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«EDUCATION PhD Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 2001 Dissertation Title: Fluvial disturbance, flood control, and biological ...»

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Gabrielle L. Katz

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Denver, Colorado 80217-3362

gkatz@msudenver.edu, 303-352-4458, www.linkedin.com/in/gabriellekatzphd


PhD Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado


Dissertation Title: Fluvial disturbance, flood control, and biological invasion in Great Plains

riparian forests.

Faculty advisor: Susan Beatty; Graduate committee: Jane Bock (EPO Biology), Jonathan Friedman (USGS), John Pitlick, Thomas Veblen.

MA Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 1996 Thesis Title: Exotic species occurrence in meadows along an elevational gradient in the Colorado Front Range.

Faculty advisor: Susan Beatty BA Geological Sciences, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island 1991 Senior Thesis: Computer graphics representations of post-glacial vegetation changes in eastern North America.

Faculty advisor: Thompson Webb III


Assistant Professor 2015-present Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, CO Undergraduate courses for Fall 2015 will include: Introduction to Physical Geography (3 sections), and Water Essentials (1 section).

Research Scientist 2014-present Department of Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO Engaged in interdisciplinary research on western US riparian ecosystems, biological invasions, and ecological restoration; Co-advising doctoral research on exotic plant impacts and effects of removal.

Science Teaching Fellow 2014-2015 Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO Supported faculty in course transformation, including defining core ideas and incorporating active learning activities and case studies.

Research Associate 2014-2015 Center for STEM Learning, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO Liaison to STEM programs and faculty, provided networking and faculty development in support of educational transformation and discipline based education research.

Adjunct Faculty Member 2014-2015 Environmental Studies Program, Naropa University, Boulder, CO Taught undergraduate environmental service learning course on ecological restoration.

–  –  –

Graduate Program Director 2011-2013 Department of Geography & Planning, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC Responsibilities: recruiting students, leading application reviews, orientation and advising new students, guiding students to successful program completion, tracking student progress and paperwork, developing policies to improve program, liaison to graduate school, program advocate to university community.

Assistant Professor 2003-2010 Department of Geography & Planning, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC Undergraduate courses: Introduction to physical geography, Honors physical geography, Global change of the biosphere, Environmental issues in Appalachia, Geography of biodiversity, Geographical hydrology, Senior capstone seminar. Graduate courses: Research themes and methods in Geography, Biogeography & ecosystem management, Macroecology, Biogeographical perspectives on food & agriculture.

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2002-2003 Department of Plant Biology, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ Projects included: Bio-geomorphic response to process-based ecosystem restoration of alluvial hydrology on the San Pedro River, southeastern Arizona, Testing and refinement of a stressor-response model for Sonoran desert riparian ecosystems, & Urban ecology of desert riparian ecosystems, Tucson, Arizona.

–  –  –

Lead Graduate Teacher 1996-1998 Geography Department, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado Responsible for assessing graduate student teaching-related needs, planning and implementing teaching workshops, and conducting videotape teaching consultations for graduate student teachers.

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GRANTS & AWARDS Colorado Water Conservation Board. “South Platte Phreatophyte Survey” ($99,733). PI: Andrew 2015 Norton, Co-PI’s: Gabrielle Katz, Ahmed Eldeiry, Reagan Waskom, Tom Holtzer.

City of Boulder Department of Open Space and Mountain Parks. “Effects of Russian olive removal on 2014 soils and understory plant communities Boulder Creek floodplain, Boulder, Colorado” ($5,000 year 1, + $7,247 year 2 addition/continuation). Co-PI Andrew Norton.

Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) Award. Office of Student Research, Appalachian State 2012 University. “Biogeography of autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata), an eastern US plant invader.” ($1,000) US Geological Survey Cooperative Agreement. “Factors influencing proliferation and control of the 2010 invasive tree Russian olive in the western US” ($32,000 +$12,000 fund addition) Three Rivers Alliance & Yuma County Pest Control District (Colorado). “Effects of Russian olive 2010 control” ($6,000). Co-PI Andrew Norton.

Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) Award. Office of Student Research, Appalachian State 2010 University. “Arid region land use legacies: restoration of abandoned agricultural fields on the San Pedro River, Arizona.” ($1,000) Graduate Research Associate Mentoring (GRAM) Program Award. Graduate School, Appalachian State 2009 University. “Arid region agricultural legacies: restoration of abandoned farmland, San Pedro River, Arizona”. Co-PI J. Colby. ($20,000).

PBS&J (BHP). “Lower San Pedro River Riparian Vegetation Monitoring” ($25,000).

2009 Salt River Project, “San Pedro River Streamside Vegetation Monitoring (Summer 2009)” ($10,000).

2009 Five Star Restoration Challenge Grant. “Creek Restoration as Teacher Training Lab”. Grant awarded to 2008 Water Resource Planning Committee (grant application written by Cockerill, Katz, Windelspect).

NC Beautiful, “The contribution of rural land uses to biodiversity”, PI S. Smith (graduate student), Co-PI 2008 G. Katz ($4,922).

Soule, P. (PI) Perry, B. and Katz, G. (Collaborating Faculty). Appalachian State University 2008 Summer 2008 Faculty Grant for General Education Curriculum Development. Global Environmental Change.

Gabrielle Katz, CV, Page 3 of 10 Arizona Water Protection Fund (Coronado RC&D), “Test of riparian recovery following reduced 2008 groundwater pumping” ($58,854).

Appalachian State University, University Research Council grant, “San Pedro River ecosystem 2006 restoration: Is riparian degradation reversible with improved hydrology?” ($4,460).

United States Environmental Protection Agency STAR Graduate Fellowship ($73,000).

2001 University of Colorado Dean's Small Grant, "Invasion ecology of Russian olive in Colorado" ($500).

1997 University of Colorado Dean's Small Grant, "Russian olive invasion in Colorado" ($230).

1995 University of Colorado Dean's Small Grant, "Invasion of non-native herbaceous species into mountain 1994 meadows of the Colorado Front Range" ($260).

University of Colorado Herbarium Research Award, "Invasion of non-native herbaceous species into 1994 mountain meadows of the Colorado Front Range" ($400).


Tuttle, G.M., G.L. Katz, J.M. Friedman & A.P. Norton. In review. Ecological context mediates the impact of an exotic tree in heterogeneous riparian ecosystems.

Katz, G.L., M.W. Denslow, & J.C. Stromberg. 2012. The Goldilocks effect: Intermittent streams sustain more plant species than those with perennial or ephemeral flow. Freshwater Biology. 57: 467–480 Kaase, C. T. and G.L. Katz. 2012. Effects of stream restoration on woody riparian vegetation of Southern Appalachian mountain streams, North Carolina, USA. Restoration Ecology. 20(5): 647–655 Gabrielle L. Katz, J.C. Stromberg, & M.W. Denslow. 2009. Streamside herbaceous vegetation response to hydrologic restoration on the San Pedro River, Arizona. Ecohydrology. 2: 213-225.

Bark, R. H., D. E. Osgood, B. G. Colby, G. Katz, & J. Stromberg. 2008. Habitat preservation and restoration: do homebuyers have preferences for quality habitat? Ecological Economics. 68(5): 1465-1475.

Gabrielle L. Katz, Jonathan M. Friedman, & Susan W. Beatty. 2005. Delayed effects of flood control on a flooddependent riparian forest. Ecological Applications. 15(3):1019-1035.

Sabo, J. L., Sponsponseller, R., Dixon, M., Harms, T., Heffernan, J., Jani, A., Katz, G., Sokyan, C., Watts, J. & Welter, J. 2005. Riparian zones increase regional species diversity by harboring different, not more species.

Ecology. 86(1):56-62.

Gabrielle L. Katz & Patrick B. Shafroth. 2003. Biology, ecology and management of Elaeagnus angustifolia L.

(Russian Olive) in western North America. Wetlands. 23:763-777.

Gabrielle L. Katz, Jonathan M. Friedman, & Susan W. Beatty. 2001. Effects of physical disturbance and granivory on establishment of native and non-native riparian trees. Diversity & Distributions. 7:1-14.

Gabrielle Katz, CV, Page 4 of 10 BOOK CHAPTERS (peer-reviewed) Katz, G.L., Haney, J. Paradzick, C., & Harris, D. 2009. Mitigation, restoration, and endangered species: restoring river flows to the lower San Pedro River. Chapter 19 in Stromberg, J. & Tellman, B. (editors) Ecology and Conservation of the San Pedro River. University of Arizona Press.

Huckleberry, G., Lite, S.J., Katz, G. & Pearthree, P. 2009. Fluvial Geomorphology. Chapter 13 in Stromberg, J. & Tellman, B. (editors) Ecology and Conservation of the San Pedro River. University of Arizona Press.


Katz, G. 2014. Russian olive biology, invasion and ecological impacts in western North America. EMRRP Technical Notes Collection. ERDC TN-EMRRP-ER-15. Vicksburg, MS: U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center.

Julie Stromberg, Melanie Tluczek, Dr. Gabrielle Katz, and Dr. Sharon Lite. 2010. Riparian Condition Mapping of the San Pedro River. Report submitted to the Nature Conservancy in Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

Gabrielle L. Katz, 2004. Vegetation Literature Review for Ordinary High Water Mark Indicators in the Arid Southwest. Chapter 4 in Lichvar, R. W. & Wakeley, J. S (editors), Review of Ordinary High Water Mark Indicators for Delineating Arid Streams in the Southwestern United States. Technical Report ERDC TR-04-1, US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center, Hanover, NH.


Katz, G., Norton, A., Hardin, H., Tuttle, G. 2014. Russian olive alters riparian ecosystems on the South Fork Republican River. Colorado Weed Management Association, Weed Watch. 30(1): 17.

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Denslow, M. W., G. Katz, and W. Hodgson. 2010. Noteworthy Collection: Arizona [Punica granatum (Lythraceae)]. Madroño. 57: 74-74.

Katz, Gabrielle. 2008. A Land Imperiled: the Declining Health of the Southern Appalachian Bioregion.

Southeastern Geographer. 48(2): 258-260. [Book Review]


Katz, G, & Stacey Smith. Exploring the relationship between peer review of scientific writing and student 2015 self-assessment skills. Poster presented at Earth Educator’s Rendezvous, Boulder, CO.

Katz, G., Turner, D., & Stromberg, J. Effects of fire on the riparian forest of a desert preserve, San Pedro 2012 River Preserve, Arizona. Poster presented at SEDAAG Annual Meeting, Asheville, NC.

Tuttle, G., Norton, A.P. & Katz, G.. Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) impacts on soil N, light, and 2012 plant community structure in eastern Colorado. Paper presented at ESA Annual Meeting, Portland, OR.

Stromberg J.C., White, M. & Katz, G.. Riparian vegetation and disappearing groundwater. Paper presented 2012 at Biodiversity and Management of the Madrean Archipelago III and 7th Conference on Research and Resource Management in the Southwestern Deserts. Tucson, AZ.

Gabrielle Katz, CV, Page 5 of 10 Juliet C. Stromberg & Gabrielle Katz. Vegetation structure and function along ephemeral streams in the 2011 Sonoran Desert. Paper presented at AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Denslow, M.W., Katz, G.L., & Stromberg, J.C. Vegetation patterns of urban and non-urban dry washes of 2011 the Sonoran Desert. Poster presented at SEDAAG Annual Meeting, Savannah, GA.

Juliet Stromberg, Gabrielle Katz, & Michael Denslow. Ephemeral and intermittent streams: their day in 2011 the sun. Paper presented at Science on the Sonoita Plain Annual Meeting, Elgin, AZ.

Gabrielle L. Katz, Michael W. Denslow and Juliet C. Stromberg. Patterns of desert riparian diversity 2011 differ with temporal scale of analysis. Paper presented at AAG Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Carla M. Gray, Gabrielle L. Katz and Jeffrey D. Colby. Factors influencing restoration success of arid 2010 region abandoned agricultural fields. Poster presented at SEDAAG Annual Meeting, Birmingham, AL.

Chris Kaase & Gabrielle Katz. The effects of stream restoration on woody riparian vegetation in the 2010 northwestern North Carolina mountain region. Paper presented at NCSU Stream Restoration Conference, Raleigh, N.C.

Gabrielle L. Katz. Fast and Slow responses of riparian vegetation and geomorphology to hydrologic 2010 restoration on an un-dammed arid region river. Paper presented at AAG Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Stephanie Smith and Gabrielle L. Katz. Floristic Response to Land Use Change in the Southern 2010 Appalachians. Paper presented at AAG Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Lindsay Kvasnak & Gabrielle Katz. Biogeography of dogwood anthracnose disease in northwestern 2009 North Carolina. Poster presented at SEDAAG Annual Meeting, Knoxville, TN.

Gabrielle L. Katz & Juliet C. Stromberg. Constraints on riparian response to hydrologic restoration, San 2009 Pedro River, Arizona. Paper presented at AAG Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV.

Chris Kaase & Gabrielle Katz. Effects of stream restoration on riparian ecosystems: A study of restored, 2009 degraded, and reference sites in northwestern North Carolina. Paper presented at AAG Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV.

Stephanie Smith & Gabrielle Katz. Multi-scale effects of land use on biotic diversity in a rural and 2009 exurban landscape. Presentation given at AAG Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV.

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