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«Environmental Engineering and Management Journal is an international journal that publishes reviewed original research papers of both experimental ...»

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and Management


Aims and Scope

Environmental Engineering and Management Journal is an international

journal that publishes reviewed original research papers of both experimental and

theoretical nature in the following areas:

 environmental impact assessment;

 environmental integrated management;

 risk assessment and management;

 chemical and biological process engineering;

 environmental chemistry;

 environmental protection technologies (water, air, soil);

 sustainable industrial production  pollution reduction at source and waste minimization;

 clean technologies;

 sensors in environment control;

 sources of radiation and protection technologies;

 waste valorization technologies;

 biotechnology in environmental protection;

 energy and environment;

 modelling, simulation and optimization for environmental protection;

 technologies for drinking and industrial water;

 life cycle assessment of products;

 environmental strategies and policies;

 cost-benefit analysis in environmental protection;

 education for sustainable development.

Environmental Engineering and Management Journal publishes:

 original communications describing important new discoveries or further developments in the above-mentioned topics;

 reviews, mainly of new rapidly developing areas of environmental protection;

 special, theme issues on relevant topics;

 advertising.

All manuscripts as well as all correspondence for the Environmental Engineering and Management Journal should be addressed to the Managing Editor, Department of Environmental Engineering and Management, 73 Prof.Dr.docent Dimitrie Mangeron Street, 700050 – IASI, Romania, e-mail: eemjournal@yahoo.com, eemjeditor@gamail.com March 2012 Vol.11 No. 3 Supplement ISSN 1843-3707 Environmental Engineering and Management Journal An International Journal Editor-in-Chief: Matei Macoveanu Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology in the frame of the Knowledge‐Based Bio and Green Economy Bologna, April 10‐12, 2012 Conference Abstracts “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi Environmental Engineering and Management Journal EcoAdvertising Offer The Environmental Engineering and Management Journal encourages initiatives and actions concerning the improvement of education, research, marketing and management, in order to achieve sustainable development. This journal brings valuable opportunities for those offering products, technologies, services, educational programs or other related activities, creating thus a closer relation with the request of the market in the fields of environmental engineering, management and education.

This journal address researchers, designers, academic staff, specialists with responsibilities in the field of environmental protection and management from government organizations (central and local administrations, environmental protection agencies) or from the private or public companies. Also, graduates of specialization courses or of the Environmental Engineering and Management profile, as well as other specialists may find in this journal a direct linkage between the offer and request of the market concerned with the protection of the environment and the administration of natural resources in the national and international context.

The journal was conceived as a means to develop scientific and technical relationships between people who offer and request solutions for environmental protection and conservation of natural resources, creating thus the premises to enhance the transfer of technology and know-how, the confirmation and implementation of ecological products and services.

Taking these aspects into consideration, we gladly welcome any persons or companies which correspond to the abovementioned purposes and objectives to use our journal to identify potential collaborators, thus contributing to the support of this selffinanced journal, which has a special section for eco-advertising.

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For subscriptions and orders please contact us at:

O.A.I.M.D.D (Academic Organization for Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development), 71 Mangeron Blvd., PO 10, Box 2111, 700050 Iasi, Romania, CIF: 10150285 Phone/Fax: 0040-232-271759 E-mail: mmac@ch.tuiasi.ro mgav@ch.tuiasi.ro

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Fabio Fava Phylip Nyden Petra Winzer Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna Loyola University, Chicago, IL Bergische University Wuppertal Italy United States of America Germany Environmental Engineering and Management Journal Environmental Engineering and Management Journal is included and indexed in CABI Chemical Abstracts Service/SciFinder (ACS) (since 2002) EBSCO Database (since 2002) EVISA ICAAP (International Consortium for Advancement of Academic Publications) Index Copernicus Journal Master List (ICV/2010=14.00) Journal Citation Reports® (IF=1.435) MedSci ProQuest (since 2002) The National University Research Council (RO) Science Citation Index Expanded™ (Thomson ISI) SJR (SCImago Journal&Country Rank) (H=10, SJR index/2011 = 0.038, SNIP index/2011 = 0.45) SCOPUS (since 2008) Thomson ISI Master Journal List Web of Science® (Thomson ISI) (H=12) Home page: http://omicron.ch.tuiasi.ro/EEMJ/ Full text: http://www.ecozone.ro Editor-in-Chief: Matei Macoveanu, Iasi (RO) Managing Editor: Maria Gavrilescu, Iasi (RO) “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection Department of Environmental Engineering and Management 73 Prof.Dr.docent Dimitrie Mangeron Street, 700050 Iasi, Romania Phone: +40-232-278680, ext. 2240 Fax: +40-232-271759 e-mail: eemjournal.at.yahoo.com, eem_journal.at.yahoo.com, eemjeditor.at.yahoo.com, eemj_editor.at.yahoo.com, eemjournal.at.gmail.com, eemjeditor.at.gmail.com

Editorial production and secretariat:

Camelia Smaranda Laura Carmen Apostol Raluca-Maria Hlihor Petronela Cozma Cristina Ghinea Madalina Petraru Isabela Simion Maria Fortuna Dana Luminiţa Sobariu Published 12 issues per year, under the aegis of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania by EcoZone Publishing House of the Academic Organization for Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development (OAIMDD), http://www.ecozone.ro Annual subscription rate 2012 (12 issues)

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Order directly to the Editorial Office 73 Prof.Dr.docent Dimitrie Mangeron Street, 700050 Iasi, Romania Phone/Fax: Fax: +40-232-271759 e-mail: mmac.at.ch.tuiasi.ro eemjournal.at.yahoo.com

Electronic, full text:

Order or purchase on-line at: www.ecozone.ro

Bank account (EURO):

Romanian Bank for Development, Groupe Societé Generale, Bucharest, Romania SWIFT Code: BRDEROBU Beneficiary: Iasi, Romania, RO44BRDE240SV09790262400

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Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology in the Frame of the Knowledge-Based Bio and Green Economy Bologna, April 10‐12, 2012 Session 1



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Sub-session 1.3.

Phytoremediation and mycoremediation Session 2





–  –  –

Sub-session 2.1.

Food processing and agro-industrial waste biorefinery Bioenergy from lignocellulosic wastes: preatreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol productivity B. Ribeiro, S. Alves, L. Baeta-Hall, L. Duarte, F. Carvalheiro, José C. Duarte

–  –  –

Evaluation of the capacities of assimilation and fermentation of several yeasts strains isolated from exotic fruits from the Brazilian savannah Zanoni Camargo J., Avelino Gonã§alves F., Chiarelli Perdomo I., Graciano Fonseca G

–  –  –

Coupling wastewater treatment to methane generation in bioelectrochemical systems Marianna Villano, Federico Aulenta, Stefano Scardala, Mario Beccari, Mauro Majone

Biomethane production from co-digestion of sewage sludge and crude glycerol from biodiesel production C. Salomoni, A. Caputo, M. Bonoli, O. Francioso, M.T. Rodriguez-Estrada, D. Palenzona

–  –  –

Effect of anodic material on the internal resistance of a single chamber microbial fuel cell G. Hernández-Flores, O. Solorza-Feria, M.T. Ponce Noyola, N. Rinderknecht-Seijas, H.M. Poggi-Varaldo

–  –  –

Innovative value chain development for sustainable plastics in Central Europe (PLASTICE) M. Scandola, I. Voevodina

Posters Thermophilic microbial communities degrading selected synthetic polymers Lucie Husarova, Petr Stloukal, Sophie Commereuc, Vincent Verney, Marek Koutny

Synthesis of textile dyes by laccase biotransformations Daniele Spinelli, Andrea Martorana, Maria Camilla Baratto, Riccardo Basosi, Rebecca Pogni

Antimicrobial activity of phb based polymeric compositions Svetlana Gonta, Ludmila Savenkova, Irina Krallish, Elena Kirilova

Biosynthesis of biotin and selenobiotin in biotin- independent S. cerevisiae strain cultivated in molasses medium Piotr Patelski, Katarzyna Pielech-Przybylska, Maria Balcerek, Anna Diowksz, Agnieszka Nowak, Urszula Dziekonska

–  –  –

Enzymatic processing of chitinaceous wastes for N-acetyl-D-glucosamine production Sancharini Das, Ramkrishna Sen, Debasis Roy

Bio-oil as feedstock for the production of biopolymers by aerobic mixed cultures Rita Moita, P.C. Lemos

Hyaluronic acid from biofermentation–molecular weight10 kDa Julien Janson

Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biosynthesis from structurally unrelated carbon sources by Hydrogenophaga pseudoflava DSM1034 S. Povolo, M.G. Romanelli, M. Basaglia1, V.I. Ilieva, E. Chiellini, S. Casella

Agroindustrial wastes as potential feedstock for the production of bio-based chemicals and biopolymers L. Bertin, A. Scoma, F. Fava

Decision support system for designing biodegradable packaging for fresh produce:

a knowledge engineering approach Patrice Buche, Valérie Guillard, Carole Guillaume, Nathalie Gontard, Luc Menut............. S97 Management tools for developing biodegradable packaging specifications and input for the decision support systems András Sebők, Csaba Baár, Ágnes Gyuró

Quantification of mass transfer properties for engineering MAP design of fresh produce Maria J. Sousa Gallagher, Pramod V. Mahajan

Session 4




Sub-session 4.1.

Detection and biodegradation of emerging pollutants Biocatalytic weapons against micropollutants Main lecture Spiros N. Agathos

Oral presentations Aptamers for small molecule targets and nano-materials for biomonitoring and environmental applications J.W. Park, R. Tatavarty, Y.S. Kim, Joong H. Kim, Man Bock Gu

Bioremediation of emerging pollutants from sewage sludge by fungal bioaugmentation C.E. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, A. Jelić, M.A. Pereira, D.Z. Sousa, P. Blánquez, M. Sarrà, E. Marco-Urrea, M. Petrović, M.M. Alves, D. Barceló, G. Caminal, T. Vicent

Could co-enzyme Q10 be considered a detoxyfying agent towards nitrogen oxides?

Lucedio Greci

Posters Novel technological solutions for current challenges in biotechnological, environmental, diagnostic device and sensors industries sectors: effective delivery of temperature-sensitive biologically active materials (enzymes, cells, biotherapeutics, phages) and polymers on the metal surfaces and substrate Anna V. Piterina, Tony Pembroke, Tim M. McGloughlin, Brendan Kennedy, Donncha Haverty

In vitro validation of a microarray DNA-chip for the detection of dechlorinating bacteria Andrea Negroni, Giacomo Bucchi, Giulio Zanaroli, Bianca Castiglion, Clarissa Consolandi, Marco Severgnini, Gianluca De Bellisi, Fabio Fava

Environmental impact of organochlorinated pesticides Petra Lovecka, Pavlina Janu, Ondrej Uhlik, Martina Mackova, Katerina Demnerova

Laccases immobilized on mesoporous silica particles and their application in a continuous stirred reactor for the elimination of endocrine disrupting chemicals R.R. Nair, P. Demarche, C. Junghanns, S.N. Agathos

Antibiotic resistance pollution in pharmaceutical wastewater biological treatment systems Yu Zhang, Min Yang, Miaomiao Liu, Ruyin Liu, Dong Li, Liren Ren

The microbial arsenic cycle in groundwater of Lombardia (Italy) Anna Corsini, Milena Colombo, Paolo Mulotto, Lucia Cavalca, Patrizia Zaccheo, Gerard Muyzer Vincenza Andreoni

Mobilisation of polycyclic, alkylated and heterocyclic tar oil contaminants from industrial soils using lipid extraction K.E. Scherr, M. Hasinger, A.P. Loibner

Sub-session 4.2.

Research and innovation in the ex-situ and in situ microbial remediation of contaminated soils, aquifers, sediments and marine habitats Oral presentations Effect of hydrophobic organic pollutants bioavailability on ecotoxicity of historically contaminated soils Monika Čvančarová, Petra Innemanová, Tomáš Cajthaml

Biosurfactant production from an isolated marine bacterial community E. Korkakaki, E. Antoniou, M. Nikolopoulou, D. Venieri, N. Kalogerakis

Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) microbial reductive dechlorination potential in contaminated marine sediments of the Venice Lagoon Andrea Nuzzo, Andrea Negroni, Giulio Zanaroli, Fabio Fava

–  –  –

Preliminary characterization of TCE and TeCA co-metabolising aerobic cultures under suspended and immobilized form Serena Fraraccio, Giulio Zanaroli, Giacomo Bucchi, Roberta Ciavarelli, Dario Frascari, Fabio Fava

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