystem Change, Colorado State University.

April 2008


S.B. BurnSilver (2013). Household Resilience in the Far North. Resilience Alliance Science Meeting. April 2013, Drakensburg, South Africa.

S. B. BurnSilver, Kofinas, G. and J. Magdanz (2013). Superhunters, Superhouseholds and Superproviders. Society for Applied Anthropology Meeting. March. Denver, CO.

S.B. BurnSilver (2012) Research Roundtable with representatives of North Slope Borough Wildlife Department and University of Alaska Fairbanks. July 2012, Barrow, AK.

S.B. BurnSilver, G. Kofinas, J. Magdanz and P. Fix (2011). The role of social relationships within the mixed economy of Wainwright, AK: How might sharing contribute to resilient livelihoods? Paper presented at the Conference, Resilience 2011: Resilience, Innovation and Sustainability, Arizona State University, Tempe AZ.

Galvin, K and S.B. BurnSilver (2009). Linking Pastoral Household Decision-Making to the Environment using Integrated Modeling. Paper presented at the American Anthropological Association 108th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

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