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  1. «The Scientific Legacy of the 20th Century Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Acta 21, Vatican City 2011 ...»
  2. «Advances in Astrophysics, Vol. 1, No. 1, May 2016 1 Fundamental Principles and Results of a New Astronomic Theory of Climate Change Joseph J. Smulsky ...»
  3. «Amateur Radio Astronomy How to start. Jean Marie Polard [201-300] The book you need to understand and operate an amateur radio astronomy ...»
  4. «1 An Analysis of Moon Sighting Arguments Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah In the year 2006, the Fiqh Council of North America took the position that the ...»
  5. «An Astrophysicist's Sympathetic and Critical View of Astrology - Online College of Astr. Page 1 of 16 An Astrophysicist's Sympathetic and Critical ...»
  6. «1 Standard Photometric Systems Michael S. Bessell Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, The Australian National University, Weston, ACT ...»
  7. «University of Alberta, Faculty of Science Department of Physics Fall 2016 ASTRO 120: Astronomy of the Solar System Fall 2016 ...»
  8. «Abstract: Data volumes from multiple sky surveys have grown from gigabytes into terabytes during the past decade, and will grow from terabytes into ...»
  9. «NATIONAL COMMITTEE AUSTRALIAN FOR ASTRONOMY ACADEMY OF SCIENCE JULY 2015 Australia in the era of global astronomy The decadal plan for Australian ...»
  10. «1.0 Summary 3 2.0 Survey 4 2.1 The Need for Linking Repositories 6 2.2 Research Data and Source Repositories 7 2.3 The Accessibility and Sharing of ...»
  11. «UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON Department of Astronomy Astronomy 113 Laboratory Manual Fall 2011 Professor: Snezana Stanimirovic 4514 Sterling ...»
  12. «Received ; accepted –2– ABSTRACT We describe the latest release of AtomDB (version 2.0), a database of atomic data and a plasma modeling code ...»
  13. «AZIMUTHS IN CONTROL SURVEYS ABSTRACT With the advent of GPS for control surveying, a problem has arisen. Many existing control stations established ...»
  14. «Digitization and Scientific Exploitation of the Italian and Vatican Astronomical Plate Archives Cesare Barbieri1, Carlo Blanco3, Beatrice ...»
  15. «BASS Project User Guide Basic Astronomical Spectroscopy Software Document Version: 1.4 Application Version: 1.4 Rev 0 Date: 26th April.2014 Author: ...»
  16. «Probing New Physics with Astrophysical Neutrinos Nicole F. Bell School of Physics, The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia E-mail: ...»
  17. «Harmonic tidal analysis methods on time and frequency domains: similarities and differences for the Gulf of Trieste, Italy, and Paranaguá Bay, ...»
  18. «“OF BLACK HOLES AND HOL-I-NESS” by Paula Hirschboeck, November 2006 http://www.thegreatstory.org/parables.html SCIENCE LESSON: Black Holes are ...»
  19. «Jahresbericht 2009 Mitteilungen der Astronomischen Gesellschaft 93 (2010), 101–118 Bochum Ruhr-Universität Bochum Institut für Theoretische ...»
  20. «Boy Scouts of America ASTRONOMY Merit Badge Guide Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Tools of the Astronomer 3 III. Using Constellation ...»
  21. «ASTRONOMICAL REFRACTION INVESTIGATIONS TODAY G. Teleki Astronomical Observatory, Beograd SUMMARY In the light of Harzer's ideas, the author analyses ...»
  22. «Abstract We show two slightly-different designs for a simple, small, effective, radio telescope capable of observing the Sun, and the galactic plane ...»
  23. «Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit Report and Future Programme (2008-2013) CONFIDENTIAL: JeS(07)xx i Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit (CASU) Report ...»
  24. «Astrophysics, Chaos and Complexity in ODED REGEV Department of Physics, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Department of Astronomy, Columbia ...»
  25. «W. Romanishin University of Oklahoma wjr@nhn.ou.edu The lastest version of this book (in pdf format) can be downloaded from http://observatory.ou.edu ...»
  27. «Bonn, 16/02/2011 Report on Wind Farms and Radio Astronomy Axel Jessner Max-Planck-Institute for Radio Astronomy, Auf dem Hügel 69, D-53121 Bonn, ...»
  28. «Francis A. Cucinotta1,*, Shaowen Hu2, Nathan A. Schwadron3, K. Kozarev3, Lawrence W. Townsend4 and Myung-Hee Y. Kim2 1,* F. Cucinotta (Corresponding ...»
  29. «Table of Contents Book Overview and Purpose Purpose Introduction Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Art and Science of Visual Astronomy Waiting for ...»
  30. «Ph.D. Physics, University of California, Berkeley, 1999 Education M.S. Physics, University of California, Berkeley, 1996 S.B. Physics, Massachusetts ...»
  31. «MANAGING AND MINING THE LSST DATA SETS Astronomy is undergoing an exciting revolution a revolution in the way we probe the universe and the way we ...»
  32. «Dead or missing astronomers around the world Astrophysicist Professor Kohi-Ichiro Morita (murdered astronomer in Chile) Rodney marks mysterious death ...»
  33. «New Horizons A Decadal Plan for Australian Astronomy 2006 – 2015 Prepared by the National Committee for Astronomy of the Australian Academy of ...»
  34. «I d '~ DO-TH 98/18 BYZANTINE ASTRONOMY FROM A.D. 1300 '~ EMMANUEL A. PASCHOS ¢ Department of Physics, University of.I2QrtmJJndl . 44221 Dortmund, ...»
  35. «Astronomy and Astrophysics in Comunidad de Madrid: Research and Technology Prepared by the AstroMadrid Steering Committee v 1.0 October 2013 ...»
  36. «European Astronomical Society 2015 Prizes Tycho Brahe Prize The 2015 Tycho Brahe Prize is awarded to Prof. Michel Mayor in recognition of the ...»
  37. «Eudoxus, Callippus and the Astronomy of the Timaeus. Andrew Gregory Ancient Approaches to Plato’s Timaeus BICS Supplement 78 - 2003 Whether the ...»
  38. «Automatic Mapping of Real Time Radio Astronomy Signal Processing Pipelines onto Heterogeneous Clusters Terry Esther Filiba Electrical Engineering and ...»
  39. «International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning Volume 16, Number 1 February – 2015 Astronomy for Astronomical Numbers: A ...»
  40. «Received ; accepted Observat´rio Astronˆmico-Departamento de Geociˆncias Universidade Estadual de o o e Ponta Grossa, Paran´, Brazil a Institute ...»
  41. «1: Department of Geosciences, University of Fribourg, Switzerland 2: European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany Abstract A study has been ...»
  42. «Astronomy is the science devoted to the study of planets, stars, galaxies and the Universe as a whole. It is closely coupled to astrophysics where ...»
  43. «ET8000 SERIES ® Electronic Astronomic 7-Day Time Switches With Battery Carryover OWNER/INSTALLER INSTRUCTION MANUAL ATTENTION: READ CAREFULLY BEFORE ...»
  44. «European Task Force for Laboratory Astrophysics (ETFLA) Midterm report on recommendations regarding the establishment of a European Laboratory ...»
  45. «VITA GIUSEPPINA FABBIANO Senior Astrophysicist Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) 60 Garden St. Cambridge MA, MS 6 phone: 617 495 7203 ...»
  46. «The membership and functions of the ESO Astronomy Faculty are described in the ESO Astronomer Charter. The first elected Faculty Chair (Bob Fosbury, ...»
  47. «Copyright © 1966-2014 John T. Neer At the completion of the year, I gave Feynman a copy of my notes which he appreciated and in return signed my FLP ...»
  48. «Challenge: It’s half as big as you say The prestigious meeting of the International Astronomical Union in 1976 was startled to be told that the ...»
  49. «Monthly General Meeting: Friday October 7th 7:30 PM “TBA” Tim Thompson The September 9 Meeting President Greg Benecke began the meeting by ...»
  50. «Astronomical and astrobiological imprints on the fossil records. A review. “From Fossils to Astrobiology”, Ed. J. Seckbach, Cellular Origins, ...»
  51. «Management of Astronomical Data Archives and their Interoperability through the Virtual Observatory Fabio Pasian Chair, International Virtual ...»
  52. «Fundamental Principles and Results of a New Astronomic Theory of Climate Change Joseph J. Smulsky Institute of Earth’s Cryosphere, Malygina Str. ...»
  53. «Future Professional Communication in Astronomy (Eds. A. Heck & L. Houziaux, Mém. Acad. Royale Belgique, 2007) COMMUNICATING ASTRONOMY WITH THE ...»
  54. «c 2009 Frans Snik Alle rechten voorbehouden ISBN 978-90-393-5184-0 Geprint door W¨hrmann Print Service te Zutphen o Cover images credit: ...»
  55. «Astronomy for the developing world c 2007 International Astronomical Union IAU Special Session no. 5, 2006 doi:10.1017/S1743921307007041 J.B. ...»
  56. «Boston University Astronomy Department Graduate Student Handbook Introduction! Getting Started! Important locations The Astronomy Department! ...»
  57. «HAWAIIAN ASTRONOMICAL CONCEPTS* BY MAUD W. MAKEMSON H E Polynesians of old conceived of the sky as a dome or inverted bowl T resting upon the rim of ...»
  58. «HAWAIIAN ASTRONOMICAL CONCEPTS I1 By MAUD W. MAKEMSON N T H E fragmentary astronomical tradition handed down from the I ancient Hawaiians are found ...»
  59. «ABSTRACT The Galactic bulge is dominated by an old, metal rich stellar population. The possible presence and the amount of a young (a few Gyr old) ...»
  60. «Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. h.c. Günter Seeber anlässlich seines 65. Geburtstages und der Verabschiedung in den Ruhestand. Wissenschaftliche ...»
  61. «JC Holbrook University of California, Los Angeles Abstract The question of how to increase the number of women and minorities in astronomy has been ...»
  62. «SCHOOL OF PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY HONOURS HANDBOOK – 2016-17 CONTENTS Page Introduction 3 Aims of our Teaching Programmes 4 Honours Entry ...»
  63. «High-Performance Compression of Astronomical Images Richard L. White Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado Campus Box ...»
  64. «4 evidence, a sound recording of the assassination itself that has been only recently turned up. The photographic experiments were conducted by the ...»
  65. «Introduction to Radio Astronomy http://www.cv.nrao.edu/course/astr534/Introradastr. Introduction to Radio Astronomy What is radio astronomy? Radio ...»
  66. «Astrophysical Ionizing Radiation and the Earth: A Brief Review and Census of Intermittent Intense Sources Adrian L. Melott1 and Brian C. Thomas2 1. ...»
  67. «International Schools for Young Astronomers Teaching for Astronomy Development: two programmes of the International Astronomical Union Mich`le ...»
  68. «Entering SH within Physics and Astronomy and Joint Degrees - 2016 This paper gives students advice on module choices when they enter SH of their ...»
  70. «1 ™ Cherilynn Morrow and Michael Zawaski On the Astronomical Meaning of the Day, Year, and Seasons © Dr. Cherilynn A. Morrow and Michael Zawaski ...»
  71. «Chapter 5 Light and Matter: Reading Messages from the Cosmos Messages •  Interactions of Light and Matter –  The interactions determine ...»
  72. «Case Studies of Women Astronomers: Jocelyn Bell Burnell (1943- ) Radio Astronomer Objective Students will learn about the life and career of ...»
  74. «Edited by Luís Saraiva University of Lisbon, Portugal EDITED BY: Luís Saraiva University of Lisbon, Portugal PUBLISHED BY: Sociedade Portuguesa de ...»
  75. «Towards Real-time Classification of Astronomical Transients A. Mahabal*, S. G. Djorgovski*, R. Williams*, A. Drake*, C. Donalek*, M. Graham*, B. ...»
  76. «HELMOS OBSERVATORY GUIDE FOR VISITING ASTRONOMERS P. Boumis, O. Giannakis, E. Xilouris, A. Katsiyannis July, 2014 Version 2.1 Panayotis Boumis, ...»
  77. «The astronomy we find in texts from ancient India is similar to that we know from ancient Greco-Roman sources, so much so that the prevailing view is ...»
  78. «Academia Europaea 19th Annual Conference in cooperation with: Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales, Ministerio de Cultura (Spain) “The ...»
  79. «Chapter 1 MINING ASTRONOMICAL DATABASES Roberta M. Humphreys Astronomy Department University of Minnesota roberta@aps.umn.edu Juan Cabanela ...»
  80. «I. Introduction The observational data that astronomers have gathered over many years indicate that all stars form in clusters. In a cloud of ...»
  81. «Marshall D. Perrin Curriculum Vitae Contact Department of Physics & Astronomy phone: (310) 825-1672 430 Portola Plaza fax: (310) 206-2096 UCLA email: ...»
  82. «Received ; accepted ms-press UCO/Lick Observatory, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064 Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie ...»
  83. «Multiwavelength Astronomy: Your World in a Different Light Introduction What would it be like if you were colorblind? How much information would you ...»
  84. «HOW TO MAKE THE DREAM COME TRUE: THE ASTRONOMERS’ DATA MANIFESTO Ray P. Norris CSIRO Australia Telescope, PO Box 76, Epping, NSW 1710, Australia ...»
  86. «Submission Window Date(s) (due by 5 p.m. submitter's local time): September 15, 2016 - November 15, 2016 September 15 - November 15, Annually ...»
  87. «1 Astronomical Observations from the Temple of the Sun Alonso Mendez, Edwin L. Barnhart, Christopher Powell, and Carol Karasik ©2005 Alonso Mendez. ...»
  88. «INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS PUBLISHING REPORTS ON PROGRESS IN PHYSICS Rep. Prog. Phys. 65 (2002) 1427–1487 PII: S0034-4885(02)04039-3 Astrophysical and ...»
  89. «W. Romanishin University of Oklahoma wjr@nhn.ou.edu The latest version of this book (in pdf format) can be downloaded from http://observatory.ou.edu ...»
  90. «OWL Instrument Concept Study QUANTUM OPTICS INSTRUMENTATION FOR ASTRONOMY D. Dravins 1, C. Barbieri 2, V. Da Deppo 3, D. Faria 1, S. Fornasier 2, R. ...»
  91. «ABSTRACT Our group seeks to revolutionize the development of radio astronomy signal processing instrumentation by designing and demonstrating a ...»
  92. «PIRATE – the piCETL Robotic Astronomical Telescope Explorer Ulrich Kolb, Robert J Lucas, Vadim Burwitz1, Stefan Holmes, Carole Haswell, Juan ...»
  93. «Astronomers had a problem: Something was wrong with the orbit of Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun. Then came the discovery of Neptune, the ...»
  94. «The Promise of Low-Frequency Gravitational Wave Astronomy Lead Author: Tom Prince (Caltech/JPL) for Members of the LISA International Science Team ...»
  95. «5.1 Characteristics of the Signals 5.1.1 Electromagnetic Radiation: Rays, Waves, or Photons? Wavelength and frequency ranges; what’s λ, what’s ...»
  96. «Excursion to Dark Sky Preserves in Canada 2015 Report Dark Sky Preserves in Canada On the occasion of the participation at the LPTMM (Light Pollution ...»
  97. «Astronomical Society of the Pacific Prepared by: Martin Storksdieck, Ph.D. Lynn D. Dierking, Ph.D. Melissa Wadman, M.A. Mika Cohen Jones, M.S. May ...»
  98. «I. Brief Introduction to Radio Astronomy I. Brief Introduction to Radio Astronomy The Birth of Radio Astronomy At this point in your student career ...»
  99. «Advice on Applying to Grad School in Astronomy 10/23/08 2:50 PM So you want to go to graduate school in Astronomy? Seeking advice on choosing a place ...»
  100. «Abstract Meeting the new challenges of gamma-ray astronomy will be difficult. The variety of sources and the nature of their emissions over a wide ...»
  101. «© Copyright, Princeton University Press. No part of this book may be distributed, posted, or reproduced in any form by digital or mechanical means ...»
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