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«Cosmos Heaven Awakening I have no beginning or. and. Click. The grains of dirt on my plain don't live. A plain I know for all conscious existence ...»

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John Redden

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Cosmos Heaven


I have no beginning or... and. Click. The grains of dirt on my plain don't live. A plain I know for all

conscious existence spreads before me." The colors change slightly to make up time periods. This awakening

period is unusual.

There was a clear impression Ideea had on the borderlands of her consciousness. She had visions of a brown

haired woman in a cool and comfortable place very different from the omnipresent Waste. Then the words that Ideea is speaking seem familiar. Some of the talk was repeated and repeated. The speech fades back to visions of blue, orange and purple small shapes contained in large shapes. Her thoughts dwindled into disarray.

I am a Lever, How? Now there are many other images. They recombine with her recent dream. But this dream is sensed to be different. Ideea breaks her stream of consciousness and stares at the minute details of her arm. She holds it straight out and then bends her elbow with her forearm now close to her face. Next she forms a shadow on her belly. Ideea moves her body. The small hairs on her arm are a Tangle Walk in the dim Waste light. Ideea jerks her head away from her arm and towards unchanging light of the sky. The sixth person in her life, approaching from a distance, was with her now.

The arrival of Techman in the EV always came at oh-seven-hundred. The Effects Vehicle had a few words on the side, mostly names like the names of other Levers.

“Greetings Ideea, are you fresh for learning today?” He always greeted her with some simple words in the morning. This time he seemed subtly different, even slightly irritated. His eyes, the lines on his face and the increased wetness on his skin revealed change in his character.

Ideea carefully measured each of the changes on Techman with her senses. “Yes Techman I am ready, I sense a change in you, why is this?” Ideea said this with complete honesty. Techman did not answer immediately as his eyes now moved to the other Levers. Dummon, Kacksa, Griska, Hohn looked at each other and then at Techman. Ideea could smell that subtle changes in the odor from their skin too. They must be breathing faster. Her Five could also sense what she sensed.

Hohn played more than the others. He loved to create small mountains of sand, all very carefully proportioned so you could look at one little mound and then the next one and then the next... Ideea like to watch this game. She could tell that they were wonderfully straight. He had just made the straightest mounds she had ever seen. After finishing the straightening, Hohn alternates glances between Techman and Ideea.

For each remembered day of Ideeas life, Techman came to this place, even before her Five had names. She remembered Techman before memories of her body, and of this place and of the other places. The only thing older than the Techman is the dreams. Theycame first. When Techman arrives, there is always teaching.

First they learned numbers and symbols. Techman called it lingua-math. Next came logo-math. Ideea remembered this period in every detail. This was the time they created there names. Techman told them that the names came from a subconscious creativity. That made no sense then.

Today Techman once again looked at each of the Five and finally said “Today is a time you can talk to Medcom.” Ideea noticed the small device under Techmans arm. It was nearly round and mostly light blue in color. One hemisphere of the device was exclusively black.

“Who is Medcom” was the immediate reply of Griska (who had the habit of speaking what she immediately felt, for everybody to hear). The other four Levers were staring at Techman with quizzical facial expressions.

Again Techman looked at each Lever and finally said “Medcom is not a person like you Five. It is a mouth, eyes and ears for each of you to experience the on going compiled existence of other people like your self.

Yes, there are others. Many, many others from numerous worlds often different from this one. You will experience all this in due time. This or I should say these are your new lessons. As you study these new peoples and those other intelligent life forms that have been encountered, you will come to know that you Five are very special indeed”.

“What is a world?” Techman handed Griska a Medcom Associator as an affirmative reply.

The Techman placed the small apparatus in each Fives domo, climbed in the EV and ascended into the unchanging twilight of the Canali Waste.

Ideea watched the craft turning orange, red and then purple until it was a faint light speeding through the dark violet sky.

By now Kacksa and Hohn had connected their Medcom Associators. Ideea recalled each of the other teaching units. They had always worked the same way.

The first unit had taught them how to live. Ideeas earliest conscious memories were of Techman bringing food to them, teaching them to speak and to take handle of their bodies. Later they learned to make their nourishment and domos from a unit called a MicroGrowAuto. They learned every detail of the MicroGrowAuto. They knew how to make another MicroGrowAuto from the original. The Five came to know it as basic survival. Next they learned lingua-math. Then came...

Ideea snapped out of her reverie. She never finished thethought. She was in a dream cycle while awake. This must be subconscious reasoning. “I’ve got to learn it” she thought to herself. Ideea came up quickly on her feet, rippled the bones in her spine back and forth, shaking the dust in vectored directions. Then she entered the central domo with the other Five.

The Medcom device had already established a link with the central nervous system of the other Four.

“This is a preamble to Medcom, your window into the universe of humans and other intelligent entities. The scope of this teaching device goes beyond those you have previously used because what you can learn is in a constant state of flux. The Linguamath that you have been studying, is a tiny fraction of the knowledge contained within”. (Ideea thought that was a funny joke from the new device). The Preamble, as they came to call it, went on to describe the devices primary purpose of the link.

The MedCom link taught each of the Five the origins of existence. But the links knowledge is not limited to human natural history. Through the link the Five discovered we are unique. We are Levers, a product of Standard Scientific Org and were unique in the view of the universe presented by this Medcom.

The Medcom device knew of worlds. The Five only had this world. Many existed (confirming their guesses discussed in the Waste).

The new worlds are named Ground Number One, Menton, Beautica, New Orn, New Sotia. On each of these many worlds there were other people, unknown and unmet. Using the Medcom device we could understand what they said and we could even speak back if they told us where they were.

Each of the Levers understood the LinguaMath from the Medcom device. Its knowledge was broken into four parts at the top.

The first is GeneralKnowledge. It is divided into GeneralKnowledgePhysics, GeneralKnowledgeLinguamath.

And there are new subjects like GeneralKnowledgeSocialdynamics, GeneralKnowledgeEconomicSystems.

The second part was called GeneralPlanetary. It is about our world which is named Canali. There are other large groups of people called cities. Ideeas thoughts now burned with curiosity. New people!

The third part was GeneralSolarsystems. It is a river for information about other worlds and all the people there.

The fourth part is GeneralConversation. It allows her to talk to these people newly discovered in MedCom parts two and three. It called itself the general RezUp channel.

Ideea took a portion of the device back to her own domo, leaving Griska, Kacksa and Hohn in the process of making a exhaustive study of lingamath answers from Medcom. Dummon and Griska had already departed to their own domos to continue their individual conversations with each of their devices.

Ideeas studied the link to understand where the people and planets came from and who they were before she attempted to communicate with them. Her own curious behavior seemed to come from within own mind during a moment when she was not in a state of deep concentration.

Of all the Levers on the Waste, she felt she had the best sense of sequencing and time. Of course she wanted to speak to these new others found in the window of the MedCom link. Ideea rapidly came to self understanding. Now she knew that she wouldn’t do this until she knew who they were and what they do.

“Are all of us in this link Levers? If not, why not?” For the next few days each of the Leverites meet in the morning to discuss new lessons learned from the Medcom as they had done with their previous teaching devices.

“The people which originally called themselves humanity come from four homeworlds. Each homeworld has had a distinct species of human. Each human subspecies appeared at the same time in our natural history on the four homeworlds.” “Long ago in the earliest times before thAe 1st Human Federation They learned to travel between worlds.

Then they met each other. They interbred. Then they became humanity as it is today”.

At the thought of biology, her body felt strange. It was not the same as hunger, or eliminating Waste, but a strange, different sensation that caused her to have a yearning feeling for something that she could not obtain.

Even before she had her name, she remembered being close to the other levers and their sensations of physically touching.

She didn’t even like it or understand it sometimes. The males in the group started acting different and their bodies... Yet somehow this seems familiar, similar to the thoughts she had when awaking from her rest period.

Now Ideeas focus returned to biological differences of the four human subspecies that she had been studying from the ancient past. She activated the teaching device to emit a Grothreesian. (This Medcom device is similar to the Multijectors on the lingua math thingy that emitted multidimensional geometry from her earlier training). The three dimensional image appeared.

A muscular male and female from a sea family culture appeared between the multijectors. A whispy pure full white beard flowed from the face of the male and from the tip of the chin of the female. They are both in their youth. They speak in a strange dialect. Ideea cross referenced the dialect with GeneralKnowledgeLanguagesAncient on the Medcom. It took Ideea about sixty minutes to learn it.

For the next few days Ideea concentrated on the history of humanity. She knew all the languages. She knew all the art forms. All the wars. All the government systems. And all the religions. She could sing a song from New Sotia fifty years after the colonization or capsulate the Song of Dakay from the federation period on Menton. She learned all of this in five days.

After receiving the Medcom, techman appeared each morning. There were questions. “All questions can be answered by the Medcom” and for the most part, they were. But what was once ordinary to the Five in their Waste environment, was now strange and unusual. Typically when they woke in the morning and then played games. They would throw round objects for distance. Up until now it had just been fun. Dummon and Kacksa usually won. Now they measured the distances. Even Griska could throw the ball it 620 meters.

Hohn identified the record for a thrown object this size in GeneralKnowldegeSportsRecords given the

gravitational pull of Our World:

Canali. 610 meters, post bioengineering, the place- Crystair, the year 2968.

Twenty days after receiving the Medcom, Kaksa asked the Techman a question. “Am I biologically fertile?

Medcom cannot answer this question for me.” Techmans face showed little emotion. “No, not right now”. As you have learned, children are designed and implanted either in a mother or in biowombs. There are a few cases where children still burst from their mother.” Griskas face now had a look of quizzical disgust. Ideeas pulse beat and her mind raced. This thought of biocreation terrified her. She knew that thinking about it could confuse her. No one asked how to become fertile. The subject didn’t come up again while questioning the Techman.

Ideea went her domo. Her mind moved in several semi-coherent parallel patterns, but within them she sensed a coherent meaning. This time she knew her subconscious. She knew how it worked. She was on the outside of the blank part of her mind, yet Ideea maintained parts on the inside.

She turned on her own tiny GrowAuto for food. “Yes, time to sleep.” She made some modifications to the sugars that she poured into the biocreator that came from the GrowAuto.

“Just a little bit, this stuff is strong”. Kaksa came to the door. The iris entry allowed the natural darkness of dusk in the domo. “All this diminishes the mind and body Ideea. I don’t think we will be the same as before.

But we’ll be together. Canali Waste Levers are we, lady person. Feelings tell me this drink is not so good for Ideea ladies body.” Kaksa breaks eye contact with Ideea and stares into the dusk light after a quick kill of the domo light. Ideea puts a finger in her mouth and with a near perfect imitation of Hohn, and says to her Lever, “We all know that we are going, we all know that we a new species with the knowledge and learning of the old species.

But sometimes it’s confusing when there is a happy time party of millions of people in you”. “Sounds like fun for the person to me, so don’t dwell on it. Let it dwell on you”. Kaksa closed the iris entry and faded in the dusk.

For some time Ideea scanned the dim plain. She focused on a point of light and then another and then the next, which she could see above the dim light horizon.

She then remembered a vague recollection of excited conversation between Hohn and Dummon before she fell into a dream laced sleep.

The next day when Ideea woke, the images of subconscious activity were crisp and clear. She was in a city, like many that she had discovered while scanning the Medcom.

There was a male in this particular dream city. He is stocky with a likely mix of original Growthreesian racial stock in him. This stock-silvery is affectionate towards her. He is touching her body. They are talking. She knows him.

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