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«EDUCATION 9/2009—8/2013 PhD, Biology- Ecology and Evolution. Stanford University, Stanford, CA. GPA 4.25/4.00 Advisor: Gretchen Daily ...»

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Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Sol Karp

(778) 835-7401; danielsolkarp@gmail.com


Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of British Columbia

Advisor: Kai Chan

Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability

Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z4


NatureNet Science Fellow, The Nature Conservancy and University of

California, Berkeley

Advisors: Claire Kremen, Mary Ruckelshaus, and Peter Kareiva Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720 EDUCATION 9/2009—8/2013 PhD, Biology- Ecology and Evolution.

Stanford University, Stanford, CA. GPA 4.25/4.00 Advisor: Gretchen Daily 9/2005—6/2009 BS, Biology- Ecology and Evolution Track, Honors BS, Earth Systems- Biosphere Concentration, With Distinction Stanford University, Stanford, CA. GPA 4.03/4.00 Advisors: Terry Root and Rodolfo Dirzo


Earth is experiencing more rapid changes now than at any time in the past ten thousand years. I am investigating the resulting trajectories of change in biodiversity and Earth’s life-support systems. Looking forward, a key challenge for humanity is to increase food production, while at the same time securing other vital societal benefits from rural landscapes. Meeting this challenge requires improved understanding of how agricultural practices affect yields, biodiversity, and ecosystem services. My research thus focuses on developing innovative solutions for reconciling conservation activities with food production practices. My research program has four thrusts.

First, I develop and apply ecological theory to understanding and managing biodiversity in human-dominated landscapes. Second, I quantify the effects of alternative agricultural practices on biodiversity-mediated ecosystem services to people. Third, I investigate how identifying tradeoffs among biodiversity and ecosystem services can inform development of multifunctional landscapes. Finally, I work with international experts to synthesize science and guide policy.


2015 Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Killam Trusts Office 2014 Hann Endowed Lecture of Ornithology, Univ. of Michigan Biological Station.

2014 Faculty of 1000, Nomination of 2012 Ecology Letters paper.

2014 Early Career Scientist Symposium, University of Michigan.

2013 Davidson-Cristoph Award, Organization for Tropical Studies 2013 NatureNet Science Fellowship, The Nature Conservancy, Inaugural class 2012 Best Talk Award, North American Congress for Conservation Biology 2010 Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF), National Science Foundation 2010 Excellence in Teaching Award, Biology Department-Stanford University 2009 JE Sterling Award for Scholastic Achievement, Stanford University, Given to top 25 graduating seniors 2009 Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research.For Honor’s Thesis in Biology and Earth Systems, given to top 10% of theses 2009 Miller-Marsden Prize for Innovative Environmental Research, For Honor’s Thesis, awarded to 1 student in Earth Sciences 2009 Dean’s Award for Academic Achievement, School of Earth Sciences 2009 Honorable Mention Graduate Research Fellowship, NSF 2007 Award for Excellence in Biological Laboratory, Stanford University, Awarded to top 10% of students 2006 President’s Award for Academic Excellence, Stanford University, Given to 55 freshman based on academic standing 2004 Achievement in Environmental Change Award, Lindsay Wildlife Museum


2010 Teaching Assistant, Human Evolution and the Environment (Bio 1), Prof. Paul Ehrlich, Organized a weekly section, administered a 130 person course, hosted office hours, and designed exams.

2010 Teaching Assistant, Core Experimental Biological Laboratory (Bio 44Y), Taught weekly lectures, hosted field trips to Jasper Ridge Preserve, updated and ran weekly labs, and designed and administered problem sets.

2010 Teaching Assistant, Conservation Biology (Bio 144), Profs. Alan Launer and Carol Boggs, Lectured, hosted office hours, and designed exams.

2009 Teaching Assistant, Biology of Birds (Bio 139), Prof. Terry Root. Lectured and organized student research projects.


2014 Sara Winesemias, trained in agro-ecological fieldwork.

2014 Mia Waters, trained in agro-ecological fieldwork.

2012- 2013 Sarah Kaewert, trained in molecular ecology methods.

2012 Zoe Dubrow, trained in molecular ecology methods.

2012 Seth Judson, worked on molecular techniques for detecting pest control.

2011-2012 Maesen Churchill, worked on coffee berry borer population genetics.

2011-2012 Florence Rutsch, Honors thesis: Insect communities in farmland.

2010-2011 Steve Scheele, Honors thesis: Influence of forest on fungal pathogens.

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2006—2008 Ecology Research Assistant, Professor Terry Root’s lab.

2006—2007 Bird Banding Volunteer, San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory.

2006 Bird Banding Intern, Klamath Bird Observatory.

2006 Ecology Research Assistant, Professor Gretchen Daily’s lab.

2000—2004 Shift Supervisor and Interpretive Guide, Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

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PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS (* = shared first authorship) Karp, DS, R. Moses, S. Gennet, M. Jones, S. Joseph, L.K. M’Gonigle, L.C. Ponisio, W.E.

Snyder, and C. Kremen. (In Review) Farming practices for food safety threaten pestcontrol services to fresh produce. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Frishkoff, L.O., D.S. Karp, J.R. Flanders, J. Zook, E.A. Hadly, G.C. Daily, and L.K. M’Gonigle.

(In Review) Climate and land-use change interact synergistically by favoring the same species. Ecology Letters.

Baur, P., L. Driscoll, S. Gennet, and D.S. Karp. (In Review) Inconsistent food safety pressures lead to friction with environmental goals. California Agriculture.

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Karp, D.S., H. Tallis, R. Sachse, B. Halpern, K. Thonicke, W. Cramer, B. Tietjen, H. Mooney, S. Polasky, B. Tietjen, K. Waha, A. Walz, and S. Wolny. (2015) National indicators for observing ecosystem service change. Global Environmental Change 35: 12-21.

Karp, D.S., S. Gennet, C. Kilonzo, M. Partyka, N. Chaumont, E.R. Atwill, and C. Kremen.

(2015) Co-managing agriculture for nature conservation and food safety. PNAS 112:


Karp, D.S., C.D. Mendenhall, E. Callaway, L. Frishkoff, P.M. Kareiva, P.R. Ehrlich and G.C.

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Faculty of 1000.

Karp, D.S., G. Ziv, J. Zook, P.R. Ehrlich, and G.C. Daily (2011) Resilience and stability in bird

guilds across tropical countryside. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108:


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D.S. Karp, S. Gennet, and R. Kelsey (2014) Can we grow safe produce and conserve nature at the same time? Cool Green Science. The Nature Conservancy. http://blog.nature.org/ science/2014/12/15/safe-produce-conservation-nature-wildlife-ecoli-habitat-foodborne L.O. Frishkoff and D.S. Karp (2014) Preserving evolutionary history alongside tropical agriculture. Landscapes Blog for People, Food, and Nature. EcoAgricultural Partners.

http://peoplefoodandnature.org/blog/preserving-evolutionary-history-alongside-tropicalagriculture/ D.S. Karp (2014) Discovering abundance in own backyard. Field Notes. Peninsula Open Space Trust. http://blog.openspacetrust.org/2014/06/26/abundance-in-our-backyard/ Keyes, S.M. and D.S. Karp. (2014) The Bard’s Birds. The Pacific Standard.

http://www.psmag.com/navigation/nature-and-technology/shakespeare-fanaticintroduced-bards-birds-america-82279/ Karp, D.S. (2012) Big farms, small farms, and biodiversity. Landscapes Blog for People, Food, and Nature. EcoAgricultural Partners.

http://blog.ecoagriculture.org/2012/09/19/ccb_birds/ Karp, D.S. (2011) Birds, bats, and the berry borer: Conserving insectivores and pest control services in Costa Rican coffee plantations. Amigos Newsletter N76: 6-7.

Karp, D.S. (2011) Birds, bats, and la broca: valuing pest control in coffee plantations. San Vito Bird Club Newsletter 5: 6-9


2015 Co-managing agriculture for conservation and food safety. Natural Capital Symposium- Stanford University.

2015 Harmonizing biodiversity conservation with agricultural production across tropical working landscapes. Invited talk at University of California, Davis.

2015 Harmonizing biodiversity conservation with agricultural production across working landscapes. Invited talk at Princeton University.

2014 Harmonizing biodiversity conservation with agricultural production across tropical countryside. Invited talk at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden 2014 Harmonizing biodiversity conservation with agricultural production across tropical countryside. Invited talk at Center for Latin American Studies, Stanford University 2014 Unintended land-sea consequences of food safety regulations in the California Central Coast, MARINE seminar at Moss Landing Biological Labs 2014 Capturing tradeoffs and synergies in biodiversity’s multiple dimensions, Ecological Society of America.

2014 Harmonizing biodiversity conservation with agricultural production across tropical countryside. Hann endowed ornithology lecture at the University of Michigan, Biological Station.

2014 Land use homogenizes biodiversity and restructures the tree of life.

Hann endowed lecture at University of Michigan, Biological Station.

2014 Harmonizing conservation and agricultural production across tropical countryside. Invited talk at Center for Tropical Research, UCLA.

2014 Harmonizing conservation and agricultural production across tropical countryside. Invited talk at San Jose State University.

2014 Pest control services in tropical coffee agro-ecosystems, Essig Museum of Entomology, University of California, Berkeley.

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