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«Curriculum Vita for Mary C. Christman October 2015 PERSONAL INFORMATION Manager and Owner, MCC Statistical Consulting LLC, 2219 NW 23rd Terrace, ...»

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Curriculum Vita for Mary C. Christman

October 2015


Manager and Owner, MCC Statistical Consulting LLC, 2219 NW 23rd Terrace, Gainesville, FL

32605. Tel: (352) 371 – 4093, Cell: (443) 786 – 1735, marycchristman@gmail.com

Courtesy Associate Professor, Department of Biology and Department of Statistics, University

of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611


1977 B.S. University of Pennsylvania, Biology.

1979 M.S. University of Delaware, Marine Sciences (Biology and Physical Oceanography).

1993 Ph.D. George Washington University, Mathematical Statistics.


2011-pres Owner and Independent Statistical Consultant, MCC Statistical Consulting, LLC 2011-pres Courtesy Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Florida 2011-pres Courtesy Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Florida Associate Professor, Department of Statistics – IFAS, University of Florida 2005-2011 2002-2004 Associate Professor, Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, Biometrics Program, University of Maryland, College Park 1999-2002 Assistant Professor, Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, Biometrics Program, University of Maryland, College Park.

1994-1999 Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The American University.


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